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How can you come up with the best things to say to a girl? This question has a relatively simple answer: you pay close attention to her. The cutest, funniest, and most romantic things to say to girls all come from this.

Paying attention to a woman and remembering as much as you can about her – what she tells you, what she likes, what she is like, etc – will allow you to make anything you say to her detailed and specific, and will thus make her feel loved, appreciated, and special.

Anytime she feels this way based on what you say, of course, you have done a great job with your words.

In order to come up with the cutest things to say to a girl, therefore, you cannot be lazy around her. You should be listening to her when she talks to you, and remembering what she says. You should be paying attention to things she does and things she owns to get a sense for what she likes and dislikes. And finally, you should be noticing as many specific details as you can about her.

Notice the way she dresses, the way she walks, the way she talks and laughs, and even the way she sneezes or hiccups, and notice everything you can about her physical appearance. This can be a difficult thing to do, but over time, if you practice long enough with a girl or practice on enough girls (or both), you can become so adept at it that it becomes natural to you. Either way, it will certainly prove to be worth it in the long run and will set you apart from other guys that might also be after her.

If you have been doing this well, and for a long enough time, then you will never run out of wonderful things to say to a girl.

If she has any quirks or slightly embarrassing things she likes, don’t be afraid to playfully tease her about them. This will certainly make her smile and make you, in turn, seem charming – both always good things – and will also show her that you know her very well. If she mentions something she likes or loves and something in your surroundings reminds you of it, bring it up to her (“Hey, look, that woman’s got your favorite _____,” etc.) If you remember places she said she likes, take her there one night (“I remember you said you loved to go to _____.”)

In all cases try and take advantage of what you know about her to make her feel special.

Finally, you should use all the details you know about her to come up with very personal and specific compliments. Don’t simply tell her she is beautiful, tell her what, specifically, about her is beautiful. Don’t simply tell her you love her – though, you should do this as well, of course – also tell her what you love about her. It is these types of things that can form the cutest, most romantic, and all around greatest things to say to a girl. It might not be easy to find such things, but it will be worth it.

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So you’ve been in a relationship for a long while, and either you think she could be the one, or you don’t believe in the one and could simply imagine being with her forever and know she would make you happy. Either way you have a very troubling thought developing in your mind: “My girlfriend doesn’t want to get married…”

The first thing to do is try and gauge the strength of your worry. Is it more “My girlfriend doesn’t want to get married right now,” or “My girlfriend doesn’t want to get married… ever.”

This is obviously a very important distinction, and leads to two very separate problems. The first just means you will have to perhaps be much more patient than you wanted to be and wait until she is at a time in her life when she is ready to commit in such a big way. The worst thing that could come out of this situation would be that it might be a sign of the second one.

This second problem about your girlfriend not ever wanting to get married can be a serious one. Sure, you are presumably in a relationship with her because you love spending time with her, being with her, and calling her your girlfriend, and because you don’t want to be with anyone else. But part of it is also, presumably, because you see her in your future, because you can imagine her being with you for the rest of your life (it might not happen, of course, but the fact that it can potentially happen is a very important thing.) When this second aspect of why you are with her is taken away, you are left with a serious decision regarding how much longer you want to stay together with her.

If you cannot see yourself ever being happy without being married in the long run, then it may very well lead to the end of your relationship. You should try to talk to her and see if there is any way you think she could be persuaded otherwise.

If not, however, you probably have to face the fact that you’re going to have to break up with her. If you are young and still gaining experiences that you will learn from and remember, you don’t by any means have to do so very soon. Dating someone through college or even grad school, or dating someone before you have established a career (or even residency) can be fun, and it may not be bad to hold on to that.

However, if you are getting to the point in your life when you envision being married soon, you should probably think about ending the relationship in the very near future. This can be heart-breaking, but wanting two very different futures is one thing in relationships that is almost impossible to overcome (the same is true of one person really wanting children and the other refusing to have them.)

