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Man giving a jewelry box to a woman

Are you missing something, and she can just tell? Or have you finally realized that you need to know how to speak to her to make her fall in love? It’s far simpler than you think when you know how to unlock the secrets to her heart…

Make a woman feel appreciated and loved and it won’t be long before she just wants to take her clothes off and go to bed with you. Think about how confident you’d feel if you knew exactly what to say to your crush to make this happen.

Knowing what to say is a make or break the deal. Saying the right thing. Getting incredible results. Say the wrong thing and you can potentially turn her off for good. It’s crucial that you know what to say if you want to get the girl.

Choosing your words with care…

The biggest mistake guys make when giving women compliments is basing them all on first appearances, not what is under the skin. Saying things like, “You’re hot; you’re sexy; I like what you’re wearing,” can work, sometimes, but their effects are very much limited. Understanding how to demonstrate interest and give genuine, sincere compliments is a far better approach to knowing what to say to someone you love.

I can teach you exactly what to say to a woman you like. Follow these tips and she won’t be able to keep her hands off of you – pay attention, because this stuff is powerful.

The first thing not to do is tell her she’s hot. Instead, appeal to her emotions. Tell her you think she’s intelligent or interesting. Never over-compliment a girl on her looks, as this will alarm her and give her the impression that you want something in return for your compliments. Some things you can say to warm her up inside are: “I like your smile, it’s cute,” or, “You’re so funny,” or even, “Wow, I never knew that you’d be this much fun.”

Ask the right questions…

Girls love it when you ask questions about their hobbies. Talk a lot about things that they express an interest in. This shows you have an interest in their passions.

It’s also great to tell her that you’re happy you’ve met her. Constantly remind your lady that she is special for a long-lasting love. Women need this affirmation to feel secure, safe, and appreciated, so never forget to let her know how precious she is to you.

You can do this in non-verbal ways, too – look her straight in the eyes with a smile and give her a big hug, then push her away, or interrupt her in conversation and say, “Wow, you really are incredible.”

Be cheeky, not desperate, and make her feel special!

Making a girl feel special and saying the right things is all about knowing what to say, as well as when and how to say it. It’s important that you never give a girl too many compliments – this can appear desperate. By balancing out affectionate comments with cheeky ones, you will keep her on her toes.

Now, if you really want to take your game to a whole new level and know exactly what to say to all the different types of women out there, then you need Pandora’s Box. Giving a girl a compliment about her personality every day, and perhaps once or twice a week on how she looks, you won’t need to have any turn-off cheesy things to say up your sleeve.

Pandora’s Box… Hack Into Her Desires

By now, you’ve probably guessed that psychologists have cracked the code that allows men like you and I to understand her thoughts and feelings at any time. Check out Pandora’s Box to discover exactly what kind of compliments she wants to hear by asking 3 simple questions so that you can get her number, get her to call you back, and get her to build an unbreakable bond of love with you faster than you’ve ever imagined.

Warning: Some of this info is too powerful to try on a woman unless you’re 100% serious about sweeping her off her feet, so don’t try it unless you really think she’s gorgeous… or she’ll be addicted to you and you won’t know how to shake her off.

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Are you in need of ideas on how to turn women on? Do you want the ability to get a woman into a sexual state of desire quickly and easily? Well then, have you come to the right place!

What are the ways to turn women on? Following are 10 tips that you can implement into your game and up the ante for sexual pleasure any time of the day or night. Here are 10 things that turn women on that will trigger her sexual desire instantly. One, two, or all of these are guaranteed to arouse any woman and have her begging for you, instead of you begging them.

Tip #1: Send her a dirty text.

During the day when you are at work, surprise her with a dirty text. Something that really communicates what you want to do or how she might be playing in your mind at the moment.

For example, “Hey baby, I can’t get your naked body out of my head,” or, “Hey babe, you’re into some serious trouble tonight. When I get home, I’m going to give you all you can handle. Can you handle that?” Just be fun and flirty. This will get wild thoughts running through her head before she even gets home. The anticipation will drive her crazy.

Tip #2: Watch female-friendly porn.

