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Being in a breakup is one of the worst situations to be in – trust me, I’ve been there a thousand times before and it doesn’t feel good. You may be feeling lonely, sorry for yourself, and even regretful. Remorseful, bitter, and angry feelings are completely normal – you’re only human.

If you really do want to get over the breakup, most importantly, you have to get up and get out of the house. Start doing things that make you happy and give a sense of fulfillment. This can be absolutely anything – just make sure you do it.

Start dealing with your break up NOW

Your mission is to write down three things right now that you are interested in. This can be anything from prospecting for gold to deep sea diving. Write three things down and by the end of the week make sure you are doing at least one, or have taken serious action in regard to making it happen.

It’s also important to cease contact with your ex, because this will remind you of her and what you have lost. So, that means deleting her Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter – whatever online connections you may have. Remove her pictures, videos, and number out of your cell so you aren’t tempted to call her.

Moving on to bigger and better conquests

You should make efforts to start meeting new women. This is very important because if you remain lonely you are going to do nothing but think about what you have lost. Try your very best not to live in the past too much, or you will never get over your broken heart. It’s completely fine to feel regret – but it’s not fine to prolong these negative emotions which you may be experiencing right now.

I know I spent a good three or four months feeling lonely and sorry for myself after breaking up with my girlfriend of six years. After I did finally move on and start improving my life, doing things that actually made me happy, I realized I had wasted too much time feeling sorry for myself.

Take my advice: get up and out the house, do activities which make you happy, and meet new women. Dealing with breakups in hard, but easier if you cease all forms of contact you have with your ex and move on. Breaking up is normal – you’re only human, so learn from the experience and accept you have an exciting new future ahead of you.

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You’ve just had a great interaction with that cute girl on the street and you’ve got her number. Now that you’ve got it, you’re a little stumped.  What sort of things can you text to a girl that will spike her interest?

You pick up your phone and think about calling her, but then what would you actually say? Texting seems easier and less stressful, but now you’re wondering how to start a text conversation with a girl. You start to write a text, but half way through delete it thinking that it will just make you sound silly. Now you’re going around and around with worry.

If this has been a challenge for you, stop stressing. I’ll reveal exactly what to say in a text message and how you can smoothly transition from text to phone conversation so that she’ll think you’re a pro.

One of the biggest advantages of texting, particularly when you’re initiating that first contact with a girl, is that it’s an incredible low investment. When you call a girl, it puts her in a complicated position. She has to make a quick decision on whether she wants to talk to you or not.

If you’ve already had a great interaction with her and she really likes you, this could create some pressure for her. It might be a pressure that she may not want to deal with at the moment. It’s much easier for her to let it go through to voice mail and then decide if she wants to respond later on.

A text message on the other hand creates far less pressure. She has time to read what you’ve written and she also has time to think about how she would like to respond. Replying to text messages is also something that most girls in this day and age are pros at. It’s for this reason that I like to talk to a girl by text first and then transition to a phone call later on. So, how exactly do you go about texting a girl you like?

Keep your text fun and playful…

If you start off being too serious you are going to lose her from the get go. There is a balance needed, because many beginners start out with trying to be too playful. You want to tease her, but you want to reel her in bit by bit.

Call back humor is one way that you can get that perfect balance. Call back humor is essentially referring back to something that came up during your initial interaction with the girl. It might be a fun nickname that you gave her, or something that you teased her about, or even just an interesting moment from the interaction.

The great thing about call back humor is that it will instantly take her back to the fun emotions that she experienced the first time you met. It also creates an emotional charge that propels her to take action in texting you back. If you nail call back humor in your initial text messages, your response rate will be as high as 97%.

Keep your text relatively short…

Once again, your focus here is to be low investment from the start. Make it easy for her to respond. If you write a novel in your first text it will make her question your motives and possibly scare her off. It gives her the sense that you’re trying too hard. Long text messages can be powerful, but you want to save them until you’ve built up a bit of momentum. So, short and sweet is perfect when you are just beginning.