Make sure you let her know how much you love and care about her, perhaps even tell her that if she changes her mind she should call you, but in the end make sure you do part ways completely and try and move on. Give someone else a chance, someone that will want what you want out of the future. When it comes to this particular disagreement, the person who does not want to get married almost always ends up winning.

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Thinking about cute ways to say ‘hi’ to a girl can set you apart from all the other guys that try to talk to her and can make her more likely to want to talk to you. The initial greeting can be an extremely significant part of your impression on a girl at first, and (even if you know her well already) on the rest of the conversation that you will have with her.

When you do start to talk to a girl, she has only a few seconds to decide if she wants to simply acknowledge you but move on, or if she wants to continue talking to you, and your greeting can go a long way towards determining which of these options she will choose.

First off, saying a simple “hi” or “hey,” or even “what’s up/what’s going on?” is fine. There is nothing wrong with that. It is simple, not threatening, not desperate, and can easily get the job done. The key is to simply have the right body language (which I’ll get to briefly) if you are talking to her in person, or to give her time to respond if you are over text (don’t immediately follow it up with additional messages before she says “hi” back). However, there are better greetings, very cute ways to say hi to a girl, that can set you apart and make her more likely to talk to you.

What greetings are most effective? What are some cute ways to say hi to a girl? The answer is the ways that are the most personal.

Saying “hey” can work on any girl, but any girl knows it can be used on any girl. It’s not bad, but it’s not working for you that much, either. Instead, say things that could only be said to her, specifically, and wouldn’t work on any other girl, something that is designed to be flirtatious right off the bat.

These will make her feel special, unique, and appreciated – exactly what you want her to feel like. One type of such remarks is to comment about her appearance. Examples include saying: “Well, don’t you look nice today,” or better, “Well, don’t you look nice today, you trying to impress me?” or “Damn, I’ve never seen you with glasses before, they look really nice,” or, “You know your eyes look even more sparkly in this light,” etc.

These can be extremely effective, as long as you do your best to make eye contact and seem like you are simply making an observation and not trying to get inside her pants.

Another type that is less obvious is to make specific comments about things she has said before, as in, “Hey, I was thinking about what you said/said in class/said at work yesterday, and…” or, “Wait, I thought you didn’t like ____,” or, “Hey, I have a question…” etc.

These can also be very effective, because you are obviously interested in her, specifically, and also because you avoid the awkward impression that you are trying to hit on her. This type of greeting is specifically good over text or chat, because it is obviously more difficult to compliment her appearance when you can’t see her (although you could always mention something about what she was wearing the last time you saw her, etc.)

The final thing to keep in mind when trying to implement some of these cute ways to say hi to a girl is your body language and tone, if you are talking to her in person. Stand up straight, look her in the eyes, project confidence, and absolutely own what you say. You might be nervous, and that is fine – as long as you don’t appear nervous. Projecting confidence when greeting a girl can be even more important than figuring out the perfect thing to say.

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Flirting is an essential part of attaining female attention and company, and becoming a master flirt can help you in countless ways if trying to attract a female. To further reinforce this statement, below are listed the top 10 reasons to be a master flirt:

10. The first of the Top 10 Reasons to Be a Master Flirt is that it might distract you from the utter boredom of the setting you are in. While parties, clubs, bars, etc are often glorified through pop culture and other means, the ugly truth is that many of them are boring. Being surrounded by stupid, shallow conversation is sometimes – shockingly – not very satisfying. Flirting can be a great way to entertain yourself, and perhaps even a few others

9. It can distract you from the utter boredom of the specific conversation you are having. Similar to the previous reason, flirting can be used to spice up a specific conversation you are having with someone. If you find yourself not at all caring about what she is saying, try and say something to her through your body language and mannerisms that might hint to her the possibility that you perhaps don’t care as much about finding a soul-mate as you do about getting her out of that dress.

