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Want to make a great impression on the first date? Then you should be prepared with some good questions to break the ice and start conversation on the first date! Here you’ll find some great advice to help you talk openly with your date and get to know them properly.

First dates fail for everyone sometimes!

Recently, a guy I know, who is normally quite good with ladies, had a date that left him flustered and confused. He was so convinced that this girl was his Mrs. Right and he was her Mr. Right and everything on the date just went smoothly and perfectly, but she never called back. He tried to contact her several times, but just got nothing. No response to his calls at all.

Then, after about maybe the tenth call, he finally got a response and she said that she thought he was really nice, but she found him a little boring.

So, maybe this is something that has happened to you. If so, I am going to outline some of the questions my friend and you could use to generate some memorable conversation during your first date.

Avoid generic questions!

First of all, to avoid the date going into the generic zone, you want to stay away from questions like, “What do you do for a living? What do you do for fun? Where did you grow up? Do you have any pets? What kind of music do you like?”

These are kind of interview style questions and just boring and generic. She’ll have heard them many times before. It’s good to know some of these things as you get to know your date, but don’t default to a stream of boring questions.

You need to encourage interaction – and statements can be better than questions for improving first date conversation. So, a statement could be something like, “I have a feeling you didn’t grow up around here. You kind of give me a bit more of a country girl vibe.”

Ask more obscure questions!

I keep some extra conversation-starters up my sleeve, in case conversation goes dry. You can try something like, “When you were little, what did you want to be when you grow up? What is the last really adventurous thing you’ve done. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? What was your absolute worst first date? What is the one thing you can’t say no to?”

These questions are great because they get her invested in the conversation and they give you an insight into her personality.

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So, you ask yourself: how can I find my future wife? The answer you get might just surprise you.

Ask any guy what he wants in a woman and he would probably quickly jump to her looks or physical appearance. But, ask yourself, will that make you really happy? Perhaps, for a short while, physical beauty is one quality, but to create a long, happy, exciting relationship, you need more than that.

You need something stronger and something that would stand the test of time. I attribute physical ability to a sports car. It looks great to you when you first get it. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You love driving it. It’s great to your ego because you finally own one of these things. But, after a couple of months, it becomes just another car, which doesn’t solve anything.

It won’t make your penis bigger. It really just gets you around from A to B. The novelty of a new sports car will very quickly fade, and it’s the same with an attractive girl when you have nothing stronger to bind you together.

So, what should a man look for when finding a future wife? An interesting statistic to bear in mind is that 80% of us will meet the person we will marry by the time we’re 16.

Look at the bigger picture. Look at the type of woman who will help you achieve bigger and better things in your life. Learn how to become attractive and stop treating girls as if you’re fishing for the best-looking fish!

Think about where you want to go in your life and what qualities you need from a woman to help you get there. This means choosing a woman with the qualities necessary to love and support you in achieving those dreams, no matter what they may be.

Define what you want in your life. What are the goals that are going to help you get up in the morning? Where do you want to be in 5 year’s time, in 10 year’s time, in 20 year’s time? You don’t want to be with a woman who is going to just stay at home if you want to be an explorer! You want to become an intellectual? You don’t want to be with a woman who is simple and vague! Getting a date and finding an attractive woman to be your wife comes down to more than just looks.

It’s amazing how many guys will complain about cold and unsupportive, selfish women in their lives. And it’s all because these guys overlook the obvious when it comes to matching up with their true dream woman in the first place!

So, if you have not done already, list down where you want to go in your life. Think where you want to be in the next 20 to 40 years and pick up the type of woman that you want to be with you, to support you on your journey.

Do you know who you’re going to marry, or have you got a romantic story about how you found your wife? If so, share it below!

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Anxiety can be a big noose around your throat when it comes to interacting with people, meeting women, and living to your full potential – but there are some exercises for anxiety that can help!

