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Do you struggle in social situations?

Research has shown that people who have regular conversations are much happier compared to those who don’t talk at all. Being able to communicate with people is a fundamental skill that will make you successful in all walks of life, yet, for some bizarre reason, we are never taught how to do it!

There is an assumption in our society that we don’t need to learn how to communicate because we are all born with the ability to do so. However, in my experience as the number one dating coach in America for the past four years, this widespread belief is simply not true. In fact, when guys ask me to help them with their dating lives, I always begin with their communication skills.

If you struggle to talk with people and interact in social situations, then I’m here to help! I’m going to share some of the tips from the consultations that I have had with many clients over the years. By mastering these techniques, you will dramatically improve your conversational skills and the overall quality of your life.

Everything in your life will become easier when you communicate better. You will feel more confident about approaching women and meeting your ideal partner, you will work more effectively with others and enjoy more promotions as a result, and you will be more appreciated and respected by the people in your social circle as you develop into a natural leader.

Why do so many guys have poor communication skills?

Before we get to the tips that I promised you, I want to talk about the biggest obstacle that most people face in social situations: FEAR. Many people (particularly men) hold back from talking because they are scared of looking like a fool. They take themselves far too seriously.

Carlos Castaneda, the father of the new age movement, references an important lesson that he learned from his Yaqui Indian mentor, Don Juan, in “Journey to Ixtlan.” What Castaneda learned was the value of losing self-importance. Although he wrote about this in the 1960s, the advice couldn’t be more relevant today.

In modern society, people place way too much importance on their status. They’re terrified of looking silly and feeling embarrassed. Because of this fear, they are forced into their shells. If you want to get better at talking to anyone, then you need to get better at talking to everyone.

You need to have conversations with the person next to you on the subway. You need to smile and greet the people who you pass while walking down the street. You need to chat with the lady who serves you at your local grocery. Talking to people is a skill, and as with all skills, practice makes perfect. Here are three tips that I encourage you to practice.

Tip #1: Be more curious.

The single most important thing that you can do to master the art of conversation is to be more curious about other people. Every single person who you meet has a story. Like Carlos Castaneda, you need to become an explorer and discover what makes other people unique.

One of the simplest exercises for developing this skill is people-watching.

Whether you are enjoying breakfast at a café or going out with some friends to a club, pay attention to the people around you. What is their story? Where are they from? Where are they going? What is happening in their lives?

When you do this regularly, your curiosity will become so compelling that you will end up approaching people and having a conversation with them just to find out if you were right about their story. When you feel that internal drive to talk with people and discover more about them, then you will know that you have struck gold. Now you are ready to become a master conversationalist.

Tip #2: Know your own story.

As you ask people questions to discover their story, you will find that they will often direct these questions back to you. This is always a very positive sign because it means that you have captured their interest. At this point, it is very important that you have deep insight into your own story.

The key to any compelling story is passion, so what are you passionate about?

One of the exercises that I often work on with clients is to help them identify six areas in their life that they are passionate about. These areas are things that you can do right now! Simply grab something to write with and make a note of three short-term passions and three long-term passions.

Short-term passions are things that have captured your interest in the past few weeks. It might be a a book that you read or an upcoming adventure that you have planned. Long-term passions are things that have guided your life for several years. It might be your commitment to health and fitness, a business venture that you have been working on, or your love of travel.

By clarifying your passions, you will find that it is much easier to have meaningful conversations with people because you will understand your own story more clearly. You may also be surprised by how much you have in common with other people when they share their stories.

There’s nothing magical or manipulative about this. When you are clear about your passions, you will naturally move your conversations towards those particular topics. This is particularly important if you want to improve your dating life, since women are attracted to passionate men.

Tip #3: Be interested to be interesting.

People worry so much about being interesting and having something to say. However, the key to being interesting isn’t talking a lot. It’s actually the opposite: encouraging other people to talk a lot by finding out what is interesting about them.

Many people try to get along by playing it safe and talking about superficial stuff. However, while it may feel more comfortable to stick to small talk, it is never very interesting. Some people use a different approach: they spout off a bunch of their own stories to appear more interesting or avoid awkward silences. Needless to say, droning on and on will make you boring, not interesting.

