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Struggling to get girls to like you? Then you need my dating advice! You’re obviously doing something wrong, and I can help you fix that.

Stop caring so much…

It’s amazing, sometimes, the less you care, the more attractive you can become. In this article, I am going to give you two key lessons that I learned that really helped revolutionize my game with women and will also help you become more attractive to girls.

Some of the biggest mistakes I encounter when I see my students really try hard to get a girl to like them is that they are always searching for that little witty remark, that particular look that can make them more attractive or that particular way of touching her. Finding a woman is much simpler than this.

Get women to prove themselves to you…

One thing I learned that always worked amazingly well in my interactions was being able to get the girl to demonstrate her worthiness to me. I would do this by qualifying her, getting her to demonstrate to me why she would be a good addition to my life.

I know, the thought of doing this when I sucked with women really scared the hell out of me. I just really wanted a woman to show some interest in me and get some attention – let alone have her display to me why she would be a good fit in my life. But, I really encourage you to just give it a go. Attracting women was my goal, not getting them to answer to me!

But trust me, go against the grain a little and take a risk, because this is such a powerful tool in getting a girl to like you. You’ll be totally blown away by the results, I guarantee you. It all makes sense.

You need to appear valuable to her!

When you get a girl to display herself to you, you start to communicate to her that you are a high value guy. You need to be a guy that has standards, and girls will learn to respect that more. They will see you as a high value type of guy which they actually have to work a little hard to win over.

As humans, we value things we really have to work hard for. It’s like when you’re a kid and you’re saving up for a guitar or a toy and you’ve got to put your pocket money to the side for ages. It’s like the best thing in the whole world because you know how hard you had to save for that item.

You know how hard you had to work for that item and, therefore, you cherish it more. The same theory applies to picking up women. If you’re an easy buy, she’s not going to value you as much, but if she has to work hard to win your affection, then she is going to start to see you like you saw that toy. You’re going to be valued so much more – this is how to be attractive.

Start qualifying your interactions with women…

Write down the characteristics and traits that you find attractive in girls, then start finding questions you could ask that could actually decipher that information from a girl.

For example, I commonly like girls that have a really quirky, sarcastic sense of humor, and I know exactly if a girl likes a particular TV show or movie that she’s probably on the same lines as me with her sense of humor. So, I always test her out to see whether she has that same sense of humor by asking her what TV shows and movies she’s into.

I also like a girl that is cultured, and one way I find out whether she is a girl that is cultured and is worldly is by asking whether she’s traveled anywhere and what sort of places she enjoys going to. Find out what you like in a girl and develop questions to decipher that information from her and get her to justify herself to you.

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Want to know how attracting women is possible? Then you need to realize that there is a mindset that helps you get the girl. Read on and I’ll share more.

In this article, I am going to reveal a secret to finding a date that’s going to be a big shift for your own game. If you have any comments or queries regarding this guide to attracting women, please leave them in the comments box below. I look forward to reading all your comments and I’ll try to respond to them as quickly as I can.

The secret to finding a date is attitude…

When it came to women, your attitude should be, “I’m going on an adventure and you’re kind of cute. I’d love you to come along, but I’m going anyway.” This whole attitude can make you so much more attractive to women because it shows you are on an exciting path in life.

My life was really quite boring and bland, once. It just consisted of video games and learning about women, but when I started to really improve my life by getting out there and focusing on my health, my career, and my interests, I started to meet more women then when I was actually actively seeking women. Your attitude to being attractive must be considered when attracting a girl.

Have a ‘can do’ attitude! 

When I changed my attitude, it was an amazing shift for me, and I really recommend that you do the same. Rather than sit at home and talk about women, rather than think about it, just go along in your life and do it. Now, I’m not saying don’t invest time in building your skillset and dating women, but make it only a small part of your life.

The bulk of your life should be focused on improving yourself. Women should always be seen as the spice of your life, not your whole life. Once you do this, you’ll start to see amazing success in your life. It’s almost like women can sense when a guy is on a really cool path in life and he’s not needy and desperate for female attention.

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In this article, I am going to reveal to you some blunders that guys make on the first date that inevitably ends up blowing their chances. Read on and learn about finding a woman and first date ideas!

So, you’ve met someone you really like. You are excited. You are nervous. You begin to formulate a plan. You visualize how a date is going to go in your head, how she is going to react to you, how she is going to look. You feel nervous and even a little excited. The last thing you want to really do is stuff this awesome first date up.

