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Double dating can be a fun, different way of spending time with your girlfriend or boyfriend away from the home. Double date ideas range from those that would suit any solo couple to those that are best done with larger groups of people.

One of the most generic double date ideas is simply going to dinner with another couple. This is surely a safe bet. Pick a nice restaurant, you can meet there, you can take advantage of the fact that there are plenty of things at most places to steer conversation in different directions (helping avoid awkward pauses), and it doesn’t require almost any planning or preparation. This can be as fun on a double date as on a solo date. Along the same lines is seeing a movie which, while it requires a bit more planning (it’s harder for four people to agree on a movie than two!) can also be a fun, pleasant evening experience, and it can give you people to talk to about the movie once it is over.

However, if you’re looking for less generic, more adventurous double date ideas, you can try going on little excursions or even larger scale trips. These include going to a sporting event – this can be really fun if you and the people you know care about sports – a show or concert, a drive in theatre (probably better for couples of a younger age group), etc, or even more adventurous ideas such as taking a river or helicopter tour, taking a hike, sailing a boat, and perhaps even spending a night together on a trip to the woods or the beach.

These double date ideas tend to be a lot of fun with people who are simply friends, but they have the added twist of including time for romantic moments and opportunities along the way. They can be a great, great way to not only have a wonderful time, but also get to know (or spend time with) another couple; there’s nothing like a trip away from the city to bring people together.

Another category of effective double date ideas are those that can be done indoors, usually in one or the other couples’ home. These include an extravagant dinner cooked by both couples (and probably includes a shopping spree beforehand), a wine and cheese tasting night, a game night, etc. Activities in the home can be fun, but are probably best for couples that you know well, as those board games and the quieter conversations of the home are best when you are very comfortable with each other.

They also require a fair amount of work for the couple hosting them, as you will have to spend time cleaning the house and planning whatever activities you choose to do. There are many other double date ideas out there that can be a lot of fun and can add a different dimension to whatever relationship you are in and whatever friends you have. One of the biggest decisions that follows deciding what to do on your double date is, of course, who to go on the date with.

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For men who find women intimidating, annoying to approach, full of themselves, prude, etc – for men who hate the game they are expected to play while talking to women or even simply presenting themselves to women – for men who like to skip a lot of needless “bullshit” and simply get right down to it, they can all thank god for drunk party girls.

Long a staple of American youth culture, drunk party girls are defined by a love of “having fun,” of crazy, wild nights, of drinking, dancing, dressing up, wearing makeup, jewelry, and other accessories and, of course, hooking up. Some would say that a party is not really a party (or at least not a good one) without drunk party girls. They come from all walks of life, but tend to be fairly well off (allowing them a lot of free time), and tend to not be the, um, Einsteins of the room, so to speak.

Unlike many women that you might approach, drunk party girls do not appreciate the usual carefully subtlety and games that go into talking to and approaching women in general. As stated before, they tend to like skipping the games, the bullshit, and the subtlety and get right down to it. At first this can seem as if drunk party girls are simply shallow, and will want to get or hook up with a guy based solely off his appearance.

There is a small amount of truth to this; because of the setting that we are dealing with, it is more difficult for them to truly get to know a guy for his personality, his way with words, his sense of humor, wit, etc, and therefore the judgments must be made based on things that have more to do with what is on the outside than on the inside. However, this does not mean that only very attractive men have a shot with drunk party girls – this is, in fact, far from the truth.

First of all, many drunk party girls are themselves not the most attractive of women. While they might be very dressed up and wearing lots of makeup, they themselves might not be beautiful, and their standards simply based on looks can be fairly easy to deal with. Secondly, they are not simply looking for appearances but for confidence and swagger, for a certain attitude and way of carrying yourself, an attitude that tells them you can handle their needs and wants, and know exactly what they are looking for, and how to have a good time.

This can spell good news for guys of almost any level of appearances. That being said, however, if you are around drunk party girls, you should put effort into the way you look and dress, as there is no need to give yourself additional obstacles to work around. Finally, keep in mind that they are, in fact, drunk party girls. Drunk girls tend to have lower inhibitions and lower defenses, and will be much more open to men of all different types and appearances. They are, generally, not discriminatory towards men, except towards those who are no fun.

