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With my dating advice, you won’t need to ask this question about how to find a woman anymore!

Imagine walking to a club and having girls give you the flirty eyes, making themselves available for you? Or get a girl attracted to you by giving the right vibe or being able to get a girl attracted to you by just giving her the right signals.

Guys can easily ramp up their attraction levels by implementing a few key practices into their game to really spike up her interest and get her addicted to you.

The signals when attracting women…

So, what are some of the signals you can give girls to display your attraction and get their attraction reciprocated? Well, one thing I like to do is the flirty smile. The flirty smile conveys my attraction to a girl. But, if you’ve put the flirty smile on or do it in a fake way, it can really repulse girls, as well. So, it has to be done in a way that is genuine and natural. It also shows that you’re friendly and have a lot of interest in her.

One thing I like to do is, when I’m talking to a girl I’m really attracted to, is just imagine her naked and imagine what I’d do to her in a bedroom and I just do that and I smile at myself as I’m doing it and she can almost pick up on what I’m thinking.

A really good example of the flirty smile is someone like George Clooney or Brad Pitt. I like to watch movies like Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen where there are a lot of those guys who play the flirty smile when they’re interacting with girls. You can emulate this behavior when you’re interacting with girls, whether that be on a date or during the day or at a nightclub or wherever. It’s very attractive.

The seductive gaze…

I recommend watching George Clooney to learn how to be attractive, he does this perfectly. When you gaze at a girl in a seductive manner and your eyes really build up sexual tension within her, again, with the flirty eyes I also imagine her naked and what I’d physically do with her in a bedroom. So, she can feel my level of attraction towards her through my eyes.

When you look at a girl, try not to avert your glance immediately when she looks at you. It might take a little bit of practice, but learn to look at her. Lock eyes with her and smile.

Don’t hold the eye contact too long and come off as a weirdo or a stalker, but just enough so she can really feel your level of attraction. Once again, watch some Clooney or Brad Pitt movies or even Russell Brand. They do it perfectly. You know, anything like what they do and even do some practice in the mirror to really get it right.

Flirt with her by using touch…

Look for any opportunities when you interact with a girl to touch her – whether it be directly or indirectly. A few great ways that I find an excuse to touch girls is by, when I’m emphasizing a point, I might grab their arm very lightly. Grabbing their hand to take them somewhere or noticing some jewelry and touching the jewelry whilst I lightly caress their skin is also a natural way to touch.

This is not only a great flirt tactic, but it really starts to get them more comfortable with you and also really goes a long way in amping up her levels of attraction for you.

Move slowly and sensually…

To girls, there’s something extremely attractive about a guy that moves slowly and is calm and relaxed. He’ll make them feel relaxed. He moves through the environment with a certain confidence and sexuality. There are no quick, jerky movements.

He’s relaxed and he’s calm and he’s just really present and in the moment. If you can do this, it says all the right things about you and makes you appear as a very attractive and intriguing person for her. She’s going to want to engage you in conversation or get to know you more.

I like to watch movies like James Bond or even watch the Mad Men character Donald Draper. These are two people that really move slowly and hold a very confident and sensual frame.

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You can have her irresistibly sexually attracted to you by knowing the right turn-ons that will get her warmed up and wet just thinking about you. Here are some tips to get her hot enough to beg you to help her craving.

1. Prolonged foreplay

Treat foreplay as almost like a spiritual experience before sex happens. Many guys can rush through foreplay wanting to get to the main event, but I like to think of foreplay as a separate event. Take your time and get it right because a good amount of foreplay and the right type can really increase the sexual experience and get her so turned on that she is going to want you for days.

2. Be more sexual in your caressing

When you touch a girl, you want to be gentle and sensitive towards her. She is not a doll. While some girls love to be roughed up, initially it is important that you work on your sensual caressing and make sure that you touch her gently and softly to amp up her sexual desires.

3. Be a great kisser

This is a simple thing for you to learn when it comes to turning women on in the bedroom. Once again, like foreplay, we can think of kissing as the stuff we have to do before the main event. You should learn to enjoy kissing. If you have just met a girl for the first time, the first thing you probably will do is kiss her. She can tell a lot about you by the way you kiss.

