Ashton cheats on Demi, but could have had both.

TROUBLE IN PARADISEAshton Kutcher cheats on Demi Moore AGAIN. This time, with 23 year old Sara Leal.

Rumors say Demi Moore has had enough and is leaving him high and dry: Divorced and up to $290,000,000.00 poorer.


While I could never blame ANY man for having women outside his main relationship, that’s a very pricy piece of pussy.

If Ashton knew the secrets I’m going to share with you today that show you how to have a girlfriend AND other women, for sex, he would still be happy, married, and up to $290 million dollars richer.

Let me show you exactly what I mean:

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The night before Ashton and Demi’s six year anniversary, Sara Leal slid him a napkin with her phone number on it. Later that night, they took pictures together at a party. After that, they allegedly hooked up. Demi heard about it because Sara wants $250,000.00 for her story.

Since this has happened before, Demi Moore is rumored to have announced a split. Star Magazine puts the value of their divorce at $290million, although the magazine is not a very trustworthy source.

What you can trust is this: Ashton could have had this blonde cutie, and Demi, too.

If you believe that most women won’t let you fool around, then you need to think again. Most women’s sexuality includes an interest in other women. The people who denounce this truth are afraid of women’s sexuality. These are the same people who believe that women are to “nice” to want to be dominated in bed.

The truth is that most women are fine with their boyfriends hooking up with women. Sometimes, the only rule is that the girlfriends get to join in, too. The key is approaching the topic correctly in your relationship. The “Early, Easy and Often” technique works for me.

When I was dating seven women at once, our relationships fell apart very quickly. I lied to them all, and they couldn’t trust me. Recently, I have been dating and sleeping with three women at once. This is the lifestyle I have been living for nearly five years. The trick is letting your girlfriends know about your lifestyle choice early, easy and often.

1. Early – When your woman asks you to define your relationship, tell her that you really like her, but you don’t want to settle down to soon and risk moving too fast with the relationship. Tell her that you want to give the relationship a chance to work. This gives you more time to expose her to other women while helping to shape your relationship. You have let her know that you want to keep the relationship light and playful rather than deep and serious. This will also give you the opportunity to observe her to see if she is sexual with other women. It may grow into something serious, but a playful start allows you to explore her sexuality that a fast track to marriage won’t offer.

2. Easy – In both Early and Often, you are going to let your woman know that you are still attracted to other women. You will find out if she is into other women, too. You need to take it easy with your approach so that you don’t scare her or make it seem as though you are only out to have sex with other women. Your goal should be to determine if the woman you are with would enjoying bringing other women into your sex life rather than thinking that you want to have sex with as many women as possible regardless of what your girlfriend wants. Your approach to the topic can make a huge difference in the results.

For example, an easy approach would be: “I love our sex life together. I was wondering if there is anything you’ve always wanted to try but never felt comfortable sharing with your partner before. I feel so safe with you that I’d like to try something new for you.” This will be much more effective than just pointing out other women that you think are hot.

3) Often – You will want to eventually bring up ways for her to be interested in other women. For example, ask her if she has ever had a female celebrity crush. Ask her what she thinks of the other women that you are around, but do not ask this about her friends. You want her to gradually feel safe with that aspect of her sexuality so that she can suggest bringing other women into your relationship. She may even let you sleep with her friends or other women she knows. This will take time and patience. Bring up this new aspect of her sexuality whenever you can, but take tiny, easy steps. After a few months, she will feel safe opening up to you about her desires, or lack thereof, for other women.

The key is to know exactly what kind of sexual relationship you want with your girlfriend. If you don’t know what you want, she won’t open up. Take some time to picture your perfect sex life and write it down. Use it as a guide to help you open up your girlfriend’s sexuality.

“And maybe you’ll meet someone like this…”

Some women are not sexually attracted to other women, and that is fine. However, most women are at least willing to try including another woman in bed if it makes you happy. Once you have had your first experience, try to make her feel as good about it as possible. A little extra love and attention goes a very long way.

If Ashton Kutcher knew what you know now, maybe he wouldn’t have had to choose between the cute Sara Leal and his wife, Demi Moore.

Since I’ve found nude pics of them both…


Lemme know in the comments ;-)

Your Friend,

– Vin

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  1. I would have to see both of their asses side by side, instead of their tits to know if he made the right choice. hahaha

  2. Don Brake /

    No, I wouldn’t have done it! Sure, Ms. Leal is FINE, but so is Demi, and she’s more evolved; meaning more experienced, more wordly, more just about ANYTHING! Bad move.

  3. Ashton, is nuts Demi, is a very hot babe, and he had a connection, this other woman could be just a fling

  4. Hey, Sara Leal is really good looking but not as hot as Demi. Demi is obviously very serious about taking care of her Body. In another 20 years do you think Sara Leal will look so hot? I don’t think so. But in short, yes he could have had both and still been married to a hottie.

