5 Questions Men Should Ask Women

Want to know if she is right for you… but not sure what questions to ask?

These questions are more interesting than “what do you do?” Plus… they will give you the ammo you need to get her into bed for some fast sex!

Learn the questions that identify a woman’s personality (and more) by reading below.

5 Questions Men Should Ask Women

"When you want to watch a chick flick, what's your favorite?"


(When you are done reading, I’d like to help you attract more women… Please share one of your frustrations in the comments and I’ll answer personally.)

Ask her the right questions to learn ALL about her…

There are 5 questions that men ought to consider asking a woman when there is a potential for a full-time relationship. These questions might surprise you, but trust me… they work.

Dating is like those tootsie-rolls with the surprise in the middle, you just never know what you’re going to be putting in your mouth. Sometimes it’s very good and sometimes, alas, it’s just not your flavor. I like cherry flavor, and don’t want to open up a cherry tootsie-roll and find out it’s banana. The same should go for someone you could possibly fall in love with. Know what you are getting into and if it’s what you are expecting.

Question 1: Do you have any extreme (or even moderately extreme) sexual perversions?

If you have a mild case of being addicted to sexual ideas that may be abnormal, you may want to raise this with your date using a good sense of humor. For her, it may not be an issue, she might even be excited about it. Approach the question from a light hearted point of view – you could say something like “Hey do you want to split an appetizer? By the way if we get serious I’m going to want you to dress up like a pony and ride you around the house.” Guess what? It’s never too soon to bring those things up.

Obviously, you’re being funny, but there’s actually something you can learn about women here. Women are cool with sex and sexuality. They enjoy having fun, laughing, and joking about HAVING sex. However, if you are relaxed about sex around a woman, she is going to be relaxed about sex with you. It’s always nice to find out about someone and their sexual perversions before you consider a long-term relationship. After all, who wants to come home after a long day at work and find their significant other having a three-some in bed that you never agreed to, nor are turned on to? There are questions that men should ask women to circumvent any possible problems that may arise later.

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Question Number 2: Have you ever set bugs on fire?    

I don’t want to play “So I Married An Axe Murderer”. If you are some kind of creep with violent tendencies then tell me now. I don’t want to find out later that the cat keeps running away from you because you have been punting it across the room when I wasn’t looking, simply for shedding on your coat. Sociopaths start their lives by being mean to animals when they are young. Unless you are a sociopath yourself, and plan on making this part of your dating ritual, it’s always wise to find out how a potential relationship treats animals.

No, I don’t want to marry the hottest, richest, best-looking woman out there. I just don’t want to marry a person I have to live in fear of. This may help you relax about talking to women and dating. Hell, you’re way better than an axe murderer (right?), so why date someone with that potential. The trick is to relax around women and just be yourself. When she is shy, or reserved, or too quiet, you won’t be thinking that you are not good enough for her or that you are not the perfect knight in shining armor. But you might want to think about if she is a princess in tarnished armor, or you may find out your life is way more exciting than you want or need.

Question Number 3: When is the last time you cried?

If it was longer than a year ago, I might have concerns. It means you might have a medical problem or you might have accidentally left your feelings back in 1994. (Or it could mean that you’ve had an incredibly awesome and upbeat year, I suppose). I’m not saying you need to be sitting next to me holding my hand and crying during the finale of American Idol, but I would like you to be able to squeeze a few tears out if something really emotionally intense happens. Just so I know you are still in there and have emotions.

Have you ever felt nervous talking to a woman on your first date? She’s telling you it’s completely fine to be nervous because she wants someone emotional. She wants a man who can feel nervous talking to a beautiful woman. That is why I’ve always recommended sharing your vision for your life with women you meet. You should also share your emotions and your goals so that they know how amazing it will be to be a part of your life. Just consider living with a woman who is emotionless, because there is something mentally wrong here. It’s like conversing with someone who talks in monotone during all their conversations. Would that really be an exciting aspect of a future relationship. Yuck.

