Attract Women Anywhere By Being In The Know

Attract Women Anywhere By Being In The Know

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Having success with women is not about becoming a master of attraction, but being attractive. When you understand this and take on the qualities of an attractive identity, women will fall into your lap without any special effort on your behalf.

The ability to attract women at any point in time is a critical one. When you start out becoming a more attractive person and having more success with women, you tend to put time aside to work on the skill of approaching girls and building their interest. This was definitely the case for me.

In my first year of trying to become a more attractive man, I approached over 2,000 women on the streets of Massachusetts and in nightclubs around the neighboring cities. I was literally focusing on women 24/7, 365 days a year. When you do this, you’ll have a lot of fun, but something will ultimately happen – you’ll become a little bit stale with your pulling techniques.

Life isn’t all about getting with women!

The intense focus on women actually begins to bore you. It’s at this point that you need to move your focus elsewhere and concentrated on other areas of your life.  There is more to life than beautiful women, you know? When you do this – if you’ve built an attractive identity – you’ll find that your success with women will not just continue, but increase.

But, what are the traits of an attractive identity? In my book “The Attraction Code”, I reveal the 11 immutable laws of an attractive identity. I’ll give you a taste of what a couple of these are and why they are important when it comes to attracting women.

Real men were born to lead…

If you are comfortable in a position of leadership, you are on your way to being able to attract beautiful women with ease. Women don’t respond to physical features in the same way that men do. Sure – she’ll become attracted if you have a good body and are well groomed, but what she ultimately responds to is your social status. The reason big muscles and fast cars attract women has more to do with them being a reflection of social status than anything else. Even more powerful, however, than these things, is the ability to lead.

When you lead and people respond, it demonstrates dominance. Women are naturally hardwired to respond to dominance. When you connect with your dominant energy, it allows a girl to fall into her natural state. She becomes submissive and responds to your guidance, and she is subconsciously happy about it.

Girls like guys with some ambition…

You need to have vision, goals, and passions outside of meeting women. This is the reason that, when your focus shifts, you have more success with women in the long run. Remember – women are emotional creatures. When you’re passionate about something other than women, it allows you to express yourself on an emotional level, connecting with girls deeply.

Having goals and passions also makes your life more exciting and your personality better rounded. It gives you something to talk about when you meet women, and can provide essential ice-breakers.

Can you reflect your self-interest elsewhere?

Girls love it when guys are interested in other people. One of the most attractive qualities about a person is not actually being interesting, but being able to make others interesting. When you’re curious about a girl and want to know what it is that makes her tick, you delve to a level that allows her to talk about herself.

Dale Carnegie, in “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, explains that the most powerful topic for people to talk about is themselves. The truth is, though, whilst many of us love to talk about ourselves, we never really delve that deeply.

Your challenge when you meet a girl is to find out what’s unique about her. What separates her from all the other girls? When you can get to her core and find a way to give her a unique compliment, you will instantly make a girl feel better about herself. You’ll make her perceived value in her own head rise. When you can do this, your value in her eyes rises too.

The 11 immutable laws of an attractive identity are just that: they’re immutable. When you incorporate them into your life, there is one result and one result only. You become attractive to the opposite sex. If you implement these laws, there is no way you can fail. To find out more about the 11 immutable laws of an attractive identity, as well as how, you can unlock the Attraction Code.