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Do you want to be a more assertive guy and let your masculinity help you get the girl? Assertiveness never means being overly aggressive, pushy, or rude. However, it does mean that you should be confident in taking strong action to get what you want.

A lot of guys have a problem with confidence and assertiveness, but these tips should change everything for the better when you are looking to get girls.

Make your presence known…

No one is attracted to someone who conveys a sense of being powerless. When it comes to being a man, showing your assertiveness and power is very important. When you are trying to attract girls, you want to give off vibes that you are strong man who can give her what she wants. You are charismatic, charming, sexy, and you can keep her safe.

Assertiveness is a key attribute to why girls find bad boys attractive. ‘Bad boys’ have this almost reckless attitude of “If I like it, I’ll go after it.” They are persistent and pushy and they will not give up until they get what they want. There is something attractive to girls about that quality. It shows that he is confident enough to know what he wants and that he is prepared to push hard to get it.

Becoming the bad boy…

Ways that you can achieve dominance this weekend is simply by leading the interaction. Walking up to a girl and being more persistent, being someone that leads her in a direction that you want to go and takes control of the situation. If you find yourself struggling with this concept, try to think about what a ‘bad boy’ would do in the same situation. How would they react?

If a girl totally disses you, do you want to walk away with your tail between your legs or would you stand up to her? Would you let it get to you or just laugh it off and approach another girl instead? By imaging that and thinking of yourself as more assertive and confident guy, you have a major mindset shift. This will enable you to take on a more attractive frame that is much more likely to get a girl to like you.

Be observant…

If you are still finding it difficult to grasp the ‘bad boy’ behavior traits, I would like you to think of a couple of guys that you know who you feel are more confident than you are right now. If you cannot think of anyone you know personally, think of a few ‘bad boys’ that you have seen on screen. For example, Colin Farrell is one person that I used to think of quite often. He often plays the bad boy role in moves and is a bit of a bad boy in life.

You need to try and picture yourself as him when you go out. After observing how the ‘bad boys’ generally act around girls; try and mirror those behaviors for yourself. When you are in an interaction, think about how that person would respond to that situation and emulate it as much as possible.

Changing your approach to picking up girls is a difficult thing to do, so don’t be downhearted if it isn’t working at first. It takes practice before you can start consistently getting girls to like you. I hope these tips have been helpful to you, and I encourage you to go and try them as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or would like more information about how to attract girls, then please let me know in the comment section below. I love reading your responses and always try to my hardest to get back to as many of you as possible.

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Do you want to be having better sex? How do you increase your ability in the bedroom? Well – it’s easy, when you learn the tips I’m about to share.

An active and enjoyable sex life is an essential part of our lives and is also a key foundation for a happy relationship. When you’re a dynamic lover in the bedroom, those issues that may have plagued you in previous relationships will start to disintegrate and girls will be clearing out their schedules just to get a moment of your time. Thousands of guys just like you want to know the secrets, and now I want to give them you to you.

The art of massage…

The first great tip for getting better sex is to learn massage. You can take a massage course to learn the basic motions of massage and then practice your newly-learned techniques with your woman. When you’re on top of a girl and massaging her naked body, what do you think is going to happen? The level of intimacy and arousal is going to go through the roof, and more often than not it’s going to end up in great sex.

When you are giving a woman a massage, she is relaxing and unwinding from the stresses of everyday life – making her more up for some fun. You could also purchase some edible massage oils or meditation music to really turn up the intensity of the moment.

Communication and foreplay…

The next thing you should do is encourage open communication in the bedroom. If you tell her what you want and encourage her to tell you what she wants, then you will both be able to express your sexual desires openly. Once you know what gets the other one going, then your sex life is destined to improve.

Another crucial point is that you must not forget about the foreplay. Sex is so much more than just the flustering connection of genitals – it is all about the passion and sensuality of the experience. Foreplay helps set the mood and allows you to get creative and expressive with your sexual desires. This can be anything from role play to mutual masturbation. This is a great way to not only get comfortable with your partner but learn how she likes to be touched and then replicate it to improve your ability to get her to orgasm.