Question Number Four: Are you going to try and win at every game? 

Are you the type of woman who can’t even let a five-year-old beat you in Go Fish? Will you run around the lawn screaming with delight when you beat my 65 year-old-father at bocce? Everyone likes a winner, but even more, I like people who understand how to pick their battles. Sometimes letting someone else come first in the game makes you a winner. Being a winner is great, but it’s also fine to lose. Remember, it’s not how you play the game, but it’s how you are able to handle losing that really counts.

This is a great tip. Don’t be afraid to let a woman win because it shows your sensitive side. You can show her how caring you are by letting her win a game of pool or trivia. She doesn’t have to cry when watching The Notebook, but hell, I cry after watching The Notebook. If you want to have a great date with your girlfriend that is followed by some great sex, then play Battleship and let her win. Then cook dinner together. These little things go a LONG way with women. But you also don’t want to date a woman who is a sore loser. If they are a sore loser at games, then they are a sore loser in the game of life.

Question Number Five: Do you have a savings account?

No, her change jar doesn’t count. It’s not that she already has to have the perfect 401K plan picked out and be able to afford a down payment on two houses. I don’t give a shit about your income. I just want to know that you try to at least occasionally put some money away for whatever fun stuff and/or emergencies the future may bring.  Being able to put some money away, even if it’s $25 when she can, shows that she has a little maturity and self-restraint, two very sexy qualities past the age of 25. It shouldn’t be surprising that men want a little financial security from their women.

Men all have priorities in their lives, and women should also. Men also have idiosyncrasies and oddities in their lives, and women do as well. But, if you are considering having a long-term relationship with a woman, you want to make sure that at least your oddities pretty much line up with hers. You don’t want to find out later that the women you have fallen in love with is a psycho who makes you afraid to take a shower behind that all too famous shower curtain in the movie “Psycho.”

(Again, I’d like to help you attract more women… so please take 38 seconds and share one of your frustrations in the comments. I’ll answer personally.)

Ask question so you will know who you are falling for, it will save you from disappointment and possible danger later. It’s true what they say, hindsight is 20-20. Ask beforehand, to prevent yourself from wishing you had.

Once you know her answers to these easy questions, you’ll have no problem turning any woman on and getting her into bed… as long as you try the secrets I’ll show you when you click here to watch this powerful free video

Ignore this advice and be doomed to a life of boring, sexless relationships.


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  1. Jacob /

    on a first date of course, i am always dominant and lead the way. i’m also pretty good at improvising so if things mess up, i can find something else pretty fast. what women seem to like most on a first date is my confidence, and that at the appropriate moment i can ask a deep question of her such as “so what’s the one thing you want to achieve in life?”. i think they like it because it shows my deep side, and also that i’m interested in her as a person as well as her hotness.

  2. Hector /

    Trouble with these articles is – those are “average,” the kind of things regular people expect to hear, no brainers BUT real girls are quite another species. Take “financial security”, a real girl might want you to be able to chase the biggest portion of the cake for the sake of showing off masculine business agression AND for the kick-ass financial results, trips to the Caribeean aboard that luxury cruiser and the like- yeah, THOSE guys rock!

  3. Great advice Vin. I really like the idea of letting her win the game. In fact, dates where you get to play something together are really great. But of course, you have to choose the type of girl who likes to go out on activities for dates.

  4. Hi Vin,

    I am glad You started Your own Blog. And Yes, you got it right about what the woman was really saying. Smiles

    And Your article about “Dating Sites” spot on. I even know about the programs they use.

    Nice Blog by the way.

    Looking forward to reading you more Vin.

    Catch You later


  5. I found this to be a very useful article nd hope it will help many men who like to date women.

    Permit me to suggest what works well for me personally. These might not work well for every man because not everyone has my personality. I also know what type of woman I like to date and attract, so what I do might not appeal to all women. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s start.

