Attract Girls Without Talking

Attract Girls Without Talking

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Have you ever walked up to a girl and made out with her without saying a word?

Unsurprisingly, most guys haven’t. But if you want to be one of the few seduction masters who have, then keep reading! 80% of all communication happens on a non-verbal level. This is not hearsay or guesswork, but scientific fact. Knowing this, you may start to wonder why we place such an emphasis on what we say.

Women are attracted to you by the way you move, the way you hold yourself, and the way you present yourself long before you even speak a word. As you get better with women and master non-verbal communication, you will discover that many of your future lovers will give you a big tick mark before you even open your mouth.

So, what can you do you to improve your non-verbal communication? Which factors are going to have the biggest impact on your success with women? I want to share three essential non-verbal tips with you which you can start using immediately to attract women without talking:

  1. Put your best foot forwards
  2. Get into the right space
  3. Master the art of touch

Get these right and I guarantee that 90% of your work will be done for you!

Tip #1: Put your best foot forwards

Australian body language expert, Allan Pease, revealed an interesting concept in his 1980’s best seller “Body Language”. The point which he made was that our feet point to what we want.

Next time you are in a social environment, take a close look at the people who are interacting around you. Pay attention to women and where their feet are pointing. If a woman is talking to a guy and her feet are pointing directly at him, then that indicates that she is totally into him.

On the other hand, if her feet are pointing in a different direction, then it is very clear that she is ready to move on. Just knowing this will instantly give you more confidence to approach girls who you know are attracted to you by where their feet are pointing.

But why stop there when you can take this knowledge to a whole new level? By deliberately shifting your feet in different directions, you can subtly create intrigue by making it harder for women to get a read on you.

You always want to remain a bit enigmatic since that forces women to think about you. The more a girl thinks about you, the more she will invest in you. And the more she invests in you, the more attracted she will become to you.

Next time you are with a girl, try shifting your body position so that your feet are facing slightly away from her instead of pointed directly towards her. Another easy variation which you can use is rocking back and forth to change your position.

As you master this skill, you can use it for more advanced purposes. For example, you can move your feet so that they point towards a girl when she tries to impress you, and shift them slightly away from her when she becomes a bit boring. This will train her to work for your approval. Essentially, you are rewarding her for her good behavior with your attention.

Tip #2: Get into the right space

One of the other fascinating concepts which social scientists have researched is that of space. I am sure that you are already aware that we all have a personal bubble and will feel uncomfortable if someone intrudes upon that space. However, what you may not know is that people actually have three different bubbles.

The first of these is a platonic bubble. This is the space in which we are comfortable with strangers. For example, you may have noticed that people who don’t know each other tend to stay as far away from each other as they possibly can when they hop into an elevator. A similar thing happens when you walk down the street next to a stranger. The two of you keep a comfortable distance from each other.

The second bubble is personal space. This is reserved for friends and is slightly smaller than the platonic bubble. In other words, you are more comfortable with getting close to friends than you are to strangers.

The third and final bubble is your sexual space. This is an even smaller bubble that is reserved for people who you consider as possible sexual options.

When you meet a new girl, you want to move between these three bubbles. It is very important that you don’t stay in one space too long. Start off in her platonic space before shifting yourself closer towards her to move into her personal or sexual bubble.

The key with this strategy is to keep moving. Move into her personal or sexual bubble, let her feel the tension which you have created, and then move back out. If you do this in a smooth manner and don’t linger in her personal or sexual zone for too long, then she will be completely fine with it and will become more sensitized to having you in that more intimate space.

Tip #3: Master the art of touch

Touch is one of the most powerful skills for attracting women. It is absolutely essential that you learn how and where to touch a girl. I have worked with students who have been able to make dramatic progress after just one hour! After teaching them how to progress through my Escalation Ladder, I have seen them use what they have learned to take home a hottie that very night!

One of the keys to touching a girl properly is escalating your contact smoothly. For example, you might begin by touching her shoulder or elbow. Later, you can escalate to more intimate areas like her hair or the small of her back.

Bonus tip: Powerful alone – unstoppable together!

The three tips which I have shared with you are designed to be part of a seamless, foolproof system for attracting girls without talking. Obviously, you would love a system that eliminates the possibility of rejection, and that’s what these three techniques will do for you.

The key, however, is practicing them as a complete system. Don’t just focus on one of them. They will get you results on their own, but it is by using them together that you will unlock their full potential and experience dramatic success!