Therefore, if you are a bad kisser she is going to think instantly you are going to suck in the bedroom. Get the kissing right and she will know that you are more than adequate in the bedroom.

4. Watch female porn

Another piece of sex advice is that most girls are not as visual as guys are. They do, however, like the voyeuristic nature of some porn and especially female porn. Many porn sites now have special sections that are catered for women and show a softer, sensitive, romantic kind of porn that chicks really dig. Perhaps start off by watching it together, get horny, and turned on before the sex takes place.

5. Touch her right

The right type of touch can really send off the right sexual energy within her. I tend to like to touch with my fingertips very gently and lightly against her skin. It is a sensitive touch and she will not be able to contain herself and will be turned on.

6. Dominate her

Girls want a man in the bedroom. It is important that you play the dominant role when you are with her and instruct what she needs to do physically and verbally.

7. Tie her up

It is not for all girls, but some girls really love to be restrained and dominated. Bring out the fluffy handcuffs or get a piece of rope and very gently with her consent play the domineering role and tie her up and have your way with her.

8. Pull her hair

Some girls love this. It is very primitive. I tend to like to grab the hair just on the back of her neck and pull it down as I am kissing her or having sex with her.

Start off gently and just lightly pull her hair and if you can see she is enjoying it then pull a little bit harder and gradually increase. However, if she does not like it, immediately stop and do something else that turns her on.

9. Spank her

Once again, like pulling hair, this is something that some girls love and some girls hate. Either ask her or start off gently with a little spank and if you can feel her wanting more or if she verbalizes that she loves it, then amp it up and spank her even harder.

10. Dirty talk

Dirty talk is also one of those domineering things. If you can instruct her in a dirty way or tell her what you want to do to her in a dirty kind of tone, then it is going to turn her on and leave her wanting more.

These are just ten women’s turn-ons, and if you want to please a woman, it’s always worth asking her what she likes, too! Don’t forget, if you’d rather ask me, you can – comment below!

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If you’re lucky, social skills will come naturally to you. If not, they need to be learned. Either way, it can make a big difference to your life.

Being a sociable guy is a very important way to network, build social groups, chat with women, and make new friends – which is why social skills and the skills necessary to make friends need to be taken seriously.

In my research and through my experience, I’ve developed four key steps to making yourself more confident socially.

Step one: Show interest in people…

Become legitimately interested in others. Be someone that observes people and takes an interest in finding out a lot about their lives. I know when I was going through a self-improvement phase in my life and wanted to be a better person, I started to take a keen interest in other people.

I really wanted to know what made them tick, what influenced them, what made them get up in the morning and what gave them motivation to strive for better things in life. This inquisitiveness helped to fuel my interest levels in people.

Step two: Be a more positive person…

People want to hang around those that make them feel good. If you have more of an optimistic outlook on life, if you always look at the positive side of things, then that is going to be infectious and people are going to want to be around you. You will make them feel good as opposed to someone that brings them down a notch or two.

Step three: Expose yourself to more social situations…

Like anything, the more you are exposed to a situation, the more comfortable you are going to become. If you surround yourself in more social situations, you are going to start to feel more comfortable in your environment.

The more comfortable you are, the more relaxed you will be, and the more you are going to be able to show people your true self.

Step four: Become a good listener…

One thing you learn in life is that everyone’s favorite topic is themselves. If you allow people the space and time to really talk about themselves and express themselves to you, they are going to find you a great person to be around because they can talk openly, comfortably, and express themselves easily to you.

A good listener is someone that maintains good, strong, solid eye contact with that person. If you are not confident, this can be a bit of a challenge. Practice on some close friends or practice in the mirror maintaining good eye contact.

The other thing is to nod your head and to be present in the moment. When that person is talking to you eliminate the outside distractions, eliminate the dialogue in your head, become present and focused on what the person is trying to say.

If you listen to these social skills ideas, you’ll soon feel more comfortable in social scenarios. Comment below with your questions, and I’ll be sure to personally reply to help you turn your life around.

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Do you want to avoid being the biggest pussy repellent you can think of? Do you want to turn your fortunes around with ladies by simply avoiding these constant traits that send most girls running for the hills?