There are porn sites that are specifically targeted to females because they are based on romance. They show more emotional sex, which females are really into. Females relate on an emotional level, so you need to be able to target the emotional level that controls them. Being able to get their emotional state revved up before you have sex will get you both in the mood for passionate, wild, and crazy sex.

Tip #3: Tell her how she makes you feel.

Women love to feel like they can captivate a man and almost have power over him. Convey to her what she’s doing to you. Say something like, “Your making me so hard baby, I can’t stand it any longer.” Tell her, “Your making me weak at the knees and I can no longer stand up, so let’s go hit the bed.”

You get the idea. Communicate to her what she’s doing to you and she’ll love the feeling of having that kind of power over you. Having that kind of power over a man is what a woman likes. It will charge her battery and keep her going and going.

Tip #4: Find her weak spot.

Every woman has a particular spot on her body that just drives her crazy. It might be the nape of the neck, or her thighs, or even be her fingers or feet. Find her button and you’ll have the one spot that gets her instantly in the mood for sex.

Tip #5: Go salsa dancing together.

There is something really romantic and sexual about dancing, especially salsa dancing. One idea is to discover Zumba dancing. It’s very popular, and there are now Zumba dance classes in almost every city.

Dancing gives you the opportunity to be in tune with one another and touch. Embracing the music together is very sensual. Women equate the two; men who can dance are also good in the bedroom. If you can move on the dance floor, imagine what she’s thinking about your moves in the bedroom?

Tip #6: Treat her to a full body massage.

If you don’t know much about massage, take a course or research it on the internet. Learn how to do it effectively. Not only is this a great way to make her feel spoiled, it will also relax her and put her in a sexual state of desire.

Start at her shoulders, then move to her neck and slowly down to her feet. After giving her a nice massage, then you can focus more towards her sexual areas, like her breast, butt, and her pussy. Make sure it is a very slow, sensual buildup to get to this point. If you can master the art of touch, you’ll have the ability to master any woman. Touch moves women.

 Tip #7: Romance her.

Romantic gestures are guaranteed to win a woman’s heart. Take her out to a candle light dinner, go on a picnic in a nice scenic area. Letting her see your more romantic side will be a huge turn on. Women are turned on by senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight. Incorporate these into your game and you’ll have her eating out of your hands. For women, romance is THE way to lead her right where you want her, into your arms and into your bed.

Tip #8: Go to a strip club together.

Women are a bit more sexually ambitious then guys even realize, to the point that going to the strip club and watching other women seductively dance will trigger a sexual spark within her and get her really hot. If she’s not into this, then don’t take her. You do need to learn to be able to talk about sex comfortably, because once you do, you may learn things about her that you had no idea she liked. And who does that benefit? YOU!

Tip #9: Play sexual games together.

Play strip poker. All you need for this is a deck of cards. Take her to a local sex shop and look over what they have to offer. There are all kinds of card and board games that you can discover together. And these are nothing like the board games that we played as kids. Games are great ways to slowly turn up the heat. Finding ways to work up to sex will get you the best sex you’ve ever had.

Tip #10: Watch yourself having sex.

Video tape yourselves having sex and watch it together the next day. Just the mere fact of seeing yourselves in a romantic sexual embrace will be enough to  get you hot and horny to do it all over again. It’s like watching porn, only way better. Women often get turned on by the simple fact that they are being videotaped while having sex, so you get two for the price of one. She’s turned on being videotaped, and she’ll get turned on the next day re-watching the action.

Now that I’ve given you a taste of how to turn women on, the next step to up your game is for you to visit the Vin DiCarlo offerings on this website. They will boost your game in every direction imaginable.

For starters, go to Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box, which is our most all-round dating product. It’s based on a science that will help you identify different types of women and help your strategy when meeting and approaching them. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did!

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Turned off? Many people are automatically turned off by the words “pick up artist”, yet every guy wants to know how to be one, right? If this sounds like you, you need to figure out how to avoid the pitfalls, the negative reputation, and give her exactly what she wants so she (and her friends) keep coming back for more.