Not overcoming anxiety can have a devastating impact on your life, which is why it’s time to embrace this form of anxiety treatment. It is important that you work to overcome your issues with anxiety and turn your life around immediately, so consider how simple exercises and other activities can help with unwanted feelings.

It all gets better from here!

In my experience coaching thousands of guys all around the world, I have noticed that guys that experience really bad anxiety have a strong internal frame of reference. They are trapped inside their head, and their frame of reference is mostly on their own thoughts rather than on external stimuli.

It is important, if you want to eliminate your anxiety, that you have more of an external frame of reference. An external frame of reference means being more observant to what is going on around you rather than getting lost in a world of thoughts. Try to be more involved and aware of what is going on around you.

Anxiety can be dealt with…

Often, I will see a guy that walks in to a club and he will have about six or seven girls checking him out – yet, he is so caught up in his head that he is totally oblivious of these girls and misses valuable opportunities. If he were more observant and more in the moment, he would have noticed these signals and approached these girls.

Other guys I have seen, when they are actually interacting with girls, will be so caught up in their head that the girl will be practically humping his knee – yet, he is so caught up in his fears and insecurities that he fails to take any action with the girl. Therefore, it is important that you start to shift your frame of reference from inside your head to a more external level.

Work on core issues…

Another important thing for overcoming anxiety is to work on your core issues. Whatever is triggering the anxiety is due to something that is deep within you. I recommend that you take time to work out what that particular issue is. This can sometimes be painful, confronting uncomfortable issues, but it will help you in the long run.

I used to get major anxiety when it came to talking to hot women. I realized that, every time I would talk to a hot girl, in my head I was replaying all the negative things that happened to me as a child when girls at school would tease me. I still – even 20, 30 years later – had not flushed it out of my system, and at a core level, I was tainted by my childhood.

Think about what is triggering your anxiety and work to change it at a core level. For me, I went and did some hypnotherapy. I wrote down all my beliefs and I changed them from limiting beliefs into positive beliefs. I also developed a new frame of reference by pushing myself past my fear.

Finally, change your associations…

In addition, it is important to change how you associate certain situations with your past and how you feel. For example, if you associate hot girls with being rejected, then any time you talk to a hot girl you are just going to think that being rejected is an inevitable outcome. So, change your associations. Instead of associating pain and fear with hot girls, find some positive feelings to associate with approaching women. Associate something that is going to drive you to more positive outcomes.

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I’ve heard some amazing excuses over the several years I’ve been through teaching guys how to approach and interact with girls. Now, listen up: NOTHING should stop you striking up some conversation with pretty girls.

Going up and approaching a girl, even in the most random of places, can change your life forever! Read on, and I’ll share with you some common excuses that a lot of guys make for not approaching girls. I’ll also show you how to overcome these excuses and how it’s easy for you to get a date.

Why is approaching women so important?

If you don’t approach a girl, then you’re not going to get to interact with her, it’s simple as that! You’re never going to know whether you guys click, whether you guys are the perfect match, or whether she really wants to have sex with you or not.

You’re never going to know what could have been unless you actually approach girls. This is important to your development with women. Unfortunately for a lot of the guys that I coach, they have this weird mentality that fate will one day happen and the girl of their dreams will one day walk up to them and sweep them away and they’ll live happily ever after again.

Unfortunately, that is all bullshit. The more that you allow yourself to be fooled by some delusional story, the less time you’re going to have to really attract a beautiful girl in your life.

For every day, every month, and every year that you neglect approaching girls, you’re cheating yourself out of beautiful experiences with women and really not living up to your full potential as a man. So, it’s essentially important that you get this sorted out as soon as possible.

I don’t know what to say…

One excuse that guys use to not approach a girl is that they don’t know what to say. You need to know that it doesn’t matter what you say – you can go up to a girl and say nothing. You can just hold a strong frame and say hi, at least. This is better than going up and using some kind of outdated pick up line that doesn’t work.

I’m scared of getting rejected…

When you start to see rejection as a bad thing, you’re never going to have success with women. I like to see rejection as feedback. I like to see it as another step in my growth as a guy that’s getting better with women.