If you want to go about finding a date, it’s important to know how NOT to impress a girl. In fact, most of my ability with women came from learning from guys who were just terrible with ladies, and I basically did the opposite to what they did. So, listen up guys, and I’ll show you how to get a date and how to impress a woman!

Don’t have too many feminine traits – be a man!

The first trait that really repels girls is having a lot of feminine traits about you – almost coming across as a bit of a homosexual. Guys that have been either protected heavily by their mom, didn’t have a father figure in their life, or grew up not participating in any kind of sports tend to have more of a feminine side to them. It is important to remember girls really look at guys who are providers.

Are you being dominant enough?

Women like a guy that can stand up for himself, who is decisive, and who is manly. You know they are the traits that, for most girls, are really attractive about men. If you possess more feminine traits and come off as a bit of a closet homosexual, then you’re really going to limit the number of girls that are going to be into you.

So, it is important that you start to take on some more manly traits, and some great ways to do that could include joining a sports team, taking on some hobbies like boxing or martial arts, or going out and doing some really adventurous things. Going out more with the boys or doing some boy’s weekends are also good ideas. Really start to build up and get in touch with your masculine side.

Don’t be suffocating…

Generally, this comes from a guy that is needy, desperate, and is low on self-confidence. He suffocates the girl, meaning he asks and begs for her affection. Neediness in anything in life, whether it be going for a job interview, meeting friends, or attracting girls, is a very off-putting trait.

Rather than someone that gives value, you turn it to someone that is taking value from everyone, and that will instantly repel anyone away. If you’re showing signs of neediness with women or have any sign of desperation, then you need to first have some awareness and, second, address the deeper issue. I know when I was really needy in my life, it was due to being a little smothered by my mother while growing up and never really being able to stand on my own two feet.

In order to overcome my neediness, I had to go out and really challenge myself in life and cut the ties between my parents – sort of go out a little on my own to learn life the hard way. That said, this is the best thing I ever did, because it made me a more confident individual, and confidence is a very attractive trait. The more I grew and became more independent, the easier it was for me to start attracting women into my life.

Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger…

Make sure you pull the trigger in time and don’t miss your chance. Recently, I went through this situation myself. I got into a great interaction with a girl and she gave me the number, then nothing happened. I realized after this happened that the thing I did wrong was not showing her any intent, not making a move on her, not even displaying an interest in her!

I instantly fell into her friend zone. If you want to avoid this happening to you, you need to be more of a guy that take some risks and really has the balls to show girls how he feels towards them.

If everything looks good, don’t chicken out of a kiss! 

Get sexual on her and don’t leave her wondering. When you start to display your intent for a girl, she will see you as confident, and as someone that goes for what he wants in life.

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The following article provides a list of 10 great ways to make a great first impression on your first date. The first date is very important because it is your first impression with a girl, so you want to get it right – and these first date ideas can help. I know I like to stand out as much as possible from the average, meaning creative dates are important.

1. A new take on the movies

Watch an outdoor movie. In summer, there are plenty of great opportunities to go out and see an outdoor movie. It is fantastic because watching a movie gives you a chance to do something together and also do it in an outdoor environment that adds a little bit more romance to the occasion.

2. A romantic, alfresco meal

Girls love a picnic. There is something about the outdoor element that adds a romantic feel to the occasion. My suggestion is to prepare the picnic yourself and surprise her. Find a nice location with a bit of scenery and prepare some nice food with a bottle of wine. This will definitely blow her away with the surprise.

3. Exploring new hobbies

Wine tasting. This can be a great deal of fun and something you can do together. Also, given that it’s a first date, it can also be a nervous occasion, so wine will help settle the nerves and help you both open up to each other!

4. Show off your culinary skills

Cook a dinner. A guy that can cook, for many girls, is a sexy thing and shows that you are able to take control and handle responsibility.

5. Unleash your competitive side

Playing mini-golf. This is a lot of fun, it is a great chance where, rather than just sitting down and talking to each other, you can still talk and have some fun at the same time. Plus, playing mini-golf might give you the opportunity to touch her and really ramp up your flirtation.