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“Oh my god, when’s it due? The baby, when’s it due?? Oh, it’s not… um…” And that’s pretty much the most extreme example of all the awkward things I say to girls from time to time. And there’s pretty much no recovering from it either. You just called a girl fat, and let’s be honest, on the small chance she actually doesn’t slap you, tell you to f**k off, or simply walk away, you should probably be worried that she either has massive self esteem issues or is in the middle of the longest dry spell ever.

However while that was the worst example I could think of, it does not mean that all the awkward things I say to girls drive them away from me. On the contrary, saying something awkward to a girl can be overcome in many cases, and sometimes can even be beneficial. Why is this? How do the awkward things I say to girls actually help me attract them? The first reason is that awkward things, though awkward, can also be very humerous. This can be very helpful especially if you generally have problems being funny. Once you’ve gotten the girl to laugh, you are on the right track.

The second reason is because it shows that you are vulnerable, which women find very attractive. The key here is to try and cover it up and act like you are embarrassed by your vulnerability. This will make it all the more endearing to her. This will also make her more comfortable talking to you and more likely to let her guard down around you because she has seen you in a vulnerable state. This will make it easier for you to keep talking to her, and make her more likely to give you a chance.

Another reason why the awkward things I say to girls can help me attract them is that they might be overcome with the urge to say something to ease the tension and recover a sense of normalcy in the conversation they are having with me. This makes them have to put themselves out there, and once I have them talking about themselves and initiating conversation it makes it much easier for me to continue talking to them. This often works, as we all know how terrible awkward pauses are and how much we hate the feeling of awkwardness in a conversation. If she is the one forced to break it, then she is now more invested in me and in the conversation, and less likely to walk away from it.

Yet another reason that awkwardness can work to my advantage with women is that it makes them feel special. How so? Well, if you are awkward around them they may think that it’s because you’re nervous talking to them. You should make every effort to make them think that this is in fact correct. If that is the impression they get, they will feel very good about themselves and will find you that much more endearing to be around.

A final note: Awkward comments, as I’ve elaborated upon above, can be very useful, but they can also be deadly. Make sure the comments are not too awkward, and are not too close to walking the line between awkward and simply creepy. The best kinds of awkward things to say to girls are only slightly awkward, but don’t make you look too stupid, and are easy to recover from in a conversation.

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Satisfying a woman, making her feel comfortable and content, being competent in the bedroom and in other aspects of your relationship is all great; but if you want to really be memorable, irreplaceable, you have to learn to drive a woman wild, make her want you more than she’s ever wanted anyone or anything else, and make her forget every other guy out there besides you.

If you want to drive a woman wild, you must make sure you take care of her in every aspect of her life, and be a fantastic, dependable boyfriend or husband. Make her feel loved and appreciated, make her feel special, etc; in short, don’t do anything that would detract from her good feelings about you, or draw any negative associations with you in her head. However, once you have ensured that she is not distracted by other things, the key to knowing how to drive a woman wild starts in the bedroom.

The first thing you must do to drive a woman wild in the bedroom is be really, really good – at everything. Be a good kisser, both during moments of gentle intimacy and those of more passionate lust, be good at reading a woman’s body (some like certain parts to be kissed or touched – such as the neck, ears, nipples, etc – more than others), and be patient during foreplay. Of course, also, be great down there with your hands and your tongue, know how and when to tease her and when to give her what she wants, etc. Finally, make sure to have good stamina (train yourself through practice, through figuring out what positions allow you to last longer, how long you can go very hard before you have to stop and take a break to avoiding finishing early, etc) in bed, make sure to have a mastery of different positions, and make sure to have the strength necessary to give her what she wants and needs.

What has just been described is necessary, but it is not enough on its own. If you really want to drive a woman wild, you have to personalize the sex. This means a few different things. First of all, when you are facing her, make eye contact. Eye contact during sex is incredibly effective at driving the passion and making her go wild with lust and/or love for you. Look at her in any position in which you can, and whenever you withdraw from kissing her. The second thing to keep in mind are the things you say to her. Dirty talk is not necessary (though mastery of it can be extremely effective), but some communication certainly is.

Make sure to talk to her some, tell her how beautiful, sexy, and great she is, tell her what you really like and ask her what does it for her (and do it!). Call her by her name. Make her feel every bit as desired as she desires you. Finally, make sure you know what she likes. All women are different, and all women like different things in and out of the bedroom. Some like it rougher than others, some like different positions, some like dirty talk more or less, some like to take control and others prefer you to, etc. Observe her, talk to her and question her, and ask her what she likes and wants, etc. The secret to knowing how to drive a woman wild is to know everything you can about her, and what makes her go wild.