    Ask simple, easy questions. But not every question will be suitable. It’s extremely important for a man to use his sense perceptions acutely. If you note that her hair is frosted you might remark that her highlights look very flattering. Then ask her, “Did you do that yourself, or did you get it done at a salon?” Take note of her hands, her feet, and especially her nails. Find out if she does her nails herself or gets them done professionally. The key here is to keep things light because it’s small talk. At the same time, you must ask questions you sense she might want to answer. If she’s carrying a shopping bag, ask her if she’s spent the day shopping.

    There’s a scene in “The 40 Year Old Bachelor” where the lead character is inside a bookstore, and his friend advises him to approach an attractive shop attendant and ask her questions. The scene is hilarious, but the technique is brilliant.

    So get her to do as much talking as possible. However, if you have to talk, do your best to be entertaining or amusing. Tell a story about one of your defining moments – an incident from your life that taught you an important lesson or caused you to change your core values. Try telling this story to some of your friends first to see if they like it or if they smile or laugh when you tell it to them. Ask them for some pointers. You don’t need to be the world’s funniest person or a clown, but it’s important to include some humor. If you can get a woman to smile while you tell your story, that’s nice; getting her to laugh is even better. As long as you’re sharing something about yourself that’s personal but light, she’s likely to appreciate what you have to say. Be brief, then ask her, “Have you ever had anything like that happen to you?”

    Finally, when she talks, shut up and listen. Are you capable of that? If you aren’t, she’s likely to take little interest at you. If you spend a lot of time looking at your watch or cell phone, gawking at every hot woman who walks by, or fuss with your clothes and hair, she won’t like that. But few people – women or men – can resist the honor of your rapt attention. So give her the spotlight and make her feel important. If you really can’t do that, then you need to find someone who will interest you more.

    Good hunting!

  6. Nathan /

    Hello Vin, I enjoyed this article. One thing that I do with the women I date is never tell them what I have planned for us until we are at the destination. They look forward to the date because all women are curious. Best of all you are a man who knows what she wants and how to please her.

  7. Pretty cool, I think it will help a lot.

  8. Wesley /


    I don’t believe that Sarah was saying that a man should LET the woman he is on a date with (or a child he is playing) win; but rather have fun, play friendly and, IF he does lose, lose gracefully. In other words don’t get mad, sulk, pout, denigrate or say “I let you win”.

  9. marbs /

    of course you should also ask the exact same questions of them ,that way you’ll find out if she’s a gold digging, bed shitting,dominanating,pyromaniac,crybaby, bitch.

  10. I recently had a frank and interesting conversation with a woman that really clued me into the opportunities woman embed into casual conversation. The particular topic was that of music. I asked her sincerely why she likes to talk about musical tastes because everybody likes music and most people don’t seem to care very much about it (and what does it REALLY tell us about a person, anyway?).
    Her answer was so logical and obvious that I felt like an idiot I hadn’t realized it before. It’s provides an opportunity to embed significance into future interaction; she likes billy joel, play She’s Always A Woman for her at the earliest romantic moment.
    This is what’s meant by the ambiguous phrase, Shut Up And Listen. In your small talk, she is giving you every future opportunity to put her at ease and help her know that you care enough to do so. That comfort is amazingly effective at getting compliance from her…and it creates special, intimate moments for both of you.
    Don’t be so into profiling her or gaming her that you lose focus on what she is saying. Also don’t be so generic and scripted that she can’t embed these opportunities into your conversation or else she will simply lose interest and move on. It’s a stunningly simple thing they do, and I was surprised it took me so long to realize and delighted to have realized it at all. It has made a world of difference in my ability and confidence to communicate with the fair sex.

  11. Jacko /

    What is Sinn’s beef with you?


    Oh yeah ask questions and stuff.