  5. SportyPrince /

    OOh la la…!:sporty

  6. Ashton was STUPID. Obviously Sara was simply looking to “hook-up” so she could have “dirt” on him to make some money without having to actually work for it. With her stating she’ll talk about it for 250K says it all, just another gold-digger. Demi may have the fake tits, but she is more mature and “seems” caring and loving. Ashton, dude you F’d up royally!

  7. Brian /

    Bad mistake on all accounts. He should of introduced or found out if Demi is into other women. He could of had both. If not stick to Demi
    and go wild…awesome woman at any age.

    On a side note I am 45 and wondered if you could let Demi see these comments…I wouldn’t cheat on her.

  8. Larry /

    What an idiot! Demi is smoking and 260 mil is a shitload of cash. Just goes to show you where thinking with your dick gets ya!

  9. JIM M /

    Demi is TWICE the WOMAN that Sara will ever be. Demi was SUPER HOT even before she got her fake boobs. Although Sara’s are very possibly real, Demi still has the body that hs stood the test of time and CAME OUT ON TOP. Just wish it had been on top of me. She is a classical, beautiful and Bruce and Ashton are fools for ever letting her get back on the market. Too bad, but she is so far out of my price range, I can not even afford a “whiff:. LOL

  10. well,i think he made a good decision.Sara is really hot woman!and no one can be not attracted by her.

  11. JIM M /

    Demi is TWICE the WOMAN that Sara will ever be. Demi was a hottie, even before she got her fake tits. Who cares if they are not all hers, she can STILL knock your socks off. Although Sara’s tits seem to be real, Demi has the classic body that has stood the test of time and is STILL on the top. To bad it was not on top of me. Bruce and Ashton are BOTH crazy for allowing Demi to get back on the open market. And my only regret is she is WAAAAY out of my price range. I could not even afford a “Whiff”. LOL

  12. Brian /

    I would of asked how Demi felt about women then work my way into
    both their asses.
    She is smoking hot woman at any age

  13. khaldoun /

    Demi is not pleasing him like he wants to. that’s why he cheated on her….its her fault.

  14. Who is Sara Leal? Just another no-body doing a spread to get in the lime light! I thought matters of the heart just furthered your career in Hollywood anyways!

  15. Mohan /

    Demi doesnot have the feminine charm the other girl is having. The relation between man and woman is more in the degrre of feminine ness she is having. Demi looks good in a wall poster but not real.Demi looks more like a highclass escort you flash arround in parties. So no wonder the other girl tickled his mind.

  16. James T /

    290 million is too much money to lose no matter how hot the ass is. Dumb move.

  17. i love the pictures

  18. Ashton made a vital mistake. No marks, no scratches, NO PICTURES and fourth and for most, choose wisely. Pick a woman who isn’t going to spill the beans and on top of that. If he knew Demi wasn’t down for extracurricular activities, find another mate, mate.

  19. They both have breast implants, but Demi is fine. Her body looks fantastic.

  20. Kacy Michael /

    I know that Demi was deeply hurt over Bruce having an affair with Live Tyler, and it seems she wanted to cause Bruce the same kind of
    pain and sorrow by flaunting her relationship with Aston, bad move on her part since he does not understand value and whats precious in life and that is having a “WOMAN” that truly loves you and wanting to share her life,Love,and everything else she has with you.. Demi is excellant on the screen, has done many award winning films, she has become someone, she’s “FREAKIN” “HOT” and has everything a man could ever want in a woman and relationship.. Who the is SARA, what is SARA, shes simply a no body, as far as I can see the only thing she has is “BIG” TITS .

    ASHTON, you truly “F—-d” up and lost an ICON in movie history, the sad part is that she was “ALL YOURS” you had it all with DEMI
    MOORE,now you’re just another JIGGALO …

  21. Kraig /

    You know any time you see a beautiful woman there is always a guy tired of fucking her..I think it is just a guy thing. We always want some strange and want something different. The sex can be great but after it is over there is always consequences. Some good and some very bad. There is nothing worse than getting caught cheating. You really can’t justify it. If you not happy get out. Be a man about it and just move on. Problem is most guys won’t leave till they find a replacement. If you do it the right way you can always hold your head high. When you tell your story to the next girl. She will bend over backwards to be with you. You really get to know someone when the going gets tough. I mean even Arnold screwed up big time..Like sand and lies, and the all comes out in the wash.

  22. steven /

    I understand the blonde thing But I think Demi has a much finer body! Built for,!@#$%^&*()ing You know!!!!!!!!

  23. Robert /

    What a dumbass! He could have taken your advise that you spoke about and he would have had both. Trust me, I know. Your advise is right on. I’m 65 years old and it was about 10 years ago that I did exactly what you said to do and it worked MANY times for me. Even at my age (and age is only a number) I am getting closer to another one! One thing in my favor is that I look much younger than my years and I hit the gym 3 times a week and look better than alot of men 1/2 my age. This helps out alot.

