5 Signs You’re Sitting In Her Friend Zone

5 Signs You’re Sitting In Her Friend Zone

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You cherish every single second you spend around her. Hearing her voice gives you goose bumps. When you receive a text, you hope it’s her. And when you go to sleep at night, her sweet face is the final image in your mind.

She would make the perfect girlfriend. Hell, she would make the perfect wife. Only there’s a problem – you don’t know if she has the same feelings for you.

Are you sitting in her friend zone without even knowing it? Here are five red flags that say yes:

1. Every time you ask her out, she invites others along – Here you are, thinking this is finally it. You’re going to ask her out for some drinks, then plant a big wet kiss on her lips once the date is over.

When you do ask her out, you get all giddy when she accepts. But then that giddiness dies when she says, “Can I bring my friends along?”

Why would she ask such a thing? To ensure that you and her have zero time alone. And to ensure that she doesn’t feel awkward by any possibilities of you acting romantic.

If a woman wants you as more than a friend, she’ll gladly go along by herself to get that alone time. If not, enjoy having her friends along for the ride.

2. She doesn’t dress up when you’re around – Women love to put on their best clothes and make themselves up when they know they’ll be in the presence of a man they desire.

If she dresses down with no makeup every single time you come around, it’s because she’s not looking to impress you and is perfectly fine with looking frumpy.

3. She talks about other guys around you – You might think she talks about other guys just to make you jealous. While that may be a possibility, it probably isn’t, because if she wanted you, she’d respect you enough to not discuss other men.

Pay attention to how she talks about other men. If she says they’re all jerks, she might be giving you the green light.

If she says one in particular is Mr. Wonderful, she’s confirming that you’re in her friend zone, and that her heart yearns for someone else.

4. She does nothing when you’re together alone or drunk – If you’re more than just a friend, there will be plenty of sexual tension that needs to be released. What better time to release it than when you’re both alone and have a few drinks in your system?

If she doesn’t bother to act differently when you two go out for drinks or are sitting on her couch, it’s because she has zero sexual feelings for you. In other words, you’re like her brother or BFF.

5. Physical contact is nonexistent – When you flirt with someone you’re attracted to, you’ll make attempts to touch them. It could be as innocent as tapping an arm or shoulder, but you make sure that physical contact is present.

If you’re not attracted to someone, the most physical contact you’ll give them is a handshake or maybe a hug when you say goodbye. If she does this to you, you’re not turning her on.

What to do

If any of those red flags listed above look familiar, you have two choices: 1. Profess your love or 2. Pull back.

Professing your love will help you get things off your chest, but you’ll probably get rejected. Then you’ll both feel awkward, and you’re friendship might die a sudden death.

Pulling back might make her chase you and make you seem less available. Either that, or she’ll let you pull back to the point she never even contacts you.

If this is the case, you can cut ties completely, or keep her as a friend and ask her to refer you to her friends who might be more into you than she is.

Regardless, get out of her friend zone fast. Life is too short!