So if both of these approaches are flawed, then what should you do?

Simple: go beyond the small talk and encourage other people to open up. When you get to someone’s very core – the stuff that makes them interesting – then they will automatically see you as interesting too.

When you identify what is interesting about someone else, you need to cement it by qualifying them. Qualifying someone simply means that you tell them that you approve of whatever it is that makes them interesting. The easiest way to qualify someone is by giving them a compliment. But be careful: not every compliment is a good compliment!

A lot of people are lazy and rely on generic compliments that could be given to anyone. However, if you can make your compliment very specific to the person you are chatting with, then you will enjoy a much better reaction.

For example, if you are having a conversation with a girl and she starts talking about her most recent overseas trip, then you could compliment her adventurous spirit. You might say something like, “Wow, that’s awesome. I really look up to adventurous people. I can see that that’s something very important to you as well.”

A compliment like that has the added benefit of shaping her towards being adventurous, but this is an advanced topic outside of the scope of this particular article. However, if you would like to learn more about shaping and other advanced techniques that will help you master the art of conversation, then take a look at my other articles.

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Fast sex is like fast food, it might feel great for a few minutes as you’re having it, and it might be okay to have it once in a while, but too much of it is simply bad. “Quickies,” as they are often referred to, certainly have their place in a couple’s sex life, but they should not become substitutes for the intimate, passionate, and lengthy experience of sexual intercourse that you have the potential to give to your partner.

There are three main problems that contribute to having fast sex way too often: trouble controlling your stamina in the bedroom, laziness, and selfishness.

The last two reflect the most poorly on you, and they can also be an indication that you don’t like or love your partner as much as you might have thought you did. The former is the most forgivable for sure, but it should be treated like both of the others in that you should constantly work to try and overcome it, as long as you wish to remain in your current relationship.

Learning how avoid consistently having fast sex by building up your stamina in bed is difficult, but certainly possible. It can be achieved by a combination of controlling your mind (sometimes you can become too into it too quickly and, while it may feel amazing, you can be unable to stop yourself from finishing early) and manipulating the positions you have sex in. Certain positions simply feel better than others – one reason is that different ones stimulate your penis more or less directly and intensely – and finding the ones which feel slightly less intense and sticking to them early on can be a great way to prolong finishing. It might take time, but it is important to try and be patient with yourself, work at it, and eventually build your stamina up to the point at which you give yourself enough time to satisfy her.

The second problem that leads to consistently fast sex is laziness. Sometimes, the idea of having sex with a girl is simply better, and more romantic, than actually doing it.

You might be tired or not really in the mood after a while, and you might not feel like putting in the effort it might take to have an intense, lengthy sexual experience. In this case you might simply decide to cum as fast as possible. This is certainly something to avoid doing regularly, as it can eventually make her feel undesired, unappreciated, and somewhat used. It can also certainly degrade the quality of your relationship with her.

Finally, another issue – somewhat related to the previous one – that can lead to regular quickies is selfishness. Let’s be honest, it is her that benefits from having sex for a really long time, not you. For you, short and sweet might be all you want or need. However, similar to potential laziness in the bedroom, this sort of selfishness can certainly make her unhappy with the quality of her sex life – and of course, with you as a boyfriend or husband. Over time it can have a damaging effect on your relationship.

If you do find yourself constantly wanting to get it over with once you have started intercourse, it is a good idea to ask yourself why. If you are constantly tired, you can simply talk to her about it, apologize, and try to work harder at putting more effort into it. If, however, you are not as attracted to her anymore, and/or don’t really care about making her happy, you should seriously think about why you are in this relationship at all – and of course, consider getting out of it.

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Your first date with that special someone is, often, something you’ll remember for a very long time (or even the rest of your life). If such a date led to a fantastic and enduring relationship, it is often fun to look back at it, remember your first impressions, and figure out what about that person attracted you to want more out of them.

The ultimate goal of a first date is to either get a second one or, more broadly, to make her like you – a lot.

However, after this you should be trying to make it memorable, something to look back on and be forced to smile or laugh about. With this in mind, below is a list of 10 funny first date questions to ask a girl, which is one of the greatest ways to make a date memorable and engender hilarious and unforgettable conversation.