6. Get up, close and personal

Go dancing. This is fantastic for getting closer physically with your girl and can be a lot of fun. If you can take her dancing, you get to hold her, bring her close, lead her – and this displays good characteristics.

7. Knock ‘em dead

Go bowling. This is a lot of fun and is a good chance to see her competitive side and have a little fun while competing against each other. That competitive edge also might lead her to a bit of sexual energy or sexual tension between both of you.

8. Late-night chat with cocktails

Find a cozy bar. When looking for a bar, it is important that you find something that has ambience and that offers a chance to sit side-by-side. This will help when you want to touch her and ramp up the flirtation between the two of you. It is a lot harder to do if you are sitting across from each other.

9. Explore your musical taste together

Watch a live music show. If you’re both into music, there is nothing better than going out to check out a live show and getting in a good state of energy from watching live music.

10. Let nature take your breath away

Go for a scenic walk. Anywhere there are beautiful surroundings adds to the romance of the occasion. Girls love romance and she will see you as a romantic guy. Romantic guys are very hard to come by.

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Want to know how you can get a girlfriend, but worried that you won’t be to succeed? Worry no more! I’m here to help you, and I’m going to give you some steps on how you can get a girlfriend in 21 days just by learning how to get comfortable with rejection.

Understanding the fear…

Guys will often limit their opportunities with women by holding onto this fear of being rejected. As soon as you can let that fear go, you will become more comfortable with rejection and learn that you can be attractive and find a woman easy. Then you are going to be able to get out there, interact with girls, and be a little bit more straightforward with your intentions.

You will be able to take more risks because you are not going to have that fear of rejection any more. Ultimately, it is going to increase your numbers dramatically. The more girls you meet, the more likely you are to find that special girl that will become your girlfriend.

Some great things to remember when learning how to get comfortable with rejection is to, first, not take rejection personally. It is not against you. It is against the way you either approached her, the way she is feeling, or the situation she is in.

More often than not, it is not going to be directly with you. So, just remember that it is not an insult to your own personality. It is just the way that she is or perhaps maybe the way you approached it.

Embrace imperfection…

We are not perfect people, and rejection is something that everyone faces in life – finding a date relies on you accepting this. We are imperfect beings. We are going to make mistakes. We are going to muck up here and there, it is normal, and it is acceptable to do that. So, release perfection and just allow yourself to make mistakes, but learn from those mistakes.

See everything as an opportunity to learn…

If she rejects you in a bar or a club, think about where it went wrong. Maybe your approach was weak. Maybe your body language was not right. Maybe you said the wrong things or maybe you were dressed in the wrong way. Look at it as a way that you can grow and learn from.

A good way that you can dramatically increase your learning curve is by finding a coach or having a good friend or wingman that can observe you and the way you interact with women.

It is hard for us to understand where we go wrong personally. If you have someone else there with you observing what you are doing, they can give you some valuable feedback that can help you grow and learn for the future.

Adopt a persistent attitude…

You must want to carry on. So – if you get rejected, you stand back up and you keep going. That is the secret to a lot of highly successful people: being more persistent, getting up, not taking things personally, and keep plowing through.

The more you wallow in your self-pity, get annoyed, get angry, and give up, the less likely that you are going to find a girlfriend and have girls in your life.

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What you need to improve life quality…

I’m going to outline some key attributes that you must possess if you desire to improve your quality of life. This will not only help you become great in life, but will also help you to live a longer and happier existence. These traits are quite easy to implement and something that you should use as a guide book for the rest of your life.

Live more consciously…

You want to be living in awareness of your actions and be in full control of your life. It’s basically deciding the direction that you want to go in and having the courage to follow that direction. Living more consciously means you might have to take more risks.

You might have to show attention to detail in the decisions that you make. But, it’s going to help you in your health, it’s going to help you in your career, it’s going to help you in your relationships. This is a key way to improve quality of life.

Be socially connected…

Someone that has a really healthy social life and a good group of people in their life is definitely going to be a lot happier. You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends.

You can change direction in life and be more sociable by going out more, accepting invites to parties, and putting yourself in situations where you’ve got to meet new people and interact with them.

