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Learning how to get a girl to like you is something I would encourage you to get out of your head, as I know there are better ways of finding a woman than following a routine. Want to know how? Then keep reading!

I’m going to lift the lid on a common belief and throw all you know about picking up women right out the window. Yes, guys, it is time to be bold and give you a good healthy dose of useful advice that is going to take your luck and ability with women to the next level. I’ll let you know how to find a date whenever you want a date!

Ignore people who say you can attract anyone!

One of the biggest flaws in many dating advice and products out there is this massive focus on building attraction with women. How to make a girl attracted to you? How to flip her attraction switches? ‘Ten signs of attraction’ and other similar articles are complete garbage.

The misleading theory behind all of this is that the more attraction you have, the more likely you would be to get a date and sleep with her. However, the fact is that girls don’t have to be that attracted to you to talk to you, spend time with you, date or even sleep with you. The guy who scores is not the one who has a girl super attracted to him in the club. The guy who scores is the one who goes home with her at the end of the night. It is as simple as that.

How do you know if it’s possible?

Sometimes, you can tell for sure if she’s attracted or not. These could be vague signals. Maybe she’s shy. Maybe she’s just socially awkward. So, you should always stick to the game plan, and the game plan is to isolate and escalate. I like to just assume that every girl is attracted to me. I work hard on myself. I go out there and I dress quite well and I know I am an intelligent guy, and you probably are too.

So why not just assume that your attraction is already there? Once you assume that she’s already attracted to you, the next part is really easy. All you have to do is isolate her and escalate. Isolating her can mean taking her away from her friends, moving her to a different spot in the venue or just finding any excuse to take her to a spot where it is just you guys. That way, it is just both of you together with no one else around.

Lead her…

The important part of isolating is leading. One I like to do is pretty much maybe 10 minutes into an interaction. I like to find an excuse to grab her hand and take her somewhere else.

Occasionally, I will leave and ask her friends for permission to take her away from them just for a little while. Once you have her isolated, the next thing is to escalate, and escalating is really easy. It is just being sexual with her, touching her, getting a little closer to her and really leaving nothing to the imagination.

Be forward!

If you like her and you want to take things a little further than just plain old conversation, show her that. Display that to her. Get a little physical with her. The last thing is you don’t want to die wondering, so you need to be there pushing the boundaries a little bit and taking things as far as possible.

So, guys, remember – it is as easy as those two simple steps: isolate and escalate. Assume attraction. Isolate the girl and then escalate on her. That’s really it. If you can do this effectively, you’ll have no issues getting girls to sleep with you and having enough sexual partners in your life.

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Everyone wants to know how to find a fuck buddy – and you may be surprised to learn that I can help you find one. It’s really simple! Read on and I’ll give you the secrets to obtaining casual sex.

Follow the rules of being fuck buddies…

In order to be friends with benefits, both parties must have respect for each other. No respect means no sex. Both parties that engage in a fuck buddy type of relationship must understand the situation. You both need to know that what you have is purely physical and nothing more will ever develop of it.

If you aren’t sure or feel the other person may not be certain about the situation, you must ask or explain the circumstances. There should be a mutual, physical, sexual chemistry or attraction to one another. If you can’t bear to look at the person sober or they are not wild enough for you in bed, then there is no point continuing a relationship based on sex with them.

Communication is important…

You must both be able to communicate what you want, when you want it and how you want it. Remember, you are both spending time together in order to get what you want, which is satisfaction. If you aren’t sure or aren’t doing something the way you like it, then tell them how it is done before giving up completely.

You should have few or no mutual friends…

Being a friend with benefits requires a bit of anonymity for things to run smoothly. This one is especially important because fuck buddy type situations can get sticky if you know a lot of the same people. You shouldn’t have to worry about being found out.

Keep a healthy distance…

Only call, text or email with the intent of fucking or arranging your next fuck. You need to understand that this is all there is between the two of you and that there is nothing more to say.

