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We all have our own bit of strangeness to us in bed, but some of us are just downright weird. Taking a journey into all things sex, there comes out a list of the Top 10 Weirdest Fetishes on the planet. Some of them have almost nothing to do with sex, but they turn someone on somewhere, so they’re still considered fetishes.

Here’s the list of our Top 10 Weirdest Fetishes.

#1 – Giantess Vore

Giantess vore is about a woman growing to giant proportions in order to eat men. There are various methods of eating including POV where you can experience the view of being eaten alive.

#2 – Animal Vore

Animal is a two-way system where animals are overly large and eat humans or the other way around. This is the general vore that you will find on the internet as it came before giantess vore.

#3 – Feeding

Do you get turned on by someone eating over thirteen sandwiches? Well, someone else does, and they have a whole avenue of porn sites dedicated to those who eat excessively.

#4 – Foot

From the delicate little feet to the ugly yellow toenails comes the foot fetish. Usually coupled with giantess porn, foot fetish have been around for a long time.

#5 – Hair

This fetish comes from some of the weirdest porn sites on the internet. The hair fetish has a huge range of variations, from “bear” porn to just having long hair. Some people can actually touch hair and have orgasms.

#6 – Cheese

One of the weirdest fetishes we know of is the cheese fetish where people are obsessed with eating cheese while having sex, and if you’re rich enough having sex in cheese. It’s not a very wide avenue and you have to search for a while before it will show up.

#7 – The Baby Factor

The baby factor is a double-sided type of fetish because there are those who enjoy dressing up as a baby and then there are those who like their women or men dressing up as a baby.

#8 – Vampirism

From drinking blood to looking like a century old horrifying monster, this fetish is probably our weirdest fetish of all the Top 10 Weirdest Fetishes. It was a huge hit in the 90’s when a man publicly bought blood solely for drinking it, but these fetish fiends get turned on by any vampire clichés, including blood drinking.

#9 – Open Surgery

Playing Doctor in bed has been around for a long time, but recently in countries where it’s hard to get caught men and women have been performing surgery to get a turn on. Rarely do they actually have sex because of how deadly it is, but they do masturbate to it.

#10 – Gun Fire

If you feel the adrenaline rush from the shot of a real gun then you can somewhat understand this jump. Upon hearing the firing of a gun, this fetish causes an orgasm for most who are inclined to it, but a number who love this fetish will watch sexual spy movies because of that one cliché, or play FPS games.


Those are some strange fetishes, and they aren’t even filled with sex! Our Top 10 Weirdest Fetishes are everyday activities taken to the next level, and quality entertainment like this can be found all over the internet. So what are your Top 10 Weird Fetishes? Let us know in the comments below.

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Women are purely maternal and emotional creatures, which mean that anything that increases your survival rate will usually turn them on. Ironically, the Top 10 Turn Ons for women are usually a lot kinkier than mere survival traits. Some are just downright weird, but what turns women on changes each year, so staying up to date with the newest trend of turn ons for women on is an annual chore.

1. Hair

The amount of hair that turns a woman on is dependent on the woman. This can range between being bald to hair like a rock star. However, if a woman is turned on by a style of hair, it usually doesn’t change.

2. Muscles

Some women prefer frail men, but most women love it when a man can pick them up with ease. This relates to what they can expect in bed. It’s a turn on at a moment’s glance for women because they can imagine all the things that man can do for them in the sack.

3. Money and Power

There are more and more women every year that are turned on by men who have obtained power through money. The prowess that a man gains from this is reflected in their stance and how well they perform in bed.

4. Accent

Every woman is turned on by a specific accent because words are emotional objects to a woman. If she likes slow and smooth sex she might like French, Italian, or even Latin. However, if she likes it rough then she may like a German or Russian accent.

5. Height

This is classified as both a turn on and a fetish because some women like men who are midgets and some like men who tower over them. The height of a man relates to how flexible and how intimidating they are in bed. A tall man would be intimidating while a midget would be able to pleasure her so fast in multiple areas she wouldn’t know how to express it.

