Asking Girls Questions: How To Get A Pull For Sure

Asking Girls Questions: How To Get A Pull For Sure

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As well as smoothing over any awkward silences, question trains give you the opportunity to display your genuine interest in her, which as we know girls absolutely love.

Asking questions and keeping a lady talking is the only way you are going to keep her around. If you are silent, she will go and talk to somebody more compelling. But, there is more to getting a girl involved and engaged in a conversation than just asking any old questions.

The magic of the question train…

An ideal conversation starter when you’re going in for the pull is the question train. The question train is a trick in a guy’s arsenal that he can use when he is talking with girls and working on becoming more comfortable about moving conversations in a sexual direction.

In question train, you take turns asking each other questions, making sure the answers given have to be completely honest. The great thing about the question train is that it is built to automatically steer you into sexual conversation.

Use the question train to open up lines of communication that wouldn’t arise in regular conversation. Because you frame the conversation as a game, the girl you are chatting up will be more likely to relax and open up to you – even if you’ve just met.

The good, the bad and the ugly – question dos and don’ts…

Even if you don’t meaningfully take it in a sexual direction, at some point it is likely to go there. If you start out with a provocative first question – for instance, asking where the most adventurous place she has ever had sex is – the girl is less likely to want to engage. The key to the question train is to start small. You might ask a girl how old she was when she had her first kiss. That way you are able to build the momentum.

I refer to games like the question train as training wheels, as they teach something that a guy should use to learn the basic principle of getting into sexual conversation. Once he learns how to do it, he wants to be able to discard it. After all, if all your conversations are based around crutches such as games, you’ll find it hard to develop your self-belief and confidence.

Taking the conversation down a more sexual route…

Of course, you need to work on moving the game in the direction of sexual discussion. This moves you from a fairly safe (and dull) level of communication to a far more sexual level. You should also try to turn it into a two-way discussion. It is not just you asking the girl questions – you are giving her the opportunity to escalate on you. There has to be a component of mutual seduction.

With the philosophy of the question train, you will soon feel comfortable enough to chat with girls without the game. Practicing those crucial personal questions and developing a persona in which you don’t feel awkward doing so is the secret to mastering your pulling technique.

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