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We’ve all been there. That sinking feeling when you look at her, open your mouth and realize… you’ve run out of things to say! If she hasn’t started worrying yet, she will now, and you know what that leads to…

I’m going to teach you some timeless strategies that you can use to turn conversation from an area of fear to one of 100% confidence. The common mistakes guys make in conversation are vast and varied. From not being an interesting enough guy, to asking too many questions, to simply not being comfortable with periods of silence – the list goes on and on.

Well, one thing is for sure, a lack of conversation or confidence really holds guys back with meeting women. It limits talking to enough women, meeting enough women, and ultimately asking them out. It also leads to a fair bit of fear that perhaps she’s going to get bored and walk away or you’re going to become annoying to her. I recommend two things you must do to build your conversational confidence.

Spend more time with people…

Number one: spend less time at home alone. Calculate exactly how many hours and minutes you spent at home on your own this week while you weren’t sleeping. Now, what I want you to do next week is reduce this by 20%.

It doesn’t really matter what you do. Walk around your city taking photographs; take up a new hobby. Just be sure to spend less time alone. In all my studying of students and their behavioral patterns, I have found that the biggest impedance to conversational confidence is spending too much time home alone. The less of this you do, the better you’re going to be at finding things to talk about.

It’s not all about the gift of the gab…

Number two: realize that you don’t need to be good with conversation to pick up girls. I have picked up a lot of girls and barely spoken to them at all. Many of my friends who are great with girls are in fact pretty poor with conversation. They’re usually good at making up for their lack of conversation with tactful touching and kissing. I recommend reducing the pressure on yourself by remembering this: being a great conversationalist isn’t crucial for picking up women.

I’ve met a lot of guys who pick up more women up in non-English speaking countries, because they stop talking so much and start communicating non-verbally. They’ve got less to say, so instead start showing more interest in girls and hitting on them in a more forward manner. It can be good for you in some circumstances to talk less and do more.

Finally: don’t be shy. Shyness is just going to hold you back, limiting your ability to open up and express yourself the way you’d like to. There are no benefits gained from being shy, so take the plunge and tell yourself instead to be confident. By becoming a more social person, you will never run out of things to say to girls – and if conversation is failing you, take a risk and go in for a kiss. You might get lucky.

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Want to know what to say to a girl that you really care about? I am going to teach you exactly what to say to the girl you love so she becomes simply addicted to you.

Think about the confidence you’d have of you knew you could keep any girl coming back for more just by saying a few things to make her feel special. Imagine being able to say just a few words to make her feel so attracted to you that she only sees you and no one else.

Avoiding killer mistakes…

Say the wrong thing, and you could turn her off completely, or even lose the girl for good. It’s crucial that you know what to say, when to say it, and how. The biggest mistake guys make when trying to say something special to a girl is overfeeding her with compliments, inflating her ego, and lowering her value all the while. It’s important to maintain a balance between compliments and teasing. Notice, I say teasing – keep it lighthearted.

I’m going to share with you some secrets which a select few guys are using to make girls keep coming back for more. Pay attention, because this is being field-tested all over the world on thousands of women, and it truly works.

Actions outside the bedroom matter, too!

Secret one: be affectionate in public. Don’t ever save your appreciation and affection just for private times in the bedroom. Kiss her cheek in the street and when you’re introducing her to new friends. It’s important that you express that you care so much about her that it simply doesn’t matter what other people think about you two.

This will give her the confidence to feel secure, safe, and appreciated. Of course, don’t be too overt in public, as this can have the opposite effect and make her feel awkward. Keep it subtle – holding hands, a soft kiss on the forehead, and warm hugs; these small gestures to her are messages to say I love you.

Talk your way into her heart…

Always tell her you’re happy you’ve met her. It’s crucial that you remind your girl that you think she’s special. Women want to feel appreciated by you in a way that you do not express to other girls, so you need to constantly affirm this by telling her she makes you feel incredible.

For example, look her in the eyes and tell her, “God, I just can’t help myself,” before pulling her in and giving her 20 kisses. Or, you could interrupt her during conversation and say, “You really are so incredible,” and then give her a big hug. These may seem like cheesy things to say to girls, but trust me – they love it.

Never tell a girl she’s hot…

Instead, appeal to her emotions. Tell her you think she’s intelligent, interesting, fascinating. Telling a girl you think she’s smart and intelligent goes a lot further than telling her you think she’s hot or sexy.

The main thing to remember is that she should constantly feel special and appreciated. If you fail to make her feel this way, you will not only lose the girl but ruin your chances in the future. With more knowledge about your special woman, you will never run out of sweet things to say to her.

