9 Hygiene Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

9 Hygiene Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

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Okay, so you’re not Brad Pitt. Still, that’s no excuse not to take care of your hygiene and grooming to at least attempt to look like a presentable gentleman.

Is it acceptable to stink and look like dung when you’re sitting on you’re couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Sure, but when you’re out and about looking for some love from the ladies, your grooming game better be at its peak.

You may have been on a first date and thought everything went great. But the fact that she never took your calls after that left you stumped. Was it something you said? Did you pick the wrong restaurant? Chances are, your lack of good grooming stood in the way.

To ensure you never suffer such a forgetful fate when trying to date, let’s have a look at nine huge hygiene mistakes you should never make.

1. Bad breath – Having it can seem kind of unfair, because it can be hard to detect unless someone flat out says, “Buddy, your breath stinks!”  Avoid bad breath by going to the dentist regularly, flossing daily, and brushing your teeth. You can also kill bad breath by drinking plenty of liquids and staying hydrated.

2. Long nose hair – You move in for the kiss. She has a smile on her face that says you’re about to get tongue action. But as you get closer, she backs away. Why? It’s not bad breath this time – it’s because she’s afraid your stray nose hair will poke her eye out.

Buy an electric trimmer to saw those bad boys off in seconds. Don’t pluck either. A bad pluck and you could be looking at a staph infection that could reach your brain and lead to death.

3. Yellow teeth – You don’t want to look like you have a butter chewing fetish. Avoid yellow teeth by using whitening strips or getting professional work done if you can. Smoking and drinks like coffee can lead to this issue too, so cut back on those if possible.

4. Greasy hair – A greasy hair look from putting gel in it is okay, as long as it’s not overdone. A greasy hair look from not washing your hair in weeks is never okay. In fact, it’s downright disgusting.

5. Bad nails – You don’t have to get a manicure every week, but clipping your nails and making sure they’re clean is a must.

6. Unibrow – As long as you’re around mirrors, I don’t see how having a unibrow is possible. Use that same electric trimmer for your nose hairs to keep your unibrow under control.

7. Greasy skin – Men tend to have oilier skin than women. That’s still no excuse to not use a daily face wash and exfoliate weekly. If you’re particularly oily, use blotting paper on the go. It’ll clean you up in seconds.

8. Failing to wash your hands – You don’t want to give her the flu from caressing her face with dirty hands. Nor do you want to give her some disease from fingering her with filthy mitts. Wash your hands regularly to keep them germ-free as possible and to keep those aforementioned nails clean too.

9. Bad body odor – A bath can take care of bad B.O., and so can deodorant and a splash of cologne. If you know you sweat like crazy, keep deodorant handy for quick touch-ups. Also, never wear clothes twice without washing them if your body odor is rather strong. Others around you will notice.

Are you guilty of any of those grooming gaffes listed above? If so, maybe that explains your lack of luck with the ladies!