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Cute short sayings for girls can be an effective tool for attracting them, making them laugh, and making them feel special. They can absolutely make the difference between a girl falling for you or thinking she can do better. Examples of cute short sayings for girls range from those that are light, humorous, and even silly to ones that are genuine, passionate, and romantic.

The first thing to mention here is that obvious clichés should be avoided.

Anything about shooting for the moon so even if you miss you land among the stars, anything about falling from heaven or coming from heaven, etc, should never ever be used unless you are obviously trying to be ironic (and even then, you can do better.) These kinds of lines simply project a lack of confidence, and make you seem like you are not very creative. Instead, try for things that she has not heard before, and since making up lines can be tough, it’s okay to try variations of cute short sayings for girls that you have heard before.

Examples of cute short sayings for girls include more playful ones, such as:

“If you live to be one hundred, I want to die at ninety-nine, so I never have to live without you.” This should be said somewhat ironically and with a wry smile, but is an effective playful saying.

“You know I have to admit, if we stay together, you’re probably gonna get wrinkles pretty early on in your life… Cause I plan on making you smile a lot!” This is a very cute thing to say, and guaranteed not only to make her smile, but to put it in her head exactly how happy she is around you.

“If you think about me even close to as much as I think about you… You’re probably thinking about me right now.” This last one should also be said with a smile, but it truly walks the line between playful and genuinely sweet.

Similar to that would be one such as “I’m already with you, so I don’t want to be anywhere else in the world!… except maybe closer to you on the couch.” Again, this will make her smile, but it isn’t truly funny; rather it is simply sweet and charming.

A simply genuine example of cute short sayings for girls might be something like, “You know I know everything about you, your flaws and imperfections and quirks, and I still love you completely, I even love you more because of them.” This extremely effective example serves to illustrate the aforementioned goal of all these sayings, which is to make her feel special and appreciated.

Finally, there are examples of cute short sayings for girls that are specific to different situations. For example, if you are not with her at the moment and she tells you she is in bed, you might say something like, “I am so incredibly jealous of your pillow (/blanket/teddy bear, etc) right now.”

Or, if you are especially rich and buy her a nice car, for example, you might say something like, “Look, I know money doesn’t buy happiness, but if you ever want to cry – not that you would or anything – wouldn’t it be nicer to cry inside your new ______,” etc. These can often be the best sayings, because the more specific they are to a situation between you and her, the more personal they seem to her and the more special they therefore make her feel.

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What women want in a man is a very personalized trait; each woman has different things she is looking for, and different things she is attracted to in men, and furthermore, women will want different things in a man at different points of their individual lives. However, there are many tendencies regarding what women want in a man that are worth discussing and can be valuable towards understanding adult relationships and becoming better at them.

The best answers to the question of what women want in a man treat it as a two part problem. Women have both an idea of what they want in a man, and also things in men that attract them when they see him in person. The first aspect of this tends to be more relevant the older that they are (or to be more accurate, the later the stage of life they are in.)

How to attract women is a question that has been extremely well-documented. Women are attracted above all else to confidence, a complete absence of desperation, those who make them feel special, and a semblance of a style and look that is attractive to them. This means that, while of course it helps to be very attractive, tall, handsome, muscular, etc, it is far from necessary, and if you’re good enough with women you can overcome great deficiencies in those areas.

Some tricks to appearing confident are to maintain eye contact throughout conversation, to order drinks and speak to others around her with authority and poise, and to refrain from pressing them or trying too hard. Make her feel special by noticing very specific details about her, and remembering things she says, then talking about them. Finally, make sure you put at least a small bit of effort into your appearance. Don’t look like a slob. If you follow this advice, you will satisfy at least one important requirement of what women want in a man. While not sufficient in many cases, this is necessary for making her want you.

The second characteristic women want in a man is a more difficult one. Women at different stages of their lives value very different things. The younger girls value where you go to school, what interests you have, what level of status you have, etc, more than older ones, who care more about your personality, how well you treat them, your job, your plan for the future, etc. Women who want kids will look for qualities they believe make good fathers, such as emotional maturity, a good sense of humor, a steady source of income, etc.