10. “So who would you say your celebrity doppelganger is?” This is not only an unexpected and humorous question, but also provides the opportunity for you to figure out her level of self-esteem or lack thereof (depending on what celebrity she picks and how much more attractive – or less – that celebrity is).

9. “What was the dumbest thing you did before you were, say, 8?” This will – hopefully – lead to a great story, and give you the chance to get a sense of her childhood.

8. “What was your sluttiest Halloween costume?” In addition to being a humorous question, this will give you a sense for how daring and adventurous she is, both in and out of the bedroom.

7. “What is your favorite wild animal?” This will surely make her laugh, and the parallels between whatever animal she picks and the way she views herself might certainly be something to think about.

6. “Do you sing in the shower?” A nice conversation starter. If she says yes, ask her what she normally sings.

5. “What was the funniest nickname you’ve ever received?” This will be pointless if she doesn’t have one, but the potential reward of this question is a funny story, an inside joke, and an incite into her imperfections.

4. “What was the weirdest thing you’ve ever done for exercise?” This might give you a sense for how much she works out – and what her self-esteem is regarding her appearance – and also might lead to a funny story.

3. “Who is your least favorite musician/actor/show/movie?” Sometimes, it’s easier to talk about what you don’t like than what you do, and if you are having trouble getting her to open up about things that are true about her, you might want to start with something like this. It is also generally an unexpected line of questioning.

2. “What body part do you wash first in the shower?” This question subtly brings up the idea of her being naked (always a good thing to do – tactfully – while on a date), and is also extremely humorous and unexpected.

1. “If an insane natural disaster happened, and we were the only two people left in the world, who would you miss the most that was no longer around?” This one is creative; it both allows you to figure out which person in her life means most to her, and also allows you to subtly put the idea of having sex with you into her head (through associations with the usual “last two people on earth” analogy) without being explicit about it.


Thus concludes the list of 10 Funny First Date Questions. All of them are designed to throw her off guard, make her laugh, and allow you to figure out things about her that you might not have been able to get through normal conversation. They can certainly help to create a date that is not only fun, but also memorable.

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Beautiful girls can be intimidating, as we all know, and ones that are popular can be even more so. Unless you are a basketball star or look like Bradley Cooper, asking out a popular girl can seem like a fruitless effort, almost guaranteed to result in rejection and, perhaps, a small dose of shame.

It may be true that popular girls view themselves as “above” men below a certain level of status, but they are, in fact, essentially as easy to ask out as any other girls. If you really like a girl, but are afraid she is too popular for you, take heart in the 3 facts about asking out popular girls listed below, and learn how to ask a popular girl out – successfully.

Fact Number One: Even if you might think she is popular, the girl in question might not actually think she is herself. In fact, girls concerned with popularity and status often have lower self esteem – even if they might do a fantastic job of hiding it. Because of this, she will often be much more receptive than you might think to male attention, because it will make her feel wanted and increase her self-esteem. Never assume that because you think a girl is beautiful, popular, and unattainable, that she agrees.

Fact Number Two: Even if she does know she is popular, she can be manipulated as easily as any other girl. Manipulating women to like you is, essentially, the process of figuring out what they want, like, and value, then convincing them – or letting them figure out – that you will provide or increase these things for them. In this case, because she is a popular girl, you know that she values status, social status specifically. Your task in figuring out how to ask a popular girl out is, therefore, partly about figuring out how to convince her that going out with you will increase – or at the very least, not decrease – her social status. To do this, you should either work on making your own social status as high as possible, or work on making her think that dating someone of lower social status will not hurt hers.

Fact Number Three: Popular girls are not simply identities, they are real women who are attracted to the same things that any others are, popular or not. While a girl might experience more peer pressure to act a certain way or date a guy from a certain level of status, if you really know how to attract a woman, none of it will dissuade her from being with you anyways. Act confidently around her (maintain eye contact while speaking to her!), make her laugh and smile by adapting to her sense of humor as best you can, and make her feel special by being specific and personal with your conversation and your compliments to her.


If you’re trying to figure out how to ask a popular girl out, follow these facts about popular women and you’ll be much more likely to succeed. You can also Ask Vin DiCarlo! – Got a line you are thinking of using to get a date? I’ll rate it for you, just post it as a comment below.

