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“I’ve always been timid and afraid to talk to women. So when Vin told me to read The Attraction Code, I almost told him to take his advice and shove it. But something inside me told me ‘This is right. This is exactly what you need.’ So, I did it. And I am glad I did! After just one month, I was dating a woman I would’ve considered out of my league 30 days ago.

In fact, even though I was meeting NEW women every day, Tonya (that’s her name) is a girl I’d known for years but could never get out of the Friend Zone with. It was frustrating, but The Attraction Code helped boost my confidence and get the girl. I learned what to say to her to turn her from my friend into my girlfriend, how to touch her so we had a fun, sexual chemistry and even exactly how to ask her out on our first date.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to The Attraction Code, and another BIG thank you to Vin for letting me check it out! If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a copy of this secret Attraction Code, you would be FOOLISH to pass it up!

- Robert Louis
Boston MA.”

And Today, I’m Going To Share
This “Attraction Code”, With You!

Today, you can learn these techniques before another beautiful girl falls for an over-confident jerk, instead of a guy like YOU – who actually deserves her. Hopefully, before another one of those creeps starts dating a woman you like!

Finally, You’ll Find A Woman
Who Loves You… Satisfies You In Bed…
And Treats You Like A King,
As Easily As Reading A Book!

Attraction Code Book
The book is titled “The Attraction Code: Black-Market Secrets That Get Her Addicted To You… And ONLY You.” And once you read this book, you’re never going to feel frustrated about your dating and sex life – ever again.

Because The Attraction Code is unlike any book you’ve ever read before. It’s the advice that works packed into four easy steps you use in only 5 minutes per day.

I know that’s a big claim, but if you can give me 3-5 minutes of your time, I will prove to you beyond any shadow of a doubt that you CAN have a loving, sexual and beautiful woman in your life, whether you’re a complete virgin… Whether you have some success with women… Or whether you’re already a “player” who wants to date multiple intelligent, beautiful women who get your jokes and answer to your every whim.

How? It’s Simple:

The Attraction Code teaches you the tips and techniques you need to become a cool, calm and confident man – who’s always at home in his own skin – with the effectiveness of a sniper’s bullet.

You’ll devour this information in a single sitting, because these powerful techniques are mixed with entertaining, ground-breaking psychology, just like these New York Times’ Best Selling books: The Tipping Point, Outliers & Freakonomics.

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The Attraction Code’s Secrets
Solve These Humiliating Dating Problems:
(And Nearly All Others, Too)

  • You’ll be confident and self-assured, so you’ll never again be the “nice guy” who simply doesn’t get a date!
  • You’ll banish your crippling shyness for good, and it’ll be replaced with stone-cold confidence!
  • You’ll be liberated from piercing fear that prevents you from meeting beautiful women!
  • You’ll always have something interesting or funny to say! Especially if you’ve ever walked away from a woman thinking “stupid, stupid, stupid. I shouldn’t have said that!”

The Attraction Code will help you find the perfect girlfriend.

In fact, check out everything you’ll learn! Straight from the book:

    • IS SHE CHEATING? YOU SURE? Most women won’t tell you. So discover these mistakes every ‘taken’ man makes that encourage his woman to cheat, guilt-free (You’ll also learn how to “safeguard” YOUR relationship… or… Steal her from HER boyfriend) – pg. 199
    • ANIMAL MAGNETISM DECODED: You know how some guys just have “sex” written all over them? Here’s how to let women know you’ll be fantastic between the sheets, without talking about sex… or… Even opening your mouth! Watch her go wet with desire – pg. 63
    • SHE’LL LET HER FRIENDS “TRY YOU OUT” When you have good sex technique… and… you talk about sex in this specific way. She’ll RAVE to her friends about your “skills” in bed – pg. 220
    • HERE’S HOW TO ACT AROUND PRETTY WOMEN: Beautiful women have their “pick of the litter.” One slip of the tongue and she’ll know you’re the RUNT! (Use this alpha-male tactic, instead) – pg. 37
    • LACKING SEXUAL ‘EXPERIENCE’? No sweat! Good “rhythm” is what most women want, right after she gets fired up from amazing foreplay! Here’s how to get her panting with desire even if you’re a virgin or stuck in a “dry spell” – pg. 168
    • EVER ASK “WHY IS SHE WITH THAT GUY?” Use this part of your MIND to make her feel the SURGE of attraction she feels around rich, confident and good-looking men… Without needing ANY of those things – pg. 53