Make sure you elicit a response…

One of the biggest challenges guys face is getting a girl to respond to their text message. How do you do it? My granddad had a phrase that I think fits perfectly here, “If you’re going to go fishing, make sure you use the right bait.” If you text girls and they don’t respond, you’re in trouble.

Because of this, you need to fish for ways that will entice her to respond. The number one way to do this is to tap a question on to the end of your text messages. This is okay initially, but don’t continue doing this at the end of each text. You’re going to reek of desperation. Your purpose is to text a girl to spark attraction. So, a better approach is to use intrigue.

I outline a number of powerful ways that you can do this is in my No Flakes product. Something that you can start on today is just leaving valuable bits of information out of your statements. An example of how you might do this is if she asks you what you’ve done today.

You might reply, “I was shooting a really cool YouTube video for my new business.” This response works because it creates a whole variety of open loops. Now you’ve got her thinking what your new business is, or what was the video about. Essentially, what you’ve done is flip the script and have her be the one asking more questions.

Move away from texting and call her for logistics…

Once you’ve built up the momentum and the text messages are coming back and forth at a faster rate and are longer in length, now is the time to move towards logistics. You want to move the conversation from a text to an actual first date.

The biggest mistake guys make with this is that they try and do it via text messages. Sorting logistics out by text can get really messy. The best approach when you sense that logistics are just around the corner is to give her a call. You simply say, “I thought it would be easier if I just gave you a call and we can sort out when we are both available.”

Text game is critical to your success. If you struggle with your text game, it’s going to be a road block to moving you forward in all other areas of dating. Learn all you can about texting a girl to spike her interest. After all, it’s her interest you’re after, right?

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It’s rare that I would recommend any book or product just for the sake of it, but in this case, there’s a book I want you to read that works wonders. Here’s why. The Mindful Path through Shyness is one of the most powerful reads to improve your ways with women.  I’ll give you three reasons why this is usually the first book that I give my students to read.

1. Shy men need to accept they have a problem

A lot of guys don’t realize they are shy. When they do not get results with women, they think of all the other reasons this could be and do not realize it is shyness that stands in their way.

Shy guys do not understand how much their timidity is holding them back. By eliminating shyness, for most guys, you are hitting the bull’s eye and getting to the source of the problem. The symptoms that seem to hold guys back with women seem to magically disappear.

2. Get in the right state of mind

Mindfulness is a discipline that I wish I could get all my students to study. When you combine mindfulness with shyness, it usually leads to an instant result. Mindfulness presents some healthier ways of looking at things and thinking in a way that empowers you.

It is good to think about mindfulness as a practice such as learning to play the guitar, or mastering the sport of soccer. It is something that as you practice, you get better at. Mindfulness is something I wish all my students could learn, because it is really a powerful concept. It will make you feel better, be more relaxed, and stop attaching too much of how you feel to some certain end result.

3. A focused mind is popular with the ladies

I find that 99% of cases benefit from reading this book. Mindfulness is really a powerful way to become attractive to women, get more girlfriends, and have more sex. I am not sure what exactly it is in mindfulness that works. It’s just that most guys who seem to suffer from difficulties with women are making a lot of common mistakes that mindfulness can fix.

As a shy person, most of what makes you unattractive to women is purely what is going on inside your mind rather than anything externally. Usually it is your attitude, personality, and how you think and feel that influences attraction the most.

It is important to take control of the inner side of things when trying not to be shy round girls; mindfulness is really a powerful tool to start this process. It gives a structure for how you can start to feel better about meeting women and pursuing them romantically. With a strong and confident mindset, you will never feel too shy around girls to go in for the pull again.

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No Confidence. No Sex. Know Confidence. KNOW SEX…

Sexual confidence is important in not only enjoying greater sex, but also in your ability to attract women. When you are more sexually confident, you are going to be more confident as a person, because you know you’re a guy that can please women, and you’re a guy that knows, if he is to take a girl home, he can give her the night of her life.