8. You need a place to stay for the evening. A terrible way to manipulate a woman, of course, but you know what they say about desperate times, and a master flirt can almost always find a place to crash if the situation calls for it.

7. To more easily attain a promotion, favorable work assignment, etc, from a boss or supervisor. This obviously applies to a specific situation, but the master flirt will dominate that situation.

6. To acknowledge the effort it took for her to get ready. Let’s face it, women put a lot of time into their looks to be attractive for the evening. Don’t you owe them a little flirtatious acknowledgment of their efforts? Yes, yes you do.

5. To be nice and lift a woman’s self esteem. Flirting is, when it is most effective, simply the art of making a girl feel special, appreciated, and wanted. Even if you do not want a girl, flirting with her can often boost her confidence and make her feel great about herself and her night. This can be a great thing to do if it’s late and you still haven’t done your mitzvah for the day.

4. To piss off a guy you hate. Nothing can get to a dude easier than flirting with his girl, especially if you do it in such a subtle manner that his girl will defend you as “a really nice guy” who “would never actually try anything.” Advisable only if you are not scared at the prospect of ever having to fight him.

3. To make a specific girl jealous of other girls, and covet you more strongly. This member of the Top 10 Reasons to Be a Master Flirt is an especially devious and brilliant one. Women tend to be more attracted to guys that other girls find attractive (especially their friends.) If you like a girl and know how to masterfully flirt with women around her, you can easily make her jealous enough to initiate things with you.

2. To attract girls and have sex with them. This is perhaps the most obvious of the Top 10 Reasons to Be a Master Flirt. Flirting works to get girls to like and want you. It makes you appear confident and charming, amongst other attractive qualities, and being a master flirt will surely make attracting women easier.

1. To attain women that are way out of your league. Differences in the level of attractiveness between you and a woman can be overcome, if you make up for it in other ways. One of the best of these ways is to be a master flirt. If you are good enough at it, you can make her forget how much better looking she is than you, to the degree that she will feel lucky to have you!

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So, you want to find love.

You may be trying to get over a bad breakup or have just gotten over one – in which case you want to find love again. You may have a great deal of experience with women in the form of short term relationships or one night stands, or you may simply have not had much experience with them at all.

Either way, you have decided that you want to find love, that you want someone to keep you company at night, to hang out with on the weekends, to take out to dinner and to go on vacations with, and maybe, just maybe, someone to spend the rest of your life with. Finding love can be incredibly difficult, but knowing that you truly want to can make things a little easier.

The expression, “If you’re not looking for something, that’s when you’re likely to find it,” is, for the most part, a load of crap. If you’re not looking for love, or for women in general, you’re certainly not more likely to find what you want. Knowing that you want to find love can give you the motivation to put yourself out there and give yourself as many opportunities as you can with women. This can be a great first step.

However, while giving yourself as many opportunities to meet women as possible tends to be necessary, it is not sufficient if you really want to find love.

The second step is to figure out what you can do better in order to get what you want. At this point, the way to best proceed depends very much what your specific situation is. If you are either in the process of getting over someone or have recently gotten over them, your job is mainly to do what has already been advocated: getting back out there, meeting women again, and hoping to find what you lost. Don’t be afraid to let them know what you are going through.

Women love men who are passionate about something, and as long as you are not pathetic or pitiful, telling women about getting over a hard break-up can actually make them desire you – partly because someone recently did love you. It will also make them view you as non-threatening, because you’ll appear to not simply be trying to get into their pants.

If, however, you’ve had very little experience with love, your task is more difficult. In this situation, you must either learn how to try and form more lasting connections with women, or learn how to form connections at all. The former case is slightly easier; you obviously know how to attract women, now you have to learn how to keep them. The biggest obstacles to this are usually a fear of commitment or being tied down, a general aura of not being trustworthy, or that of being an asshole. If you are a loyal, trustworthy guy and know how to attract women, you’ll find love if you want it. If you’re finding a lot of women but not a lot of love, chances are you are not such a complete guy.