  • TEXTING TACTICS: Use this word-for-word text message to practically force her to text you back, every time (One wrong word will
    sink you, quick… But this message is laced with intrigue)
    – pg. 151
  • DESTROY APPROACH ‘ANXIETY’ FOR GOOD: Your ancestors had good reason to be scared of women. (They could be KILLED for talking to the wrong girl) But use this psychological “glitch” and you’ll replace your fear with stunningly powerful confidence – pg. 44
  • STEAL HER FROM ANY GUY, ANYWHERE: “Players” use this technique to sleep with single women, married women and even perfect princesses! YOU can use it to take ANY girl from ANY guy, even if he’s bigger than you or the life of the party. (This will drive him blind with jealousy) pg. 63
  • THE QUICK N’ DIRTY GUIDE TO CONFIDENCE Starts on pg. 180. Still nervous around women? Try the “Three Kings” technique.
    (Follow these steps, and you’ll never feel insecure around women, ever again)
  • SLEEP WITH MORE WOMEN: Make this deadly mistake, and kiss your sex life goodbye (It gets tougher and tougher to avoid, the longer you’ve been “lonely”) – pg. 173
  • INSTANT ERECTION KILLER: No, it’s not booze, drugs or even old age. It’s all in your head, and ‘positive thinking’ only makes it worse! This one key sex “move” most men miss will get you up and running in no time (Screwing this up makes “getting it up” tougher, the next time) – pg. 189

And If You’re Already Good With Women
The Attraction Code Is Dating On Steroids!

You’ll date two… three… up to seven (or more) women at once, without them ever discovering each other. And if any woman finds out, you’ll know how to weather the storm, then convince her to help you sleep with more and more women!

(Plus, you’ll get serious “bragging rights” among your group of friends)

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You’ll learn:

    • VERBAL JUDO: Some girls are just plain mean. There’s no avoiding it! So master this tip to use her words “against” her, and turn even the bitchest ice-princess into a sex-kitten around you – and ONLY you (This is SUPER sneaky… So use with caution) – pg. 204
    • THE KISS TEST: Nothing’s more awkward than the last 10 minutes of a date. This fool-proof method reveals when a girl is ready to be kissed, because waiting too long will make her LESS attracted. (You’ll never wonder “what if”, ever again) – pg. 115
    • WOMEN COME TALK TO YOU? Yes, it’s possible. And yes, it ain’t easy. But if you use these “magnetism rules”, women will start to approach YOU even if you’re “average” looking, dressed scrubby and broke as a joke. (I met the hottest girl of my life with these tips) – pg. 129
    • HATE BARS AND CLUBS? Where do the hot women go, when it’s bright and sunny outside? These key spots! Discover how to meet women during the day (at bookstores, coffee shops… even the grocery store) Without other people watching and judging you – pg. 232
    • GET AWAY WITH MURDER! Don’t let doormen push you around, any more! Here’s how to “push the limits” with bouncers at clubs… and why you shouldnt be scared of these big burly dudes (You’ll impress your buds – and her – When you sneak them in, for free) – pg. 175
    • MASTER THE MIDAS TOUCH: Women are like cats – They love to be touched, but screw it up and she’ll sprint for the hills! Here’s exactly how to touch her – step-by-step – so she feels relaxed and aroused. (This seven-step sequence is the definition of “smooth”) – pg. 125
    • SCREW THE MOVIES! SCREW DINNER! These 3 ‘mini-dates’ blow your average first date out of the water (And get her riled up, then back to your place. It sure as hell beats dinner and a movie) – pg. 164

  • WANT TO BE THE “BAD BOY”? I’ll show you how to act dark and mysterious without being manipulative, creepy and still drive her wild. The key is this type of an emotion called “Intrigue.” (You’ll be the knight in shining armor who sweeps her off her feet.. with swagger!) – pg. 81
  • SIT AT HOME AND STILL MEET WOMEN: It ain’t Internet Dating, either… although this method works wonders online. Discover how to “take a break”, quit going out altogether, and still meet more women than you’ve ever dreamed possible – pg. 138
  • CLOSE THE DEAL, EVERY TIME! Here’s the ultimate response to “We’re moving too fast.” It’s exactly what she wants to hear… and… Will get her even MORE “in the mood” – pg. 225
  • DON’T BUY HER A DRINK, DO THIS: She’ll respect you more, and you’ll save the cash! pg. 127 (Take it just one step further and she’ll buy YOU a beer)

Here’s “The Secret”:

The Attraction Code Takes “Dating Confidence”
And Breaks It Down Into 4 Simple Steps!

Chapters 1 & 2 teach you the modern “Dating Game” You’ll learn why some guys succeed with women while other men get left in the dust, and you’ll learn the one, secret key these men all have in common: DOMINANCE!

Chapter 3 brings you INSIDE A WOMAN’S MIND and decodes her double talk. You’ll get a sneak-peek into the darkest corners of her heart until you can look at your girlfriend’s face and immediately tell what she wants… needs… and feels with surgical precision.

