4 Classic Flirting Signals You Need To Know

4 Classic Flirting Signals You Need To Know

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Many men would get laid a lot more if they simply knew how to flirt with signals. Is verbal game essential? Sure, but it’s those signals that can go a really long way without saying a single word.

While there’s a plethora of flirting signals emitted by both sexes, let’s take a look at four classic ones you need to pick up on or use if you want that sex life you’ve always dreamed of:

1. Use your crotch to show confidence – Women seek confidence in men more than they seek six-pack abs. One way to exude confidence is by using your crotch. No, you don’t want to grab it like a professional wrestler does, as it’s all about the positioning of it that matters.

If you see a woman who tickles your fancy, simply aim your crotch in her direction. By having it pointed towards her, she will know that she is your primary target in the room and you feel confident around her.

To exude even more confidence with this move, you can slip a thumb in your belt as your facing her. This will show that you’re relaxed and basically welcoming her into your life.

As an added bonus, women tend to position their crotch directed towards the man they’re interested in too. Keep an eye on this the next time you’re out and about to see who’s digging you, then mirror her positioning to let her know you feel the same way.

2. Give repeated instances of eye contact – Catching eye contact with a girl once could simply be by chance. It could have been an accident on her part, or she may have done it just to be polite.

On the other hand, if you exchange repeated instances of eye contact with someone, that shows a stronger level of interest and flirting. If a smile is included with the eye contact, then make it your point to continue the glances until it’s finally time to make your move, as this is an additional sign that she’s giving you the green light.

3. Deepen your voice – Did you know that men with deeper voices are seen as more sexually attractive? This is because a deeper voice often signals that the man has higher testosterone, which suggests he is more masculine and has more potency as a mate.

When many men meet a woman they like, they tend to deepen their voices to exude this desired masculinity, and women know this. In other words, deepen your voice when making that initial approach, and she’ll know you’re digging her.

4. Look for touch and do it yourself – Touch helps to create an instant connection without the use of words. If a woman likes you, she’ll want to touch you.

Does this mean she’ll go straight for your balls? Of course not, but it does mean she’ll start things off innocently by touching your arms, shoulders, and the like.

When she does this, it’s her way of showing you she’s not only interested, but she feels comfortable around you and safe. It’s now your turn to reciprocate that touching if you hope to take things further than just a friendly chat.

The Wrap-Up

These are just a few classic flirting signals you must identify and use in your seductive approach. It’s important to realize that seeing just one instance of a signal is not a complete sign that she wants you. If you see them combined in clusters, however, you are good to go and must escalate to take advantage of that opportunity.