All in all, women of all ages tend to like men with great senses of humor and confidence in themselves. At all ages these men are attractive and tend to be the ones with the greatest chance of success in making relationships last a long time (if they want to.) While women do fall for assholes too often, that is not what they truly want in a man and, therefore, relationships with them do not usually last as long (or are not as healthy.)

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There are many interesting places to have sex at. For many couples where to have sex can be an exciting question, one that offers the promise of added thrills to the sexual experience coming from doing it in a public (and therefore illegal) area, fulfilling personal fantasies, and doing it almost anywhere (and thus avoid having to wait to get home and ruin the mood.)

This promise is not without basis, and the merits of having sex in different locations are tangible for the sex lives of couples. However, when it really comes down to it, there is only one real, best answer to the question of where to have sex: the bed.

Sure, having sex in the office might satisfy your life-long dream of sweeping all your objects of the desk and taking someone right there in your place of work, or having sex in the car might be a great way to attain privacy from a party or a crowded home, or having sex in the library at the school might provide an added thrill stemming from the danger of getting caught.

However, these places – while they may have some benefits – all have one thing in common: they provide distinct limitations on the actual sex that stem directly from the location in which you are having it. If you have sex in your office or in the library, you have to be very quiet, you have to keep it short, and you can’t do it too roughly. If you do it on a desk or in your car it can not be extremely uncomfortable (especially on a small desk or in a small car) but it can also be limiting regarding the number of positions you can perform. Other locations, such as in a bathroom, the laundry room, on the floor, or at another person’s house all come with these same discomforts and limitations.

When it comes to where to have sex, therefore, there is nothing quite like doing it on the bed. Beds are extremely comfortable, they allow for as many positions as you can think of, and they make it easy to have adequate foreplay before the sex begins and to be able to cuddle and relax after it is over (something that women, especially, love to have as part of their sexual experience.) This does, however, come with its own question of what bed to do it on. There is, of course, a bed in your own private bedroom, but there are also beds in other rooms of the house, hotel rooms, guest rooms of friends’ houses, etc.

The best of these are the ones where you have the most privacy (just as it would be limiting to have to keep the sex quiet in, say, a library or office, it would be if your bedroom was next door to that of a family member for instance), and are found in the most romantic rooms (a bed in the middle of a sleazy motel room does not provide the same intimate setting for intercourse as does a nicely decorated one in your own home, for example.) If you do find a nice, comfortable bed in a private, beautiful room, there is no place better in the world to have sex.

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A good thing to say to a girl has to do with that girl specifically and should be as hard as possible to generalize towards any other woman that she knows or has heard of. Why is this? Because girls (and guys as well, although gender stereotypes can sometimes make it more difficult to see it in them) like to feel special, appreciated, and unique. They like to feel like somehow, they are better than others, and that things in the world happen more for their benefit than the benefit of others.

A good thing to say to a girl, if you want to make her like you, plays off this desire and makes her feel this way.So how do you figure out what to say in practice? The most important thing to do is to make sure that, when you are around her, you are always paying attention to her.

Remember little things she says about what she likes and dislikes, and what is important to her. Remember stories she tells and people she mentions (even her ex’s – even though you might want to block them from your mind completely.) Finally, pay attention to the little details of the way she acts, try to notice specific mannerisms she has or things she says that make her unique. If you pay careful attention to her in this way, the hardest work of finding a good thing to say to a girl, or many good things to say to a girl, is done.

From here, you just put your careful observations to practice. When you compliment her, use all the details that you picked up over your time with her to make them as specific as possible. Don’t simply tell her she’s beautiful, tell her what specifically about her is so attractive to you, and why. Don’t simply tell her things you like about the way she looks, tell her about things you love about what she does and the way she talks and acts. Mention things that you think fewer people have noticed, and things you think that few others would like. If she hears you talk about how much you love her quirks and flaws, she’ll know you think she’s incredibly special.

Finally, when you’re looking for a good thing to say to a girl, it should often come from something she’s told you specifically. If you want to tell her why you are doing something for her, tell her it’s because she previously told you this or that and you wanted to make her happy (and on a related note, if you are getting her a gift, getting her something she offhandedly mentioned wanting one time will make her elated.) If she asks you “remember when I told you about…” etc, you should always be able to say yes. If you do all of this, she will not only like and/or love you, but will also view you as unique, special, and irreplaceable.