Chapter 4 teaches you THE ATTRACTION CODE: 4 EASY STEPS TO BULLET-PROOF DATING CONFIDENCE! You’ll learn how to control the 4 Elements of an Attractive Personality until being cool… being confident… being YOURSELF round beautiful women is as easy as breathing.

And once you finish the simple steps in this book, women will secretly wish her boyfriend was as confident as you are.

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You Have “What It Takes”

Locked Inside,

All You Need Is The Code!

Look at this illusion and find the two, white faces. Now try to find the candlestick. Can’t find it? Don’t worry – You’re not alone! Over 90% of people don’t see the candlestick at first… Because they simply don’t know what to look for.

Now, look for the black candlestick, between the two faces. You see it now, right? OF COURSE!

As soon as you see the candlestick, you’ve solved the puzzle, and it’s impossible to be confused.

Does meeting women seem like a puzzle? All you need is the Code – the instructions to unlock your attractive, funny and confident inner self.

After You Learn The Attraction Code…

The Sky Is The Limit!

I’ve had threesomes… I’ve dated multiple women who knew about each other and were excited and happy… I’ve gone on dates and had sex with women so shockingly beautiful, most men can’t even look them in the eye… I’ve dated strippers, porn stars and rich women who bought me every toy under the sun… I’m not saying this to brag (OK, just a little)…

… I’m saying this because if I can do it, so can you!

I’m not special. I’m not a genius. I’m not unique!

Why am I successful with women? I discovered a secret “Code” that attracts women and today, I’m teaching it to lucky men like you.

So imagine your future, once you learn these techniques:

Let’s Say You Follow These Four Simple Steps:

Let’s say you walk out your door tomorrow, with a mission. You talk to two beautiful women who make your pulse quicken, your heart beat with passion and put a cold sweat in the palm of your hands. (And you use The Attraction Code! In fact, you use The Face-Paint Technique from pg. 183: you can use this technique at *any* sports bar in town!)

Let’s say both of these beautiful women smile at you. You feel more courageous and you realize that women want what you want! She’s not “scary” or your “enemy.”

Imagine the extra spring in your step when you talk to another beautiful woman today! Would you stop? Would you ever want to quit? No, I didn’t think so!

Now Let’s Be Conservative,

And Say You Only Do HALF As Well:

Well… Would it shock you if I told you that in under 30 days, you will have FIVE women’s phone numbers?

Would it shock you if I told you that you will have gone on dates with THREE of these women? You will have kissed – and maybe more – a gorgeous, funny, intelligent woman!

When you use The Attraction Code to talk to ONLY ONE WOMAN, tomorrow…

You’ll Date A Funny,

Intelligent & Beautiful Woman

In Only 30 Days! Tops!

Because every single woman you date will want to hold onto you! The same way you’d never let a “good catch” go.

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Why Should You Believe Me?

The Easy Answer:

Believe My Clients’ RESULTS!

Believe Roland from NY. Roland is a quiet, intelligent and kind 55 year old man, who was always just friends with the younger women he wants, until he got one night of training with me, that is. Because the next day he got a 20-year old woman’s phone number in the middle of a Barnes & Nobles using the same “phone number swapper” technique you’ll learn on page 224 of The Attraction Code.

Believe Alexander from CT. Alex was pretty popular in high school, but never really found his stride. In college, he wanted to date and sleep with more women, yet he just “didn’t know what to say.” Alex read The Attraction Code and today, he’s dating a gorgeous New York City actress who spoils him with constant sex and affection. And he got her into bed using the technique you’ll learn on page 225. (HINT: This is like “Truth or Dare” for adults!)

Believe Chris from Canada. In high school, Chris just didn’t fit in. Every time he’d talk to a woman, he felt awkward… nervous… and these feelings of rejection turned into depression, before he found the secrets of The Attraction Code. Today, he’s one of the happiest men I know. He’s had dozens of one night stands, multiple girlfriends and he went from shy guy on the brink of swearing women off, forever, to taking a woman behind the bar, and closing the deal within 20 minutes of meeting her.

And although that’s an ADVANCED example, you’ll still learn everything he did to make that happen, inside The Attraction Code.

Believe these clients… And believe the HUNDREDS of emails I get on a daily basis praising The Attraction Code as “the best book ever written“… “a god send“… “if I could recommend one book to my friends, The Attraction Code would be it“… “a confidence pill“… “the key to unlocking the secrets of a woman’s mind“… Snippets taken directly from a small handful of the positive praise The Attraction Code gets, daily.


Believe Boston Magazine, Sirius Radio,

CBS Radio, Playboy Radio & Double Your Dating,

Just To Name A FEW!

Believe nationally syndicated radio shows on networks like Sirius Radio… CBS radio… Playboy Radio… where I was invited to spill my deepest, darkest secrets.