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The older women get, the more they realize that their bodies give off hints that increase the amount of attention they get from men. They don’t like getting pestered by a lot of men, only the men that they like, so it’s difficult to tell if an older woman is attracted to you. However, once you know them, then you will actually begin attracting them to you. They expect their men to be of the highest caliber most of the time, and other times they just want a good piece of meat.

They are Classy

Almost every single one of them will be a classy woman who only appreciates the finer things in life, so you have to match that. Don’t wear something that is horridly expensive, but don’t wear something that you just slapped on that morning. It’s best to go with a stereotype like a suit and then add the color red. Once you know how to tell if an older woman is attracted to you, the color red will draw you out of the crowd every time. Back when Ford was the biggest name brand car company, they established that red was a permanent color of interest for women. If you wear this color correctly, you will stand out like a bull in a herd of cows.

An Old Romance

Every cougar likes an old romance, but not directly translated from the book. They want their men to be experienced, confident, and to have their “eyes set on the horizon” or a dream that never ends. You know you’ve mastered how to tell if an older woman is attracted to you if you can make their eyes stick to you. Becoming a dream like fantasy in front of them will actually compel them to fall for you before they even notice. In order to do this you should get a few old movies and find the man that is liked by multiple women. Take his personal traits (excluding anything criminal) and try to replicate them without using the accent.

The Hands are Key

Believe it or not, when dealing with an older woman you can’t ever rely on facial features. When they were young, their faces couldn’t help but move when they became emotional. Now that they’re older, they have trained their faces to get exactly what they want. So determining whether your tricks have worked will depend on whether the hands are loose and not touching. If hands are curled or put together, she will not like you, and it’s a basic psychological fact that whenever someone has closed hands they are protecting something. If not her hands will be towards you or open and flat. Then she has become relaxed around you and she’s inviting you to continue to do whatever it is you’re doing. The only time you can confirm with 100% certainty that she likes you is if she is comfortable with touching you. Once she is touching you then she is actually telling you that, “I have enough of an interest in you to actually feel comfortable placing my flesh against yours.”


Give us your two cents, leave a comment below.

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Man giving a jewelry box to a woman

Anyone (even YOU) can be a master conversationalist!

Do you want to be more confident when approaching people? Would you like to be able to approach a total stranger and strike up a conversation with ease? If you saw a cute girl, would you like to win her over with your charisma and charm?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the article is for you! I am going to share several step-by-step strategies with you that I have used to help thousands of men become extremely confident and capable of talking to complete strangers.

When you master the art of talking to random people, your life will change forever! You will never experience a dull moment again since there will always be someone new to meet. Meeting women will be a breeze and your career will take off as you collaborate more effectively with your colleagues at work.

Who knows how a random conversation may turn out …

Don’t worry if you feel a little anxious!

Approaching a random stranger and striking up a conversation can seem very intimidating to a lot of people. To be honest, this is a completely natural response. You see, our brains are pretty remarkable tools, but they don’t always have our best interests at heart.

Back in the prehistoric days, fear was essential for survival, and our brain was designed to protect us from deadly predators. Even though these dangers no longer exist in modern society, the original hardwiring on our brains is still there. This is why you feel anxious when you prepare to walk up to a stranger and start a conversation. It also explains why you tense up when you see a cute girl across the room and think about introducing yourself.

Now, I’ve got some good news for you and some bad news. Unfortunately, this built-in fear and anxiety can never completely go away. However, the good news is that you can learn to manage it and control how you respond to it.

You don’t have to let fear hold you back!

If you practice the tips that I share with you, then you will be able to push past your comfort zone regardless of the tension that you may experience. In fact, by mastering these techniques you can actually use your anxiety to your advantage and let it drive you to move forward and take action.

Tip #1: Warm up!

What would happen to an elite athlete if they competed without doing a proper warm up first? Clearly they would not perform to their full potential. They might even suffer an injury that would prevent them from performing at peak level in the future. These exact same principles apply to meeting strangers and talking to random people.

If you try to go from 0 to 100, then you are not going to perform to your full potential!

The solution should be obvious: complete a social warm up beforehand. The easiest way to do this is by simply making eye contact with five people. Then make eye contact and smile at five other people. Finally, make eye contact, smile, and greet five more people.

