Approach Women Without Coming Across Weird

Approach Women Without Coming Across Weird

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Women are very complex on the outside, but extremely simple on the inside. When you try to approach women without coming across as weird you have to be confident. To you, confidence is portrayed as an act of valor, or strength, or even the ability to go through a difficult test. In reality, confidence is the ability to believe in something against whatever odds it may have. Trying to approach women without coming across weird means you have to be smooth, casual, and classic.

Don’t be slow
To approach a woman without coming across as weird, you want to make sure she is not able to look away. Bring out your skill and try to overwhelm her with how much worth you will have to her. You don’t want to be slow about this, but you also don’t want to be fast. Each woman has their own speed. It’s difficult, but you always want to get a tempo that matches the speed in which she picks up an object. The mind tells the body what to do, so her reaction speed will only be as slow as her movements.

Don’t mention family
If you’re trying to approach women without coming across weird then you don’t ever want to bring up family. Women love to tell stories about their family, because to women it shows how much fun she’s had. However, when women want a man, they look for the dreams, talents, and personal wealth locked away inside a person. Money is just a way to have more fun with them, and men who talk about their family more than they do about their dreams or current prosperity will come across as strange because that’s not what a man is supposed to be interested in. A woman lives to have fun, if a family is a part of this then so be it, but otherwise it’s about how high you can touch your hand to the sky.

Don’t over exaggerate her beauty
Over exaggerating their beauty when trying to approach women without coming across as weird is an instant turn off. It’s weird to think of it this way, but a woman will always measure a man’s self-confidence in comparison to how much a man needs to make the woman feel beautiful. A woman sees a man as hers, and the more she sees the man compensate his confidence for her beauty, the more she will no longer see that man as a man. She can’t physically say that man is not a man most of the time, so it just normally comes across as weird.

Be clean
A woman makes sure she is clean before going out with a man, and she expects to be treated with the same level of respect. They have the uterus, so this means they deserve any man, provided they can lure them in. We have overpopulated the planet and women have toys to keep themselves occupied, so their need for men has decreased exponentially. Men have toys, but the way it works is not as satisfactory as the real thing. So we become needy over women and they expect to be treated like they are the most important thing in a man’s life. If a man isn’t clean then it’s seen as both disgusting and abnormal in a woman’s eyes most of the time, which is why you always want to be clean when you try to approach women without coming across as weird.

Don’t slur
When trying to approach women without coming across weird you don’t want to be that horrifying hunchback in the movies. Now, you just saw a mental image of a man bent over slurring all of his words to try and convey what he is saying. When a woman hears this slur, the same imagery goes through her head.


Most of the time when trying to approach women without coming across weird it just means that you have to act like you’re applying to a new job. Women will only take what looks good, so you have to be the best looking you can be. Practice this with easy women to get the hang of it. Good luck with getting what you really want.