6. Weight

Men and women are turned on by a certain weight, with the label either being a chubby chaser or being shallow. This depends on the woman, but usually women like their men rather medium weight with a muscular build because they’re “right in the middle.”

7. Words

For all women, being able to use specific words correctly will turn them on quicker than being attractive. As we said before, words are emotional objects for women and they imagine every word you say, so if you say it right you can turn her on without even touching her.

8 Nerd Power

Lately there has been a rise in the attraction to those who have a higher understanding of the world. These women are turned on by the highly intellectual and sophisticated breed of men that are emerging into today’s society as leaders. The recent power shift in the “muscle vs. brain” fight would be the cause of this.

9. Vampirism

This is a weird fetish but it has made it in the Top 10 Turn On’s for women because of the movie Twilight and all the fans who were turned on by the main character. This increased the number of women who like biting, gnawing, and depressed men to an all-time high.

10. Dominance

What really turns all women on? It’s confidence, or in other words, the attitude that overcomes all. Confident men dominate not just women, but everyone in the room. Nothing can stop a man with a dominant attitude, but with that kind of confidence the girls won’t even want to stop you.


Women are turned on by pretty basic things, and it’s up to each woman to decide which measurement of those basic things she likes. The Top 10 Turn Ons for women is comprised of features and qualities in which women are directly turned on. You can usually tell what a woman likes when you watch whom she talks to voluntarily and compare it to this list, so good luck an d have fun.

Need to turn a woman on? Check this out.

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They are mysterious creatures that riddle men with unanswered questions on a daily basis. The ironic part is that it isn’t hard to figure out a woman. Women are very simplistic if they’re viewed in the right light. Body language gives us most of the answers we need to figure out a woman. Their face is the key to everything they do, and it’s statistically proven that women pay attention to their face more than any other part of the body. In addition, their tone and grammar are useful in how to figure out a woman when you barely know her.


A woman’s face is the window to figure out a woman. There are several books that you can read that allow you to do something called a “cold reading,” and it will work on anyone. For a person who doesn’t want to read these books there’s a very simple but disturbing way to read everything a woman is thinking. You have known your mother since birth, so you know all of her facial features for every emotion she has. The woman you date and will possibly marry will be like your mother by almost 75%, which means she’ll have the same facial reactions as your mother. While it may be disturbing, this is a very quick way to figure out a woman.


The tone of a woman’s voice will let you figure out a woman’s mood in any conversation. You can take a vocal class or you can measure the tone of your voice to a sound that you make. This is very accurate, but not perfect, in judging whether or not the girl you’re talking to is actually attracted to you. If you’re good at it, this skill will let you know if they smoke, if they’re nervous, and a long list of other interesting facts.


In order to figure out a woman and where she comes from, all you have to do is pay attention to her grammar. Accents are a dead giveaway, but in America women say things differently in different states. This lets men know where these women come from without asking, and it’s usually safe to assume where you can eat for your first date. It’s also important because it will tell you something about the type of men they’re used to being with. It’s important to be yourself, but there are mannerisms that women are simply used to and it can be problematic if you are shown to have flaws when you really don’t have any.


In order to figure out a woman you have to be able to look at them and study them. There’s a reason why men who are successful with women seem heartless sometimes. It’s because they have lost the ability to control these techniques on a daily basis. So while you take these tips, don’t lose your personality just to be with a woman. Just have some fun with this. You can even test your knowledge on how to figure out a woman at a local hangout spot like the bar or a club.

Need help? No worries. Leave a comment below.

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Young slim pole dance woman in police clothing.

Knowing how to hit on a police woman is a very useful skill that, once learned, can pave the way to a whole new world of women. Knowing how to hit on a police woman is the most powerful ability that comes with being a man. It is against federal law to hit on a police woman because it impairs their ability to carry out the law. The knowledge of how to hit on a police woman comes from being able to attract a commanding officer. It’s very dangerous but if you can pull it off it has great benefits for obvious reasons.

Subtly above all else
In order to hit on a police woman you need to be very delicate without showing you’re being delicate. Do not make large compliments, but go for small riddle types of comments. Don’t use the ones where it takes them a few minutes to figure it out, but instead try something that disguises a compliment in harmless words. Also, keep your hands off the police woman until you get into a well-known relationship. These women hold the highest respect out of all the employed women in the United States, especially since it’s so hard for a woman to earn a uniform. It may be unfair, but that’s how the world works, so just make sure you know she likes you before you try anything that could land you in jail.