Once you have finished your social warm, you will immediately feel more confident about going up to someone and starting a conversation. In fact, there is a good chance that you may end up chatting with some of the people who you greeted during your warm up!

Tip #2: Give yourself permission to fail.

Remember how our brains are hardwired to protect us? Well, we may not have to dodge dinosaurs and other prehistoric predators these days, but we still face the risk of making a mistake and embarrassing ourselves. That’s why our brains flood us with anxiety when we worry about something going wrong.

One of the reasons why so many men struggle to meet women, or talk to people in general, is because they feel that they need to be perfect for that particular moment. Unsurprisingly, the resulting fear of failure either holds them back or sabotages their best efforts.

The solution is to treat your opener as just that: an opportunity to break the ice.

When you approach someone, your goal isn’t to win them over. Your goal is simply to start a conversation. So don’t worry how the rest of your interaction turns out. Give yourself permission to be less than perfect on your first approach. In fact, give yourself permission to blow it completely. Obviously you shouldn’t deliberately make a bad impression, but if it happens, then so be it.

Don’t take yourself or your socializing too seriously. After all, all you are really doing is giving people the opportunity to meet you.

Tip #3: Stay true to your passions.

One of the mistakes that people make when they start a conversation with a stranger is they become too focused on the other person. They spend all of their time asking questions to find out more about the person they are chatting with.

Asking questions is fine, but after a while it can actually put a lot of pressure on people.

What you need to do is balance your questions with some statements about yourself. When you talk about yourself, focus on the things that you are passionate about in life. As you develop your communication skills and become more confident about talking to random people, you can lead the direction of the conversation towards topics that you are passionate about. There are several reasons why you want to do this:

  • You will feel much more comfortable with topics that you are passionate about.
  • Your passion will resonate with other people and put them at ease.
  • Your interactions with people will naturally move to a deeper, more personal level.

As a result of these benefits, you will find it much easier to make friends, meet women, get dates, and enjoy more social confidence.


These tips should give you a head start at starting conversations and talking to random people. However, if you want to take your communication skills to the next level and master the art of conversation, then make sure that you check out the rest of our articles – they are crammed with advice for complete novices as well as more advanced techniques.

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Young happy amorous couple with glasses of champagne on romantic date at restaurant

A bartender works a rather complex and fast paced job in order to make all the drinks for the bar guests. However, there is always a “Girls Night Out” at most bars, and they usually invite attractive women that only use their money on looking good. With the orders coming in fast, you only get a few sentences to say what you want before moving on to the next guest. So, here are 10 ways bartenders can drop hints to girls on the other side of the bar.

1. The Wink – When you’re handing a really attractive woman a drink, the number one way you can drop a hint is to drop a wink at her when ending the conversation to go to another guest. This means that you are interested, but you can’t say it on the spot. Women will always translate it to this, as women who are attractive are also vain.

2. The Tease – This only works while they are sober, but it works really well at getting them to smile, provided they are not in a bad mood. When you go to hand them their first or second drink, you play a very short game of “Can you get it?” This introduces a very playful mood that they will always have a perked up interest for you, and this is the most commonly used hint out of the 10 ways bartenders can drop hints to girls on the other side of the bar.

3. Messing with the Drunk – This can be potentially volatile, but it works almost instantly to get a girl to give you her number. The most commonly used one is taking their drink away when they are not looking. You will only want to do this a maximum of two times, because afterwards they tend to get irritated.

4. Number on a Napkin – This hardly hits, but occasionally it does work, as women do get drunk. The trick to getting it to work is to write a very sweet poem to go along with it that plays on her vanity.

5. A Flower – If a really attractive regular keeps coming in, then you can use this one. On her second or third drink, or after she’s tipsy, place a rose on the table along with her drink. Because her inhibitions are lowered, it is rare that she asks why it was done, but instead sees it as extremely sweet.

6. Filler up Depression – If a really attractive woman is acting lonely and depressed, this one will usually work. Depressed women will not come while it is crowded, but also will not come when there are barely any customers. You are the best friend while filling her glass until you can coax her into having fun. If you have some extra cash then this trick will work on the dime almost every time. When she is in a better mood, but she doesn’t have enough cash to pay the bill, offer to pay it in exchange with her phone number.