Be optimistic!

Someone that looks always at the positives in life rather than the negatives will always be happier. Optimistic people have a genuinely good outlook in life and are more attractive to people. They make people feel happier and better about life rather than sitting there being bitter and angry about everything.

Be more extroverted…

Extroverted means that you are out there. You are not trapping yourself in a room and being unsociable. You are actually getting out there and talking with people and interacting with people and being more outgoing.

One way you can become more extroverted almost instantly is to hang around with other extroverts and try to emulate them in some kind of way. Find some social groups that are right for you. Join a club of some kind, whether it be a book club or a fitness club, and start really putting some effort into developing your social skills.

Look more approachable, introduce yourself to people, try to have more fun and friendly conversations, flirt a lot. If you see a girl you like, ask her out on a date, really put some effort into being a more personable person, which is going to help you become more of an extrovert and also happier, socially connected, and live a longer and more fulfilling life.

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Do you want to know how to be a success? Well, the key to achieving success lies in these ten things that separate the successful people from everyone else.

Successful people have ten clear attributes that set them apart from everybody else. This is their key to success. If you apply these attributes to your life, you’ll guarantee success in anything you put your mind to.

1. Visualize your goal

Visualization for a lot of people takes a bit of practice, but successful people can clearly see their goal in front of them. They know what it looks like to achieve what they want to achieve and they use visualization to help them see their goal in front of them.

Take Michael Phelps for example, who attributes visualization to his success. He uses visualization during practice and on performance day. Before a race, he sees himself winning. He sees the perfect race in front of him and that ability to visualize his perfect race has helped him win countless amounts of gold medals.

2. Persistence

You’re going to face a lot of tough odds in life and a lot of things are going to go against you. Improving your chances of success relies on you facing things that are going to work against you. It’s your ability to persist through the odds and continue to pick yourself up and go forward that will set you apart from everybody else in life.

Will Smith, the famous actor and rapper, once said that he would die for his goal.

3. Be inquisitive

You need to be able to question things, to be curious about things, and that will help you question the norm and perhaps see things that other people don’t see.

4. Have a hunger to learn

Successful people are always looking to better themselves and to continue expanding their knowledge. Your education doesn’t just finish at university or high school. It should be always a part of your life. You should always be willing to learn and self-educate to better yourself and make yourself more valuable in life.

5. Continuous improvement

You should always strive to make small steps to continually improve yourself. Never accept that you’re finally finished your growth curve and now you can just settle. Always be willing to grow. You need to adopt a beginner’s mindset that you never know everything and you’re always willing to go back to the drawing board and learn new things.

Growing should only stop when you die. You should be willing to grow and continually improve for the rest of your life.

6. Have goals

Work out what your end goal is, what you really want to be successful at, and break it down into small steps, how you’re going to get to your goal. By breaking it down into small steps, it makes the big goal less overwhelming and gives you a bit of a road map to achieve what you want to achieve.

7. Surround yourself with people that challenge you

The last thing you want is people that bring you down in life. You want to be around people that you can learn from and that challenge you to be better.

It’s like going to the gym with a professional athlete. You get to learn the intensity that athlete’s trains at. You get to see the pain that he has to deal with in order to achieve his goals, and just being around that will help you see what’s needed to be the best in that particular sport.

8. Progress comes in movement

It’s all well and good to talk about things and have these big dreams, but it’s not good if you’re not taking action. You need to do less thinking and more moving. That’s a given. Without action, nothing is going to get done and you’re not going to move forward in life.

9. Be willing to take big risks

Risk can be scary, but most successful people in life are willing to put themselves out there and take big risks. I know, when I’ve had to take big risks in life, I always think of what’s the worst possible scenario.

What is the worst thing that could realistically happen to me? I look at the worst thing that could happen and I work out how I would get myself out of that situation. By doing this, it really takes away a lot of the fear from the risk and just makes it a lot easier to take risks in general.

10. Learn from mistakes

Don’t be scared of making mistakes. A lot of the most successful people make countless amounts of mistakes, but the difference is they learn from those mistakes and they don’t beat themselves up about them.