Communication is vitally important when you make love. The more comfortable you are with sex and talking about sex, the more she’s going to feel like she’s able to express herself. If you’re the type of guy that’s embarrassed by sex talk or not comfortable with sex, then you’re not going to get the better sex that you want.

Relight her fire…

Variation and spontaneity is an important factor when it comes to having better sex. Throw out any routines and learn to enjoy spontaneous sex. Be sure to experiment with your bodies and always seek out new positions or variations of your favorites. An exciting and healthy sex life is achieved by keeping things interesting and never letting that sexual spark go out.

If you’ve got any comments regarding this article, or have any questions about how to get better sex, please leave them in the box below. I enjoy reading all your comments, and try to respond to them as much as possible.

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Are you sick of being a good friend to hot girls, but never getting any action? Do you want a little less conversation and a little more action in your life? Do you want to stay well clear of the dreaded friend zone again?

Like thousands of other guys just like you, I know your answer is yes, so here’s how you take action. Here are some great tips that you can use to help get the girls and have a more active sex life.

Be friendly, but not too friendly…

For most girls, the only time someone has displayed sexual intent for her is when she is in some dirty disco or dive bar at 2am and gets some drunken guy all over her wanting to have terrible sex. You don’t want to be that blabbering, alcohol-filled mess; you want to be friendly, funny, and approachable. However, you don’t want to be the super-nice guy if you want to get girls to have sex with you.

What are the dangers of being the friendly guy? One thing you want to avoid is falling into a cycle of pleasant and normal conversation. You can talk to a girl naturally and chat away for hours and there isn’t anything wrong with that. However, when you ask for her number or try to escalate on that girl the chances are she has already categorized you as “friend material” and will not respond – meaning you have wasted your time and effort.

Show her that you are interested…

Showing your intent should be high on your list of priorities when you are looking to attract girls. Even if you engage a girl in conversation naturally, you can still find reasons and opportunities to show intent. You can start by being open and chatty to girls and after you have chatted for a while, say something like, “So you guys are just gorgeous. I had to come and say hi.” If you show intent like that and a girl responds positively to it, then you are on the right track.

There are many ways to show intent, and the sooner you start, the better your chance at success will be when you are trying to pick up girls. You can flirt, talk about those topics like boyfriends and relationships and initiate some light touches like hi-fives or handshakes. Even the tone of your voice and the way you talk about things can show intent.

Then, it is a lot easier to progress, as it can be hard to transition from being the friendly guy to being the guy who wants her number. If you avoid showing your intentions, you may find that she gives you her number through obligation because you’ve chatted to her for an hour, when in fact, she has no intention to ever reply to you. Getting a number is a billion times easier if you’ve shown intent and seen that she has responded to you positively.

Flirtation and behavior…

Flirting is something that men and women do quite naturally, but you can always enhance how well you flirt as the situation demands it. A great, playful way to flirt with girls is to tease them as much as possible. This really amps up their attraction. Make light-hearted jokes and also use this as a way to touch her by poking or tickling.

As well as being a charming flirt, you want to ensure that your eye contact is strong. Maintaining short bursts of eye contact is a fantastic way to attract girls. Avoid staring, though – remember that the objective is to be cool, flirtatious, and mysterious, not to be a creepy guy who stares at girls from across the room.

A great way of getting girls more interested in you is by giving them compliments. It could be a compliment about her body, her hair, her face or even something less physical like her energy. The important thing is to find some way of being charming and letting her know that you’re interested in her.

Sealing the deal…

If you have done all of the above and all signs point towards a chance of getting sexual, you have to make the move. You should aim to move away from the hustle and bustle and head somewhere quieter. This could be instigated by saying something like, “Come over here. We’ll go and talk. I want to take you to this place.” If she comes favorably with you, then you know that she is definitely interested. From there you can escalate on her and take things to a more sexual level.