  24. Brian /

    WAKE UP KELSO !! as Red would say… DUMB ASSS !!
    Off to sell her story for 250K…Hmmm was she worth a possible 200M + and the loss of a HOT woman ?

  25. John R. Eakin /

    The mistake is “sex” without friendship or Love. Neither can mend scars or wounds of the past. If one cannot find the healthiness of sharing none will lose every time. My thoughts run toward the innocent. My feelings are that Sarah Leal was in error. the money figure she asks seem to support that.

    Good health and innocence for Demi.

  26. jwc801 /

    Just because someone has a lot of money and is beautiful does not make that person good. Who knows how she treats him behind closed doors. She might be the worlds biggest bitch and somethings just arent worth the pain they cause you.

  27. what an idiot he is demi so stunning and he go,s with a tart thats out there to catch stars out like that so they can get money an five minutes of fame soppy tart

  28. i would have to see both naked side by side i already seen demi but now i would have to see both

  29. Chuck /

    When will the boys learn to NEVER get married? Ashton, Tiger, McCartney, hello?? How much will that trophy wife cost?

  30. Demi is old.She still has a little left but only for someone her own age. Stop trying to turn back the clock (Eva Longoria) and stick with someone in your own age bracket and you wont have to worry about your man cheating on you with someone in “his” own age bracket.

  31. Johnny B /

    The whole point is you don’t have to choose, taken em both!

  32. They both look a bit skinny. And Demi’s fake breasts would bed a turn-off for a relationship. Demi looked good in Strip-tease. But honesty as cutting through to a higher level fantasy is great.

  33. fernando /

    demi is better he made a bad choise

  34. Ashton acted natural. She showed her beauty,and beauty created for that to see people,and enjoy from life. She acted correct.

  35. james /

    their both hot

  36. I still prefer Demi

  37. Classic case of “the sex you have you do not want & the sex you want you can’t have” Now he’s had the “can’t have sex” – pay-pay time. Ashton – classy call girls are more cost effective.


  39. Yeah he made a mistake…….. He got caught is all.

  40. Bringing my "A Game" Everyday I'm Still a Player at 50 /

    Bringing my “A Game” Everyday I’m Still a Player at 50: Sounds pretty pretentious, right? Maybe, but the fact is that my name says it all and here are my dos centavos on this question if “Ashton made a Mistake?” First some perspective: I regularly date and sleep with very pretty women in their 20’s & early 30’s. I have no problem with older women when they look as good as Demi but my preference is for young, HOT and strange. One thing you younger people may not be taking into account is that it’s highly likely that Demi did not look as good as her fashion pics on a daily basis. Within the confines of their home, where she felt safe, she probably let herself go and did not keep up her sexy appearance for her younger man. Plus, there is the power dynamic where she was the more powerful part of the couple. For a man coming into his own, it have an emasculating effect. His fling, I’m positive about this, always looked good and sexy. Why not? She targeted him (I don’t care what BS she says about it) he was the hot, rich, famous guy and the more powerful party in their tryst. Ashton has enough of his own money that he can strike out on his own and live a very comfortable Warren Beatty / Charlie Sheen / Austin Powers Shagadelic Playboy Pornstar Dream. Ash tons biggest worry going forward, now that he is not exclusive is the strong probability of STD’s. But that is an important topic for another time. Btw, I think that Ashtons cheating makes him a douche. He could have divorced her (as a more mature successful woman with kids, she always instinctively knew (despite his protests to the contrary) that the day would come where their relationship would end) and he could have done it with class and left her some dignity instead of kicking her to the current “Queen of the Gossip Magazines & Llifetime Channel Man Hater / Men-are-Pigs” cadres of bitter rejected women. Guys, all I’m saying is if you want to play around, go ahead and do it, but if you are in a relationship and willmhurt other people think twice or handle your business first. There are plenty of fish in the sea and if you’ve got a good game, you will always eat!

  41. sohjel ansari /

    I love sex !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. sohlel ansari /

    I love sex!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Yeah, Ashton fucked up…the day he married Demi.

  44. Kacy Michael /

    Let it be known that the article above ( OCTOBER 7th,2011) was my
    thoughts and imput not “DOUG” who the “HELL” ever he is, is not the person that wrote on how “Ashton” F—-d up..

    I’ll be mad as a “RAGING F—-ing BULL” if someone is going to be
    credited with my thoughts on this whole damned adultry thing, with
    Ashton being a young pup playing Demi as if she don’t matter ….


  46. lordfaque /

    I would like to have them both so i would say he did a good job and also a bad job by letting Sara get him

  47. Hasani /

    Well when it comes to body, Sara definitely has a more youthful body, Demi looks old and worn out…but it all comes down to who treats him better and who is better in bed. By looks alone, I’d go with Sara, bottom line!

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