Small talk is fine…

Sure, you can make some small talk asking how their day was, finding out what they do for a living or whatever, but don’t go on about what a bad day you had at work, how your friend is getting married soon, blah, blah, blah. You are there to have sex, not find a confidant or establish an emotional connection!

The major, major rule for any kind of fuck buddy situation is as soon as feelings are starting to emerge from either one of you, end the relationship. If you don’t do this quickly, things will start to get complicated and messy and leave one of the parties with a broken heart.

How to find fuck buddies …

You can get a fuck buddy either by meeting a girl that you find sexually attractive and finds you sexually attractive, and being really upfront to them that this relationship is going to be purely sexual.

Explain that perhaps you are not at a stage in life where you are looking to indulge in a relationship and you are just purely interested in sex. But, obviously, just try to communicate to her and if she agrees then you can commence your fuck buddy relationship! Be nice. Don’t sound insulting.

There are also websites that are catered to adult dating and finding someone purely for the basis of fulfilling the need for sex. They are ideal for finding someone.

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If you’re one of the unlucky few that aren’t getting blown regularly, then I’m going to help turn your fortunes around. Here are some of the reasons why she might be put off by the idea of having oral sex with you.

Oral sex can be one of the best parts of having sex with a girl. It can really spice up your sex life and you can get some of the best sensations you’ve ever received. In my experience, most girls love giving a guy oral sex. It’s almost like they love having control and power over you.

However, there are a small percentage of girls out there that aren’t a fan of blowing a guy off or even receiving oral sex.

Personal or religious reasons…

She may feel like the act is impure or dirty due to her religious beliefs or a strict, conservative upbringing. She could have had a really bad experience with oral sex in a past relationship. If your girl fits into either one of these categories, it’s important that you tread very lightly at first and slowly shift her mindset around a little bit.

Some ways you can do that is to just start off slowly. You could try to get her doing more experimental things with sex, like trying a new sex position. You might go out together and buy a vibrator or you could just get her naked for a couple hours just for the sake of it.

All of these things could help to gently nudge her out of her comfort zone and expose her to more areas of her sex life. Then she will start to get into a more exploratory mindset and slowly open up to different possibilities. Eventually, oral sex is no longer taboo and is just another avenue for sexual enjoyment.

Another way to combat her resistance to oral sex is taking her to some unfamiliar surroundings where she doesn’t feel like she has to act in a particular way. Being in this new and foreign place could help lower her inhibitions – almost as if no one is judging her. That might be in a different area or could even be overseas. You could be taking her to a private park or beach; a place where she can really release her past baggage and restrictions and just let her hair down.

Give and you shall receive…

If you’re not pleasing her orally, then she’s not going to have the motivation to do anything for you. One good turn deserves another, and it is only fair that you give her the sexually intense experience that you are hoping to get from her. If you are putting in the effort, then it is much more likely that she will too!

It’s also important that you educate yourself on how to turn her on. Communicate and find out what areas really get her aroused and lead her to orgasm. Building more of an understanding means you’ll start getting better at it and it’s going to motivate her to reciprocate the effort.

Things aren’t like they used to be…

If oral sex has departed from the sex in your relationship, it could be an indicator that she’s not feeling the love for you anymore. Your girlfriend may have lost interest in your sex lives and doesn’t feel like it is worth the effort anymore. In other words, the spark has gone.

It’s important to remember that a good sex life is an active part of a happy and stable relationship. So, if you want to go that extra bit in the bedroom, then you have to earn it. Make sure you’re giving her plenty of love and attention and everything is going fine in your relationship, because that can be a major factor in her wanting to go that extra mile and please you orally.

Keep it clean…

If your hygiene is terrible, then there is no way in hell that she will even consider oral sex. If you don’t clean those areas and keep them well cropped, then it’s going to really put her off going down there. Ensure that you take a shower before you have sex to freshen up. Make sure your pubic hair is clean and well-trimmed.

I hope these tips on how to get oral sex and enhance your sex life help you in the future. If you have any questions or would like any more information on oral sex, then please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section below. I love reading your responses and always try to get back to as many of you as I possibly can.