So, this weekend, when you’re out and looking to pick up girls, I want you to try out these tips and watch them work wonders for you.

If you have any comments regarding this article or want to know more about how to get girls and improve your sex life, then please let me know in the comments section below. I look forward to reading all your comments and will take the time to respond to them when I can.

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You’ve met the girl, you’ve got her home, and now you are in the bedroom. Your heart is racing, palms are sweating and now you need to know how to turn this woman on. You are not alone – there are thousands of guys out there who are all asking “What really turns women on?” I want to give you some great tips that are guaranteed to have your sexual presence lasting long in her memory.

Avoiding mistakes…

One of the biggest turn-offs for a woman is ignoring foreplay. The foreplay is an important ingredient in any of your sexual encounters, and it is crucial that you don’t neglect it. For a lot of women, they get more pleasure out of foreplay than actually having sex. So, it is important that you focus on her and take it nice and slow.

The next mistake you want to avoid is having a limited awareness. If she is enjoying something, then you don’t want to stop doing it. If she is ready to increase the intensity, then you need to pay attention to her needs if you want to bring her to the point of climax. In doing this, you are separating yourself from the guys who fail to pick up the signals and, therefore, aren’t going to be turning women on.

You also want to be as present as possible in the bedroom. Aim to get a feel for her body and start developing an understanding of what gets her going crazy. You must not be selfish in the bedroom if you want to turn women on. Just thinking of yourself and not really considering her needs is a bad trait to have in the bedroom. Sex is an equal game and you want to give each other a fantastic sexual experience. Communication is a great way to find out more about how to get each other turned on. You want to open up to her and tell her what you like, as well as asking her what she likes.

Preparing yourself…

In this day and age, we are all much more concerned about sexual health and increase of sexual diseases. With this in mind, you want to have protection with you at all times. For a start, you don’t want to get to the point where sex is on the cards and you are without the all-important condom. Plus, having protection with you shows that you are sensible and safe with sex, which can be a great turn-on for women.

You may also be worried that you won’t last very long and ultimately disappoint in the bedroom. Don’t worry – this is a major concern for many guys just like you and there is an answer. Some of the key factors like having a good diet and being in good shape are obvious but important ways to improve your performance during sex. Specifically, you can really help yourself last longer through practicing the Maxwell technique when you are masturbating.

Respect and excitement…

You must not treat sex like porn. Porn is more accessible now than it has ever been and it is giving people the wrong notion about sex. It is important to realize that porn is specifically designed to be caught on camera and it is not a representation of real sex. If you want to really turn a woman on, then you need to appreciate her and her body for what it is.

Caress her, connect with her, and enjoy the experience for what it is. Don’t go looking for the porn gimmicks and ruin the mood. Sex is an intimate and passionate experience and you want to keep it that way if you really want to turn women on.

Variety is the spice of life, and this is especially true when it comes to sex. You don’t want your sex life to become mundane by continuously opting for the same positions. Get to know some new positions or perhaps exciting variations of your favorites and see how they work.

I hope these tips have helped you learn more about how to get a woman aroused in the bedroom. If you have any comments or questions about what turns women on, then please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section below. I love reading your responses and I always try to reply to as many as possible.

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Thousands of guys just like you all want to know how to attract girls. It can be a daunting and scary experience if you lack the know-how, but I want to give you some great tips to help increase your overall confidence.

Physical contact…

The first important point on how to pick up girls is that you need to invoke physical contact with the girl. Transitioning from a friendly conversation to getting physical with a girl can be difficult, and often guys get confused or apprehensive of rejection.  Initially, you want to test the water and find out if she responds to your touch.

If you put your hand out to touch her and she pulls away from you, then it is extremely unlikely that things will go anywhere. This would be a good time for you to tone it down or move on. However – if she is welcoming and comfortable with your touch, then this a great signal that she could very well be attracted to you.