When I start to shift my perspective of rejection, it’s not something I fear anymore, it’s actually something that I relish. Going up to a girl and getting rejected is really good education. Now, I don’t hope for it, but if it happens, it doesn’t worry me. I know that I am going to learn and grow from it.

I’m worried that people are watching…

Does it really matter what people think of you? To be honest with you, have you ever noticed a guy getting rejected by a girl? It’s happening all the time, and generally people are so immersed in their own thoughts that they forget about what other people are doing and really just care about themselves.

So, most of the time, it’s all in your imagination and it’s not really happening – and really, who cares if someone sees you? At least you had the balls to go up and take action, which is more than what they are doing.

I’m not good enough for her…

I hear this one all the time. It’s a really limiting belief and actually makes me sick. What makes you think she’s any better than you and how do you know that? All you’ve seen is a girl that looks beautiful, you don’t know what her personality is like. You don’t know what she’s achieved in her life. You don’t even know if she has an IQ above 5, so you’re really putting yourself down before you’ve even interacted with the girl.

I’m not in the mood…

Mood should never affect your motivation to want to approach girls. I’ve often found that, even when I am tired or frustrated, that as soon as I go up and have a good interaction with a girl I start to really get in the mood and, just by interacting with her, I lift my spirit and energy levels.

So, don’t let mood prevent you from going up and approaching a girl. Do it anyway and challenge yourself a little bit.

Stop making excuses for yourself and go out there and approach girls. The more you do it the more opportunities you are going to have with women and the more you’re going to really feel that you are living up to your purpose as a guy.

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Girls can tell a lot about guys by their ability to kiss and make-out – so it’s important for you to embrace the art and learn how to make-out. These tips on making out are important to keep you in the game when it comes to women.

1. Move gently and slowly

Making out is not a rush job. Girls love a guy than can be gentle and can also rough it up. Initially, it is very important that you start off slowly and take your time.

You will find, after making out for a little while, things can start to heat up. Whether you’re making out for the first time or you’re experienced, it’s important to gradually build up the sexual tension.

2. Touch

As you are kissing her, ensure that your hands are kept busy by touching her. Initially, I like to start touching her lightly. Then as I am kissing her, I begin touching her hair, her legs, and her arms. As things get more sexual, touch her thighs.

3. Kiss her neck

I have never met a girl that does not like having her neck kissed. This is a key erogenous zone and will make her wet in no time if you get it right. Kiss her neck very gently, maybe even nibble it. I sometimes like to give it a gentle bite, but not too hard.

4. Nibble her ears

Once again, like the neck, the ears are a sensitive spot. This can really turn her on.

5. Pull her hair

There is something primitive about this that turns girls on when you pull her hair. Ensure that you do it gently and gradually increase the pressure if she is enjoying it.

6. Grind your leg gently in-between her crotch

A great way to get sexual with a girl is by rubbing your knee against her pussy. Ensure that you are standing up when you do this and make sure it is a very gentle rub.

7. Pull her in firmly

Show her that you are the man, you are a dominating figure, and grab her firmly and pull her in for the kiss.

8. Tease

After making out for a little while, I will pretend that I am going to go back in for the kiss and then back away a bit. Do it a couple of times and back away. This drives her wild and makes her want you more.

9. Grab her butt

Her butt is another erogenous zone and is sensitive. So, if you are kissing her, start gently (and as things intensify, really firmly) grip her butt.

10. Hold her chin

I like to hold her chin and direct it towards my lips. Girls like a guy that can take control in the bedroom and really lead her. I find that by controlling her jaw and bringing it to my lips, it gives her an indication of what I would be like in the bedroom. She wants a man. She wants someone that is going to take the lead. This says the right things about you.

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In this article, I am going to teach you the one mindset shift that is going to help your whole game with girls. I’m also going to help you be confident in everything you do in life, whether it is taking that promotion or jumping on that new opportunity that comes your way.