I’m going to show you some ways that you can build greater sexual confidence in the bedroom.

1. Be Comfortable

First of all, the best way for being more comfortable in the bedroom is to be more comfortable with your body. Oftentimes, guys who’ve put on a little bit of weight, or are not comfortable with their penis size, or have any other physical hang-ups, it can really do a lot of damage to their confidence in the bedroom.

They’re going to be a little paranoid about what the girl’s going to think of them, and whether he’s going to be embarrassed in any way. It’s important to get comfortable with your body. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and perfection really doesn’t exist. You may have been fed images in Men’s Health magazines and FHM magazines, what the perfect guy should look like.

In reality, that’s not the case. Girls won’t judge you more or less on your body size, but the way that you are in the bedroom.

If you’re a little bit of a larger guy and maybe you don’t even have the biggest penis, but you really know how to please her in the bedroom, you’re confident, and you’re dominant, that’s going to be more attractive to her than if you had a six pack and a big cock, but were really submissive in the bedroom and clumsy.

2. Be Confident

Learn to be more confident with your body. Some ways to do that is to go to a nude beach, or a clothing-optional resort, or spend more time in your bathers at the beach, and get more comfortable with your body. Educate yourself more on sex, and especially know how to give a girl some great oral care.

When you know how to effectively give a girl an orgasm, using your mouth or your fingers, it comes with a lot of great confidence. First of all, you can make a girl orgasm quite easily, but as guys, we’re not always at our peak performance. Sometimes we get tired, sometimes we get a little bit stressed out, and our stamina isn’t always going to be at its peak.

When you can please a girl orally, you know that, even if you’re having a bad night, you can still make her orgasm and you can still give her a good night, and there’s a lot of confidence that comes out of that.

3. Have Sex Often

Have sex more often. The best way to get comfortable with sex is to do it more and more. It’s almost like being comfortable around talking to women. Initially, the first time you’re going to be really nervous, but the more and more you do it, the more comfortable you’re going to get in this situation and your surroundings. The same goes with sex. The more sex you have, the more comfortable you’re going to be.

4. There Is No Such Thing as Perfect

Also, let go of perfection. Perfection in sex doesn’t really exist. Sex is messy, it’s clumsy, and despite all that, it can still be an amazing experience. Often, we’re sold the idea in movies and sometimes even in pornos, that sex is this smooth and perfect occasion. That’s just not the case.

That’s fabricated. When you can let go of perfection in the bedroom, it’s almost like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders, because you can allow yourself to be a little bit clumsy, make a couple of mistakes, and be cool with it. If you’re cool with it, she will be too.

Follow these four tips and you’ll see your confidence in bed jump tenfold. You’ll have girls begging for sex and attention; your sex game will be like never before!

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Do you want to overcome shyness and anxiety, as well as be more confident and charismatic around girls? Do you want to make effortless conversation with almost anyone and make new friends easily, and just really enjoy life?

Learning to be more outgoing is going to increase your confidence and allow you to enjoy life with any hot girl you meet! I’m going to teach you how to be more outgoing, so you can achieve all this and more.

If you’re naturally a shy or introverted guy, or you work a particular job that doesn’t allow you to get out there much and socialize with people, then learning how to be more outgoing will be a beneficial skill for you.

Being more outgoing is going to serve you well when you want to interact with more women and meet more girls. It’s also going to help you meet more friends and broaden your social circle.

If you ever run a business or a lead a team, the more outgoing you are and able to converse with people, the easier you’re going to make a great first impression amongst people and win them over.

1. Find a Helper

First of all, to be more outgoing, it really helps to find a partner in crime, to find someone else that is like you, that is also looking to improve themselves, and become more social. It’s a lot easier when there are two people, where you can push each other.

2. Know the Social Calendar

Get to know your city’s social calendar. To be more outgoing, it’s important to go to more events and attend more parties, and to do that, follow your social calendar. You should get a bit of an idea of what’s going on around you, and you can also plan some events that you want to attend.