Let’s spin a little scenario here. Imagine a guy who has entered a program in the classic pick up artist way comes to me and says, “You know, I realize I am a pickup artist, but I really am looking for a solid relationship form my dating efforts.” What is my plan to help him reprogram?

Recognize the need for a change in mindset…

The first step for him is to recognize that he does have a significant journey ahead of him. The reason changing his ways is challenging is that sometimes his success might go backwards a little before it goes forward. Nevertheless, it’s a worthwhile step to take.

The problem with being a pickup artist and being trained in some of the old-school, classical pick up methods is there is a ceiling on just how far you can get with girls. Sometimes, your success is going to be quite inconsistent because some principles of the game only work with certain girls. If a guy wants to put some energy into learning the natural game, he must figure out how to build genuine connections, and be a giver rather than a taker.

In the best cases, it can get to a point where you can have positive reactions from 99% of the girls you approach. You may not pick up every girl you want, but your consistency is going to be significantly higher by becoming a natural pick up artist.

Get rid of the old you to make room for a new one…

The first step towards achieving this is letting go of routine. You must learn to accept you won’t be in control of a pulling situation the entire time. Get used to the idea of being out of control, and being put in awkward and high pressure social situations, and you will soon love them. That’s when you feel most alive – you can feel that pressure and be excited by it.

I think for guys that are learning natural game, it can be a challenge for them to let go of old routines and just go up to a girl and say hi. To avoid this, you must focus on building conversational skills first.

When you have developed these, everything else in the game becomes easier. The main reason routines may be attractive to you is the promise that you’ll never run out of things to say to a girl. So, acting naturally is a far more advanced and involved method for picking up women.

I recommend getting involved with an advanced PUA program if you want to take your pickup game to the next level. In the meantime, try to let go of the pickup community persona and allow your own personality to shine through, with the confidence you have gained from the standard pickup game.

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Since these traits have the potential to completely eliminate any chance of attraction from girls, it’s important you go through this list of turn-offs for women, and make sure you’re not falling into any of these traps. I hope seeing them written down will help you realize whether you need to make some changes.

#1. Being tight with your money.

If you’re a guy who’s unwilling to spend a little bit of money on her, or you’re always looking for the cheap option, this can be a huge turn-off.

Now, I’m not saying you should constantly spend your hard-earned money just to impress her, and certainly not everyone has the money to spend. And hey, being a careful spender is as much an attractive quality as any other.

But, don’t be stingy when it isn’t necessary. She’s going to be thinking of what the future would be like with you – never being able to spend money on things she likes and not being able to go to fancy, beautiful restaurants because you’re too tight to spend the money.

Don’t be afraid to have a little fun in your life.

#2. Mother issues.

If you have a weird relationship with your mother and you’re acting a bit immature, this can be one of the biggest turn-offs for women. The problem is that she’s going to feel like she’s competing against your mother.

If you’re perhaps a bit of a mama’s boy, she will also feel like you’re not capable of standing on your own two feet without your mother being around. It is very emasculating to be dependent on your mother when you’re an adult. Remember that she wants a man, not a little boy!

#3. Insecurity issues.

Everyone has insecurities, and I’m not asking you to be some kind of robot, but some people’s insecurities are more obvious than others. If you have things holding you back or seriously affecting your life, it’s crucial for your dating success that you make an effort to go out and solve whatever those problems are.

It’s not just about your dating life, either. Insecurities will hold you back in your career, with job interviews, making friends, and pretty much everywhere. If you can’t deal with them yourself using self-help techniques, then get some external help. Perhaps see a physiologist or a counselor.

Don’t let insecurities get in the way of you enjoying the kind of life you deserve.

#4. Neurotic behavior.

Neurotic tendencies can include depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, and various other personality disorders. If you’re suffering from any of these problems, you need to get help!

You need to go out and get on top of these issues. Perhaps try to find some way to control it, because they are going to affect your ability to connect with women and can drag down your overall quality of life, too.

Thankfully, modern science has a pretty good grip on these issues, and a lot of people out there are more than willing to help you out.

#5. Paranoia.