7. One Free Drink – Because you’re the bartender and the amount of liquor sold is usually an estimate, you have a small leeway. If a woman seems she is flirting with you, you can always try giving her a free drink along with a compliment. This is the second most used of the 10 ways bartenders can drop hints to girls on the other side of the bar, but because it’s the bartender, it usually works.

8. Wavy Smile – In order for this to work, you have to know the woman you’re using it on. Otherwise, you’ll just be that weird guy who smiles differently. If you’ve known them for a while, this type of smile opens the door to different possibilities if she’s already shown an interest into you.

9. The Buddy Trick – Have a friend stick around the girls you want and gather info on the women. This will tell you what they like, what they are like, and what they look for in a guy. Your friend will be able to see what they turn down, and what they don’t. Then say something to the women you know they will like and give credit to your buddy. This is the sneakiest way out of the 10 ways bartenders can drop hints to girls on the other side of the bar, but it works like a charm every time.

10. The Book – This is a hint that only works with hot nerdy girls. They may be lawyers, scientists, or detectives, but there are many jobs that require intelligent women. Giving them a favorite book of someone you know they’ll like is something that will hit the hint right off the bat. Out of all the 10 ways bartenders can drop hints to girls, this one works the fastest.


Need more help? Leave a comment below!

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Lovers In Erotic Embrace. Topless lovers in erotic embrace, arm concealing breasts.

The show “Mad Men” is about a few things. One of them is how the Mad Men attract girls. True enough, it still works in this day and age. Women are turned on by their qualities because women are really only interested in one thing: fun.

That means one heck of a joy ride, and for men like the Mad Men, that is just too easy. This fun can be categorized into three terms that we will break down so you can attract girls like the Mad Men attract girls.

1. Confidence is the number one unique item in the Mad Men repertoire. Women love confidence in a male above all else because it means they are proud of who they are. On a survivalist scale, a woman would prefer a man who is overconfident that he can kill the beasts in a forest rather than the person with a shaky gun. This is something that is designed into the woman’s brain, so if you have it, it is an instant attraction.

How does it translate into fun?

Confidence in men leads to wild parties, adventures, interesting discoveries, and a wild sex life. Sex is one of the most important things to a woman, which is why they guard it so well. The same can be said about a man’s family or money. Do you want a family that wakes up depressed every morning or to fear losing all of your money because of a mistake? Usually the answer is no, so why would women settle for a man that does not do anything interesting just because he could.

2. Charisma is the second thing that Mad Men use to attract girls. Charisma only comes from a person who has been confident in themselves for a long time. In a survival situation, charisma is actually used for camouflage and making sure the attacks hit with precision while barely using any strength. This would mean that the person could get more than the normal amount of food, and a woman’s greed knows no bounds. You might be asking yourself, “But that’s stealth or weapons training, why did you say it’s charisma?” Weapons training means nothing if you do not have confidence. The ability to use that weapons training while commanding excellent confidence is charisma.

How it translates to fun?

Charisma leads to laughter, comfort ability, and adding more friends to a party. To women, charisma is needed along with the confidence to go out and have a great time with friends or complete strangers. Without charisma, everything would seem like an awkward high stakes Texas hold ‘em match that never ends and only has two people.

3. Big dreams are like a sucker for women because, as we said before, a woman’s greed knows no bounds. The bigger the dream, the more the woman will be into you, but it has to be a realistic and not creepy dream. In survival, a big dream actually means being able to live in a nicer place. To most, this does not make sense, but when you are in survival mode, all you can think about is a way to make the home life better. This causes chain events that will lead to a better place of living.

How it translates to fun?

The bigger the dream, the higher the roller coaster. That means more experiences to reach that goal. Women want to have the greatest they can out of life, and if a man’s dream is so small, like getting a pay raise, they feel like they are being cheated out of life. If a man has a huge dream then it will take a lot of work and various experiences just to get to that goal. The more the future life of the man seems interesting, the more a woman will fall for him. Think of it like a meal – do you drool over a crumb, or over a feast?


Got a question about attracting a girl? Leave a comment below and I’ll personally respond to you. Trying to get lucky? Check out some of my other articles for tips that will point you in the right direction.