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Thinking about ‘how to get a shy girl’ is the wrong way to score. Scoring women shouldn’t be such a narrow search! With the right energy and mindset, you can get any girl you want.

Learn from others…

Having too narrow a search is a common trait I see amongst guys who are terrible with women, and I’m talking about guys who would struggle to get laid in a brothel. You know the type I’m talking about.

These guys have a certain energy about them. It is almost toxic. It not only makes it difficult for them to get laid but also prevents them from making friends in general life. These are the guys you want to avoid like the plague. They are brilliant to learn from, though, if you can learn from other’s mistakes.

In fact, most of my ability with women came from learning from these kinds of guys who are just simply terrible with ladies, and I basically did exactly the opposite of what they did.

Anyway, the major trait these guys had that made them simply terrible with women was the energy they gave off. It was like a wave of negativity that consumes you whenever you’re near these guys, so consequently, you just try to keep away.

Always be positive when finding women…

When you go out to meet women, you want to ensure that your energy levels are always positive and you want to make her feel great when she is around you. You want to make people feel like you’re approachable and a pleasure to talk to.

Control your thoughts…

So, how do you create a more positive energy? It’s easy.

Say I just met a girl and I’m really in the flow, but then, suddenly, a couple of negative thoughts drift into my mind like she doesn’t like me. “What are you doing here talking to her?” “You know, she is going to eventually work out that you’re just some loser that’s not good enough for her.” Negative thoughts like that.

These thoughts are like a total cancer to my game, and it’s the same for you. They just ruin my interaction and send me into a nervous bumbling wreck. So, learning to control your mind is crucial in having a better energy and also showing a girl your best self. I find that a great way that helps me control my thoughts is meditation.

Meditation is a great way to stay focused, stay present, and eliminate any distractions in your mind that prevent you from being your best self. Meditation is amazing for keeping you in a happier and more sound state of mind. This can help you more than you think when talking to women!

Don’t forget about your aura…

Your aura is the reflection of everything that you are feeling and thinking. If you feel happy and confident, this will give you a positive energy that will make girls open up to you. Too much confidence can also radiate in your energy and it is something that girls don’t find attractive at all. You will be more charismatic as you practice being more healthy and happy, and eventually girls will be attracted to you even before you start talking.

Bikram is a really challenging style of yoga, and a great way to enhance your mood and the energy you exude. At the end of the class when you have completed an hour and a half of Bikram yoga, you feel like you’ve reached a great goal and accomplished something significant, which gives you a lot of confidence.

Be an optimist…

By optimist I mean someone that sees the positive side of everything. Rather than allowing yourself to see negatives everywhere and become a recluse, start taking on a more positive frame. If something really bad happens to you, frame it in a positive light. For example, if the train is delayed and you have to wait thirty minutes for the next train, think about how you can use that 30 minutes in a positive way.

This might give you a chance to talk to some girls in those 30 minutes. It might give you a chance to meditate. It might give you a chance to catch up on some reading that you’ve been dying to do. So, rather than always looking at the worst points and getting angry over every situation, find a way to make the best of the situation. Think of setbacks in a positive way so that you can benefit from any bad situation.

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Do you want to make this summer more memorable by having a hot, passionate fling with a hot, sexy girl? Of course you do! If you haven’t been persuaded already, here are some more reasons to tempt you into having a bit of fun.

Losing all inhibition…

Summer flings are a great opportunity to be with someone you would not normally be attracted to or who you would not normally be dating. If you know this is a short-term arrangement, then this gives you a chance to enjoy different types of girls and get a feel for many different varieties of girls. This will help you gain romantic and sexual experience as well as help you appreciate different perspectives from different types of girls. A summer fling is also a great way to enjoy the romantic stage of your relationship without having to make a long-term commitment. It is almost like having the best of both worlds.