The more opportunities you get to leave your house and be involved in environments with a lot of people, the more it’s going to help you be more outgoing and build your social confidence.

3. Be Active on Social Media

Social media is a great way to interact with people, see what events are coming up, see what events people are going to. It can give you some ideas of things that you can do to get more social.

Also, when you meet new people, you can add them to your Facebook and increase your friends list and stay in touch with them. Facebook allows you to see what they’re doing in their life, message them, and chat with them.

4. Build Up Your Networking Ability

Build up your networking ability. When you go out there and you talk to people, learn how to be a better networker. Networking isn’t just exclusive to work or a professional job. It can be networking to meet people, to broaden your social group.

Ways that really helped me become a better networker was becoming a better listener. When talking to people, I would listen to what they were talking about. I would show them that I was listening by nodding my head, giving them strong eye contact, and really focusing on what they were saying and asking questions about things they were talking about.

When they were talking to me, they felt appreciated and they felt that I was really engaged in what they were having to say. Also, it really helps when networking, to find commonalities with people. Find something that you guys really relate to together.

People are much more receptive to people when they feel they have something in common, so the more things you can find that you have in common with a person, the better you’re going to relate to each other.

5. Join a Group

Join a meet-up group or a special interests forum. A great way to meet more people is to find people that are interested in things that you’re interested in, and meet up with them. I know, when I started a business, I joined a meet-up forum for entrepreneurs, which allowed me to meet more people that were like me, network in business terms, and also make a lot of great friends.

Other great ways to meet up with new people across the world are lairs, or even seduction communities or self-help communities, where people that want to better themselves interact and help each other out. Amongst it, there are also opportunities to meet socially.

6. Travel

The last way to be more outgoing is to go out and travel. Go and see more of the world, broaden your horizons. Traveling is a fantastic way that puts you out of your comfort zone, and along the way, you get to meet some really cool people, bond with some people that you never thought you would have ever bonded with, and make friends for life. Check out some of the best cities to meet girls!

One recommendation I have, if you plan on traveling, is to stay in hostels. Hostels are a great social environment, and there are many young, like-minded travelers around that you can meet and interact with and go out with, which will really help you in your quest to be more of an outgoing guy.

Implement these tips today and you will be on your way to a more outgoing lifestyle that will be sure to attract any girl you want!

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There is so much advice on what to say to girls to gain their attention, but what about what not to say to a girl? Because a conversation can end as quickly as it begins if you say the wrong thing.

In my ten years of being one of the best seducers of women in the world, I’ve said some really stupid things. Even to this day, I still have the occasional lapse of judgement, but the difference now is that when stupid things come out of my mouth, I have the ability to salvage the interaction.

I am always being asked what’s the worst possible thing that can be said to a girl and how can one avoid it. Your quest is to charm the girl and turn her on, not turn her off and have her running in the other direction. My answer is always the same, and it’s something that you probably aren’t expecting.

There are a few things not to say to girls, ever. But there is one thing that is far worse that saying the wrong thing.

The worst thing you can say to a girl is nothing at all…

The great Michael Jordan once said, “You miss 100% of the shots that you do not take.” This is so true when it comes to meeting girls. Guys are so petrified of saying the wrong thing that they opt out instead and choose not to say anything at all.

Saying the wrong thing is ten times better than saying nothing at all. In fact, if you’re one of the guys that doesn’t approach girls because you fear that you are going to say the wrong thing, then you are missing all kinds of opportunities. So, the next cute girl you come across, make an effort to intentionally come up with the worst thing that you can think of and say it to her. At the very least you are going to start an interaction.

The great thing about saying something is that you never know where an interaction will lead. This is one reason I encourage students not to prepare their material before approaching a girl.

The way women respond to approaches is completely unpredictable. The best thing you can do is start an interaction and be present. Some of my best approaches, some of my best interactions, and ultimately some of my most memorable relationships have come from some of my least memorable approaches.