Guys tend to really make several mistakes on their first date and totally ruin their chance of ever seeing that girl again. You don’t want to make those mistakes, and you need to avoid them as much as possible and make the best first impression you can make on a date.

I am going to talk about those blunders and show you that by just being aware of them, you’ll avoid them and make your first date a winner!

The number one errors guys make…

The number one blunder guys make on a first date is talking only about themselves. Ensure that when you are talking, you are not totally dominating the conversation and you are letting her have her say. You need to show her that you are interested in her!

The next blunder is revealing too much…

Remember, the first date is not the time to start revealing embarrassing secrets or a complicated past. Tell her about yourself, but not too much – and especially avoid things that may have her reaching for her pepper spray!

The next dating blunder is not listening to her at all…

Can you imagine a time when you are talking to someone and they were clearly not listening to you?

I know, it’s really frustrating, and I almost just lose the effort and motivation to talk to them again. So, ensure that when she is talking that you are fully engaged into what she is trying to say and that you are listening to her. Do this by nodding your head, agreeing with her, having an opinion, or even asking her questions to elaborate on certain things that she has mentioned.

Don’t try to look cool…

Trying to be overly cool to a girl will ensure one thing – that you aren’t. It’s the same with being aloof, guys seem to do this more than women, but women can play it too. Pretending not to care will send the message to the other person that you just don’t care. This doesn’t work when getting a date or when on a date.

You might say, “But that’s like playing hard to get, what if that makes her chase me?” Question, when has that ever worked for you? There is no need for games. Show focused interest in the people you like or take up another hobby. You are wasting everybody’s time.

Remember to go places where you can talk…

The whole purpose of the first date is building a connection with a girl and seeing if you guys bond well. It’s kind of pointless if you can’t actually hear her or she can’t hear you!

The next first date blunder is not being yourself…

This is similar to being cool or a bore. Being yourself is your only long term strategy. Let’s say you don’t take this advice, how long can you keep up the act? I guarantee it won’t be very long.

One last dating blunder is not listening to your gut…

You know that little voice in your head that says, “Oh! She is bad news,” or, “This is never going to work.” That’s telling you something. That’s telling you that your primal senses are warning you off this particular girl, and they are doing it for a reason.

Sometimes, we try to apply logic to our gut feel and talk our gut out of it, or try to ignore the gut all together. You’ll notice when you do that, more often than not, things will always end badly. Your gut is always right. So, give it the credit it deserves and go with it as much as possible.

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Good-looking women are everywhere, but often guys will stay well clear of them, not because they don’t find them attractive, but because they find them too intimidating.

Did you know that girls who are average looking are more likely to be hit on than a good-looking woman? Read on, and you’ll find how easy it is to get the most beautiful women to become interested in you.

Don’t let an opportunity pass you by…

Do not let a good-looking woman go past you without giving yourself an opportunity to approach her. You will probably be surprised at the positive reaction you get. I have some attractive, good-looking friends who are not hit on as much as you would think.

These girls have hot bodies and are amazingly attractive. You would think that everywhere they go they would be the object of every guy’s affection. They probably are, but very few guys actually have the balls to go up and talk to them.

Stand out from the crowd…

This is where you can start to stand out from every other guy out there. You can be the guy that has the balls to actually get up there and engage a girl. You have to remember that these girls are normal. They eat, sleep, fuck, go to the toilet, have many insecurities, probably more than the average girls do, and they are just normal people.

The only difference is that they seem to intimidate the hell out of us guys. I will not lie to you, they intimidated me for many years before I got my game sorted out. It is important to remember this before you go out and talk yourself out of approaching a good-looking girl.

Chances are you probably have looked at a good-looking girl, thought about approaching her, and then stopped because you figured that she was probably too good for you or that she had a boyfriend.

Some of those things may be the case, but you are never going to know unless you try. If you do not try, then you are just jeopardizing your own opportunities with women.

Seriously, give finding a date a go!

What have you got to lose really? If you do not approach her, you have nothing. If you do approach her, you will not die wondering. Even if you get nowhere, it is still another step in growing in your confidence and your growth as a person.

Never let another opportunity with a hot girl ever go past you again. In fact, make it a promise to yourself that when you see a hot girl on the street or in a bar or in a club, that you must approach her.