Getting women depends on your confidence, and this mindset shift is really powerful. When you get it right, it is going to make you successful in everything you do or put your mind to. If you have any comments or queries, please leave them in the comments box below. I look forward to reading all your comments, and I try to respond to them as much as possible.

Self-image is important!

That little mindset secret is your self-image. Once you have built your self-image and have a self-image that you are proud of and you love, having that is going to be incredibly powerful in your life. I am going to teach you how to get to that stage and get you to create that powerful self-image that will help you not only in your dating life but also achieve overall success in your whole life.

Get to know who you have been…

It does not have to be who you are. You are not a computer code. You are not programmed in any kind of way. You can change your self‑image. It does not matter about your history. It does not matter who your family is or was. It does not matter what religion you are or were.

You can easily clear that all away, start fresh, and be a new you. That is great news because right now, if you’re unhappy with how your life is going, you don’t have to be this way anymore.

Think of who you are right now…

Think about who you really think you are. Contemplate what you think about yourself. Write down everything you can about who you think you are and go into as much detail. Think of how other people perceive you.

Think about that image in your head that you have of yourself. Think about when you have approached a girl in the past, what that image in her head looks like to you and really go into a lot of detail and lay out who that person is that you think you currently are right now.

I know for myself, when I would approach a girl, that image of myself was a pretty weak man. It was a guy who used to get teased at school. It was a guy that got bullied. It was a guy that was just expecting to get rejected every time he went up to a girl. Basically, my self-image was weak and going up to a girl with that self-image was a guaranteed failure each and every time. So, I had to then go and basically do the next step and get real and think about who I wanted to become, and that is what you need to do.

Think of who you really want to be…

Think of the person that you want to become. It could be a friend of yours. It could be someone that you aspire to be like in life. It could be an actor, or it could be someone that you have observed who just has this amazing presence. Just think of that person that you really want to be and write down what it is about that person that you really admire.

It could be his level of confidence. It could be his ability to just talk out and say what he feels. It could be his guts and determination. Find out the points that you really admire about him and go into as much detail as possible.

For me, I wanted to change that image to a fictitious character called, James Bond. Bond just has that suave look about him, that smoothness about him, that aura, that confidence without having to verbalize it. I really wanted to be like that in my life. I wanted that self‑image to be in my head when I approach a girl.

Create your positive self-image…

When I wanted to create my positive self-image, I created some action steps that I had to do and I got people to push me as much as possible into uncomfortable situations until I was used to getting out of my comfort zone. By doing that, I was able to then gain more confidence and started to become more quietly confident in myself.

You can do it, just like I did…

Write down the steps that you are going to take that are going to build that new self-confidence of yours. When you write out some ways, take action on that. It is no good just writing the stuff down. You need to take action.

For instance, if you put yourself into some social situations that might be a little bit uncomfortable, perhaps you would want to take a friend along who is going to give you a bit of a nudge when you need it. Perhaps joining that public speaking course or taking an improvisation acting class, whatever it is that is going to get you to take action and get you closer to that positive new image of yourself.

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Want to start dating the hottest women? Want the most beautiful women around to lust after you? Then you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re reading this article, you are no doubt at the point where you want to meet and interact with hot women. Perhaps you are finding that hot women are more of a challenge for you and you want to overcome that and develop the skills to attract more of them in your life today.

I know exactly where you’re coming from!

I had a friend, once, that used to be good with women, but decided that he wanted to focus just on picking up models and hot girls. He changed his life around and became a high-valued guy.

He put a lot of time into his career, a lot of time into his style, and a lot of time conquering his fears with women – especially hot, attractive women. He is now one of the most successful guys I know and regularly picks up some stunning women, which would make the average guy envious.

He shared with me one little technique that he uses that helps him when it comes to interacting with hot women. I am going to share that secret with you today.