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You’ve got her attention. You’ve got her thinking about taking it to the next level… Now what? If you don’t know what to say, you’ll never get her into bed. Figure it out now, before it’s too late.

What is the perfect thing to say to a girl to make her feel attracted to you? Think about the incredible confidence you would have if you knew. Although it’s difficult to say without knowing the girl in mind, nine times out of ten you need to say something that will make her feel special in your eyes.

Say the wrong thing, and you can lose the whole game, and possibly even turn her off for good. Knowing exactly what you’re going to say in advance is crucial, especially if you want to keep the girl. The biggest mistake guys make is that they simply don’t know what to say, so resort to compliments based on looks. This is a big mistake.

You never want to base your compliments on aesthetics or anything on the surface. Instead, appeal to her emotions and make her feel good inside by saying nice things about her personality or character. This is the magic key to success. Listen close – I’m going to share with you secrets that guys are using to drive women wild. Pay attention, because this stuff is powerful.

Make her believe how fantastic she is…

The most crucial aim is to make your lady feel special. The main thing to remember is that she is a wonderful person, but must be told so to believe it. Be perfectly honest with your feelings, and do not say things which you don’t mean. Women are very intuitive and can see through the bullshit at a glance. Compliments knit you closer together, but it’s important – no, crucial – that you keep a balance between being affectionate, nice, and endearing and showing your cheeky side.

Embrace your feminine side and speak from the heart…

If you’re in for the long haul, verbally express your love and appreciation for her. The reason that many relationships end is that the man didn’t make his woman feel special. It’s crucial that you know what to say to make her feel valued. You could try: “I like your smile. You’re so funny. Wow, I absolutely love your personality,” Anything along those lines that appeals to her emotion is great.

When you’re kissing a girl, cup her face with your hands delicately and kiss her softly. This will make her feel truly appreciated. Making a girl feel good isn’t difficult at all, if you know what to say and do.

If you’re in a relationship, or need some sweet things to say to someone you like, Pandora’s Box has it sorted for you. This package will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about getting, keeping, and seducing women. But, always remember: say the sweetest things to your girlfriend genuinely and honestly, and getting her into bed will never be a struggle again.

Or… take the back door.

With Pandora’s Box, you can discover the 30 innocent words that Harvard scientists have revealed allow you to slip past her guard and get into her panties in ten minutes or less (it’s all *uncensored*).

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For a guy who might be put off easily by a girl, or isn’t naturally a good conversationalist, what are some tips for keeping the conversation going? Well, the magic solution is to keep the girl talking, because if she’s talking you know she is engaged and interested in her conversation with you.

Work on yourself…

Concentrate on developing a lifestyle, taking up activities, and building a social circle that’s fun and exciting. This will have you feeling far more confident internally in your own ability to offer value to the world around you. Additionally, you’re going to have more fun and interesting conversation topics for a date, allowing you to connect with girls effectively. If you start to build this lifestyle, you’ll find that people will naturally respond better to you in conversation.

Just carry on talking…

To avoid awkward conversation, use the Nostradamus principle. Nostradamus was a great prophet. He has been proven to have predicted many things after he was dead.

However, the reality of Nostradamus was that he was essentially a babbler who had people following him around to write down what he said. Now, it’s inevitable that if you make prophesies all day, every day, over a period of 20 to 30 years, some of those prophesies are going to come true!

The same philosophy is true when we’re communicating with women. If you just continue to talk and keep conversation going, at some point something you say is going to connect with the girl and she’s going to want to respond to it.

Have confidence in yourself – you’re an interesting guy!

The key to talking to women is having that internal belief that at some point she’s going to work out you’re a great guy. If you have that, and the ability to just keep the conversation going, at some point she’ll recognize what a great guy you are. She’ll pick up on one of your particular topics and will actually be more interested in keeping the conversation going.

Keep your chin up…

A final tip is to get into the habit of being persistent. I find that too many of the guys that I work with have a tendency to give up if they don’t get a really warm response. Demonstrating your persistence when there’s a yellow or red light and using that as an opportunity to work on being unaffected by girls is a really attractive quality. Girls can often be turned around when they give you a yellow light through humor or making fun of the awkwardness of the situation. She’ll actually be more attracted to you and more likely to follow up on a date than had she given you a green light from the start.

So, it’s certainly a good habit to get into being more persistent and pushing through any initial awkwardness. With perseverance, confidence, and lots to say, you’ll find it much easier in the future to make conversation with a girl and whisk her away into the night on the back of your fantastic chat-up lines.