I remember walking up to one amazingly hot lingerie model on the streets of New York, tapping her on the shoulder and then completely freezing up. I just stood there for about five seconds not knowing what to say. I was able to salvage the interaction by just being honest and acknowledging the awkwardness that I had just created. Within minutes I had her laughing and we were sitting down over coffee. Trust me, you never know where an interaction will go.

The second worst thing to say is anything that is predetermined…

Having a prepared routine, or even worse an entire interactions worth of prepared routines, will take away your number one strength.

Your number one strength is that you’re a human. Preparing lines turns you into a robot. Unfortunately, if you follow prepared lines there is a disconnect that the girl will instantly feel. Maybe you’ve even experienced this yourself. You’ve felt that disconnect of emotions. Women come with a built-in antenna. Their being is completely comprised of emotion and truth, and they can spot false sincerity the moment you speak, if you rely on routines.

Learn to be completely present through the process. You want to be able to listen intently with your ears and your eyes when she’s speaking. If you follow a routine style of game, this isn’t possible. You’re constantly one step ahead in your thinking and not paying any attention to what she is saying.

Allow yourself to be human. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and trust that, if you listen carefully to the threads of her conversation, you’ll be able to respond appropriately. Being a good listener gives you the ability to respond appropriately and will have a tremendous effect towards improving your game with women.

The third worst thing to say is anything that’s in-congruent with your personality…

I see guys do this all the time where they try to agree with everything a cute girl says. She might have a particular political stance, religious stance, or environmental stance, and even if it completely contradicts the guy’s stance, he’ll agree with it.

Girls have no desire to date a yes man. Agreeing with her every word will create a level of in-congruency that she’ll pick up on in an instant. Female intuition will cut through your bullshit in an instant. She can sense when you’re bending the truth just to agree with her.

Another thing that will give you away is when you try to brag about yourself or try to be someone you’re not. Granted, if you’re still a virgin living at home with your parents, spending your entire weekend playing Dungeons & Dragons, you’re probably going to need to make some drastic changes in your life if you want to attract girls, but it doesn’t pay to make up stories.

Hopefully you’ve gained some insight on what not to say to a girl when you approach her. Just be who you are, and say something rather than nothing. You really have nothing to lose using this approach, and everything to gain.

We’ve spoken a lot about what the worst things to say are. What about the opposite end of the spectrum? What are the best things that you can say when you want to chat with a girl who catches your fancy? How can you take yourself from being average at conversation to being a conversational genius?

A couple of years ago I did some live training with three very lucky Vin Di Carlo students, using one of our products Conversation Cure. This program took these three students from being average Joes to complete studs. This will help you learn exactly what to say, how to say it, and when you should say it. Check it out, because it will greatly improve your conversational skills.

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Romance is almost always inevitable in the workplace. Many romances aren’t found in a bar or a club, because that’s not where you spend the majority of your time. Being confined in the same space with attractive women often causes nasty thoughts to run through your head. It’s just a fact of life that happens.

I’ve put together a couple of really great places where you can meet attractive women and also have more work place options to broaden your social skills. Your job puts you in situations where you have to interact and get comfortable with women, which will really up your game. Here are 6 great jobs that will increase your opportunity for finding romance and dating right at your fingertips.

Job #1: Retail stores.

Retail stores are usually places where you’ll typically find women between the ages of 18-23. While this may not be the greatest source of income for you, it increases your chances to interact with young hot women. You also have many opportunities to serve women coming in and out all day long, which just adds to your chances of making small talk and flirting. And the best thing is you get paid for doing this. How cool is that?

Job #2: Bars and nightclubs.

When you work in a bar or a nightclub, you’re generally working with a younger staff. There is a lot of turn over at bars and nightclubs, which increases your chances of always meeting attractive women. These types of places love to hire hot women, because it makes their establishment more enticing.