I’m putting this one as separate from the point above to emphasize the importance of this. Guys that are living their lives in fear and delusion are going to be off-putting to almost any woman. You will annoy her, irritate her so much that you will easily scare her away, and she might never want to come back and see you again.

If you suffer from paranoia, the first step is to identify this and become aware of your problem. The second step is to go and get some help and find out where the paranoia is coming from. If you’re a particular fan of conspiracy theories, that’s fine – but you may want to keep them to yourself on your dates.

#6. Boredom.

There’s a saying – the only thing worse than being bored, is being a bore.

Here’s how you can identify whether you’re a boring person or not: Recall three exciting examples of something adventurous you’ve done in the last week. Can’t think of any at all? You’re probably going to bore her.

Luckily, being boring is one of the easiest traits to remedy, and it helps you as much as any potential dates. There are no downsides to leading a more interesting life. None whatsoever.

Make a list of exciting hobbies you want to try out. Leave the house. Start traveling. When you have an entire day free, clear your schedule of any non-vital plans, buy a train ticket to a nearby town, and just walk around. Get yourself some new experiences that you can talk about later.

#7.  Trust issues.

If you have been burned a lot in your past relationships, you may have some trust issues with women. And look, I get it – I’ve been there.

But, right now, these trust issues are just an obstacle for you. They can lead to a lot of insecurities, and even make you possessive of the girl. There is only so much a girl can take. Girls need to be free and have freedom in a relationship.

#8. A people pleaser.

Now THIS is a real turn off for women. Someone who constantly finds it necessary to please other people is clearly an insecure person at heart and needs other people’s validation to feel good about themselves, to feel accepted.

Besides, it opens you up to being used and abused by some less than scrupulous people. Ask yourself if you’re being nice to someone because you want to do good by them, or whether you’re just looking for approval.

#9. Laziness.

This isn’t quite like the point about boredom above. You could do all sorts of things with your life, but still be boring to a woman.

But laziness – that’s something else entirely. This is when you sit at home and watch TV or play video games all day. Would you find a sedentary woman who doesn’t do much with her life attractive? I wouldn’t.

So, put yourself up to the same standards. Learn a new language. Learn to play an instrument. Do whatever you want, just do something.

#10. Indecisiveness.

This may very well be the most crucial of the top 10 turn-offs for women.

Girls absolutely love a decisive guy. Being decisive shows masculine traits. If you’re walking into a theater, you want to lead her by the hand to your seats – not meekly stand around twiddling your thumbs.

Being an indecisive guy conveys your lack of confidence – whereas most women want to be swept off their feet. So, stop dilly-dallying, and become a man!

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I only start to think about revealing my love to girls verbally in the latter stages of relationships. For a guy living in the Western world, verbalizing love can be difficult, as showing emotions can be considered quite a feminine thing.

With the fear of rejection ripe, it’s difficult to tell a girl you love her – wearing our hearts on a sleeve is not something us men do lightly. So: here’s how to do it right.

Man up!

But, really, it’s not at all – showing your true feelings and being man enough to do so is a brave move. Initially, when I was very shy, to tell a girl I loved her I had to prepare a speech. I had to think about how I was going to say it, rather than just say, “Hey, I love you,” because I really wanted it to come across as if I really meant it.

Just using spontaneous words may not be great for you, especially when you are a little nervous. Mumbling is not uncommon. To express yourself in the right way, you need to put what you say together well.

Say something like, “I know I don’t tell you this often, and it’s not because I don’t, it’s just that I’m not good at communicating my feelings, but I sincerely love you. You’re a really special person in my life.” It doesn’t sound like much, but rehearsing the right words in your mind makes them sound better out loud.

Do I have to do it face-to-face?

When you tell a girl you love her, do it in person and not just in a text message, email, or Facebook status update. Say it in person – it means a lot more.

Another thing – when I first started trying to open up to my ex, after I said I loved her I would then make a joke. This was to break the tension a little bit and even save some face. That was just my way of dealing with something that I was uncomfortable with, but it really took a lot of the meaning away, so it wasn’t great for the moment. So, don’t be tempted to use a joke to try lightening the mood up. Make sure you are sincere and honest, and her reply will surely be positive.