Two methods for approaching a hot girl…

  1. This is just being a normal guy, being friendly, and saying “Hi” and being interested in what she is doing and how she is going and who she really is. Getting women depends on this!
  2. Be brutally honest! Compliment her. Go and say to her, “I saw you over there and I really think you stand out from the crowd. I just wanted to say hi and get to know you a little bit.”

Whichever one you choose, the fact that you actually had the balls to walk up to a good-looking woman will be attractive to her because she will see you as a confident guy that has the balls to come up and approach her, which is something a lot of guys will not do.

Who knows, if things work out, she could be your next girlfriend or you could be sleeping with her that night. You never know. However, what I do know is if you do not approach her, nothing will happen and you will go back to a boring and dull life, unsuccessful with women or not content with the women that you are getting.

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You know, when I first started to get good with women, my drive was to just improve my skills. I thought that I could easily get any woman I wanted. In reality, I worked out that getting any woman you want is a little bit of a myth. It’s impossible because not every girl is going to find you attractive!

Nevertheless, wanting to conquer every woman really drove me to achieve amazing things, but it was also a hindrance earlier on in my development. You see when I used to get rejected by a girl, I used to take it pretty hard.

I saw myself as this guy that wanted to get near any woman, and the fact that I got rejected would really put me in a bad mood and a bad mindset. I started to realize my dream was a little impossible, so I changed my focus around until it became about getting the right woman!

I started to change my frame of rejection. Instead of taking it negatively, I took it as a positive. I turned finding a woman into finding the right woman for me. I saw rejection as great feedback and it indicated to me that the girl that I was approaching wasn’t right for me.

You need to work out what kind of girl you want to be with, create some standards for your dating life. Do you want to be someone that fears rejection, or do you want to be someone that actually relishes in rejection and realizes that it’s feedback?

I encourage you to overcome your fear of rejection, relish it, change your mindset and you’ll watch your results turn around instantly. As soon as you cut off that fear, your confidence and ability to meet women will be taken to another level.

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If you really want to turn your woman on, get her juices flowing, and make her a willing slave to your love, then you need to see breasts as part of the bigger picture.

That’s right. Even though, as guys, we love a good pair of breasts, you’ve got to remember that there’s far more to foreplay than just fondling breasts.

Don’t get me wrong, her breasts are quite sensitive and are a key erogenous zone for turning on any woman, but there are other areas that you need to explore. Getting women horny requires you to explore more of her body!

Explore her sensitive areas…

So, what I tend to do is when kissing a girl, I like to slightly touch her wrists gently with my fingers. This is the very beginning of your sexual encounter.

The next thing I like to do is to nibble on her earlobes. Just gently nibbling on her earlobes can be very sensual. If you are kissing her, it’s a great move to just turn your mouth away from her lips and to start to nibble on her earlobes gently, then go towards the nape of her neck and kiss that as well. You could even just blow gently on her neck as you kiss.

With a little extra attention to detail, you’ll have a hot woman on your hands in no time – she’ll be begging for you. She’ll feel amazing sensations that stimulate her in ways that other guys wouldn’t understand.

Stroking her breasts…

Once you’ve spent a while kissing and exploring her body, next you should move on to her breasts. Grab them, caress and play with her nipples, but don’t be too rough. Then, once you’ve spent some time there, you need to move down to the inner thighs. Now we are getting into the nutty gritty of things!

Gently touch her inner thighs and just climb up to her pussy, but just always missing the pussy each time. Tease her extensively. Tease her as much as you can. The more you tease her, the more sensation she is going to feel once you do go there.

Bear this all in mind and you’ll easily be able to make a woman horny!

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So, how do you get the edge that makes girls pay attention?

First of all, the edge has everything to do with your attitude. Guys that have the edge have a confident attitude. They are prepared to go against the grain and not be a conformist. They take risks, they live a little on the edge, and with this kind of unpredictability and confidence, they find attracting women easy. You can have these traits in your life by simply becoming more of a risk taker.

Learn to take risks…

Taking risks can really change your life and help you become more attractive. I know when I started to take more risks, I started to move closer to the life that I envisioned. One really good trait that helped me break past my fear was writing down what was the worst-case scenario if I took a risk and everything went wrong.

A simple exercise to help you…

What would be the absolute worst-case scenario if you were ignored, and if that worst-case scenario happened, how would you then get out of it and get life back on track? By doing this simple exercise, it taught me that the worst-case scenario was never really that bad and what was holding me back from pushing past my fears was stupid.