Believe Boston Magazine – read by over 680,000 people per month. Here’s an article written by a reporter who followed me around for a weekend, critiquing my every move. Let me warn you: He was out to get me!

From Boston Magazine – May, 2007: But I can’t not listen to Vin. I’m hooked. He’s got something irresistible, and I can’t seem to dismiss all this as just testosterone-fueled ego-pumping bullshit for the post–sensitive ’90s man. Vin may have begun life as a hapless can’t-get-laid geek, but he’s become a real charmer. Charisma, you might call it. Or presence. Whatever it is, he’s got it. And that’s why, fried as we are, we’re still sitting here, lapping up his mojo: He’s promised us that if we listen to him, we can get it, too.

[...]He watches quietly for a moment, not unlike a father watching his son ride a bicycle for the first time, and then wanders off to see how everyone else is doing.

In his own way, Vin’s a very serious thinker who spends his days refining his craft. He’s not merely interested in getting laid or helping other men get laid; he’s obsessed with finding a better way to teach men how to get laid so that no man will ever feel the way he once did.

Believe the ‘guest of honor’ speaking seats I’ve had on major seminars across the globe, including “Man Transformation” hosted by multi-millionaire, David DeAngelo. Even though it was years ago, I still teach a handful of students I met on that event.

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Believe Me Because I Was A Frustrated Man,

And I Found No Answers, Until I Discovered

The Attraction Code

Believe me because I’m as sick and tired as you are. I’ve bought and tested every dating and confidence program out there, for my own personal benefit. I know what everyone else teaches and I am astonished by how little of it is good advice and how much of it is common sense repackaged. OR WORSE!

You’ve already stumbled across more than a dozen articles that have been HARMFUL to your dating future! And DEADLY to your confidence!

Aren’t you ready for something NEW?

Believe me because I’ve been in your shoes – I’ve been confused, frustrated and lost.Then believe me because I want you to live a fulfilled, sexually satisfied life where you never need to scour the internet for techniques to meet women, ever again!

Believe me because at the bottom of my heart, I only want to help you. And believe me because you can read every word of The Attraction Code for FREE – Even if you decide not to keep it. So you can trust your own instincts, and make the right decision.

Most Importantly:

Believe In YOURSELF!

Your situation with women can only get better and better once you know these secrets because knowledge is power. And The Attraction Code is knowledge most men will never know about women and dating.

The Attraction Code is your new confidence and personal power, wrapped in four quick, entertaining and easy-to-read chapters.

Plus, You’ll Learn How To:

Get Her Phone Number In Minutes…

How To Have One Night Stands…

Where & When To Touch Her…

How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back…

With 4 FREE Bonus Books!

Because I know you’re going to LOVE your brand new life after only one read through The Attraction Code, I’m going to BRIBE you into taking the first step towards changing your life for the better:

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  • “NoFlakes”You’ll learn how to get any woman’s phone numberquickly
  • “Secrets of Sexual Tension” You’ll learn how to get a woman so turned on, she HAS TO HAVE YOU in 2-4 hours, everytime
  • “The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder” You’ll learn where and when to touch a woman, down to the nitty gritty details
  • A free chapter of “How To Get Your Ex Back” from my friend Jay Cataldo. It’s the one and only book I’d recommend if you want your ex-girlfriend back so bad you’d sell your soul to make it happen.

(Luckily, you’ll learn how EASY getting her to love you again can be)

You’ll Get The Attraction Code,

Four FREE Bonus Books &

I’ll Pay For A Final, $34.00 BONUS:

“First Impressions That Get Her Chasing You”

You’ll get this fifth, final and EXCLUSIVE bonus, for FREE: Immediate access to “First Impressions That Get Her Chasing You”

Most guys already know how important first impressions are… But what they DON’T know is that when you make a first impression the RIGHT way, she chases you… HARD.

So I put together a simple system for creating first impressions that get women chasing you… (And chances are, this system is MUCH EASIER than whatever you’re probably doing, right now)

When you love what you read and hear, you’ll save a full 33% off the regular price and you can continue your membership for only $16.95 per week, billed monthly. And if you want out during your free month, just let me know and I’ll cancel you ASAP. I’ll even cancel you a few weeks late, and you won’t spend a penny more than you decide to, today.

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You’ll feel powerful because you’ll leave your dating struggles in your past and start a brand-new life where women love being around you… where men respect (or even fear) you… and where you walk with your head held high, ready to face the world, full of confidence in yourself. Your NEW self.

However, I’m Only Helping 200 Men Today:

Look, I use the powerful secrets inside The Attraction Code personally, to live the successful dating life I’ve always desired. So obviously, I don’t want every Joe Schmoe using The Attraction Code… There would be too much competition!

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In the grand scheme of things –

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The Attraction Code will work for you. Quicker, better and easier than even the most expensive human sex-pheromone spray. This I promise you.

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