The worst thing you can do is sound robotic. If you are really feeling love for your girl, let her see that love come out of you in what you say and how you say it.

Setting the scene for love…

You should also tell a girl you love her in a romantic environment. It might be the first time you’ve told her that you love her, so do it with a nice backdrop. For instance, over a candlelit dinner, where there is a romantic, intimate mood. This makes it seem like more of an appropriate time to tell her your true feelings.

One thing’s the same with all women: they want to feel loved, and telling your girlfriend you love her – as long as it’s not too early in the relationship – almost never backfires. So, stop biting your tongue and say those three magic words.

Want to discover the fastest way to get her to say those three little words back—and mean it? By now you’ve probably guessed that psychologists have cracked the code that allows men like you to understand her thoughts and feelings at any time.

It’s as simple as knowing exactly what she wants to hear pour from your lips.

Pandora’s Box lets you finally understand the 3 little questions and seductively innocent words she needs from you to open up her heart and pour out her feelings.

Warning: Some of this info is too powerful to try on a woman unless you’re 100% serious about sweeping her off her feet, so don’t try it unless you really think she’s gorgeous… or she’ll be addicted to you and you won’t know how to shake her off.

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Get the edge with any woman by knowing the secrets of how to kiss and kiss well. How can you become a make-out master, so masterful in the art of kissing that you’ll have her moaning for more?

Knowing how to kiss is very important to women, so if you are at a loss on how to kiss correctly, I have a few kissing tips guaranteed to win her approval.

I’m going to give you real world tips which I acquired from past experiences and pass on to my students so that they too can learn to become very successful kissers. When you use these kissing techniques, you’ll totally transform your make-out with every woman and turn it into all night romance sessions. With women, kissing is the name of their game, so learn to play it well.

Tip #1: Hug and embrace.

When you’re kissing her, make sure you hug her and give her a firm muscular embrace. Make her feel like she’s protected by you and bring her as close to you as you possibly can. Women love to feel the warmth of your embrace. They love to feel your arms around them. Women love hugs; they always have and always will.

Don’t be a python and squeeze the life out of them. Hug softly, but firmly, and bring them into your presence. Women love to snuggle, so add a bit of that into the mix as well.

Tip #2: Let your fingers do the walking.

Explore with your hands. When your kissing her, don’t let your hands remain inactive and just stay at your side. Let them do some walking and explore her body. Get into her touch and the way she feels. Grab her hands or softly caress her. Just be doing something to establish a more intimate contact, because touch is one thing that will always increase desire in women.

Tip #3: Be a tease.

Kiss and tease her a bit. Go in for the kiss and then kind of buckle. Bite and tug at her lips a bit. Kiss her neck, and when she’s groaning for more, pull away. Take your hands and start rubbing her, staying away from her pussy. Just tease her and build up that anticipation and she’s going to become so hot and bothered that she’ll be in the ultimate state of desire. Anticipation will ALWAYS excite women.

Tip #4: For goodness sake, make sure your breath is fresh.

Worst thing you can do is to have bad breath. It’s going to make everything you do while kissing inadequate and pointless. She’ll be so turned off from that smell coming from your mouth that she won’t want any part of it. When in doubt, carry breath mints at all times.

You’ll never learn to kiss if you can’t get her to come near you. This point should be obvious, but sometimes guys just think with the wrong head, so I felt it was worth mentioning.

Tip #5: Moisten your lips.

You don’t want to be kissing her with lips that feels like sandpaper and are cracked and dry. Make sure that you have some chap stick with you to keep your lips hydrated and ready to go.

Tip #6: Don’t ram your tongue down her throat.

When you go in for a kiss, make sure you build up to it slowly. Work your way slowly in her mouth and start with a gentle touching of the lips. Then give a little bit of tongue and work your way in further as your emotions escalate.