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Young happy amorous couple with glasses of champagne on romantic date at restaurant

Whether you want to hook up with a woman just a few years older, even if she’s just approaching COUGAR status, here are a few tips to snag her, tag her, and make her feel so turned on she’ll do anything you want.

If an older woman is interested in you, it’s usually because she feels a passion to revisit her younger days. You are a young man, and your goal is to help this woman feel young again. At the same time, she should never feel that you are a boy – this will be a massive turn-off. If you are too insecure about your age, the relationship definitely will not work. You need to feel comfortable enough to be able to control and move the whole situation to exactly where you want it.

Tell her you feel the chemistry…

If you find an older woman who seems attracted to you as a younger man, show her your mutual attraction. Tell her something extremely important: you find her attractive. She wants the attention and she wants to feel young again, so it is important you give her that and make her feel good.

You should not play games with older women. Don’t be too analytical or nag her – you will push her cord. I think it is actually really simple to woo an older woman, because if you just show genuine interest and explain that you really think that she is beautiful and looks incredible for her age, she will instantly be weak at the knees. Sweet words are usually enough, if you show her good eye contact as well.

Look your fantasy in the eyes…

Eye contact, especially with older women, it is an absolutely crucial aspect. She likely has a lot of fear and uncertainty in her mind which makes it more difficult to progress to the element of sex.

The main problem is the fact that she may feel too old and not worthy of your attention.  The ironic thing is that a lot of the younger guys also feel unworthy of the older woman. You see, the older woman wants sex. She wants a young man to just grab her and take her on an adventure.

When you are talking with her, it does not matter exactly what you say, so long as you maintain close eye contact with her. When you look at her, you want to let her know that her desire to sleep with a younger man is a real possibility. Keep that deep fantasy at the back of her mind using seductive and suggestive eye contact.

Older women are a breeze once you’ve got your head around these elementary tips – treat your lady with care and you’ll soon have the cougar experience you’ve always wanted. Don’t stop there, though.

You need 4 powerful techniques to guarantee that you can get a woman of ANY age…

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So, she respected you so little that she just dumped you out of her life… You’re angry. Should you spread a nasty rumor, key her car, kidnap her favorite childhood stuffed animal… or is something better on the horizon.

It’s the big question: is there any satisfaction to be found in hurting the person that hurt you?

I think there is no satisfaction in getting revenge on your ex-girlfriend at all. If it is satisfying, it will be a very fleeting and short-term sort of satisfaction. Rather than looking for revenge ideas, I would try to eliminate your ex as much as you can out of your life and move on. Concentrate on getting your life back on track as quickly as possible.

A better you for a better woman…

This is a great time for you to work on yourself and become a better and more attractive person. If there is any way that you can get back with your ex, it won’t be by doing something negative or mean to her. It would be by presenting yourself as a person that has got his life back together again.

Meet some new girls and start gaining the confidence to attract different girls into your life. I would also recommend taking your ex-girlfriend off the pedestal she is currently on. It’s very easy to sit and reflect on all the good things that you had with her – but there were probably a lot of bad things as well. There are probably a lot of things that your ex-girlfriend was doing that weren’t great, and she isn’t this perfect figure you have built her up to be.

Stop living in her shadow…

You also need to eliminate any reminders of her. If there is anything in your house that makes you think of her, or if you guys are Facebook friends, get rid of that and delete her. Take away anything that triggers a reminder of your ex to start afresh. Start exercising your newfound freedom: get out there and chat to more women.

A lot of guys might just start talking to other women to throw it in their ex-girlfriend’s face as some kind of subtle revenge. How do you know that you’ve moved on if you’re not talking to new women for the right reasons? Trying to make your ex-girlfriend jealous is not a positive way forwards.

Short-term pain, long-term gain…

Initially when you go out and you start chatting to girls, it’s pretty normal you won’t have yet got over your ex. She still may be in the forefront of your mind, and you may even compare other girls to her. You will probably have a few rebound partners; girls who are just fulfilling the girlfriend-shaped void in your life. There’s nothing wrong with this in the short term as it will help you get over your ex.

What you will start to find when you do talk up and meet new girls is that there are other girls out there just as good as your ex – if not better. As soon as you meet one of these girls, your ex will be in the distant past. But, you have to put yourself out there and push yourself to meet new girls to find this out for yourself. Stop contemplating revenge on your ex-girlfriend – get out there and find yourself a wonderful new woman. Girlfriend 2.0 is just around the corner!

Stop and pay close attention, because your past mistakes have caused a pathway of destruction that goes as far back as your first relationship.