They work a very difficult job and, according to statistics, are one of the lowest paid jobs available today. This means they chose this job for its importance, not its pay rate, which is something not a lot of people choose to do. Showing your admiration for what they do without bringing up gender is a way to get your foot in the door. It’s also a great way of complimenting them without becoming a perpetrator of sexual harassment. While not all female cops do this, there are some female cops that wear sexually appealing clothes just to meet their quota for the month. However, this eventually catches up with them because just like the military, they are required to wear their uniform a specified way.

The only way you can ask a police woman out on a date is to ask them if they wouldn’t mind getting a cup of coffee. Asking a police woman out on a date falls into sexual harassment and is very dangerous territory. In order to hit on a police woman while at a coffee shop, you have to complement their dedication to their uniform. However, the best way to have a good first date with a police woman is to directly ask her if she wouldn’t mind grabbing a cup of coffee on her time off, which allows you to freely talk to her while she’s out of uniform.

Not in the middle
Do not ever try to hit on a police woman while being ticketed or arrested. On top of sexual harassment, they can file for police bribery, verbal assault, and, depending on what you say, possible pre-meditated rape. Some of these you may have just laughed at, but would you risk them just to say a cheap line to the officer? The best way to hit on a police woman is to ask her once she’s off duty. While in uniform she may have had the power of jailing you for sexually harassing a police officer, but in the off duty hours she doesn’t have this power.

Whether it’s on duty or off duty, you should still be very careful in how you hit on a police woman. While most of this article may have talked about how it could land you into trouble, remember that distractions may cause a female police officer actual harm in the line of duty. It may be difficult, but if you can land a relationship with a police woman you’ll reap all the benefits of a woman in uniform, such as loyalty, which is a rare quality in women these days. So have fun, enjoy the thrill of possible danger, and go where few men dare to go!

Need some help? Leave a comment to get some tips on how to get laid by a police woman today.

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Pandora’s Box is a program designed to help ordinary guys unlock the mind of a woman and influence her thoughts and desires. Much of the content is based on studies carried out by psychologists coupled with Vin’s research. This has allowed him to categorize women into 8 core “types”, create a blueprint to quickly pinpoint which type a woman is, and detail the game plan for pursuing her.

But why could it be a scam?

One of the reasons I set this site up is because I get tired of the haters out there. It seems that any product that offers easy self improvement – particularly in terms of gaining success in life – often gets shouted down by narrow minded people. These people usually have a very limited understanding of the subject and no exposure to what they are complaining about. Products that help guys with women, and women with guys, are easy targets. These people are often trolls with nothing better to do, or disgruntled users who flatly refuse to follow the system correctly.

Look at it like this: It’s pretty fair to say that WeightWatchers is a well established diet plan that works. But if a WeightWatchers member does not stick to the points plan and decide to do no exercise and sit around eating junk, they’re never going to lose weight. That doesn’t make WeightWatchers a bad system, but it’s only as good as the effort the user puts in.

Now I’ve covered that, what do you get with Pandora’s Box? You may feel a bit ‘left in the dark’ about what exactly you’re purchasing. The video and promotional material cover it, along with the ton of extra bonus material that comes with it, but a quick recap is probably useful.

The Pandora’s Box system is a core system with 8 additional parts which are broken up into monthly programs (Months 1-8). The core system is a number of PDF documents with video and podcast accompaniments. The core system gives you the basic information and context you need to start getting into the minds of girls, with basic strategies and an overview of the 8 types of girls in the 11th part. The additional parts each have a video interview for one of the 8 types of girls and documents that expand on the ideas presented by the core system.

The material is well written and presented – and the advise makes sense. There are plenty of EUREKA moments in there. Some of the most useful information is what NOT to do. I estimate nearly every man of dating age is committing at least three of the deadly sins of dating. It’s not the cheapest system I’ve reviewed, but in terms of quality it is better than most, and the customer service was good and responsive – which was pleasant.

