About To Have Sex With Your Girl

About To Have Sex With Your Girl

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You’re about to have sex; your blood is flowing, hormones raging, senses heightened, and most of the details of your life in the world outside have momentarily disappeared from your consciousness. Whether or not you are in love with the girl in front of you, you are about to love her for the brief period of time ahead of you!

When you are about to have sex, the feelings may be intense.

Make sure you have an idea if you plan on using a condom or doing it without one. If you are, have one readily available and within reach. Lock the door if necessary. Set the mood. Total darkness is sometimes strange, so turn on a dim light or open the blinds a bit if it is the right time of day (and if you cannot be seen through the window).

What you are about to embark on is one of the most incredible aspects of the human experience. It is intensely private, yet highly well documented (and almost clichéd in many respects). It can be a base, animalistic experience, but also an intensely passionate and almost spiritual one.

The best thing to do right as you are about to have sex is to look into the eyes of the girl in front of you. If you do not know her well, try to convey confidence and a genuine affection. Make her feel comfortable. If you do, convey as much as you can how much you care about her. Think about what you are about to do for her, and how you can best go about it. You will always enjoy sex infinitely more if your partner is enjoying it as well.

When you are about to have sex, it is important to ease into it.

Foreplay is key.

Start gently; kiss her lips, her neck, back to her lips, start using tongue, and then go back to her neck. Whisper in her ear. Run your hands through her hair. Kiss her some more. If you want, start moving down her body until your mouth is just below her belly button. Tease her a little; kiss the areas around her vagina first, grazing your lip ever so softly against it as you kiss around it. Then ease into oral sex. If you do not feel like doing this, it is important to use your fingers to make sure she is wet enough. If she is not, help her out a bit. You do not want to hurt her as you enter inside her.

Prolong the moment right before you are about to have sex with her. Make her wait, make her want you more and more, until, when you finally do begin, she’ll be incredibly turned on. Always ask her if she is ready. Smile a bit when you ask this. It’s a nice touch. If you have done your job well, the “yes!” will be very emphatic! Let the passion ensue.