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With girls and guys, attraction at its core is actually extremely easy to concept. The physical features of both men and women stimulate something mentally inside the brain that causes attraction.

While it’s simply stated, it is not always easy to just take it as it is. A lot of what is misconstrued is done so through psychological advancement in advertisement. They convince you that you need something in order to attract women, and without it you supposedly don’t have a chance.

The truth is that women look at men for three different things: health, confidence, and dreams.


The majority of the attraction at its core for women comes from health. Just like men, they are told something from commercials that if a man doesn’t have it, then they are not attractive. Health usually means big muscles, lean bodies, and great in bed. These women are easily identifiable as they are usually also deep in debt, have the latest fashion, and too many shoes to count. These women are also not even worth going after for a solid relationship, simply because they’re easily malleable, which makes them unreliable. Guys are naturally attracted to these women for brief periods of time, but because they are only skin deep, they also end up having relationships with more than one of them.

To attract women or men in terms of health is to simply be active. Go on a walk at night, go to the grocery store and walk around, or go to the gym. It doesn’t matter so long as they can visibly tell that you’re not someone who is cooped up in the house all the time. Women don’t want that type of man because that type of man is boring. Men don’t want that type of woman because men are used to being outside for the better part of their life.


The actual attraction levels of men and women are the levels of confidence they have. You can compare confidence to the sturdiness of a pillar. If a pillar isn’t strong enough then it will buckle and whatever it’s carrying will fall with it. If confidence isn’t strong enough then it will prevent you from living life to its fullest and having fun. The confidence level in a relationship between a man and a woman is the amount of attraction at its core. If a woman won’t play a game because they aren’t confident they will win, then a man will begin to lose interest. If a man doesn’t want to dance because they don’t have enough confidence that they won’t be laughed off of the floor, then the woman will lose interest in the man.


The number one thing for women, more than men, is the level of dreams a person has. For a woman, a dream is the level of excitement that the man they’re interested in will have in their life. For instance a man with the dream of being the greatest singer of all time potentially means there will be a lot of excitement, the living style of their relationship will go up, and the amount of interesting people they meet along the way will increase. But a man who is only interested at keeping his life the way it is at all costs will go nowhere, maybe meet one or two interesting people in their life, and won’t attend a lot of parties or have much fun of any kind.

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Topless couple indulging in foreplay with woman licking man's throat

The body gives away everyone’s secret emotions, so it’s important to know how a woman’s body works so you can determine the body language that tells you she likes you. With a woman, you don’t ever want to rely on the mouth, as the mouth is something they have been using for years. This is the device with which they wage war games with other women and have used to deceive hundreds like you before. No, instead you want to focus on the hands, eyes, and chest. These are things she can’t control. Even older women find it rather difficult to control their own body language.


The hands have a specific way of acting, as they are the main tools for protecting oneself from danger. For example, you raise your hands over your head when you’re in danger because you would rather take an injury to the hands or arms than the head or face. Here is the body language that tells you she likes you simply by being near her.

  • Open If her hands are open palmed, then she is comfortable. If her arms are somewhat open, then she is open for other things. If her hands seem like they are leaning towards you, she wants the interest to go further. If her hand is touching you, she has already made up her mind that she is attracted to you.
  • Closed If the palms are clutched, then something is irritating her. If her hands are together, then she wants to be left alone. If her arms are closed inwards, she’s not comfortable being there. If she crossed her arms, you should stop talking and go away.


The eyes are the windows to the soul for a reason. Increased interest actually widens the pupils while decreased interest makes the pupils smaller. If her eyes move from you and around the room then she’s not interested in you and she is bored, looking for something else. The body language that tells you she likes you is when her eyes seem like they are trained to your body. They should have a hard time looking away even once. If she looks away then her eyes dart back to you, that means she’s become very interested in you and has started to scheme the rest of the night with you.


Believe it or not, the chest is like a staring contest. If you turn your chest to face her full front then you have just lost her interest entirely. The number one way to keep her interest going is to have her chest point towards yours while your chest is still pointed away. This makes them feel like you aren’t giving them the vanity service that they deserve, and it actually forces them to feel compelled to you. Once you’ve gotten under their skin they’ll have a hard time getting you out of their thoughts.


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