You get to work with these women and interact with them constantly. You’re also positioning yourself in a bit of a higher status. When you work for a bar or a club, women view you as someone who has higher value. Why is this? Because it’s not always easy to land a great bartending job in a really cool nightclub, and there is power equated with this position.

Working at a hip bar or club means that you know people and adds a bit of coolness to you. It also makes you more comfortable with the bar or club environment. And not only will you be working with hot women, think about the amount of attractive bodies that frequent these places!

Job #3: A restaurant.

Most restaurants employ a lot of younger staff members in order to increase the perception of their venue. Working at a restaurant gives you an instant chance to mingle with attractive women, and it also gives you the perfect opportunity to be in a cool social scene.

After the restaurant finishes, go out and mingle with your co-workers. It’s often customary to have a drink with your co-workers when your shift ends, and as we all know, one drink often turns into three or four.

Job #4: Hotels or Motels.

Hotels are generally known for their fun, vibrant, and loose atmosphere. What better place to get exposure than to be working in the atmosphere of a hotel? You get the luxury of having travelers come and go every day.

The great thing about mingling with women that are traveling is that they’re a little more carefree than they would be in their normal home. They’re in the mood to relax, chill out, and have fun experiences with guys. They usually have partying on the brain and enjoy having a wild and crazy time.

Job #5: Travel Guide.

What better way to meet women and have a blast while you see the world or visit cool places? Travel guides are generally put in leadership positions where they’re in charge of a large group of people. Travel guides are not only exposed to women in a more social environment, but they’re also the leader of the group they oversee. Being a leader gives you great social value, and women will just naturally view you as one.

 Job #6: Tanning Salon.

Tanning salons usually attract a high volume of women. In fact, most of their clientele is comprised of women. While you may not have a lot of co-workers, you’ll have regular women coming in. You can use this in building rapport with the regulars, which will only increase your constant exposure to women. All you’ll be seeing all day is hot, tan, scantily dressed women. Again, can it get any better than that?

Get out there and get a job in one of the work places I’ve mentioned. If you have to work, at least work in a place where you have the opportunity to meet and greet women to your heart’s content. Finding romance at work is easily done once you find the right type of job that increases your daily exposure to women.

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Facebook is a great social medium for dating. This site alone has well over 500 million users, and allows you the ability to stay in touch with friends and to meet new people easily.

I’m going to teach you how to use Facebook so that you can stay in touch with friends and meet girls daily. This will increase your chances to score more dates than you could have ever imagined.

Facebook is the perfect dating forum.

Facebook is almost better than getting a girl’s number after a night out on the town. After a night out, many times you come back empty handed. Facebook allows you to not only message girls, but you also get a chance to see what she’s about in her everyday life. You’re able to view her interests and make decisions on whether she’s worth asking out on a date. Facebook is the best FREE online dating service on the market.

It’s all in the details.

The best way to get a girl’s details when you’re on Facebook is to add her as a friend. You can always get her phone number later. Plus, if you’re out there meeting a lot of girls, Facebook allows you to keep track of the girls that you meet, and you are easily able to put a face to a name.

Ways to interact on Facebook.

When you’re on Facebook and you interact with girls, my recommendation is to keep your interactions short, sharp, flirty, and very playful. The primary intention should always be to get to them in person, but when you meet on Facebook, it’s just a great chance to build up attraction and the anticipation for her to meet you in person.

Just have fun with it. Send her a message or chat with her while you’re online. If you’ve already met in person and the interaction went well, then try to keep the momentum going by bringing in little things that you guys flirted about. If you teased her about something, then you can continue teasing her a little bit further on Facebook. It keeps the momentum from the initial interaction going.

Don’t become a Facebook stalker.

When you’re on Facebook, it’s very important that you don’t harass a girl who interests you. Once you’ve got her details, keep your interactions brief. You basically just want to meet her in person as soon as possible. The last thing you want to do is to come across as a stalker and turn her away. Once she unfriends you, you’ve lost the opportunity to chat any further.