Make sure you keep the initial touching casual and non-invasive. You don’t want to touch her erogenous zones. Instead, focus on touching her in a friendly way like shaking her hand or hi- fiving her. You could also initiate touch by complimenting an item of her clothing or jewelry and asking her a question about it. These are just friendly ways of touching where you are initiating contact in a very non-sexual way.

Turn on the charm…

Your next tip on how to attract girls is to activate your flirtatious side. In order to become more flirtatious and amp up your sexual interest towards her, you need to touch her in the same places as initially, but firmer and more deliberately. For instance, instead of lightly touching her hand, you could hold her hand whilst pretending to examine a ring she is wearing. Or take her hand to lead her somewhere like to a couch or to the bar if you’re out somewhere.

If you have a fun vibe going with her, then perhaps try and sneak in a hug so she can get the scent of your aftershave and feel your warmth. Since it’s not appropriate to randomly hug people, you could make a joke fainting approval and then go in for the hug. It’s important to note at this stage that you’re not trying to engage a girl in a lingering and awkward embrace; something quick and playful is all you’re after.

Turn up the heat…

The next step for attracting girls is to show her you want her. During this stage, it’s all about openly showing her you are interested and preparing her to be kissed. This stage is normally best initiated on a dance floor or somewhere a bit out of the spotlight and isolated.

It’s vital that in this stage the touching becomes more sensual. You can achieve this through more elegant, lingering touching. You could try running your fingers down her back, cupping and lightly squeezing her buttocks in a caressing motion or putting your hands on her hips. All the while you want to try to maintain some eye contact to enhance the intimacy.

Making the move…

So, you have followed all the steps for attracting girls and now it is time to seal the deal. It is quite common for guys just like you to start getting nervous or anxious when it comes to making the move, but you don’t need to worry.

For example, if you feel like she may be resisting slightly, then just take things back a step or two and escalate again from there. The worst-case scenario is you two just aren’t on the same page, but if you have done everything right up to this stage, then it should be a sure-fire success.

The art of kissing…

When preparing a girl to be kissed, it is always beneficial to be holding her in some kind of manner to enforce the idea that you’re in control and you are the man. The best way to do this is to run your hand up her back and under her hair then, whilst holding the back of her head gently, lean in and kiss her.

Alternatively, you can put your hands around her hips, which will encourage her to put her arms around your neck and kiss you. A kiss is more symbolic than anything and there are many other erogenous zones in the body with denser nerve endings which are much more effective in creating physical arousal and attracting girls to you. That being said, a kiss is psychologically arousing and is a major factor in sensuality. When you kiss a girl, you should kiss her for a short period each time rather than continuously to prevent yourself from overdoing it.

You want to be sure that you kiss passionately and sensually, but you need to leave her wanting more. You don’t want to go in and ravish her and get her sexually hyped-up out in the club. You want to gradually escalate things as time goes on. Treat the kiss in the nightclub as a teaser for what is to come from the main event, should you two go home together.

I hope these tips on what attracts girls have been useful to you. I really encourage you to get out there and start putting them into practice. If you have any questions on ways to attract girls or would like to know more about how to get a girl, then please let me know in the comments section below. I love reading your responses and I always try to get back to as many of you as possible.

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If you’re looking this topic up, I already know something about you. I know you’re probably the type of guy that has a terrible mindset with girls. By making some minor tweaks to your personality, sleeping with girls is going to be simple. You’re going to be kicking yourself that you didn’t work this shit out earlier.

But here’s the thing – what’s a guy like who gets lots of sex and never has problems with women? What are the characteristics that make him this way? First of all, he’s a guy that’s relaxed about all things sexual. He has no sexual hang-ups, he’s liberal about sex, not afraid to get his gear off, and really doesn’t make a big deal out of it.