If, on the other hand, you have little experience with women at all and know you want to find love, it is probably a good idea to either gain some through practice or to be very honest about your lack of experience with a woman you like and trust. In either case, you’ll probably have to live with the fact that there will be a high chance of failure, but if you keep trying, success will come, eventually.

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Love is one of the most powerful forces human beings experience. It can make you do absurd things in its name, it can make you yearn like you’ve never yearned for anything before, and it can make you think that nothing else in the world matters. However, it also has its downfalls, and they are significant.

If you think you want to find love, you just might want to reconsider.

Love fades, inevitably. The passion you had with someone initially will melt away. It can be very easy to forget this when you are not in a relationship and simply want to find love again (or for the first time), but is an unchanging fact. The problem with this is, your passion can only be redirected, at this point, towards other women.

Only the new connection, the promises and hopes you set for yourself, and the intrigue involved in getting to know a different girl romantically and emotionally can replace the intensity that is always lost eventually in love.

Besides the fact that you might tire or become bored with a relationship that lasts a long time, another reason you might not want to find love is the simple fact that the vast majority of romantic relationships eventually come to an end, and most of these end badly. It can be a terrible thing to realize you’re not in love anymore, and either perform actions that force her to break up with you, or decide to split up with her yourself. However, while breaking a heart can be terrible, getting yours broken is infinitely worse.

There is little more emotionally wrecking then being blindsided by a breakup, by seeing your vision of the immediate or indefinite future becoming suddenly and significantly altered, and by facing the prospect of many, many lonely nights ahead.

Being broken up with can affect plans you had with her, it can slap you in the face every Friday and Saturday night (not to mention every Valentine’s day), it can even affect how you watch television sitcoms or movies.

Furthermore, because it is nearly impossible to maintain a steady relationship without causing your friendships to suffer somewhat (you will almost always be faced with a choice between hanging out with them and hanging out with her), you can suddenly be left to face a group of friends that, at best, will understand and not have been happy about it, and at worst might harbor serious resentment towards you.

In short, love, and the moment when you think you want to find love, is a promise, a promise of something that will rarely, if ever, truly be delivered.

Even “happily” married couples are almost always, in a way, settling. Not only are they never able to experience falling in love again, or flirting, or having sex with different people, but there are also almost always other people out there who understand them better and they would have more fun with.

Settling down with one person is very risky, and it usually does not work out. Why not wait until you’re older? Or wait indefinitely? Many people look for love because they think they’re supposed to want it, but this is not a good reason. Make sure, if you want to find love, you know what you’re getting yourself into. If you don’t, you could be in for many nights convincing yourself you’re happy because you’re in love, sometimes unsuccessfully.

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The secret to an awesome, healthy adult relationship is effective communication between the both of you. Deficiencies in honest, open communications between partners are the single biggest reason that so many adult relationships are at least partly shallow and unsatisfying.

Many couples in an adult relationship simply don’t talk effectively about things that are bothering them, about issues they have personally, and about their relationship in general. This leads to a lack of understanding between both participants of the relationship about each other as people, and about the expectations each of them have for themselves and the other person in regard to their relationship.

If you are a member of an adult relationship you should always remember this: Bring things up to her as soon as they come up to avoid harboring undue resentment towards her. If you feel she is keeping something from you, make sure you ask her and push her to talk to you about it; chances are it will come out anyways, and if it’s something that is bothering her and she doesn’t mention it for fear of a fight than she, also, might resent you more because of it only because she has to hold it inside.

Make sure you are both clear about the expectations that each of you have as members of this adult relationship. If the relationship has an expiration date, make sure she is also aware of that. If you do not want to be exclusive yet, tell her why. If you want to take things to the next step with her, ask. Never assume that she is on the same page as you are regarding your relationship – that can lead to misunderstandings where one or both of you get hurt.