Join special interest groups.

One way to meet like-minded girls is to get involved in special interest groups. You can look for girls that are in your local area and add them, and maybe send them a message saying, “Hey, I really liked your picture and I saw that you’re into the same things I am. Can you add me so that we can chat some time?” Having something in common with a girl is always a great way to start a conversation. This way you instantly have something to talk about.

Pay special attention to your profile: it’s your marketing strategy.

The key to using Facebook to your advantage is having a really kick-ass profile. Make sure you look at your profile like it’s a representation of yourself, because it is how other people will view you. It’s the first impression you make. Ensure that there are no offensive pictures there, because it will put you in a bad light.

Ensure that your hobbies, interests, career, and activities all represent you in the right way. Your Facebook profile must demonstrate the many sides of your character and represent you positively.

Girls, like you, judge people on their Facebook profiles, and your profile should be an indication of who you really are. If you are serious about using Facebook for dating, then you must make a great impression. Spend some quality time working up your profile.

It might help if you get female opinions so that you can get feedback from a girl’s point of view. You’ll get an objective view on what she thinks about your Facebook profile. She could give you ways to improve it so that you are more attractive to girls.

Enlist one of your female friends for help, because girls are really keen on Facebook etiquette. Many guys get laid using Facebook, so make yourself look the best that you possibly can.

Facebook is a great avenue for meeting more girls than you could possibly meet in a lifetime. Spend time on your profile so that you present yourself well and you’ll find that Facebook dating is a place where you can have your cake and eat it too!

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Every guy should have the experience of dating older women at least once in their life. Cougars are a great catch for a younger guy looking to increase his experience with women and increase his experience in his sex life.

Why are cougars such a great catch? Women who are cougars are older. They know themselves better because they have lived life and gained wisdom. They know where they’re going, and have probably seen and done just about everything imaginable.

They are also less likely to play games and screw with your head. Older women are way past drama in their lives and avoid it at all cost. Most importantly, they’re at their sexual peak, which means they’re usually hornier than you are and will make the sex the best you’ve ever had.

Does age matter in relationships? If you’re just in for the ride, then try riding an older woman. Have I caught your attention yet? I will give you some great pointers that will help you catch and keep a cougar in your life.

Pointer #1: Have great manners.

You want to make sure that you have great manners when dating older women. We’re not talking about saying yes ma’am as if you’re respecting your elders. Older women do not like being called ma’am. You’ll turn her off before you EVER get the chance to turn her on. Just make sure that you have your manners in check. This includes holding a door open, being polite, and refrain from swearing.

You’re going to have to up your level of maturity if you want to stand a chance with a cougar. Many older women find themselves back in the dating world after years of being married, and often are not into dating grandfatherly types. So, they are often looking for younger guys who can keep up with them, but be respectful and don’t act like some young punk.

Pointer #2: Compliment her.

Cougars love to be complimented. They’re probably at a stage in their life where their looks are starting to slip away and they’re going through their own personal identity crisis. They’re a lot more self-conscious about their appearance, so if you can talk about how beautiful her hair is, how gorgeous her smile is, how pretty her eyes are, your sweet talk will make her feel special and make her feel better about herself. This will ensure you’re catching her attention and desire.

Pointer #3: Learn how to stay harder for longer periods of time.

Cougars have an immense sex drive. Women hit their sexual peak well above 35, so she’s going to have some expectations that you’re going to be able to last and fulfill her sexually. Otherwise, she’ll move on to the next sweet young thing. It’s important that you try to stay hard as long as you can, and you can do this in a couple of ways.

One is by investing in a course on Tantric Sex Techniques or watch the Maxwell Method, which employs a bit of tantra and instructs you on how to achieve multiple orgasms. Make sure to stay fit and healthy, and ensure that you have enough rest in your life. This will increase your vitality and help you last longer in the bedroom.

Pointer #4: Have an interesting character and lifestyle.