Remember, it’s not a race, so take things nice and slow. Women judge you on your ability to kiss, because if you’re an excellent kisser, then you’ll be excellent in bed. If you go into a kiss and rush her, then she’s going to assume that you’re a poor lover, or worse, someone that disregards foreplay and goes straight for the sex. “Wham bam, thank you, ma’am” is not a turn on, and she won’t be back.

Tip # 7: Kiss her neck.

A woman’s neck is one of her most sensitive erogenous zones. When you kiss her neck and lick it softly as you go, it will heighten her emotions and bring her to such an amazing sexual state that she just won’t be able to resist anything else that you want to do. You want to make her hot and beg for more? Always go for the neck!

Tip #8: Rub your legs against her pussy angling it towards her clitoris.

This also works well on the dance floor. While your kissing her, rub your knee gently against her pussy and it will instantly cause her to become aroused. And what happens when she’s aroused? You’ll have no trouble at all getting her to want sex.

Tip #9: Whisper in her ear.

When you’re kissing her, whisper very gently into her ears, telling her how much you want her, to be inside her. Women love to have sensual words of desire whispered in their ears. While you’re at it, give her ear a little kiss, as well. You’ll drive her wild and crazy.

Tip # 10: Tug at her hair while kissing her neck

While you’re kissing her lightly at the back of her neck, grab the top of her hair and just gently pull on it. This really attracts the more primitive side of her and causes her to feel your male dominance, which puts her in a submissive state. Women love to get a bit wild and kinky, and when you exert your masculine energy, she’ll give you her femininity in ways you never thought possible.

Kissing is the way to any woman’s heart. These kissing tips are guaranteed to win her approval, arouse her desire, and get her into your arms and into your bed.

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Being in a breakup is one of the worst situations to be in – trust me, I’ve been there a thousand times before and it doesn’t feel good. You may be feeling lonely, sorry for yourself, and even regretful. Remorseful, bitter, and angry feelings are completely normal – you’re only human.

If you really do want to get over the breakup, most importantly, you have to get up and get out of the house. Start doing things that make you happy and give a sense of fulfillment. This can be absolutely anything – just make sure you do it.

Start dealing with your break up NOW

Your mission is to write down three things right now that you are interested in. This can be anything from prospecting for gold to deep sea diving. Write three things down and by the end of the week make sure you are doing at least one, or have taken serious action in regard to making it happen.

It’s also important to cease contact with your ex, because this will remind you of her and what you have lost. So, that means deleting her Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter – whatever online connections you may have. Remove her pictures, videos, and number out of your cell so you aren’t tempted to call her.

Moving on to bigger and better conquests

You should make efforts to start meeting new women. This is very important because if you remain lonely you are going to do nothing but think about what you have lost. Try your very best not to live in the past too much, or you will never get over your broken heart. It’s completely fine to feel regret – but it’s not fine to prolong these negative emotions which you may be experiencing right now.

I know I spent a good three or four months feeling lonely and sorry for myself after breaking up with my girlfriend of six years. After I did finally move on and start improving my life, doing things that actually made me happy, I realized I had wasted too much time feeling sorry for myself.

Take my advice: get up and out the house, do activities which make you happy, and meet new women. Dealing with breakups in hard, but easier if you cease all forms of contact you have with your ex and move on. Breaking up is normal – you’re only human, so learn from the experience and accept you have an exciting new future ahead of you.

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You’ve just had a great interaction with that cute girl on the street and you’ve got her number. Now that you’ve got it, you’re a little stumped.  What sort of things can you text to a girl that will spike her interest?

You pick up your phone and think about calling her, but then what would you actually say? Texting seems easier and less stressful, but now you’re wondering how to start a text conversation with a girl. You start to write a text, but half way through delete it thinking that it will just make you sound silly. Now you’re going around and around with worry.

If this has been a challenge for you, stop stressing. I’ll reveal exactly what to say in a text message and how you can smoothly transition from text to phone conversation so that she’ll think you’re a pro.

One of the biggest advantages of texting, particularly when you’re initiating that first contact with a girl, is that it’s an incredible low investment. When you call a girl, it puts her in a complicated position. She has to make a quick decision on whether she wants to talk to you or not.