Finally, make a concerted effort to talk to her about herself and truly get to know her. The best adult relationships are those in which both people know each other extremely well; in that case there are rarely bad surprises or fights, and both of you know how to help (or when to back away) if something happens.

Furthermore, if you want an adult relationship to last, you must make yourself stand out. Make yourself irreplaceable by knowing her better than anyone else in the world, and taking advantage of that knowledge.

A final note: effective, honest, open, and detailed communication between you and any woman you have a romantic relationship with can both lead to and help maintain a fantastic, healthy sex life with her. The more comfortable you both are talking to each other, and the better you both know each other, the easier it is to tell each other honestly what you like and don’t like, things you might want to try or not be comfortable with, etc.

For women, especially, the quality of their sexual experience is very dependent on being extremely comfortable with and trusting their partner, and when they are happy with you in the bedroom than you hardly ever need to worry about them “being too tired,” or “not feeling like it,” or even getting annoyed when you ask them if they want to do it. Communication might not necessarily be sexy, but it certainly can lead to regularly awesome sex in an adult relationship.

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Meeting new people and establishing connections with them is hard, and the question of where to make new friends is one that is shared by many people who are either moving to a new city (or even a new country), or simply not satisfied with the social life they have in their current living environment.

To a large degree, the specific circumstances surrounding your life will determine the answer to the question of where to make new friends, and how. Each environment is different relative to others, and also over time, as you become more familiar with it.

However, whether you are moving to a new country where you know nobody and nothing of the accepted social customs, for example, or if you are simply trying to find new friends in the same place you’ve always lived, or anything in between, there are certain things that anyone can do to give themselves a better chance of making new friends and become as satisfied as possible with their social life.

The first thing to keep in mind if you are moving to a new city or, especially, to a new country, is to try and get a grasp for the accepted social and cultural norms as quickly as possible. This does not mean you have to become on expert on them – on the contrary, being a bit naïve can actually be endearing sometimes – but it does mean you should figure out what not to do and what offends people as quickly as possible. This is done best simply through observing people around you, and asking people questions at work or wherever you feel most comfortable.

Secondly, whatever setting you are in, it is extremely important to have an open mind when meeting and talking to people, and to not be afraid to put yourself out there. Nothing loses potential friends faster than turning them down once or twice when they suggest hanging out somewhere you don’t really know anything about or are apprehensive about going to.

You want new friends, and to get them you might have to leave your comfort zone for a brief period of time. Finally, you need to look at yourself long and hard and make sure you are doing all you can to be friendly and trustworthy. If you are having trouble making or keeping friends, there is a good chance there are many things you can do to improve the way you act around people. Figuring out what these things are can be the most difficult, yet most important thing to do to improve your social life.

You may have noticed that the specific question of where to make new friends was left basically unanswered. This is because in each setting, the answer is different and because, generally, you can make new friends anywhere.

The key is to put yourself in settings where you can comfortably meet and talk to people (even work or school is totally fine), and then try to get to know them. Eventually, wherever you are, you will find people you have enough in common with and get along with well, and they will become your friends.

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What drives women crazy? Well, for starters, trying to answer this question has driven many men crazy! The answer is so complex, multifaceted, and personalized for each woman that it can truly take years of observation and experiences with women to begin to make headway one it.

Lucky for you, I have those years of observation and experiences, and am prepared to make some generalizations about what drives women crazy, with the qualification that they cannot and should not be applied to everyone, but rather viewed as general tendencies for the female gender.

I’ll start with an easy one: one thing that drives women crazy is being called crazy.

Everyone, men included, wants to be taken seriously, and even if they might be sobbing for no reason, even if their logic behind a decision or statement might seem to you to have taken a spin on a roller coaster in their minds, and even if she doesn’t know exactly what to say to justify something, it all makes sense to her, and to imply that she is crazy will set her off. This can be very frustrating for, uh, pretty much anyone talking to a girl in this state, but you generally have to just humor her rather than trying to call her out for being crazy.