He doesn’t need to gloat, he doesn’t need to talk about it, and he has a healthy appreciation of women as sexual beings. While he doesn’t objectify them, he sees them as sexual beings. To him, a girl who likes sex is not a slut. She’s just a girl that is not affected by religion or social norms.

How does a guy get casual sex?

A guy that gets a lot of sex is generally a fun, chilled, and positive guy. He’s a guy that’s great to be around. He’s a lot of fun. He’s got a very optimistic outlook of life. People like hanging around him and he’s cool and makes people feel good about themselves.

You rarely see a very pessimistic and neurotic guy doing well with women and getting lots of sex. He’s awkward to be around, he makes you feel uncomfortable, and women don’t really feel sexual around him. This is how a relaxed guy finds it so easy finding women to have sex!

Be fit and active and you’ll get a girlfriend to have sex…

A guy that gets lots of sex is usually relatively fit, active, or even quite stylish. He looks after himself. He does care about his appearance. Sometimes, you even see these surfer guys that are really laid back and perhaps wear minimal clothes. They still have quite a cool look about them, a very sexy look, and a look that really turns girls on.

Be dominant…

A guy that gets a lot of sex is also decisive and dominant. He’s in touch with his masculine side. He’s not scared of rejection or stating his intentions to a girl. He’s comfortable with it, and most importantly, has got his shit sorted out in life.

He knows where he’s going, he’s in control of his life, he’s not letting life dictate him, and he’s going on an interesting and exciting journey, a journey that a lot of women want to come for a ride on.

Can you learn to get girls to have sex with you? Sure you can!

I want you to look at yourself. Do you fit into any of these? Do you fit into this mold? If you’re reading this article today, you probably don’t – but the good news is, you now have a level to aspire to! You know the characteristics that get women hot and horny, and you can start directing your life to start becoming the guy that women want to have sex with.

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I’m going to spell out some common mistakes that always prevent guys from getting their cock wet and creating a memorable night.

So, you’ve made your move, you’ve become invested in her, and then you’ve blown it. Does this story sound familiar? I bet it does! I know this has happened to almost every guy I know, but the guys who go on to have amazing success with women use it as a learning curve and just move on. The other guys who fail dismally with women get frustrated. They don’t learn from these valuable lessons. Don’t end up like those guys.

Remember: Finding women and finding sex becomes easier when you take rejection as a learning opportunity.

Make sure you pull the trigger quickly!

The first mistake is not pulling the trigger early enough. You’re talking to a girl and things are going well, and you’re wondering in your head, when is the right time to pull the trigger? When’s the right time to go for a make out or pull her out of the club or take her to the toilet and bang her?

If you’re thinking that, then the right time is then and there. The longer you leave this moment waiting, the greater chance you have of losing her. She’s going to get so bored wondering if you have the balls to pull the trigger that she’s going to either find someone else or just leave.

Take some risks!

Start being more of a trigger puller. Take some risks! Don’t be scared to fail. Just get into the habit. You don’t want to die wondering, so it’s best you’d rather fail and get rejected than just not try at all.

Be up-front and honest…

Often, when we’re in that beginning stage of getting good with women, we still harness that belief that, if we show our true interests in her, there’s a greater chance that we’re going to lose her, because she’s going to get somehow offended that we like her or have a sexual desire for her.

The quicker you can get rid of this mindset, the better. Guys that I know that get laid frequently will instantly display their attraction to her by complimenting her, giving her strong eye contact, or getting physical with her early on. They make no apologies for the affection they feel towards her, and nor should you when looking for friends with benefits or a girlfriend.

It’s human nature. Plus, if she feels that you’re not demonstrating any signs of attraction to her, then she’s either going to get bored and leave, or she’s just going to think you’re not interested in her, so state your intentions as soon as possible.

Don’t talk her ear off!

While conversation is important, the real game is happening with your physical contact. Sure, you’ve been talking to her, but you also want to be getting physical with her as soon as possible. Get physical by touching her, by getting up close to her, and by leading her.