What are the BAD things? Well, nothing is perfect and here are a few things I noticed.

The original version doesn’t teach you how to get over any phobias or shyness you have with girls. The methods Vin teaches are very direct, so they don’t consider that some guys can be very shy when talking to girls they’ve just met, or even sometimes girls they already know and are trying to take to the next step.

As of December 2014 this has been answered with an additional product – ‘The Attraction Code’ for guys who really have so little confidence that approaching hot women would probably kill them. But in addition, the monthly releases have been extended out with more content to address this.

The information about the different types of girls is spread over the whole program, so you can’t get all the information about one specific type in a big heap, you’d have to go through each part of the guide and find the sub-headings for a girls type.

GOOD things about Pandora’s Box?

The system is very straightforward and linear, you won’t be left wondering what part to read next as it is all set out and numbered to guide you through easily and in the best way to have a complete understanding. This is only really worth noting due to how much content there is in Pandora’s Box.

The 8 types of girls really do cover pretty much every girl that you will meet. You’ll be able to figure out any girl’s type and quickly start getting her attracted to you.

The video interviews give you an incredible understanding of the girls being described. What better way to describe the 8 types of girls than to find real life examples and interview them?

Vin has used scientific studies to back up all of what he teaches in Pandora’s Box and is considered an expert in the field of female psychology. Unlike other guides, Vin actually incorporates quizzes and little tests into Pandora’s Box to make sure that you understand the content inside and out so you can’t fail.

Pandora’s Box is the good non fluff guide on exactly how to get into the mind of any girl. Vin, the author, boasts an impressive background having spent the past decade of his life working with psychologists to figure out what makes women tick. I’d give it 9 out of 10. I’m knocking a point off because the earlier version would not work on my iPad – but I understand that has since been resolved.

>>> Official Pandora’s Box Website <<<

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Most men have one of two feelings when going into sex: “I know exactly what I’m going to do and she’s not going to know what hit her.” Or “Oh my gawd, what do I do!?” Well, as a little helping hand, we’ve prepared a quiz for you to find out, “Do you know how to use your penis?”

Choose your responses for the following questions, take note of the number associated with your answers and check below to see if you know how to use your penis!

1. Going fast is good.

False 1

True 2

2. Showering before sex is the only time you need to take a shower.

False 1

True 2

3. It is good to have a boner before you are going to have sex.

False 1

True 2

4. You always want to grab a towel before you begin having sex.

False 2

True 1

5. It’s important to take breaks during sex.

False 2

True 1

6. Sex is usually more than 2 hours for you.

False 2

True 1

7. Kelking will increase your sexual performance.

False 2

True 1

8. Kegal Exercises are for women only.

False 2

True 1

9. Sex declines as you get older.

False 1

True 2

10. Women are only attracted to men with big penises.

False 1

True 2


So, do you know how to use your penis? If the majority of your answers yielded 1s, this is for you:

You understand your penis…

You understand that a slower type of sex is the best type of sex. You know better than to take just one shower and to use a towel to wipe off the nasty. You know that getting a boner before having sex will shorten the amount of time you are able to have sex before ejaculating. You know that if you take sex for granted, it can ruin your sexual life. You know that Kelking and Kegal exercises are both great for increasing your performance in the sack. Finally, you know full well that you have to woo a woman before you can get her into bed, and if your penis isn’t big enough, you can fix that.


However, if you answered mostly 2s – sorry buster, think again!

You’re doing everything wrong…

It is never okay to go fast as the sex can be drawn out as long as the person wants it to be. You need to take a shower before and after sex. Otherwise if you have sex again after a small break you will smell horrible. It is never a good idea to get a boner before having sex because you could actually end sex before it really begins. Grabbing a towel will allow you to have sex for a longer time without being knee deep in your own cum. It’s important to take breaks during sex so that your body is able to adapt to not needing to cum for a long time, which makes a woman enjoy the sex far more. You always want to have sex for more than two hours because your body will start to lessen what you need in order to cum, which may lead to premature ejaculation. Kelking is a vital way to increase the size of your penis. Most porn directors know and use this technique. Kegal exercises are for both men and women as they have this same body part, it’s just more enjoyable for women. As you get older you will need to work less so the time you can have sex increases, but your performance may decline. Women are attracted to anyone who has a personality that they like. Only sex-driven women like big penises and they usually have a very loose vagina.

