Advice On How To Get A Girl To Like You

Advice On How To Get A Girl To Like You

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If you want to know how to get a girl to like you, you need to know this one little secret that involves engaging her emotions. Too many guys I see that are bad with women try to use logic when talking to girls, and this isn’t the best approach.

How to get girls to like you from the word ‘Go’…

Girls love a chick flick movie, even though they know pretty much how the movie is going to go. They know how it will end from the off, but they still watch these movies because they drive their emotions crazy. So, why don’t guys try to trigger a girl’s emotions like a chick flick does? There are a couple of ways you can easily do this, which will allow you to get girls now.

First of all – attraction is all about emotions. If you cannot evoke emotion in a girl, you will not be able to make her become attracted to you. The conventional idea is to evoke a positive emotion in a girl. However, in my opinion, evoking a wide range of emotions from positive to negative is the way to go. The key is in making her feel something – anything. Add physicality into the mix and you will wow on the way.

I am going to show you an example of a standard logical conversation, and then I am going to show you the kind of conversations you want to have with a girl that is going to really amp up her emotions and trigger her attraction instantly for you.

It’s not what you say – it’s how you say it…

So here is a logical conversation:

Guy: “Hi, I’m David.”
Girl: “Hi, I’m Mary.”
Guy: “So what do you do for yourself?”
Girl: “Oh, I’m studying arts.”
Guy: “Great! What university do you go to?”
Girl: “I go to Princeton.”
Guy: “Oh, that sounds good.”
Girl: “Yes, it’s great. Anyway, I’ve got to go. Lovely meeting you. Have a lovely night.”

The conversation ends. She is bored and will quickly move onto find another guy that is going to really provoke her emotions.

Here is an example of a conversation that is more like to get her amped up:

Guy: “Hi, I’m David. You’re really cute.”
Girl: “Oh, hi, I’m Mary. Thank you.”
Guy: “Ahhh,” and then he gives her an odd look.
Girl: “What?”
Guy: “My ex-girlfriend had the same name, and she was a real sucker.”
Girl: “Oh, ha-ha. Wow!”
Guy: “You’re not mentally insane, are you?”
Girl: “Ha, ha, ha. No, no, no, no!”
Guy says: “Cool. Then you may be my new girlfriend,” blah, blah, blah.
Girl: “Oh, my God! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.”

You can see how this conversation is very different from the last one – it is far more flirtatious. If you want to know how to get a girlfriend, being interesting is the best approach – and always remember that girls like a challenge.

Bring out your inner storyteller…

Another great way to trigger a girl’s emotions is by telling a really interesting story. I have a story about why I love going to Paris. Rather than telling her, “You know Paris is a great city. I love eating there. I have a good time,” I will go into detail: “You know I love the architecture there. It really takes me back almost 300 years, and I feel like I’m in an old movie. It’s just beautiful.” Of course, you can see the difference in these two conversations very easily. Speaking from the heart is also a great way to find a woman like you.

Get the edge over the competition…

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