13 Foods To Never Order On A First Date

13 Foods To Never Order On A First Date

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It may seem trivial, but what you order on a first date can tell someone a ton about you. Beyond that, picking the wrong food could end up in disaster simply because it’s not sexy or too messy.

To help you avoid any first date food errors, here are 13 foods to avoid (at least until the second date):

1. Salad – Are you on a diet? That’s fine, but she may think you’re not manly enough if you don’t at least order an entree. Besides, you don’t have to eat the entree all at once. That’s what doggy bags are for.

2. Soup – You may crave soup that reminds you of mom’s home flu remedies, but ordering it on a first date is a bad call. Not only do you have that embarrassing slurping sound, but there’s the possibility that it either drips onto your clothes or it drips onto your chin.

3. Anything with garlic – Garlic is delicious, but it can also make your breath stink like hell. If you want a kiss at the end of the date, make sure no garlic was ingested, or you may not get the chance to kiss her again.

4. Anything fishy – Fish is delicious and nutritious. It also has a reputation of being an elegant dish. Still, this is the first date, and that first kiss looms. For that reason alone, save fish for the next time around.

5. Sushi – Yes, it falls under the fish umbrella, but sushi is a first date no-no for another reason: It can be awkward to eat. If you’ve ever taken half a bite out of sushi, you know that it can make a mess and fall apart. Avoid her this embarrassment by not ordering a plate for the two of you.

6. Anything with chopsticks – Both of your hands are probably shaking enough due to those first date jitters. Add hard-to-use chopsticks to the equation, and you both might starve due to the difficulty involved.

7. Onions – See garlic above. Beyond giving you bad breath, onions on their own can have a pretty potent smell. This is especially bad news if she’s not an onion fan herself.

8. Leafy greens – Yes, they’re nutritious, but they also have a tendency to stick to or in between your teeth.

9. A dipping appetizer – Anything where you share and dip is involved could turn her off. If you really have to have it, just avoid double-dipping until you two are actually a couple.

10. A burger – Almost everybody loves burgers, but ordering one on a first date is pretty “meh” on the originality or sophistication scale.

11. The same thing she orders – Doing this could show that you’re just a follower, or you have exactly the same taste. Either way, avoid ordering what she orders. Besides, don’t you want to have the possibility of feeding one another as a form of flirting? You can’t do that if you’re eating the same thing.

12. Anything that’ll lead to passing gas – A great way to foil a first date is with flatulence. Stay away from burritos, beans, and the like.

13. That extra drink – Yes, I know alcohol can help decrease those first date nerves, but it can also decrease your chances with her by making you act like a drunk jackass.