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The definition of an “exclusive relationship” can be both very simple and very complex, depending on whose advice you take. Simply, it means that you and your girlfriend have agreed not to kiss, have sex with, or engage in other physically romantic activities with anyone else besides each other. In this way, “commitment” is essentially a “commitment of one’s body.” However, the definition of exclusive relationship touches on many more subtle gray areas, and also brings with it expectations that extend well beyond not hooking up with other people.

Some things are obviously not allowed in any exclusive relationships – hooking up with or having sex is the most obvious one. There are a few couples that are okay with allowing each other to make out with or kiss other people. I do not recommend this, as it is likely to lead to more problems than it is worth.

However there are much less obvious actions that some, in their definition of exclusive relationship, might think are okay and others might disagree. For example, giving massages to other girls, calling up ex’s, talking to other girls in party settings, flirting, and other things might seem perfectly harmless to you, but to her might seem like a violation of your committed relationship.

How do you keep these gray areas from leading to trouble? The key is to understand the definition of exclusive relationship in a more complex and dynamic way. Nobody is perfect, and everyone is human. You will, of course, be attracted to other girls, and you will probably make some mistakes regarding other girls during the course of your relationship. The most important thing is to constantly remind yourself what an exclusive relationship means in the fullest sense.

Beyond a pledge to take your physical talents off the market, the definition of exclusive relationship also contains many other dimensions that are implied. When you commit to a girl you are, in addition to committing your body, accepting the responsibility for a portion of her happiness and giving her power over a portion of yours. You are committing to be there for her when she needs you, being her friend as well as her lover, and going out of your way to avoid hurting her. Because of this extended definition of exclusive relationship, you must realize that even interactions with other girls that seem perfectly harmless to you might be seen by a girl as a violation of the commitment that you made to her. It is therefore not okay to do certain things beyond hooking up with other girls, if they make your girlfriend unhappy or uncomfortable.

Included in the more complex definition of exclusive relationship are expectations which, essentially, are the expectations of being a boyfriend. When you commit to her, you are committing to being her boyfriend. Try to remember that. Exclusivity should not be taken lightly. If you are not ready for it, tell her that you are not, and hope that she can understand that you want to wait. If not, then not only are you not ready, but you also might not be with the right girl.

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Learning how to flirt over AIM, or any form of text or online chat for that matter, is similar to learning how to flirt in general. The goal of hinting at romance or sex subtly and not implicitly is still very much the same.

However, knowing how to flirt over aim versus in person is in a large sense more limiting – as you cannot utilize control of your body language, your eyes, or your voice inflections, etc that are so important to flirting in person – but can also in a small sense give you the benefit of being able to flirt in a less personal, lower pressure setting where you are less likely to mess up your chances with a girl.

So how can learning how to flirt over AIM work to your advantage?

Learning to attract a girl inevitably involves learning how to project confidence to her. Sometimes, this can be a much more difficult and intimidating task in person than it can be behind a computer screen. It is more difficult to fake confidence in person then it is to fake it over chat. If you are the type of guy who thinks that once he has the opportunity with a girl he would know what to do, but is too nervous around women to give himself that opportunity, learning how to flirt over AIM can be invaluable to you.

How can you convey confidence over AIM?

The first thing to consider is your greeting. A simple “hey” or “what’s up?” type greeting is okay, but does nothing to make her want to keep talking to you. Instead, bring up something that she said earlier, question her about something; in short, make your greeting personalized.

This shows that you want to talk to her specifically, which makes her feel special (always a good thing!) This is also the greatest way to continue conveying confidence throughout your chat. Keep your comments personal. Ask her questions about what she says (though don’t be annoying.) Try to make her laugh through inside jokes, etc. This will make her want to keep talking to you.

Secondly, if you want to know how to flirt over AIM you have to read subtle cues and signs that she is giving you. If she is giving you short, one or two word replies to your questions, chances are she isn’t that into you, or at the very least not into chatting with you. If she isn’t responding for a long time, the same thing is true.

In these cases, don’t push it and keep nagging her. Wait for her to respond, or simply stop talking to her and perhaps try again another day. Unlike in a normal, face to face conversation, a conversation over chat is very easy to disengage from, and unless you have given her a very compelling, intriguing reason to keep talking to you, she might not be very into it.

A final note: cut out all cursing, vulgar language, and overt negativity over chat. They are signs of immaturity and a lack of confidence, and are not attractive.