7 Ways Older Men Stop Themselves From Dating Younger Chicks

7 Ways Older Men Stop Themselves From Dating Younger Chicks

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There are some younger men who love mating with MILFs, but I think it’s safe to say that most men prefer younger chicks. One trip to the gym or your nearest college campus and you’ll see why. Younger women are hot and fresh with bodies untainted by that evil force known as gravity.

While you will see the occasional older man holding hands with a young hottie, it’s not the norm. But before you think it’s simply because younger girls are shallow, think again…

You see, a lot of older men are their own worst enemies when it comes to dating younger. girls These men could have it made, but instead they self-sabotage to the point that they never get what they want.

Don’t believe me? Well, I actually polled several older men and asked for their thoughts on dating down in age. Here were 7 of their major concerns:

  1. “My family would never accept it.”
  2. “Everyone will think I’m her sugar daddy.”
  3. “Women my age will call me shallow.”
  4. “I have nothing in common with younger women.”
  5. “What if I can’t keep up with her in bed?”
  6. “I’m not hip enough to attract a younger woman.”
  7. “Dating younger women simply isn’t right.”

Now if you’re an older guy and think that way, do you think you’ll ever get a young lady into bed? Of course not, because you’re setting yourself up for failure before you even start.

What’s my best advice regarding those concerns?

Do what YOU want to do. Don’t worry about what society thinks. Have the confidence that you’re worthy. Have that mindset, and you’ll be one step closer to some college-aged conquests that’ll definitely spice up your life.