Another member of the “what drives women crazy” exclusive club is, of course, men.

For thousands of years we have belittled them, questioned their value beyond serving as offspring-creators, and made them work much harder than men to be taken seriously. The sexual revolution and the feminist movements, among other things, have leveled the playing field to an astonishing degree, but men have still found a way to drive women insane. They have collectively learned to be experts at manipulating women’s insecurities, and their notorious lack of understanding of the fairer sex can be very frustrating.

However, what drives women crazy above all else is other women.

Sure, other women serve as the majority of their friends, but they are also always to be feared as competition for the attention of men. Jealousy tends to find its way into almost all of the relationships women have with each other. This, in turn, leads to the incredible stress of both having to be nice and maintain their friendships, simultaneously compete to look hotter and more easily gain the attention of men, all the while feeling guilty for being so competitive. As anyone can imagine, this can create an incredibly amount of stress and craziness in their lives that can be quite overwhelming.

To restate what I have already said, none of this was intended to represent all women, simply the tendency of women to behave in certain ways. There are of course, women for whom many different things drive them crazy or, in addition, ones who are rarely, if ever, driven crazy.

Finally, the problem of trying to figure out what drives women crazy is far from a static one, and only immersion into their fascinating worlds can allow you to have a more permanent idea of its answers.

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First dates can be stressful.

It might be easy to run through all the possible negative outcomes of the night in your mind and convince yourself they are likely to happen. However, this will only decrease your chance of being relaxed, confident, and attractive. Thinking positively can help. Because of this, listed below are the Top 10 Reasons to Believe Your First Date Will be a Success

10. You’re drunk. This is the first and perhaps crassest member of the Top 10 Reasons to Believe Your First Date Will be a Success, and is also rather ironic; you will certainly be more likely to believe your first date will go fine if you’re drunk and in a good mood, but it might not actually make it more likely that it will go well. Whatever you do, don’t drink too much.

9. You have really low standards for success. Also a relatively pessimistic view, but hey, if you’re idea of a decent first date is a good dinner and a good story, then you’re almost guaranteed such a decent first date.

8. She works for you. This one is not the most pleasant of reasons, but surely true – unless she cares nothing for her career/livelihood. Do not date someone who works for you if you think your conscience might get the better of you, though. It can be quite a twisted power relationship.

7. You just took a shower and washed your hair with Axe, and all women love Axe right? Maybe not, but it can’t hurt to believe in the ads! Also, going into a first date at peak cleanliness is a must, and it can improve the odds of a pleasant experience.

6. Your other first dates have been successful. History repeats itself, as they say, and if you’ve had good experiences with first dates in the past, chances are you’re in for a pretty good night.

5. You’re out of her league. You might just be going on this because you’re out of practice. This can still be fun, and if you’re well out of her league you have every reason to believe this date is going to go well.

4. The place is guaranteed to knock her socks off. Sometimes, having beautiful or extravagant date plans can distract her from your nervousness about first dates. This can be an effective way to have a great first date without having so much pressure put squarely on your shoulders.

3. You already know her really well, and get along with her wonderfully. Not all first dates are between people who don’t know each other well, and if you do know her well enough it can be a very reassuring notion. While it might be strange to relate to someone in a romantic context that you have only known in a platonic one, you will still have developed a certain level of comfort around her, and you should have a good time with her.

2. You look good. Sometimes, that is all it takes to gain the confidence to charm her and to know she’ll give you all the benefit of the doubt you’ll need. Just try to act composed and maintain your attractive persona to go along with your looks.

1. You’re fucking awesome with women. Let’s face it, there is no better reason to believe your first date will go well. If you know that you’re great with women, and this one already agreed to go out with you, you’ve pretty much got it in the bag.

Thus concludes the Top 10 Reasons to Believe Your First Date Will be a Success. There are many more, but these should suffice to serve as positive inspiration.