15 Ways Women Analyze You Instantly

15 Ways Women Analyze You Instantly

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Let’s say an attractive young lady (or a MILF-y one if you prefer them more mature) is walking down the street towards you. What do you notice first?

Is it her pretty face? Her bra-busting cleavage? Her long, silky legs? The width of her child-bearing hips? Or is it her behind that’s so fat, you can see it from the front?

Regardless of what it is, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because it’s how she checks you out that determines whether or not you’ll get to poke her with your pecker.

What is it that woman look at on guys to help them with that instant “I’ll bang him or not” analysis? Here are 15 things:

1. Your head – Are you looking forward with your head up like a confident man? Or are you staring at the ground like a shameful hermit who’s uncomfortable in his own skin?

2. Your walk – It shouldn’t be so fast that it looks like you need to find the nearest bathroom. And it shouldn’t be so slow that it looks like you’re the son of a sloth. You need to walk with a purpose at a brisk, confident pace.

3. The way you stand – Keep your feet a bit wide in a dominant stance that claims ground. Point your crotch towards the woman you find most attractive to let her know she’s your target.

4. The way you sit – The more space you take when seated, the better. Think of yourself as a king sitting in a throne. Spread out using both your arms and legs to establish dominance.

5. Your eyes – Are you able to hold eye contact or at least make glances with her? Or do you squirm and look away like a silly, shy schoolgirl?

6. Your ring finger – To see if you’re taken. To some women, seeing a ring finger presents a challenge, and they’ll do anything they can to turn you unfaithful.

7. Your shoes – Many women say they’ll look at this first to determine your fashion sense and attention to detail through cleanliness. In other words, keep them clean and try to avoid big, goofy, white tennis shoes with jeans.

8. Your accessories – They can exude status, which is why man women will check out your watch and any other jewelry.

9. Your tan – To some, tan skin shows a healthy body that gets out of the house every now and then. Besides that, a 1% increase in darkened skin tone can give you a 47% increase in muscle tone.

10. What you’re reading – Coffee shops and bookstores are great spots to pick up women. Have a good book in your hands, and you could snag a good woman who marvels at your reading selection.

11. How you handle yourself – Do you take charge when you’re out in public like a boss? Or do you take orders like a bottom boy?

12. Your shoulders – Women like them wide, but they also like them pinned back and not slouching.

13. Your chest – A big, buff chest will make a woman feel protected. A flabby, D-cup chest will make her feel repulsed.

14. Your stomach – Belly fat often signifies low testosterone. The bigger your belly, the less of a man she’ll think you are. It’s in her nature.

15. Your booty – Women love nice butts just as much as men do. If yours fills out your jeans well, she’ll want to pinch it. Besides that, a nice behind could give off the impression that you have plenty of thrusting power, if you know what I mean.