  13. Rick /

    One thing is really clear from your post Wesley……you must really respect women and have absolutely no preconceived notions about them. Your dating life must be really rich and full. With attitudes like yours it would not surprise me if you get OWNED by every woman you date.

  14. gareth /

    hey vin,nice one bud,enjoyed that post,and god for you on your forst one :)i’m bookmarking it now!have an awesome weekend!

  15. Arun /

    hey vin, nice going man, its great to see you start your own blog…before knowing you it was like ‘women are extremely clueless’ but that after i came to know about your program it was like every woman’s behaviour or character was like easy guess and like a premonitored thing….thanks for your stuff dude…wishing success throughout :)

  16. Arun /

    and do remember there will always be one great fan of yours back in India…who is a regular to all your stuff :)

  17. thomas pratt /

    interesting to know how , do you change a womans attitude that she just wants to be friends?

  18. calvin138 /

    nice blog Vin. i will be looking forward to your next

  19. Hey Vin!!

    Thanks a lot for your tips!
    Youre The Man!!


  20. Vin, Thanks for the GREAT info. I will be keeping these questions in mind!

  21. I like your blog. Thanks for the info

  22. Alex E /

    I like to make fun of myself, be a little bit self-effacing. When girls see you can take a joke and your not going to get all uppity about the fact that you drive a bomb car or maybe you’re kinda skinny, they can see you don’t feel the need to prove yourself to them and they tend to relax. Plus it shows that your funny, and everyone knows a sense of humour is pretty attractive.

  23. Alex E /

    Great article, btw.

  24. Ryan /

    Great article/blog. And I like the new look of the e-mails, feels more like an article or publication as compared to a random e-mail.

    What I have found works for me, especially on first and second dates, are little acts of chivalry. Three things I try to do every time are:

    – Open the door for the girl when entering/exiting where you are
    – When walking down the street w/her, walk in between her and the street. What’s better is if she starts on the street side and you physically take her and move her so you’re on the street side. Every time I’ve done this, the girl has taken note and smiled and told me what a gentleman I am (which usually prompts a response from me like ‘yeah, well, don’t tell anyone, I’ve got a rep to uphold’ or something equally cocky but flirty)
    – Help her take off/put on her jacket (when applicable)

    There are other things out there, however these just seem to fit in best w/my personality and the way I do things, and it shows girls that I have a little class and knowledge of how to be a gentleman w/out overdoing it and being cheesy. I suggest all men find a few of these things to incorporate into their dating life to show that ‘you’ve got just enough knowledge and class to be charming’ and not some cheesy Don Juan/Casanova wannabe.

    Keep the blog posts coming, great stuff!

  25. Suri /

    Hi Vin,

    You know , they just want to talk and get listened nothing else . I lost one not paying enough attention . Just listen to their stupid conversation and shut up . They will give you the clue ,how to win them and take their clothes off.

    happy hunting guys .

  26. mike chemerka /

    its easy to get confused. thoughts of passed failures and fear of repeating them in the future. vin gives you in the attraction codes ton of great advice. i have 10 new things i have changed with my new game plan. thanks

  27. Really great article with very interesting information. You might want to follow up to this topic!?! 2012

  28. I think the first date is all about the impression. Both man and woman want to see if there is a spark between two of them. Woman like to be complemented, that’s a fact. There should not be some serious talks on a first date or deep conversations.

  29. i just went on a date with a girl i just met and she ask one question that mute me..she asked if i have the number of the girls i used to talk with during our general exam before i ask her out..she said she just want their numbers so as to get to chat with them…though the date was wonderful,she just has’nt call me.even though call often…i decided not to call for three days and yet no call from her.the truth is….i’m inlove.pls help.

  30. Vin,

    So how would you answer these questions? Or are you saying I should cover these during our conversation even if they aren’t raised by her?


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  32. The bugs on fire questions is kind of weird.. but you do bring up some really good points about what they want to know on the first date. They want to see if this will go anywhere or if they should keep looking.

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