Attracting a Female Politician

Attracting a Female Politician

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A political woman is a very rare and unique creature. It’s almost like playing with fire when you try attracting a female politician. When attracting a female politician, you can come across a lot of red tape tied in with business. Their hours are all over the chart and they only get worse depending on their elevation of work. If things go particularly sour, you could end up in jail for life on a woman’s whim.

However, if you play with fire and win, you’re in the game for life because politicians are the worst gossipers and word about your night will travel around almost like, well, wildfire. This means once you’ve gotten the first one, the others will practically line up for you.

Confidence is elevated

The confidence you normally need for a woman needs to increase when you try attracting a female politician. They are in the business of always being right and winning every argument they can. This is why many men fail in attracting a female politician. Their confidence level just isn’t high enough to cause arousal.

Expect a debate

When attracting a female politician, you must be able to argue and do a decent job at it. These women constantly argue every day, so this leaks over into their personal life. However, when attracting a female politician and learning how to argue like they do, you must argue with a calm voice and no slander. This is where most people end up “evicted” or in jail, because raising your voice and being hostile can be considered domestic violence or sexual harassment against a woman.

Business will be the relationship

The number one issue in attracting a female politician is that their personal life is business. These women do not waste any time with empty emotional responsibilities and husbands are usually very docile. When she gets home, it’s 90% work and 10% relaxation time with that time being allotted for bed time. In addition, you have to come to the realization that when you walk further down the relationship road that you will be listed as a bill. Many spouses react horribly to this because politician always think in numbers and validations whereas average citizens do not.

Passionate desire

The most important thing to understand when learning the art of attracting a female politician is that you have to let your passion grow. A normal man’s passion level can attract half of the women he meets in the best possible scenario. When learning to be passionate you must take the following rules into your mind and make them part of your life.

Other rules to take note of:

  • Flowers will only stop minor problems.
  • You are dispensable.
  • Relationships are a job not a hobby.
  • Women do not like mundane.
  • Women are not looking for the biggest penis but the biggest admirable personality.
  • Every woman on the planet knows how to deal with men, they just want a game of cat and mouse.
  • Women will only take you into their lives if they believe you can replace the shell around their heart.
  • Women are primal.

These are the rules to all women, with variations between them such as obsession and women who have an overactive sexual drive. However, when attracting a female politician, all of these rules are at their direct definition.

These women are the toughest of women to crack in our society. Every day, lives depend on them and it’s important to keep in mind that when you start attracting a female politician that your life depends on their work in the government. So be respectful and have fun, but be sure you want a real relationship and not just a one-night stand.