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If you really want to approach women anywhere, and if you want to get more girls into your life, you need to make a big shift in your life. It requires pushing through some really uncomfortable moments that you’re going to want to avoid, but you’re going to have to embrace the spontaneity to achieve this amazing reality with women.

It was something that I battled with for a long time. I’d see a beautiful girl and really want to approach her and talk to her, yet I had an amazing resistance within me to not do so. The fear of rejection totally overpowered me and stopped me from ever taking a step forward to attract her.

But, like anything in life, if you let fear dictate your whole life, then you’re never going to succeed in anything. You’re going to have to settle for a boring and dull existence like most of the population.

So, what can you do to approach girls?

One of the major breakthroughs that I had anytime that I let fear overpower me was the way that I framed my fear. So, for example going up talking to that hot girl on the street would scare the living hell out of me, even thinking about it was just enough to send shivers down my spine. But, what I started to do was every time I felt resistance to doing it, I visualized how my life could possibly end up.

Growing old, lonely, with no one in my life, never really having any sexual experiences, being that old geriatric uncle that is kind of weird and lives by himself and his two dogs, or something like that – just think of the worst possible scenario. When I started to think of that, it really drove me to conquer my fear and push myself as hard as I can into approaching women.

Get past your fear of women and get a date!

Perhaps, find a friend that you may have that wants to achieve the same goals as you with women and find a way that you guys can work together to help each other. It really helps having someone else in your life to drive you to achieve goals.

Also, it really helps, too, to hang around with other guys that are living the reality that you want to live. Having a mentor is priceless. Make sure that your mentor is the real deal and practices what he preaches. There are a lot of guys that make big claims, but fail to live up to their achievements.

Follow my advice, set some goals, and comment below when you’ve realized how easy it actually is to approach women anywhere!

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If you want to add years to your life and have a much better quality of life, then you need to live more consciously and be aware of what’s going on – readers, this is how to become great at life.

It’s the progressive realization of conscious mastery over your mind. In this article, I am going to explain how you can become more conscious, live more consciously, and enjoy a much better life.

Benefits of living more consciously…

First of all, you are not living in reaction. Part of the whole mess of living unconsciously is living in reaction to everything – that is, taking what comes your way and assuming that it’s your given path. To change direction in life, you need to stop this.

When you live more consciously, you make your own roads in life. You see what’s going on and you know that you have the power to change it. You feel like you have ownership over your life, as opposed to life owning you.

For a lot of people that get themselves trapped in fear, they live under reaction mode. So, they are too scared to really own their life and just let life take them wherever it leads.

They are always going to be in a direction that they are not happy with. So, first of all, you want to start thinking where you want to go. What your actual dreams are in life. What your ideal life would look like, and start thinking of ways you can really make some positive changes in order to start living that way.

Change your career path to make life better…

Perhaps you’ve got to think of where your career is going. If you’re in a dead-end job, or if it’s likely that you’re going to lose your job soon, don’t be afraid to take a massive leap in a new direction. Why not go back to university, take a course in something you’re passionate about, or start a business doing what you love?

Girls like a man who looks good!

Hot girls also like a guy that looks after himself, so you might want to hit a gym and change your wardrobe. Dress in clothes you feel comfortable wearing, but try to be stylish at the same time!

You’ll soon improve your quality of life…

When you become more conscious and live more consciously, it’s really amazing what happens in life. You start to seek out and attract people that are more like you, that are more go-getters in life and that are on the life path that they have chosen.

Conscious people will, more often than not, have a longer life span because they are happier, healthier people in general. They are happier people that feel like their mission in life has been achieved or is going to be achieved.

People that live unconsciously are victims of circumstance, so don’t live life in reaction. Be one of the few people that are conscious beings. The ones that have chosen their life path are on the path that’s going to bring them the greatest fulfillment.

Take the plunge today…

Overcome your fears. Don’t let fear hold you back from life. I know one of the best things I ever did was write down my fears and then write how I would actually overcome the worst possible scenario that could happen to me.

Just by doing this exercise and writing down my fears, I was able to see how petty they were and how easily they could be overcome. This gave me the courage to start living the life that I wanted to live and take a couple of risks that I would not normally have taken had I not done that exercise.