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Here is a continuation of the list we made before of the 10 hottest women. These women are the ones who weren’t the highest of the hottest women but still set many of the standards of today’s fashion world and have boosted into our world with a mountain of beauty.


1Hottest Women #11 –Eva Longoria Starring as a soap opera actress, she roll unto the scene in the later years of 2000. She stands at number 11 in our hottest women, climbing over 2 marriages and still looking hot as ever. She has been in the acting business for over 10 years but only starring in small roles.



2Hottest Women #12- Katie Price This busty blond started her career in modeling before she jumped into the acting light. Her nickname was Jordan and she even appeared in Playboy. Her career started in 1996, which makes her career almost 17 years long and that’s almost half of her life. Her acting career began in 2004 with soap operas at the same time she established herself as a writer.



3Hottest Women #13 – Veronica Fasterova A very powerful porn star, she is Russian with a powerful passion inside the bed. So much so that she has been mentioned at least once in every magazine in Russia.




4Hottest Women #14 – Tyra Banks Tyra Banks began her career in the modeling agency around the age of 15, meaning her career started in 1988. That means she has been in this business for over 25 years and she’s still going strong.




5Hottest Women #15 – Lindsay Lohan She made her first appearance in her career at the age of three and became an actress when she starred in the famous movie The Parent’s Trap in 1998. However, beginning at the age of 3 means she has been in this industry for 23 years.



6Hottest Women #16 – Nicki Minaj She’s a very unique and intriguing woman that always has the latest fashion sense. She stands on stage, bringing her presence in an overwhelming way. Nicki Minaj has set some of today’s standards for fashion and design.



7Hottest Women #17 – Carmen Electa Her real name is Tare Leigh Park but we know her as Carmen Electra. She began as a professional dancer back in 1990, which means that she has been in the business for 23 years. She is so hot that even though she is a professional actress, she’s been in the Playboy magazine 4 times.



8Hottest Women #18 – Anne Hathaway She brings a unique beauty to the table as most of the women have been full of prowess and had a certain charm of being powerful, but she’s the dainty and beautiful type. She started her career in High School were a play earned her a rising star award.



9Hottest Women #19 – Anna Faris Anna Faris began her career at the age of 9 in the Seattle Repertory Theatre. Her career has led her through one of the movie industry classics, “To Kill a Mockingbird”. She has been in the industry for 28 years and is still going very strong.



10Hottest Women #20 –Alessandra Ambrosio Our only Brazilian in our hottest women list, she is actually a model. Stunningly, she had cosmetic surgery to change her ear size at the age of 11 and then began modeling at the age of 15. She now stands among the most elite models in the world.



Those are all twenty of the hottest women in today’s society. These women have worked their way up in today’s society with only their passion, beauty, and talent. These are the hottest women in our list of the hottest of hot women.

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You’re never too old to get laid. And you’re never too old to do it regularly with a friend with benefits.

That’s the motto of Florence Henderson, the 80 year old former TV mom who headed up the hit show The Brady Bunch during the 1970’s. In a recent interview with Closer Weekly, Henderson admitted to having a friend with benefits, noting that her bedroom behavior is bolder than ever:

“I still feel like I’m 28. There’s no age limit on the enjoyment of intercourse. It keeps getting better.”

When asked if her friend with benefits was the only one who she’s sleeping with, Henderson said no, as she has other guys who are getting in-between-the-legs access too.

Remember this story if you ever think you’re too old to get laid. If an 80 year old can do it, so can you.