If you’ve already had a great interaction with her and she really likes you, this could create some pressure for her. It might be a pressure that she may not want to deal with at the moment. It’s much easier for her to let it go through to voice mail and then decide if she wants to respond later on.

A text message on the other hand creates far less pressure. She has time to read what you’ve written and she also has time to think about how she would like to respond. Replying to text messages is also something that most girls in this day and age are pros at. It’s for this reason that I like to talk to a girl by text first and then transition to a phone call later on. So, how exactly do you go about texting a girl you like?

Keep your text fun and playful…

If you start off being too serious you are going to lose her from the get go. There is a balance needed, because many beginners start out with trying to be too playful. You want to tease her, but you want to reel her in bit by bit.

Call back humor is one way that you can get that perfect balance. Call back humor is essentially referring back to something that came up during your initial interaction with the girl. It might be a fun nickname that you gave her, or something that you teased her about, or even just an interesting moment from the interaction.

The great thing about call back humor is that it will instantly take her back to the fun emotions that she experienced the first time you met. It also creates an emotional charge that propels her to take action in texting you back. If you nail call back humor in your initial text messages, your response rate will be as high as 97%.

Keep your text relatively short…

Once again, your focus here is to be low investment from the start. Make it easy for her to respond. If you write a novel in your first text it will make her question your motives and possibly scare her off. It gives her the sense that you’re trying too hard. Long text messages can be powerful, but you want to save them until you’ve built up a bit of momentum. So, short and sweet is perfect when you are just beginning.

Make sure you elicit a response…

One of the biggest challenges guys face is getting a girl to respond to their text message. How do you do it? My granddad had a phrase that I think fits perfectly here, “If you’re going to go fishing, make sure you use the right bait.” If you text girls and they don’t respond, you’re in trouble.

Because of this, you need to fish for ways that will entice her to respond. The number one way to do this is to tap a question on to the end of your text messages. This is okay initially, but don’t continue doing this at the end of each text. You’re going to reek of desperation. Your purpose is to text a girl to spark attraction. So, a better approach is to use intrigue.

I outline a number of powerful ways that you can do this is in my No Flakes product. Something that you can start on today is just leaving valuable bits of information out of your statements. An example of how you might do this is if she asks you what you’ve done today.

You might reply, “I was shooting a really cool YouTube video for my new business.” This response works because it creates a whole variety of open loops. Now you’ve got her thinking what your new business is, or what was the video about. Essentially, what you’ve done is flip the script and have her be the one asking more questions.

Move away from texting and call her for logistics…

Once you’ve built up the momentum and the text messages are coming back and forth at a faster rate and are longer in length, now is the time to move towards logistics. You want to move the conversation from a text to an actual first date.

The biggest mistake guys make with this is that they try and do it via text messages. Sorting logistics out by text can get really messy. The best approach when you sense that logistics are just around the corner is to give her a call. You simply say, “I thought it would be easier if I just gave you a call and we can sort out when we are both available.”

Text game is critical to your success. If you struggle with your text game, it’s going to be a road block to moving you forward in all other areas of dating. Learn all you can about texting a girl to spike her interest. After all, it’s her interest you’re after, right?

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It’s rare that I would recommend any book or product just for the sake of it, but in this case, there’s a book I want you to read that works wonders. Here’s why. The Mindful Path through Shyness is one of the most powerful reads to improve your ways with women.  I’ll give you three reasons why this is usually the first book that I give my students to read.

1. Shy men need to accept they have a problem

A lot of guys don’t realize they are shy. When they do not get results with women, they think of all the other reasons this could be and do not realize it is shyness that stands in their way.

Shy guys do not understand how much their timidity is holding them back. By eliminating shyness, for most guys, you are hitting the bull’s eye and getting to the source of the problem. The symptoms that seem to hold guys back with women seem to magically disappear.

2. Get in the right state of mind

Mindfulness is a discipline that I wish I could get all my students to study. When you combine mindfulness with shyness, it usually leads to an instant result. Mindfulness presents some healthier ways of looking at things and thinking in a way that empowers you.

