Advice For Men About Women: The Mystery Of The Opposite Sex

Advice For Men About Women: The Mystery Of The Opposite Sex

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Stop following generic dating tips that just get you shot down. Instead, safeguard yourself with these rejection proofing tactics that allow you to respond naturally…

This isn’t your generic advice for men in relationships. It’s a little bit different – it really cuts to the core, and it can really help you transform your game and naturally be magnetic to women. In this article, I’m going to discuss how you can learn from it and improve your own game instantly.

The law of attraction…

There are a lot of arguments about whether the law of attraction is true or not. A little while ago, the book and DVD called “The Secret” came out, which was seemingly more of a marketing exercise than anything.

But, in my experience, the law of attraction is certainly real. You really get back what you put out to the rest of the world. If you give love, you will receive love. If you give positivity, you will receive positivity back.

A lot of guys I see are trapped in a world of negativity. They’re fearful, bitter, and pessimistic, and wonder how they can get revenge on people who are mean to them and women who reject them. This then comes back to the law of attraction. If you put out negativity into the world, you’re going to get it back. If you put out acceptance and love, you will get this back too – there’s no doubt about that. What are you giving out in life?

Changing your attitude towards life…

When you decide to make positive changes in your life – living it in line with your passions and taking risks to become a better person – you’ll notice a shift occurring. The people you associated with before you made these changes will move away from you, and you’ll start to gravitate towards people that are more in line with your way of thinking.

This starts to happen with women, as well. The more you live for your purpose and improve your life, the better the quality of women come into your world and find you more attractive. It’s almost like they can smell that sense of belief within you. You should take the law of attraction quite seriously and take some measures that will change your life for the better.

Changing your attitude to women…

The next thing to look at is your mindset towards women. How do you talk about women? Do you say anything generally negative about women at all? If you do, why do you do this? Guys that struggle with women seem to share a common negative perception of women – they think women are evil and cruel, and this screws up their game like you wouldn’t believe.

A lot of this attitude stems from past hurts. Maybe a guy was teased in high school or has had negative experiences with women in the past. Whatever the reason, in order to achieve success with women in the future, you need to really change your mindset for good.

First of all – a little exercise. I want you to finish off these two sentences in tandem, doing at least twenty endings for both. Do fast, instinctive responses. “I love anything and everything about women,” – finish this phrase off. Next – “My favorite things about women are…” – complete this sentence in your head.

It’s time to love your manliness…

The next exercise is about thinking about masculinity and embracing yourself as a man. What do you truly enjoy about being a man? What do you enjoy about being different to women and what gives you a feeling of masculinity? Being masculine is an important part of your development. Guys that struggle with women are usually effeminate and out of touch with their masculine side. What women want from men is a sense of masculinity in their mannerisms.

To get in touch with your masculine side, you could try taking a boxing class, doing outdoor adventure exercises, or going on a boy’s weekend. If you’re short on cash, you could go out camping or even spend some time working on a farm doing labor-intensive work. These activities all help you to get in touch with your masculine side and, in the process, get what women want from you – don’t ignore this stellar relationship advice for men.