A Couple In Love

A Couple In Love

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Have you ever been one half of a couple in love? You can’t get enough of each other, can’t keep your eyes (and hands) off each other, and want to spend every moment with each other? Have you ever seen a couple in love, staring into each others’ eyes, or exchanging a quick kisses in a public or less-public area? What a wonderful sight, distinguished most prominently by the fact that, briefly, the world around them just ceases to exist and the only thing they notice is each other.

A couple in love involves two people that are both putting a lot of themselves into the relationship. You have to be ready and capable of being able to understand what your partner wants or needs from you, understand what you want from them, how to get along with them, etc. If this part of your social skills gets rusty than you can miss out on opportunities to meet people that you might otherwise have had a truly special relationship with. While you might not have success going out and actively seeking it, always be ready.

A couple in love can be a beautiful thing to witness, or especially to be a part of. Those in love are drawn to each other at every moment, and there is nothing but pure joy and happiness between them. If you see a couple in love, it can make you joyful yet unsatisfied at the same time; unable to contain a smile or even to look away, while simultaneously yearning to be a part of one yourself.

How might you go about finding this kind of love? Unfortunately, many times love will find you when you least expect it. However, it is extremely important to give yourself very frequent opportunities to meet someone. Isolating yourself in your life, through technology, lack of social hobbies, lack of interest in maintaining relationships, etc, or working with very few or no other people, can lead to you becoming somewhat out of touch with whatever gender you view as the one from which you would select a potential romantic partner.

If you are a member of a couple in love, than you are making the world a slightly better place, thank you. Treasure what you have, do not take it for granted, and do not forget that being in love with someone is both a state of being and a process of constantly adapting to the growth and change in your relationship and the changing circumstances surrounding it. Make sure you always keep trying to get to know her better, and make sure to remember little details about her that she tells or shows you. The beauty of being a part of a couple in love is that you know each other better than anyone else in the world, and you trust each other more as well. While there is a good chance the incredible passion and intimacy might fade over time, make sure your love settles down rather than dies down. If you do, seeing another couple in love in the future will evoke fond memories of your past rather than a feeling of loss.