Adrienne Bailon Leaked Photos

Were the photos leaked of Adrienne Bailon actually leaked by her? (Does it matter?)

Or do you just want to find yourself a woman as sexy as Adrienne Bailon. (And yes, it’s possible!)

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adrienne bailon leaked photos

What if you could more than just leaked photos...?

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She wanted it…

The interesting thing about the Adrienne Bailon leaked photos is that they were not actually leaked. Adrienne Bailon released the photos herself… it was a scam. She claimed that her laptop had been stolen, but she is the one who leaked them.

Her intent was to raise awareness for herself and to get publicity for her profile. She faked the leak to make her image sexier. Why would a woman intentionally release naked photos of herself?  What is the logic behind her actions? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you get to know women better.

Women want to be daring…

Women often want to be sexy, daring, and naughty. They don’t always want to have the image of the perfect, innocent, and safe woman. Although Adrianna released the pictures to improve her career, many women simply want to put effort into being sexy. They want to show off their wild side. They have a real need to express this as a part of who they are. The internet is the perfect place to do this, because it provides such different avenues to use.

Do not get intimidated…

Many men are scared or intimidated by women who are publicly sexy.  Many men suffer from the Madonna/Whore Complex, whereby they want a woman who appears innocent and sweet in public, but is wild behind the scenes in the bedroom. Another problem is when a man negatively judges a woman for having had sex with many men. This is hypocritical! Some men desire to have sex with as many women as possible. But yet they are the first to judge if a woman has the same agenda with men. This is also the type of mindset that will make you unattractive to women.

Encourage her sexy side…

If you want to be good with women, then be the man that encourages them to bring out their sexiness, to push the boundaries of their comfort zone, and to be a bit wilder. Encourage them to try dressing sexier in public. Avoid being like a friend of mine, who got angry with his girlfriend for participating in a wet t-shirt contest. He was insecure, jealous, and sulky. You must be secure in yourself and your relationships. It is not surprising that his girlfriend broke up with him shortly after this happened

Do not be like my friend, insecurity will get you no where fast. Instead, encourage your women to let loose, go wild, and try all kinds of crazy stuff. The Adrienne Bailon leaked photos demonstrate that sometimes women really like to be sexy and wild. By encouraging your woman to be more sexy and wild in public, she will likely be more comfortable with you and what you do in the bedroom. You might unleash a side of her that will blow you away.

Be the guy that allows your woman to do what Adrienne did. Both of you will reap tremendous benefits.

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