A Guide To Attracting Women

A Guide To Attracting Women

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There’s no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to attracting women, but there are some things I can tell you to get results…

Many guys want to seek out a guide to attracting women that is going to help them overcome any issues that they have with women and achieve amazing success almost instantly. However, let me tell you, your need for a guide is because you want a sense of certainty in what to do. In fact, the best guide to attracting women you could have is the one from your own learning experiences.

When I started learning how to attract women, a guide was useful because I knew nothing. I was completely hopeless! I needed some kind of guide to help me with the basics. But, the real learning started to take place when I was actually putting myself out there and learning from real-world experience. I notice that attribute has held steady in many areas of life.

Get your hands dirty…

Going out there and getting your hands dirty is the best way in which to boost your skills with attracting women. Reading material can only get you so far. I remember knowing a guy that I used to go out with quite a lot. He was very intelligent. He would sit for hours upon hours reading theory and material about how to attract women easily. He was like a guru when it came to knowledge and understanding of women.

However, rarely did I ever see him with a woman or taking his own advice. He was the sort of guy that would sit in a bar and talk about women, but actually do nothing. Many guys out there are like this. These men unfortunately learn nothing and get very little sex. You do not want to be one of these guys! You want to learn to attract women instantly the proper way, and that is by taking action.

You need a killer wingman…

When you are in the initial stages of improving your skills with women, I recommend finding a great mentor that will inspire and motivate you to push yourself through uncomfortable situations.

When I started out, I had several mentors in the field. One mentor in particular used to take me out and watch me as I talked to girls. He would then demonstrate to me the proper way of doing it. He was a source of inspiration to me and someone I really looked up to and wanted to emulate. It is because of him that I was able to fast track my pulling ability.

I recommend that, for your own success, you find someone that you can look up to. It doesn’t have to be a guy that has any knowledge about women – just someone that is naturally gifted with women. By hanging around these guys and watching them in action, you will learn more than you can from any book on the subject of attracting women.

The secret to attracting women…

I feel that some guys get caught up in complex theory and treat going out and talking to women like a video game or test. This is the wrong attitude to have! You have to think about your core reasons for wanting to get better with women.

Is it to boost your ego? Is it to find a soul mate? Or is it just to have more sex? Establish what your goals are, then go out and practice them. The more you put down the books and start taking action, the quicker progress you are going to make.