Attractive women use tests on men…

When it comes to picking up hot women, you have to be cautious because women will use tests to ensure that you are the real deal. If you come over as confident and very assured of yourself, they are going to try to determine whether that confidence is fake or whether it is real.

Girls will often throw tests at you. They might pick on your appearance. They might find something about you that they will belittle in some kind of way. A lot of guys might get confrontational here and get angry with the girl. You need to know that this is how she is testing you out.

The best way to react to a girl throwing a test at you is to be as unfazed as possible. Actually, you want to take it as a compliment because when a girl throws a test at you, she is obviously attracted to you and wants to ensure that she is picking someone that can hold his own.

Know how to deal with these tests!

Reframe it as a compliment and laugh it off. Be unfazed. You are obviously doing something right. You could also joke around and throw it back on her a little bit and tease her in a fun, non-offensive kind of way.

It is also very important, even when a girl does test you, that you never let a girl walk over you. If you want to demonstrate to her that you are a high-value guy, that you are a guy with confidence, then ensure that you communicate to her that you are not the sort of guy that she can just walk all over.

Be in the moment…

Another important aspect of interacting with a hotter girl is being in the moment. This is crucial to keep your interactions flowing and positive. Most guys get really stuck when they perceive a challenge to their self-esteem. It may manifest itself as over thinking, over self-consciousness, or doubt.

Take these tips on board and you’ll find that finding a woman is easy! Comment below if there’s anything more I can help you with. Good luck!

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How do you know when someone wants to kiss you? Well, it’s not always that simple, but there are some things to remember when the time comes.

Just envision that moment. You know the one, where the conversation just keeps on flowing. It has been an amazing night. You really felt you had a connection with her. She is amazing, one of a kind. In fact, you could maybe even see this developing into a relationship.

Now, the evening is coming to an end and you can hear that little voice lingering inside your head. It is saying, “Should I kiss her or not? Should I make a move? What happens if she rejects me? What happens if it ends in an embarrassing situation and I scare her away, never see her again and perhaps even lose a potential girlfriend?”

I don’t know about you, but this is something I have faced many times. Sometimes, it goes well and, sometimes, it fails miserably. I now know the signs to look for when dating a girl that ensures I get it right a hundred percent of the time with no risk of failure or embarrassment.

There are key signs that she really wants to be kissed and these signs are fool proof. They’ll never fail.

The gaze…

When a girl gives you the gaze, surely you know what I’m talking about. It is the eye contact that lingers even after you have stopped talking. She just looks at you like she’s in awe of you. That gaze is the perfect indication that she really likes you, and when she really likes you, that means she wants to feel your lips against hers tenderly caressing at the end of the night.

If you’re getting that gaze during the day, then you know this is a perfect sign that you can make a move on her anytime and she’s not going to back away. If anything, she’s going to probably want to jump you. When a girl really starts to feel comfortable and attracted to you, she starts to touch you. She’ll even try to position herself so she’s closer to you, so she can touch you more.

Is she touching you?

If she’s touching you, then it is a pretty good sign that it is time to take action and get your lips against hers. She is smiling and laughing at you. When a girl finds a guy attractive, she will find everything you say really funny and they’ll just be smiling because they’re in awe of you and really enjoying your company. If you’re getting this, then it is probably a good sign she wants to be kissed, she’s responsive.

If she is not attracted to you, she’ll be giving you the cold shoulder and finding any way to get away from you. But, when a girl is responsive, if she’s investing in you, asking you questions, if she is interrogating you almost, then she is interested in you and a good sign that she wants to be kissed. She sticks around. Let’s face it. If she is not interested in you, she is going to make an excuse to leave you or perhaps maybe make an early exit or find an excuse to get away.

So, if she is merely sticking around, if she still wants to date you and you’ve gone two or three locations and she has maybe even made an excuse to come into your place or give you an excuse to come to her place, then she is interested and she probably wants to be kissed.

It’s up to you to know when to kiss…

One of the best kissing tips for men is to initiate the kiss. Most of the time, romance tip websites will tell you the same.