So, this weekend, when you’re going to approach a girl, think about the worst possible thing that could happen. She may reject you, she may tell you to get lost, but really, is that a bad thing? Are you going to be able to recover? And after she does that, will you still be breathing? Will you still be standing? Of course you will!

Consider your style and what you wear…

Guys like Colin Farrell, Johnny Depp, and Russell Brand have distinctive styles, and it suits them, works to their personalities, and makes them a lot more intriguing to look at.

So, think about what sort of style can suit your personality. For guys, it is easy to look stylish at a cheap price. If budget is an issue for you, you can easily get some decent clothes and look cool and edgy without having to blow your total budget.

If you want to change your wardrobe and get some style, I really recommend looking for GQ, reading some fashion blogs, and even going through some gossip magazines that have men on there that women find sexy and see the style that they have that you can replicate in your own wardrobe.

Be mysterious and interesting…

Becoming attractive is easy. When you meet women, don’t give too much of yourself away. Keep them wanting to know more. I know I had a habit of spilling everything about myself on the first date to a girl and, eventually, she would never call back because she just lost interest!

There was nothing more to discover about me. I had given everything away. I told her all about my life. I had to learn to hold a lot of that stuff back. Give her a little bit, but not too much, and put more of the focus on her.

I’d love to hear from you!

When you know what it takes to get the edge, you don’t have to be good looking, nor do you have to wear the latest designer clothes. If you have any comments about this article or have any queries about ways you can get the edge with women, please feel free to leave them in the box below.

I look forward to reading all your comments and try to respond as much as possible. So, what is the edge? An edge is something that guys have that makes them stand out from the crowd, makes them interesting, makes them intriguing, even slightly mysterious. Think Colin Farrell, Johnny Depp, Russell Brand – they own their identity, they have the edge. They stand out from any other guy and almost draw women to them like a magnet.

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If you want to easily get sex on the first date, there are a couple of things that can guarantee that you get your dick wet each and every time!

Guys that get laid regularly possess a certain quality that sets them apart from every other guy out there. These guys get laid effortlessly. So, do you want to know how this is possible?

Small changes can improve your first date luck…

I have some good news for you. Just by making some small changes, you could get regular sex and bang girls on your first date. In this article, I’m going to reveal a couple of things you can start doing today to become a more sexual guy that women love and almost always open themselves up to.

Own your sexuality…

Never apologize for anything you say – especially involving sex. You have an enticing passion for a girl and you can’t keep it to yourself either verbally or with your physical actions. Don’t apologize. You’re a man. It is normal to have these feelings and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it! The moment you’re ashamed of it, you’re almost giving your power away to her.  It is important you own your libido and represent it fiercely.

Ooze sex appeal…

Sex appeal is something that you can easily develop – and it doesn’t require being fantastically good-looking or having expensive clothes. It really comes down to your confidence and being free of any insecurity. Making others feel comfortable and warm around you.

Know how to please a girl…

Knowing how to get women horny helps, and knowing how to give them great orgasms is key to being comfortable with getting them into bed. Great confidence comes out of this ability because you know that once she is in the bedroom with you, she’s going to want to keep coming back for more.

Make the magic happen…

On your dates, you want to ensure that you do some pre-planning beforehand. You need to work out ways that you can bring the girl back to your house. By having a plan, you can easily transition from your dating location to your place or her place nice and smoothly.

Finally, you need to think – what is the worst that can happen? She rejects you. She’s not ready for sex yet. Is that such a bad thing? At least you know you’ll never die wondering and you gave it your best shot!

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Do women like fat guys? Well, they’re all different! I’m going to tell you about a couple of key things that you can implement into your life that will help you be more successful with women despite your weight.

Women are less judgmental with looks and are attracted to men who possess confidence. Being confident is more important than being ripped, slim, or muscular. If you’re a guy that is a little overweight, the good news for you is that there are a couple of key points that you could really work on that can help you become more attractive to girls despite your size and your body shape.

In the same way, it is important that you still look after yourself and still attempt to lose that weight and live a healthier lifestyle. This isn’t about fat guys and skinny guys – more about how to be attractive to women all-round!

Tip one: Dress well

Your clothes really affect the way you feel about yourself. A guy that can dress sharply is not only going to feel good but also look more presentable. If you are a larger guy, there are certain clothes that can hide your bulkier frame.