Take the steps to learn exactly where you’ve gone wrong, and how to guarantee you’ll never make the same relationship destroying mistakes again by looking into the Pandora’s Box program. You’ll never feel insecure about dating again.

Warning: I’ve been told that the video won’t be up for long so you might want to check it out right now before you lose your chance to develop into the sexy man every girl wants.

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It’s understandable that from time to time guys are going to turn to others for relationship advice and tips on how to date. But, striking the balance between having confidence in your own actions and seeking help can be tricky.

It’s always good to involve other people in your personal guidance. It’s great to have mentors, but the problem that I see with a lot of guys that come to me for coaching is that they want me to fix them. I have to be honest with them and tell them I simply can’t. Some people think that this is a bizarre thing for a coach to say, when surely this is what I’m there for.

It’s a reality for all coaches – whether we like it or not, we can’t fix people. All we can do is facilitate an environment and a learning situation that helps people fix themselves. At the end of the day, the change has to happen internally.

Taking your love life by the reins…

If guys take responsibility for their own position in life, in particularly their own position in life with women, then going to someone else for guidance or assistance is going to be a positive experience. But, if a guy becomes too concerned with the opinions of others, problems arise. Luckily, there are specific things a guy can do to become more reliant upon himself for maintaining his love life’s direction.

One great exercise is changing who you are going out with. I find that a lot of people have what we call situational confidence, whereby, if they are in a particular situation, they tend to have the confidence to go up and approach girls. That might be a particular club that they like to go to or more often it’s a particular group of people that they like to hang out with. This way, they have guys there cheering them on, which encourages them to take action.

It’s not that it’s a bad thing – but it becomes a bad thing when it is a crutch that a guy needs in order to successful pick up girls. If he is put in a situation where he sees a girl that he is attracted to and he would like to go approach her, and he doesn’t have those other people around to push him into it, is he going to be able to step up?

Do it solo to chat up the most stunning girls…

To make sure the answer to that question is a yes, it could be beneficial to put yourself in situations where you are forced to go solo. You could go out with people who are part of another community and use this to test whether you still feel confident talking to girls.

Every guy I’ve met has become an expert at this, and at some point in their development focused on going out solo. I think the guys that found new ways to push themselves outside of their comfort zone became far more self-reliant and confident finding love as a result. So be brave: man up and follow your own thoughts and instincts – you will be far more likely to get the girl you want with this approach.

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If you really like a girl, you probably want to know how and when you should tell her. Instead of going with your gut and making a mistake, follow my tips to do it right.

Stating your feelings is often the best way to get a girl to like you back. But, you don’t want her to be shocked or surprised rather than elated; the key to avoiding this situation is all in the timing.

I remember back to before I worked on improving this part of my technique with girls.

I have one clear memory about a girl in high school that I had been crushing on for a number of years. When I finally worked up the courage to walk up to her and ask her if she would be my girlfriend, her response was not what I had hoped for.

I clearly remember the look on face – shock about how I’d gone about expressing my feelings. Unsurprisingly, her response to me was: “No, you seem like a sweet guy, I think you’re a really good friend, but, yeah, I’m not interested in being in a relationship with you.”

Guys shouldn’t be so forward with their feelings…

What I’ve learned now, which I wish I had known back then, is that it’s best for a guy not to directly state his interest in a girl – at least in the initial stages of any relationship. What he should be able to is communicate nonverbally, with eye contact, facial gestures, and the way that he looks at the girl he likes.

For instance, we often point our bodies towards things that we’re interested in. So, if a guy points his body in a girl’s direction, that’s a subtle signal to the girl of his intent.

If you can get better at expressing your interest on a nonverbal level, while on a verbal level you keep everything cool and collected, you will actually work on building sexual tension. The contrast between what you’re expressing through verbal and nonverbal communication really gets a girl aware and excited.

Getting the girl you like to think about you…

You will find a girl then thinks, in her conscious mind: “Does he like me or does he not like me?”  When there’s a bit of doubt, you find the girl starts to think about you more and more. She has a lack of resolution around this particular topic, so much that she wants to work a little bit harder to get some.

So, she’ll start paying a little more interest in you. As she does this, she starts to invest in you emotionally and think about you more often.

This heightens her attraction towards you. Once she gets to that point, you can start to focus on making statements of intent. These are statements that essentially let her know that you’re interested in her – but they do it in a credible way.

You really want to avoid overtly stating that you like a girl before you’ve actually developed a proper sexual connection. Following this simple strategy, telling a girl you like her shouldn’t hold you back again.