I’ve had girls before that weren’t really interested in me, but as soon as I started to touch them and get more physical with them, it sparked their attraction for me and I ended up taking them home with me.

Plan the logistics!

Logistics can be one of the most important things in getting women. You could be doing everything right, but if she has bad logistics or you don’t think ahead about the situation, you’re going to fail in your move to bring her back to your place.

Get in early, and start asking her early and investigate what her logistics are like. Is she going home with her friend? Where does she live? Who is she here with? All of that information is vital for working out how you can bring her back to your place.

Finally, don’t look desperate…

Desperation is an instant turnoff for any girl. As soon as she can smell desperation and neediness, she’s going to be running for the hills quite fast. You don’t want to come across as appearing sexually needy or just needy in general. You want to make her feel like you’re a confident, cool dude that hooks up with women regularly.

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Guys, if you really want to meet someone, then you need to know how to find a girlfriend online!

Online dating helps you find girls with ease because you are no longer looking through bars and cafés. A dating site will allow you to find info about her, and she can find out about you, too. This reduces the time it takes to get to know each other and makes finding a girlfriend easy.

Rather than just going up to a girl and meeting her, having a very brief conversation, getting her number, and then hoping for the best, online dating really filters that. Dating sites thin out girls that aren’t suitable for you and present you with girls that are suitable and will hopefully make a good girlfriend.

My tips to find a girlfriend online…

Here are some quick tips that will help you find a girlfriend through online dating. Before you get into the online dating game, do your research on various websites. Make sure that the website has girls that really interest you. A good example is a site that I really like called “OkCupid”, and a lot of the girls on there are more Adie girls, who are more creative and definitely the type of girls at my alley.

Don’t fall into the window shopper syndrome…

When you do a search and find 800 possible matches, it’s easy to start collecting people in your favorite folders and never writing to any of them. So, just try to be bold. When you see someone you think you’d like, write to her instantly. This is the only way to find a girlfriend online!

All it takes is a few sentences because they can look at your profile to get a bigger picture of who you are. Also, remember that not everyone you write to will write back.

So, just as you probably won’t respond to everyone who writes to you, you won’t get a 100% response rate. But, like in the real world, your odds of meeting people improve the more you put yourself out there, so put yourself out there more often.

Think outside the box…

Perhaps, you could utilize some meet up groups that have people with similar interests. Consider looking at some business networking groups as well, if you run a business or you are interested in running a business.

Also, another great way of finding women is by becoming active on common interest forums. If you build up a good rapport with someone on that forum, you might send them a personal message to catch up for a drink or coffee sometime. Forums are also great because they are global – so you may meet some girls oversees when you go traveling!

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I am going to give you a few tips to help you become a more sociable and extroverted person that everybody likes. This way, you’ll get invites to cool parties so you can meet hot girls and connect with new friends.

Picture this – the weekend has arrived and you have heard through the grapevine that someone’s parents are out of town and they are going to be throwing a huge house party. One problem – you haven’t been invited. Don’t worry, you are not alone, as there are hundreds of guys just like you who just don’t know how to get invited to a party.

Relax and embrace the fun…

First, if you want to go to more parties and increase your social life, then you need to be more of a fun guy. You need to be a guy that is easy going, knows how to enjoy himself, and brings life to the party. If you are a guy who has a good energy about him and can get the best out of people, then there is every chance an invitation to the party will be coming your way.

You will never get invited to parties if you are nervous, pessimistic, or carry a bad energy around with you. People are not going to be drawn to you. If anything, they are going to want to get away from you. Therefore, you need to learn to let yourself relax, leave all your worries behind and throw yourself into social situations with having fun on your mind.

Get yourself out there…

Meeting more people is bound to increase your opportunities to get invited to parties. The more sociable you are, then the more people you will get to know. The more people you get to know increases the number of parties you are going to be invited to. Then the more parties you get invited to and the easier you will find it to broaden your social circle even more.