It is important to seek out some fashion advice from a friend or consultant or go to a shop and try on a few different outfits to find what style suits you for your particular body type.

Tip two: Improve your posture!

It is important to have good posture. Avoid slouching. Most women prefer men with an upright posture, so try to stand straight. A man with good posture also looks more confident and can be regarded as someone a woman can lean on.

Tip three: Think positive!

If you are a guy that can generate a positive energy and make people feel good when they are around you, then you are going to be infectious. You’ll have no problem getting girls! People will soon forget your weight or your appearance and just want to be around you because you are the kind of guy that makes them feel good.

A great way to do this is to have more of an optimistic outlook on life. I found that meditation helped me through this. It helped me contain my negative thoughts and see more positives in life.

Tip four: Become a more interesting person

Whether you prefer to educate yourself, travel more, have some interesting goals – just become interesting! These will help make you more intriguing to women and will help you stand out from the generic kind of guy that just goes to work and does not have much else going for him in life. Of course, it also helps you find a date.

Tip five: Exercise!

The last point is exercise. Invest some time into becoming a healthier person. Even if it is not a matter of losing weight, exercising and eating healthier will help you feel better about yourself. It will give you more energy and will give you a healthier glow. The more energetic and happier you feel, the more it is going to reflect in your whole personality and your ability to attract women.

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Unless you’re a guy who is overly confident, sometimes you’re going to fear rejection and probably let it hold you back. Fear of rejection is likely the number one reason why you, or any other man, doesn’t go up to a woman and ask for her number or for a date. It’s probably the number one reason you might not want to take a risk on a job opportunity. Coping with rejection is essential for becoming a more confident and happier person.

I’m going to give you some tips on how to handle rejection so you can start living your life on your terms as opposed to living in fear.

Tip one: Let go of the idea of perfection.

Why do you think you’ve been rejected before? Is it because you feel that you have to appear perfect in the eyes of women you meet? I used to have this perfect image of myself in my head. I believed that whatever I applied myself to, a job, a woman, etc., I would never fail or even embarrass myself.

I spent a long time living in my own imaginary world and I refused to face reality. It wasn’t until I started to let go of believing and trying to make myself perfect that I started to make fast progress toward truly overcoming rejection.

When you accept that you’re a vulnerable being that is capable of mistakes, life is going to be a lot easier for you; you’re going to release your self-imposed burden of expectation. Upholding this façade of perfection is draining and takes a lot of energy.

Tip two: Look at rejection as a learning opportunity

Rejection is information to help better your future experiences with women. What you choose to do with that information, whether you embrace it or ignore it, is really up to you. Being rejected can be one of your most successful learning opportunities. This spirit of rejection is important to consider.

So, next time you face rejection, sit down and think about it. Recognize your opportunity to improve yourself and your game. Avoid getting upset, annoyed, and deterred, and analyze the situation.

Tip three: Be aware of your programming

We have all been rejected in one way or another growing up, so we’ve been trained to think of rejection as something hurtful and negative. If you walk up to a pretty girl, you’re trained to be nervous because of the rejection you’ve been told you’re bound to face.

But, what if she wasn’t going to reject you? What if she accepted a date proposal but she wasn’t a good fit for you? You might end up in a serious relationship with a woman that drives you crazy!

Tip four: Remain positive in the wake of rejection

If you constantly focus on the negative, especially when it isn’t productive, you’re going to continually be rejected because your mindset is skewed. If you don’t take the risk of being rejected, you won’t grow in the long run. What would happen if you never put yourself out there? Would you find yourself growing as a man?

Tip five: Recognize that rejection is essential to success

If rejection is necessary for growth, then we can assume that rejection is also essential for success. There are many different ways you can apply this truth. For instance, if you run a small company, lose a contract, and go bankrupt, that might not appear to be successful. However, you won’t know what this “setback” might lead to. Honestly, it wasn’t successful if your only goal was to make money, but it is successful if it allows you to pursue the job of your dreams.

It can go without being said that you can learn from the journey of going bankrupt and apply it to your next life experience. It’s the same when it comes to girls. You might get rejected by a girl, which will make you feel unsuccessful. But, since her rejection was because of something specific, maybe the way you approached her in the first place, you can take that information and adjust your pickup game for the next girl.

You’ll eventually find the ideal approach for both women and life. These tips boil down to one main tip: embrace the fact that rejection is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to stop it. Apply these tips the next time you feel rejected and life will go on, even better than the last time.