Attracting Women With Body Language: Embrace Your Inner Power

Attracting Women With Body Language: Embrace Your Inner Power

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If you fancy yourself as a globetrotter, you’ve got to pick up girls without speaking the lingo. Wouldn’t you like to discover how before you blow your cover…

If you were to come down to my local bar on a Friday night, you’d instantly notice my ability to attract women through my body language. I’ve got to say, even though a huge part of my skill with women is based around my conversational mastery, the ability to communicate without words is something that I’m incredibly proud of.

I like the fact that I can brag about making out with five girls in one night without saying a word to any of them, or that I was dragged into a nightclub toilet once without even saying a word by a MILF who just dug my energetic vibe. In fact, I can go to any country in the world and pick up beautiful women without even knowing their language.

The magic of talking with your body…

When you master the art of body language, every aspect of your life will be enhanced. People will instantly see you as being powerful and having authority. When you meet women, they will instantly consider you a sexual option and throw away any notions of putting you in the dreaded friend zone.

If you do fancy a relationship, your partner will be so excited by your very presence that the idea of pursuing other guys won’t even occur to her. So – now that I’ve sold you on the benefits of having great body language, how do you do it?

It’s all about communicating what you feel within…

The first step might seem a little counter-intuitive, but it’s actually critical to having the success you want. It isn’t about body language at all, but rather the energy you’re experiencing. You see, when you enter the right state and connect to your sexual masculine energy, your body language is naturally enhanced.

You need to tap into the correct mental state. Here’s a quick five-minute exercise than you can do to put yourself in the right state. This will automatically correct at least 60 percent of your body language issues.

A little exercise…

Firstly, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Now – I want you to focus on giving yourself an erection. This is a no-hands approach. It’s all about mental stimulation. Think about the type of girl that would get you hard. What is she doing to you? What are you doing to her? Continue to focus on this for twenty seconds.

Now, shift your focus. Imagine yourself holidaying in Vanuatu; sitting by the pool drinking cocktails. Feel the sense of relaxation overcome your body. Once again, concentrate on this visualization and how it makes you feel for twenty seconds.

Finally, visualize yourself in a fight. See someone challenging you and feel yourself letting go. Feel a physical dominance surge entering your body. Let this energy flow through you. Again, hold this visualization for twenty seconds.

Now, for the next five minutes, you want to cycle between these three different visualizations. As you do so, start to blend the energy from one state into another. It’s a weird exercise, but it will help put you in a powerful sexual state that will instantly make you walk a little taller.

Harbor the ultimate power of physical attraction…

Now let’s talk about using body language to attract women. Two things you want to focus on are moving slower with more certainty and slightly leaning back when you talk to people.

When you walk slightly slower than everyone around you, it gives the impression that you’re not in a hurry. It creates a Hollywood moment that captures people’s attention. There’s something quite dramatic about moving in slow motion.

Naturally, you have to use common sense not to take this too far, but play around and give yourself permission to push the boundaries. Slower is seductive. This goes both for body language and verbal communication.

The second factor is all about how hard you’re trying. When a guy tries really hard to impress a girl, he finds himself leaning in towards her. He wants to get close to her and get her attention. You should do the opposite. When you talk to a girl, lean slightly away from her, then slightly lower your voice, causing her to lean in close towards you so that she can hear you. This will impact her on a deep psychological level that she’s not even consciously aware of. The further you lean away, the more likely she’ll lean towards you without even knowing what’s going on. She’ll feel her attraction grow.

Dating advice not to be ignored…

Attracting a girl through powerful body language is all about embracing you own sexual energy. When you become a sexually dominant individual, you won’t have to focus on building attraction ever again. Girls will just instantly become attracted to you. They won’t even be able to fight it. You’ll notice this straight away in her female body language.