It is good to think about mindfulness as a practice such as learning to play the guitar, or mastering the sport of soccer. It is something that as you practice, you get better at. Mindfulness is something I wish all my students could learn, because it is really a powerful concept. It will make you feel better, be more relaxed, and stop attaching too much of how you feel to some certain end result.

3. A focused mind is popular with the ladies

I find that 99% of cases benefit from reading this book. Mindfulness is really a powerful way to become attractive to women, get more girlfriends, and have more sex. I am not sure what exactly it is in mindfulness that works. It’s just that most guys who seem to suffer from difficulties with women are making a lot of common mistakes that mindfulness can fix.

As a shy person, most of what makes you unattractive to women is purely what is going on inside your mind rather than anything externally. Usually it is your attitude, personality, and how you think and feel that influences attraction the most.

It is important to take control of the inner side of things when trying not to be shy round girls; mindfulness is really a powerful tool to start this process. It gives a structure for how you can start to feel better about meeting women and pursuing them romantically. With a strong and confident mindset, you will never feel too shy around girls to go in for the pull again.

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No Confidence. No Sex. Know Confidence. KNOW SEX…

Sexual confidence is important in not only enjoying greater sex, but also in your ability to attract women. When you are more sexually confident, you are going to be more confident as a person, because you know you’re a guy that can please women, and you’re a guy that knows, if he is to take a girl home, he can give her the night of her life.

I’m going to show you some ways that you can build greater sexual confidence in the bedroom.

1. Be Comfortable

First of all, the best way for being more comfortable in the bedroom is to be more comfortable with your body. Oftentimes, guys who’ve put on a little bit of weight, or are not comfortable with their penis size, or have any other physical hang-ups, it can really do a lot of damage to their confidence in the bedroom.

They’re going to be a little paranoid about what the girl’s going to think of them, and whether he’s going to be embarrassed in any way. It’s important to get comfortable with your body. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and perfection really doesn’t exist. You may have been fed images in Men’s Health magazines and FHM magazines, what the perfect guy should look like.

In reality, that’s not the case. Girls won’t judge you more or less on your body size, but the way that you are in the bedroom.

If you’re a little bit of a larger guy and maybe you don’t even have the biggest penis, but you really know how to please her in the bedroom, you’re confident, and you’re dominant, that’s going to be more attractive to her than if you had a six pack and a big cock, but were really submissive in the bedroom and clumsy.

2. Be Confident

Learn to be more confident with your body. Some ways to do that is to go to a nude beach, or a clothing-optional resort, or spend more time in your bathers at the beach, and get more comfortable with your body. Educate yourself more on sex, and especially know how to give a girl some great oral care.

When you know how to effectively give a girl an orgasm, using your mouth or your fingers, it comes with a lot of great confidence. First of all, you can make a girl orgasm quite easily, but as guys, we’re not always at our peak performance. Sometimes we get tired, sometimes we get a little bit stressed out, and our stamina isn’t always going to be at its peak.

When you can please a girl orally, you know that, even if you’re having a bad night, you can still make her orgasm and you can still give her a good night, and there’s a lot of confidence that comes out of that.

3. Have Sex Often

Have sex more often. The best way to get comfortable with sex is to do it more and more. It’s almost like being comfortable around talking to women. Initially, the first time you’re going to be really nervous, but the more and more you do it, the more comfortable you’re going to get in this situation and your surroundings. The same goes with sex. The more sex you have, the more comfortable you’re going to be.

4. There Is No Such Thing as Perfect

Also, let go of perfection. Perfection in sex doesn’t really exist. Sex is messy, it’s clumsy, and despite all that, it can still be an amazing experience. Often, we’re sold the idea in movies and sometimes even in pornos, that sex is this smooth and perfect occasion. That’s just not the case.

That’s fabricated. When you can let go of perfection in the bedroom, it’s almost like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders, because you can allow yourself to be a little bit clumsy, make a couple of mistakes, and be cool with it. If you’re cool with it, she will be too.

Follow these four tips and you’ll see your confidence in bed jump tenfold. You’ll have girls begging for sex and attention; your sex game will be like never before!