Rarely will girls ever make the first move when it comes to kissing. It is kind of just a rule, an unwritten rule that we have in the dating world that guys are supposed to make the first move. So, if you’ve ticked off any of the boxes above on your date, then it is probably a good time to take the plunge and go in for the kiss.

The worst thing you can do is to leave her hanging around and not kiss her. She’ll take that as a sign that you’re not interested, and she’ll probably move on to another guy that is prepared to take the plunge and give her a kiss.

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Knowing how to act on a first date is really important when it comes to dating. Your first date will define you for the rest of the dating process and hence, you need to listen to my first date tips.

You’ve likely heard that body language accounts for nearly 95% of our communication. Being able to read her body language is imperative to having a successful first date. Her body language will indicate a lot about her and just by being able to read that, you can certainly adjust things to make your first date more successful.

So, when she is not really into the conversation – or not very comfortable – she will have the following type of body language. She’ll move or lean away from you. Her arms will be crossed and her legs will be crossed. She will look off to the side. Her feet will be pointed away from you or towards the exit and she’ll be rubbing and scratching her nose, eyes, or the back of her neck a lot.

In this particular situation, it means she is very closed off to you. She is not really feeling the love you are giving her at the moment. She is not really attracted to you, and there are a number of things you can do in this particular situation. You could work a little harder to win her over, and that might involve increasing your flirtation with her.

Find new ways to connect…

My next piece of first date advice is trying other ways to connect with her. Find a commonality that you guys have or something that really gets her passionate as she talks and that she’ll open up to. But, really, it’s hard work and you’ve got to really fish for something that’s going to click and win her over.


You can try for a little while, but if nothing is changing, then maybe it’s just not working out. If you are a guy that has an abundance of women, then that shouldn’t be an issue, because if this date doesn’t work, you know very well that you’ll be able to score another date that will work.

You don’t need creative first ideas or expensive gifts to make it work. You just need to be yourself and stick to my first date tips!

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Here are the top 10 signs of confidence women want in a man, giving you the opportunity to find out what women want, learn how to be attractive, and start getting women!

1. Attitude

Women want a guy that has an easy-going attitude. He is someone that is relaxed, calm, in control of himself, and she can feel comfortable being around him.

2. Humility

He is humble. He is not someone that is boastful or insecure about himself so that he has to brag about his achievements. He knows he is great and he does not have to tell you because he knows you will eventually find out!

3. Humor

A sense of humor shows confidence and a lot of other great characteristics. She does not want to be around a guy that is serious and boring.

4. Happiness

Being happy shows that you are confident in your own skin, you are confident about the direction you are going in life and you are someone that is enjoying life and really taking life by the scruff of its neck.

5. Style

Good style is important because it shows that you have a lot of self-awareness about how you look.

6. Confidence

A guy that is confident and sure of himself generally is not a slouch. He is going to be holding himself upright and will move slowly, not rapidly. His shoulders are back and he just looks like a confident person, a person that is going somewhere.

7. Grace

He moves gracefully. He is not jittery. He just moves slowly and smoothly. A great example of this is watching a James Bond movie and seeing how he walks through a crowd. That just really oozes confidence from his skin.

8. Calmness

He is calm. Whenever there are moments of panic or fear, a confident guy knows he is capable of handling the situation. He stays calm because he is very self-aware.

9. Attentiveness

He is present. A confident guy is there in the moment. He is not thinking about the past or the future. He is not letting that jeopardize the moment that he is spending now. He is very firmly in the present. When he is listening to you, he is focused on you and you know you have his full attention.

10. Eye contact

Once again, being present is having good, strong eye contact. Eye contact demonstrates confidence. If you can hold eye contact with someone, then you are showing a lot of good characteristics.

Generally, guys that are nervous, especially around hot women, will dart their eyes around everywhere. They do not know how to look. They are not secure in themselves. A confident guy will hold good strong eye contact, be calm and collected – this is one of the many signs of confidence.