Be as interesting as you possibly can. You not only want to impress a cougar with your youthful energy and youthful appearance, you also want to be able to keep her interested and stimulated mentally. Try being more of a well-rounded person.

You don’t want to be just a guy that spends all his day playing computer games in his room and not being socially active. You want to have a little bit more going on in your life. You want to be able to talk about interesting things you’ve got going on so that you can keep the conversation flowing and keep her interested and invested in you.

Pointer #5: Learn everything you can about older women.

Cougars can provide you with some of the best education you have ever had, not only about life in general, but also about life in the bedroom. When you sleep with a cougar, you’ll learn a lot about women and gain a lot of sexual confidence just by having a woman of experience that will have no qualms in telling you what she wants. She is not the least bit scared or shy to show you how to get her off.

This is all great advice to abide by if you decide to go for older women. You’ll have a better understanding and a more confident approach to gaining access to her life and her bedroom. Dating older women will be an experience you will never forget. Make sure you’re healthy and can handle her, because she can probably outlast you!

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Women are mysterious creatures and often leave guys wondering what the hell is going on. Women will never really tell you what they are feeling. But, if you can start gauging the conversation by her body language and the non-verbal signals that she sends out, you’re going to have a major advantage over every other guy.

Once you have the ability to interpret body language, then you will instantly know when the time is right to approach a woman, to kiss her, ask her out on a date, and have sex with her. So how can you tell whether a woman is attracted to you or not, simply by the body language communications that she sends?

Take note of the position of her body…

If you’re talking to a woman and her direction is faced towards the door or in another direction, generally it’s a good indication that she is closed off in her interaction with you.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means at the moment you haven’t won her over. Try making her more comfortable and being more attractive, and you’ll notice that she’ll start to open up towards you and her body language will slowly shift your way. At this point, she is now focusing on the interaction between the two of you.

The more she opens up, the more she’ll become more receptive to what you have to say and her attraction will increase. Women start playing with themselves when they are attracted to you. I’m not talking sexually here, so get your mind out of the gutter for just a minute.

Women start fiddling with their hair or their jewelry, they start doing things with their hands. She will also start drawing attention to what she considers the sexiest of her most feminine parts. She might rest her fingers towards her chest or begin stroking her thighs, just to get your attention, but she does this in a very unconscious way.

Women will start touching you when they are interested in you, so if they are really into you they will not only talk but they might touch your shoulder, or touch your hair, or find any excuse to get closer to you.

Women mirror your actions when attracted…

Watch a girl’s body language closely. If she’s really attracted to you, she’ll start mirroring you in some way. If you lift your drink, she’ll soon be doing the same thing. If you’re crossing your legs or folding your arms, she will naturally follow your lead and do the exact same thing. Reading body language is very important if you truly want to understand women and have the success that you want when it comes to getting a woman to follow you home.

Her eyes speak volumes…

According to famous experts on the topic of chic romantic stories, the fast movement of the eyelashes is a sign of a woman who likes to conquer men on their own terms. Not only will women flutter their eyes, but they will also engage you with their eyes. They will maintain very strong eye contact in which you’ll be their primary focus and nothing else in the room matters to them.

Another signal to watch for with eye contact is their pupils. Biology tells us that when we like something or someone, our pupils expand and dilate. When we don’t like something, they contract. If her pupils are large, it’s probably a sign that she likes you or likes what you are saying. On the other hand, if the pupils are small or pointed, it’s probably a very bad sign.

Understanding body language is very important in your success with women!

If a woman notices you and is attracted to you, she may not have the courage to come up and to tell you directly, but she’ll give off signs showing that she wants to be approached. These may include subtle eye contact, it might be drawing close to you or bumping into you accidentally, or giving you a passing comment; just something that gives you permission to approach and engage her in conversation.

Reading female body language, and understanding unspoken cues is very important when it comes to success with women. Women are the queen of the unspoken and subtle language of flirting. Learn it well so that you aren’t left out in the cold because you missed the signs.

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