Attractive Girls: How To Get Them Into Your Bed

Attractive Girls: How To Get Them Into Your Bed

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Daring to dream about changing your life, transforming yourself to meet a different kind of girl? It’s time for some conscious change then, wouldn’t you agree?

Don’t worry, it won’t hurt, as long as you follow this…

There’s a point that every aspiring pick-up artist comes to where he decides that it’s time to step up to pulling more attractive girls. This is a turning point in everyone’s development. Maybe you’re already having success and want to now get gorgeous girls. You’re approaching girls without fear, building attraction, and setting up dates regularly. But deep down, you know you’re selling yourself short. You’re starting to notice more beautiful girls around you more and more.

You want to approach them, but something deep inside is stopping you. In your own head, you know you’re good enough to pleasure these girls, but you just can’t seem to break the pattern of settling for plainer women. It’s time to put a stop to your inability to pick up the more attractive girls. You deserve to have pretty women on your radar!

Make a conscious decision to step up your game…

The first step towards attracting gorgeous girls is gaining the awareness and understanding that you want more out of the girls you’re seeing. Once you become aware that what you’ve got now is not where you ultimately see yourself, you can begin to make powerful changes. You need to be clear on what you do want from girls, both physically and personality-wise.

When I made the personal decision myself, I started by creating a relationship vision board. I spent two weeks scouring Facebook and online dating profiles and favoriting all the girls that appealed to me. Make sure you only select the cream of the crop. When you see a girl, she should give you a little bit of movement downstairs. This is the quality of girls we’re talking about.

Men need to create a vision for ultimate success…

Once you’ve done this, create a vision board with of all these attractive girls in one place. By focusing on these girls daily for thirty days, you train a part of your brain known as the reticular activating system to place a priority on more attractive women. The reticular activating system essentially acts as a filter for your brain.

Subconsciously, our brain interprets millions of bits of information every second. If we were to consciously process and acknowledge all this information, we’d go crazy! Instead, the reticular activating system identifies what’s relevant for us and brings that information to our conscious awareness.

The surprising power of the vision board…

The vision board is incredibly powerful. It does two things. Firstly, it lets your brain know that this is now the quality of women that you’re going after. Secondly, you start to get comfortable with the idea that you will be dating this caliber of woman. When you have your vision board in place, the next aspect you need to work on is figuring out what personal qualities you are looking for.

Is your dream girl nurturing and giving? Is she passionate? Does she have a playful vibe about her? Be as specific as you can. If you can only come up with ten personal qualities, then you need to keep going. For many guys, this is the first time that they’ve actually set standards that they expect in a potential partner. It’s a big change internally.

When you have a set of standards that you adhere to, you look at women differently. No longer do you instantly put them up on a pedestal. Instead, you actually challenge them to see if they meet the criteria you’ve set. This will make a big difference to the way women respond to you.

Don’t be shy – Approach the hotty, not the notty…

The second step is the need to make it a personal crusade to approach the most attractive girl at every place you visit. If you’re focusing on night game (meeting women at bars and clubs) you need to commit to approaching the most beautiful girl you see while out.

I remember when I first started to do this, I was terrified. What really shocked me were the responses I got from these women. They were actually more positive than those I was getting from less attractive women. Often, very hot women can be intimidating, and therefore surprisingly get less make attention. The best way to attract a girl you think is out of your league is to just go for it.

Keep things moving onwards and upwards…

The third thing you need to focus on is escalation. Escalation refers to being direct verbally and moving to more intimate zones of her body physically. If you keep the interaction at the same level, it will stall out and move you into the friend zone.

Whilst making friends with super attractive women is not a bad thing, because it gives you access to her friends who tend to also be attractive, you really want to focus on creating a sexual vibe with that first girl from the off. Being her friend without any sexual tension will be a pointless pursuit.

If you can commit to these three steps, I guarantee you’ll surprise yourself with the results. Stepping up to more attractive girls seems much harder in your head than it actually is in real life. So, make the change today and enjoy a better caliber of girls starting right now.