Often, guys that are too introvert do not go out a lot and do not connect well with people. They are almost foreign to everyone else. They wear different clothes and they are a little bit socially awkward. It is important that you start to take notice of how other people react to you.

Don’t compromise on who you are…

You want to still be an individual and you must not feel the need to completely change yourself. However, in order to get invited to more parties and meet more people, then you have to learn to integrate well into social crowds. You want to learn to fit in.

To do this, you can get in the loop with people’s common interests like certain music, TV shows or movies. All of these things help you find some level ground to connect with other people. Once you have made a good first impression, they will be much more inclined to invite you to their party.

Show them how great you are…

You are going to be a more appealing guy if you have interesting and amusing stories to tell. However – to have the interesting stories then you have to get out into the world and do things. This might be travelling a little bit, broadening your horizons in the world, and becoming more cultured.

You could also try keeping up with the news, picking up some new hobbies or developing an interest like playing guitar or joining a sports team. Whatever it is, it will help make you bring some value to the party. You do not want to be someone that just saps the life out of everyone. When you come to a party, you want to make people feel good and contribute to the overall positive vibes.

Don’t be afraid to show people that you have a good sense of humor. When you go to parties, you should share jokes with people, as this is a fantastic ice breaker. Having a great sense of humor and making people laugh means everyone will begin gravitating towards you because you are a fun person who is giving something to the party. Find what value you give and demonstrate that when you are around people in everyday life. Doing this will show people that you are the life and soul of the party and by inviting you more people will want to come too!

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If you are having trouble with your self-esteem and confidence around girls, remember you are not alone. Thousands of guys are all asking, “How can I become more confident?”

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix solution that will work overnight. However, I want to give you some helpful long-term tips that will help you become more confident, attractive, and a lot happier with your life.

These tips are designed to help you improve everything about you – from your career path to your sex life. As a result, you’re going to be a kickass person that achieves many great things in life. Before you know it, you will be the envy of every average guy out there. Being above average sounds like something you might want in your life, right? Yes, I thought so.

Get perspective…

First of all, get a piece of paper out and a pen and split the page into several sections. The headings that you give to these sections are up to you, but for example you could choose Career, Goals, Appearance, Spirituality, Fitness, Financial and Social. Now you need to honestly rate yourself on how you feel about each of these categories.

For instance, take a long look at your current career path. Are you going in the right direction? Are you really happy with your career? Are you happy with what you are earning? Goals, what are your goals in life? Where do you want to be in five years’ time? What do you want to achieve on your time on earth? Where do you want to go? Ask yourself similar, applicable questions for the rest of the section headings and take a note of your thoughts and feelings. You need to be totally honest with yourself, otherwise you are not going to be able to make the changes that you crave.

Set your goals…

Once you’ve given yourself an appraisal for each of these sections, I want you to think of how you’re going to improve on each of them. Start off by setting yourself some really short-term goals that you can aspire to achieve in the next week or so. Long-term success, confidence, and happiness are achieved by the accomplishment of lots of little goals.

For example, if you want to improve your spirituality, you could set yourself an objective to meditate for five minutes every morning of the following week. For improving your confidence through fitness, you could look at joining a gym or just something as simple as going for a run after work. Write your objectives down and have them handy at all times so you can check them off as they have been completed.

Increase the pressure…

A fantastic way to improve your motivation and resolve when accomplishing your objectives is to find an accountability partner. This could be a friend or family member that is prepared to help you keep track of whether you are keeping up with your objectives.

You could even look to join an online self-help forum so you can all keep track of one another’s progress. Not only does it give you inspiration but you can ask questions and post some of your own goals and achievements on there. These forums are made up of a community of like-minded and positive people who are all trying to better themselves. It can be difficult to go at it alone, so why not share your experience with others and motivate each other!

When you improve the other areas of your life, you are destined to become much more confident in general. This new-found confidence is fantastically useful for approaching and talking to new people, especially girls. I hope you can use these tips to improve your confidence and your life.