Attracted To Fat Women

Attracted To Fat Women

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If you approach a big girl the same way you would a model, you’re going to bum out – it’s that simple. So, what are some of the strategies that can help you have success with attractive fat women?

There was a phrase about when I was growing up: “Fat girls are like scooters. They’re both fun to ride until your mates find out.” The truth is that what society generally deems the page-four model is just a social norm. In actuality, everyone has different taste and there are many bigger girls who are comfortable in their own skin and really do it for certain guys.

The thing you need to understand is every girl is unique. She has her own personal qualities and character traits that will impact the way you approach and communicate with her. Chubby girls are no different.

It all starts with eye contact…

Bigger girls are not used to getting the same attention as some of their smaller counterparts. Therefore, when you approach a group of fat women, they’ll often be on the defensive. Bigger girls will often reject guys far harder than others.

From this perspective, a more subtle approach can work in your favor. You want to start by making some small eye contact across the room; slightly point your body towards her at a 45-degree angle. Every now and then, just send her a quick glance. When you make eye contact, hold it for a split second and then, look away. About a minute later, repeat this process. This will start the flirting sequence.

Get the approach exactly right…

Pick the right moment to approach her. Normally, I teach guys to act on instinct and approach girls instantly. However, to chat with fat women, you need to be more careful. Not only is she not used to getting a lot of attention from guys, but also her friends aren’t used to her getting a lot of attention. So, if you go and approach at the wrong time, there is the potential for them to step in and cock block. They will see your intentions as a lack of genuineness.

But, if you do a good job of flirting with eye contact, she’ll create windows in which you can approach her comfortably. She’ll either position herself close to you or head to the bar by herself. When you spot a window like this, you need to act on it quickly. It won’t stay open for long!

Never go overboard with compliments…

At the beginning of your interaction, give the girl an understated direct compliment. Being direct with girls works regardless of their body type. However, with bigger girls, you need to be able to provide your compliment in a unique way. Talk about her energy or vibe rather than her physical features.

If you compliment her on her body, it’s likely that she won’t believe you. It’s best to steer clear of this approach, regardless of how sexy you find her curves, until later down the line when you have her hook, line, and sinker.

You really need to understand how to apply these themes to different types of girls for long term success. In “Pandora’s Box,” I explore eight unique personality types that exist with all girls and explore how you can discover what personality type your girl is. This helps you figure out exactly what to say in order to win her over.