They give you some experiences that you would not normally have because you tend to go after the girls that you feel more comfortable with and are more like you. I tend to enjoy going to different countries and dating girls that have different nationalities and different perspectives on life. Often, I take away something new and interesting from every girl.

Get sexy…

A summer romance is a great way to enjoy hot steamy sex in the summertime. Summer really brings out your horny side because the weather is warmer, the Sun’s rays are making you happier, and there is more skin on show. As a result, you are generally in a more sexual and experimental frame of mind. So, having a summer fling really allows you to release the inner animal that lies within you.

Instead of fixating on how to find the perfect woman, you are romancing your summer fling. Wining and dining her and having great sex without having to worry about where your future is heading and whether you can ever date other girls again. Sometimes, the summer flings can lead to longer-term romances, but more often than not, it is just some short-term fun that you can both enjoy together.

Thanks for the memories…

Summer flings also provide a great, lasting memory that you can cherish over the winter period. Winter can often be a depressing time because you are locked indoors, the weather is miserable and the sunshine has all but disappeared. Having that memory from your summer fling can help you overcome the winter gloominess and give you something to look forward to next summer when you get a chance a find your next summer fling.

I hope this information on summer flings has been helpful to you, and if you want to know more, then please post your responses in the comments section below. I love reading them and always try my hardest to get back to as many as I can.

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Want to know the secrets of how to really turn a girl on? Did you ever want to amp up her desires so much that she would be ready to go crazy in bed? If so – buckle yourselves in, guys!

Use these secrets with caution because you need to be able to follow through with the actions you inspire. I don’t want you to waste the energy that you put into using these secrets only for you to chicken out at the last minute.

Make your intentions clear…

Now, when it comes to meeting a girl in a club, it can be difficult moving from a regular conversation to a sexually charged one. What you want to do is start bringing up sex very subtly and casually in your conversation. The easiest way to do that is with a compliment. She will in turn start thinking about you as a potential sexual partner.

At this point, if the opportunity presents itself, start breaking the touch barrier. Touch her arm when you talk to her or if you move your conversation to somewhere more private, lead her by touching the small of her back. The more you flirt and interact with her by using touch, the more she’ll consider you as a prime candidate in the bedroom.

Get comfortable…

It’s important to note that if you make her feel comfortable about sex, she’ll easily open up to you in the bedroom. If you’re comfortable talking about sex, then she’ll be comfortable talking about sex. She’ll be able to let go of any stigmas that she has about sex and be herself without being ashamed of her sexual needs. Together, the two of you can make all of your fantasies come true.

However, if you’re a guy that finds it hard to talk about sex around girls, there is a really great way to help boost your confidence and comfort level. Trying to be more dominant will help you create sexual tension and get girls stimulated by you. There is a lot of demonstrated power when you show your strong sexual confidence. Women love a man with confidence and that will definitely turn her on.

Word play…

Try talking dirty to her. This doesn’t have to involve anything derogatory, crude, or demeaning. Just whisper exactly what you’re thinking and wishing you could do to her. Put her in a submissive frame of mind by demanding her to do things for you. It’s a fantastic way to turn her on and get sparks flying.

With dirty talk, there are limits, so you need to test her boundaries gently – you don’t want to offend her or leave her feeling awkward. Start off with some talk like, “You really turn me on when I see you like this. I can barely control myself.” From this point on, depending on how she responds, you can slowly turn up the dirty to shift her mindset into sex mode. Get it right and she won’t be able to control her desire for you. She’ll become more comfortable, reciprocating, and embellishing the dirty talk that you started.

Don’t limit yourself to using dirty talk in the bedroom. You could use talk dirty during the day, through text messages or in an email. It’s a fantastic way to get her excited about tonight. You’ll keep her thinking about what she wants you to do to her so the next time she sees you, she won’t be able to help wanting to rip your clothes off.