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Don’t break the rules… or you may lose them forever.

Knowing the ‘rules’ of being on a break in a relationship is a contentious issue. To avoid your relationship going the wrong way, it’s important to learn the tricky specifics of this dating glitch.

Being on a break while you are in a relationship can mean different things to different types of girls and relationships. It may mean completely ceasing contact with each other for an extended period of time, or not having sex with each other for a certain period. In some circumstances, it could mean her visiting another country and being completely free to do whatever she wants while you are in the same boat.

So, being on a break is not an entity in itself.  What’s extremely important is that you set parameters and you and your girlfriend discuss exactly what the break means.  Then it can mean anything you want it to.  If you want to take a break because there is too much tension in the relationship and you feel like maybe that’s the best thing that you can do then that could be a great idea. Nevertheless, it is important that you do communicate exactly what the break means.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

If you are in that certain circumstance where there is too much tension, and you feel like you should just give each other a few months off to be free to roam around and do whatever you want, make sure you agree you are both doing this to become closer to each other in the long term.

If you are too lenient and loose with the break, then chances are you are going to lose the girl for good. It is, therefore, important that you control what the word ‘break’ means. Your girl needs to understand that you do still like, respect, and love her, and you want to continue the relationship in the future.

What about some basic ground rules?

When defining ground rules, it’s important to use direct communication and ensure that both parties are clear on what exactly defines your break.  For instance, if you want to take a break because your girlfriend is leaving to another country for a couple of months, explain that while she’s overseas, she is free to do absolutely anything she wants – as long as you don’t know about it. Also, make clear that you will be free to have fun too for all-important ‘break equality.’

Most importantly, ensure clear and concise communication. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If there is any confusion, chances are you will lose your girl forever, and you don’t want that to happen!

Maybe it’s worse? Girlfriend wants to break up…

If you ARE deeply in love and she just doesn’t feel comfortable continuing with the relationship, you’ll want to check out the powerful, free Pandora’s Box video where I reveal exactly how to get her to change her mind and fall in love with you all over by asking 3 simple questions that convince her to hand over the key to her heart.

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As well as smoothing over any awkward silences, question trains give you the opportunity to display your genuine interest in her, which as we know girls absolutely love.

Asking questions and keeping a lady talking is the only way you are going to keep her around. If you are silent, she will go and talk to somebody more compelling. But, there is more to getting a girl involved and engaged in a conversation than just asking any old questions.

The magic of the question train…

An ideal conversation starter when you’re going in for the pull is the question train. The question train is a trick in a guy’s arsenal that he can use when he is talking with girls and working on becoming more comfortable about moving conversations in a sexual direction.

In question train, you take turns asking each other questions, making sure the answers given have to be completely honest. The great thing about the question train is that it is built to automatically steer you into sexual conversation.

Use the question train to open up lines of communication that wouldn’t arise in regular conversation. Because you frame the conversation as a game, the girl you are chatting up will be more likely to relax and open up to you – even if you’ve just met.

The good, the bad and the ugly – question dos and don’ts…

Even if you don’t meaningfully take it in a sexual direction, at some point it is likely to go there. If you start out with a provocative first question – for instance, asking where the most adventurous place she has ever had sex is – the girl is less likely to want to engage. The key to the question train is to start small. You might ask a girl how old she was when she had her first kiss. That way you are able to build the momentum.

I refer to games like the question train as training wheels, as they teach something that a guy should use to learn the basic principle of getting into sexual conversation. Once he learns how to do it, he wants to be able to discard it. After all, if all your conversations are based around crutches such as games, you’ll find it hard to develop your self-belief and confidence.

Taking the conversation down a more sexual route…

Of course, you need to work on moving the game in the direction of sexual discussion. This moves you from a fairly safe (and dull) level of communication to a far more sexual level. You should also try to turn it into a two-way discussion. It is not just you asking the girl questions – you are giving her the opportunity to escalate on you. There has to be a component of mutual seduction.

With the philosophy of the question train, you will soon feel comfortable enough to chat with girls without the game. Practicing those crucial personal questions and developing a persona in which you don’t feel awkward doing so is the secret to mastering your pulling technique.

And when you’re ready to move beyond the basics to pure female seduction mastery and discover techniques so powerful that they provoke instant results you’ll want to check out the free, uncensored Pandora’s Box video.

You’ll get 30 steamy, innocent words that make her ask YOU to bed, uncover her knee-weakening desires with a few simple, scientifically proven questions and finally have the ammo you need to set off every button in the seduction sequence that leaves her begging you for more.

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