Approach Women With Confidence For Top Results

Approach Women With Confidence For Top Results

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Stop procrastinating and get ready to easily and effortlessly magnetize women to you (or just approach them this weekend) anywhere you go.

Unless you have an amazing social life or are a famous actor or musician, you’re going to need to bite the bull and learn to approach women as an everyday kind of guy. Knowing how to approach women will benefit you, big time – not only can you get into more interactions with women, but you become more comfortable with conversation and open up to different types of girls.

I find a big issue that a lot of guys face when they meet women is getting lost with what to say to her.

Be a conversation seeker…

If you want to know how to pull women, this is the golden rule – look for possible conversations. You could start by making a comment about what she is wearing. Give her a simple compliment – you can’t go wrong with this approach (providing you’re not to pervy; don’t look at her breasts when you do it). This is a great way to break the ice and get yourself into an interaction with a girl. Remember – the first step is the hardest when approaching women.

Embrace your fear and do it anyway…

No doubt when you’re at that point of deciding whether you’re going to approach a girl or not, there is going to be a buildup of fear. You’re going to get tingles in your stomach and look for any excuse whatsoever to not approach her. The longer you leave it, the less likely it is that you are going to actually take action. Want to know how to approach a girl? Really? Just do it. Understand that your fear is no more than part of a learning curve, and is nothing to shy away from.

The chatty man always succeeds…

The third step is to just get chatty! At the start of day, I tend to go out and talk to shopkeepers or people on the train. I do this to get myself into a vibrant mood, so that when I see a beautiful girl, I am already in the right state of mind to meet her. She’s going to feel my positivity and be more receptive than if I wasn’t wound up. Girls aren’t keen when men are stumbling on their words, unable to string sentences together. So, do whatever it takes to get in the right frame of mind for seizing the day and asking out the girl of your dreams!