Sexual and sensual…

Once you have her warmed up with dirty talk, move on to kissing her. The neck is known as a strong erogenous zone for women, and activity in these zones will really get a girl aroused, so this is a great place to target. Kiss her neck, breathe on her neck, and lick her neck up and down. Alternatively, you could try gently caressing the lines of her collarbone or the inside of her thighs. If you happen to be standing up, simply press your body lightly against hers while you’re kissing. This will get her wondering what your body will feel like pressed up against her naked one.

Remember, pacing yourself and keeping the future a mystery will enhance her arousal to the point where she’ll begin taking the clothes off you. Women need to be teased to become comfortable with the idea of having sex with someone new, so you better be up to the challenge.

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Do you feel like you have completely no game when you are trying to woo a woman? Do you sit there and watch other guys just walk up to a woman and twenty minutes later they are leaving the club together? It was so bemusing to see them just go up to a girl and almost grab her like a caveman, lifting her up upon his shoulder and carrying her out of the club. The most confusing part – she wouldn’t even fight against it.

Of course, you would talk to girls and you’d always be the nice guy. But you would feel like you had to wait for her approval before asking for a number or buying her a drink. Yet these guys could just waltz over, take her from you and in five minutes they are making out! You’re left sitting there, doubting that you will ever be able to attract women again.

Well, do not fear because I was that guy once too, and it is important for you to know that you aren’t going to be that guy anymore either! I realized that these guys were doing something that you and I were not.

Become the animal…

So, what were these guys doing that you and hundreds of guys like you weren’t? It’s very simple. These guys were in touch with their innate animal. They aren’t ashamed of their inner desires and their masculinity and definitely do not try to hide it or apologize for their feelings towards ladies.

And you know what? Women love this. They may tell you otherwise and they may say these guys are sleazy or just too full-on for them, but what you’ll learn is these guys and their primitive behavior naturally attracts women. Although, logically they will deny it, subconsciously they’re drawn to it.

You’re a confident Alpha male…

What you need to have is confidence in your masculinity and your sexuality. You clearly know you’re a man. Some men appear to be waiting for the latest sociological research study to let them know if they are a man or not, but not you, not anymore. You are going to become a man that makes women feel like they’re respected and desired. Women will let go of their inhibitions when they are around you. No longer will you fear rejection or care what other people think. You’re free to express your opinions and emotions as you please, just like an animal.

Own your intent. When you go out next with a girl, you really want to show her how you feel and display it physically and verbally. Show her that you’re a man. Show her that you’re persistent and you’ll really surprise yourself at the reaction you get. In fact, I challenge you to push the boundaries so far that you are fully expecting to get slapped.

The challenge…

Walk up to women and be as sexual as possible. Lose your inhibitions and disregard the opinion of others. This is about you and the woman you want to woo. Be confident, be dirty, be bold and you know what? You won’t get slapped. If anything, you’ll get phone numbers and end up getting laid.

If you are serious about making a change, then you need to go out this weekend and be sexual with girls. Be direct with girls. Don’t try to beat around the bush. Tell them what you’re thinking. Tell them you like them. Tell them what they’re doing to you. If they’re giving you an erection, if they’re making you feel horny, tell them. Challenge yourself to really push past your comfort zone and this is going to totally change your game and your life.

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Does your relationship feel like it is becoming dry, boring, or difficult? Do you feel like you are no longer making your girlfriend happy? Well, do not fear, because you are not alone.

There are hundreds of guys out there who used to worry about the exact same thing. However, thanks to the following tips, their worries are now a thing of the past. Now it is your turn, so let’s take a look at some ways in which you can start to make your girlfriend happy again!

Paying attention to her…

You need to ensure that you are taking some time out of your schedule for her. We all live busy lives, especially chasing after some big goals and aspirations in your life. Nevertheless – it’s important not to forget about your girlfriend and how important she is.

It is also important that you listen to her. This is something that a lot of guys get wrong in their relationships and everyone has been guilty of. You can find yourself turning on the autopilot mode when she talks and not really focusing on what she is saying. This is telling her that you are not interested in her stories, her concerns, or anything that she has to say and that means you are not making her happy.

Aspire to improve your listening skills by really paying attention to what she’s trying and actively asking her questions in response. Let her know that you’re listening with eye contact and nonverbal cues like nodding your head and turning your body around to face her so she knows your focus is on her and what she’s saying.

Make the effort…

Get to know her friends because they are a very important part of her life and they mean a lot to her. If you can get along with the people that she cares with most in life and you have the approval of her friends, then you are in a very advantageous position.

Display your affections for her in public; be proud that she’s your girlfriend. Hold hands with her, hug her, kiss her, and make her feel that you’re proud to be with her. Take an interest in her, so if she has pressing matters in her life or things that she wants to achieve or do, take an interest and support her and help her achieve those things.

Be less selfish in the bedroom. Sex is a major foundation of any relationship, and rather than just thinking about yourself you need to also think about what pleases her and what gives her satisfaction in the bedroom. You also need to bring out your romantic side for her. If it’s something you’re not naturally good at, make a point of seeking advice from friends or search online.

Communication and consideration…

Tell her what’s on your mind! Guys rarely feel comfortable talking about their feeling or things that are really playing on their mind. As a result, your girlfriend is left confused and wondering what is really happening in your head. If you really want to have a happy relationship, you need to save her the confusion and speak to her. Communication is a very important part of any relationship, so the more that you can unload and tell her what’s on your mind, the better and stronger your relationship is going to be in the future.

Always have her best intentions at heart. Whenever you’re making decisions, always think of how it’s going to affect your girlfriend and her happiness. She’s a major part of your life and you can’t afford to be selfish in your thinking. You need to think more about your actions and how they are going to affect her.

Be strong for her. You’re the guy in the relationship and you should be stepping up the plate when she needs you. When she has an emotional need or life is beating her down, you need to have the courage and strength to really support her and make her feel like you’re the rock in the relationship. Doing this is guaranteed to make your girlfriend happy and improve your relationship tenfold!

I hope these tips on making your girlfriend happy come in handy and I encourage you to put them into practice immediately. If you want any additional information on how to improve your relationship and increase your girlfriend’s happiness, then please let me know in the comments section below. I love reading your responses and always try to respond to as many of them as possible.

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Do you want to know the secrets that make it so you will never be rejected again? Of course you do, and I want to tell you how.

When you are trying to pick up girls, you may get confused about when to make the right move on a girl. You fill your head with concerns and excuses which have ultimately led to a lot of missed opportunities. So, when is the right time to make a move on her? First of all, you need to trust your instinct.

Go with your gut…

Usually your gut feeling is the best indicator on when to make a move. You’ll often feel that she is being receptive to you and it is in that moment when you really feel like she is opening up. When this instinctive feeling hits, this is often a good indicator that she is ready to take things to another level.

You need to be less of a thinker and more of a doer. Guys that are generally bad with women are very logical type guys that will sit and analyze the situation over and over again. They overload their brain with faults and worst case scenarios, by which time the moment has gone. This guy is not you, you are going to control your thoughts and follow your instinctive emotions, instead. If you’re really feeling drawn to her and you feel like she is being drawn to you, stop analyzing it and act.

Be positive and daring…

When it comes to attracting girls, you need to be more of an optimist. Rather than always thinking of the worst situations, you need to take a look at the positives and lose your inhibitions. Visualize a positive outcome where you’re going in for the kiss and she is being very receptive and clearly wants more.

It is important that you are willing to take the risks when picking up girls. Just dive in and see what happens – even if you’re not really sure. It is better to take the risk and be unsuccessful than to not try! Go in without any fear of rejection and you may surprise yourself at how well it pays off.

Size doesn’t matter…

If you are shorter than the average guy, this is absolutely no reason to hold back from picking up girls. Like with most worries in life, you are your own worst enemy and your perception of yourself is the only thing stopping you. I know some short guys who get laid like rock stars. They get more women than tall guys do, and it is because of a couple of the key characteristics that these guys have learned, and you should know them too!

Accept that you are shorter than average and use it as motivation to push yourself harder than anyone to achieve great things. It is this relentless determination that makes them really attractive to women. People who make the effort to be noticed within a big crowd of people are destined to become amazing with women.

All about the confidence…

One major characteristic that really turns women on is confidence. If you have confidence, it is going to be instantly attractive to her regardless of what your physical appearance. So, a great way to improve your confidence when picking up girls is to start improving your confidence in other areas of life. This includes your job, your social life, your fitness exercise, and your hobbies. You need to start being the guy that pushes the envelope and excels in everything he does.

You have to learn to love yourself and develop a healthy level of self-appreciation. Set some big goals for yourself and show everyone that you are going somewhere in life. Be happy with your body, but do not become complacent with it. Keeping fit and enhancing your physique is not only good for confidence, but there are a tremendous amount of health benefits, too!  Get some physical activity done, whether it is going to the gym or playing a competitive sport like basketball or football to keep yourself looking and feeling sharp.

You can then combine your fitness and confidence with an improved fashion sense. Do this by keeping on top of what is in fashion. Reading fashion blogs and speaking to guys that know a lot about fashion is an excellent way to improve your style and your confidence when you are talking to and attracting girl.

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Nerves can really hinder your ability to open up and attract women, and if it’s ruining your chances, my top tips are gonna help.

Are you almost put off by dating because you can’t seem to control your nerves? Are you always getting frustrated because you can never show her the real you? I know when I used to get really nervous on a date I found it hard to think, speak or act clearly to display my more attractive side to her. Does this sound like you, too? Well, you are about to make a change.

Confront the fear…

In order to change your fortunes around and defeat your dating anxiety, you need to make conscious changes to your approach and, most importantly, face your fear. The best way to stop being nervous on a date is to go on more dates. The more you go on dates, the more comfortable you will start to feel about dating. As they always say, practice makes perfect!

Try to set up three to five dates per week if you can. If going out is not your thing, then you can easily do this online. Online dating provides a great opportunity to meet many women in the comfort of your own home. You can arrange multiple dates depending on your preference and this is a great way to increase your dating numbers and quality by utilizing speed dating.

Learn to be calm…

The next thing you can try is learning how to meditate. By meditating, you are able to control the negative thoughts that were going through your mind and become a lot more centered. Before you go on a date, you will feel so much calmer and more in control of yourself. Meditation’s not just good for dating, but it’s also helpful in all areas of your life. It’s a great tool to help you become a powerful individual who is in total control of his mind.

You may also consider going to a place where you feel comfortable. When you’re comfortable with your environment, it’s going to make a massive difference in how you feel. This could be your favorite bar or a restaurant that you visit often, perhaps you know the bartender really well. When you walk into that place with your date, you will feel like you are bringing her to your home.

Be prepared and understanding…

A good way of calming your nerves before a date is to get social beforehand. In order to get into a really good state for your date and fall into a more talkative frame, it’s important to warm up a little bit. This can be done by talking to people in the street, chatting with a shopkeeper or making small talk with people that serve you at work. It’s about getting a little bit chattier so that as soon as you’re on a date, you’re in more of a conversational flow straightaway.

Another thing to consider with dating anxiety is how much you know about women. If you are constantly nervous on a date, then it may be because you don’t have a great understanding of women. The more you’re able to understand women, the more you’re able to understand how to trigger her attraction and learn her signs of interest. This way you’ll be able to feel a lot less nervous and things can progress.

Liquid confidence…

The last thing you can try to combat your dating anxiety is to just have a little bit of a drink beforehand. Nothing major – do not get drunk – but just a slight something to calm your nerves. This is great for giving you a bit of a boost before you head out so you feel less nervous and a lot looser. Having a small drink before you go out or when you’re on the date can really help lower your nerves and make you feel comfortable.

I hope this information on dating anxiety and calming your nerves has been helpful! If you have any more questions about being nervous on a date or dating women, then please do not hesitate to get in touch through the comments section below. I love reading your responses and try to reply as often as I can.