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There are many different ways to have sex, but there are little changes you can make that have a huge impact on your sex life. They’re called kinks, or being kinky. Kinky is a term used to describe an action, which is normally not sexual unless taken that way. There are a few common ways to be kinky, but most of us only experience them when there’s a new partner in our lives. Here are our “Top 10 What’s Kinky” so that everyone can enjoy the fun that we have.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Handcuffs

Handcuffs are the most common way to have kinky sex. They make the person wearing them feel submissive, like they have no control. This simple psychological trick can produce twice the amount of sexual sensation that you would normally have during sex.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Fur

The body is incredibly sensitive towards feeling things on the skin during sex. Fur will actually slow you down while not lowering the sexual sensation you’re feeling. Fur used to be worn by women until around 300 years ago, so when we see fur on a woman our primal urges take over.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Vampirism

Everyone loves a good nibble, and even though it may seem innocent, this is a very small form of vampirism. The pain caused by the teeth biting down on our skin causes our brains to release endorphins. Due to the increase of endorphins before we have sex, the amount released during sex rises to 10-20% above the average amount.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Two Way

The two way is for the more eccentric. Some men enjoy having their women being the man. For a man, a woman with a strap-on unlocks feelings and sensations they have never felt before. Many men who do this for the first time release so many endorphins that they pass out in the middle of the sex.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Upside Down

What’s kinkier than having sex on the ceiling? This requires a really good muscle structure but it’s simply having sex upside down. The blood rush to the head is bad for you, which is why many people can only do it a few times, but the amount of endorphins released during sex lingers for a longer time inside the brain. When they stand upright again, all the times they released endorphins hits their body in a single shot.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Dirty

A few men prefer to have their sex while being slathered in mud, but most of the time, being dirty simple means you’re insulting one another while having sex. For first timers this becomes increasingly confusing, but women are turned on by insults. Psychologically, a woman tries her hardest to look perfect every day, which is why being “dirty” is an immediate rush for them.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Blades

If you thought vampirism was kinky then you haven’t had the opportunity to use blades. Usually, the blades are small, and most prefer gloves with point knobs on them. This little trick can increase the amount of endorphins released in the brain during sex almost double with what you get from biting.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Feathers

Feathers are a softer form of using blades or biting. The goose bumps that you receive on your skin from the bristles of the feather increase your sensitivity during sex.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Blindfolds

The natural sense of panic when the brain is no longer able to see increases the adrenaline used in sex. This produces more of the endorphins and raises the level of testosterone in a man.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Ice

Ice does the same thing as a feather, but you can put an ice cube inside your girl’s mouth while getting a blowjob for a cool new experience.

There are many ways to bolster your sexual life with kinkiness. Some people who have had sex for a long time with multiple people have created their own “Top 10 What’s Kinky” just so they know what to use in bed. Therefore, try making your own list of kinky new ideas to try out. What is your “Top 10 What’s Kinky?”

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For men, there are very few, if any, signs that men want to be laid. However, for women there are a ton of non-verbal signs that she wants to get laid. The non-verbal signs that she wants to get laid are very difficult to see only because of how mundane they may seem. Most of them are studied in science classes around the world for when a man or a woman tells lies, but for men who know what they are, it’s easy to see.

Biting her lip
Biting her lip has to be the fastest way out of all the non-verbal signs to tell when she wants to get laid. It happens as soon as the third sentence comes out of your mouth. Women already know whether they want you in bed or not simply by looking at you. Women can literally smell your fear by just looking at you, because they’re designed to. However, women are also designed to look at the person within and not the person who is the shell. This is the reason why men are able to land dates with extremely attractive women.

Playing with her hair
This is the smallest way to tell men that they are ready for anything that comes. The reason why it’s difficult to notice this sign compared to all of the non-verbal signs she wants to get laid is because it requires you to notice the way she’s playing around. If she’s curling her hair then she’s nervous, if she pats or lifts her hair then she’s bored, but if she pulls out a comb to brush her hair while you aren’t looking, it’s to entice you. In addition, once you point out the fact that you noticed what she did, she becomes enthralled with you to the point of obsession.

Constantly touching you
The most noticeable non-verbal sign she wants to get laid is when she wants to touch you constantly. Many older women make it very blatant, but women have a hormone in them that releases a drug in us. They know it, too! Their touch releases a very addicting hormone that makes men lose control. There’s why being a monk or a priest is so hard.

Open and closing
If biting her lip didn’t tell you that she’d like to take things a step further, she may begin making a small show with her legs. The motions change every few minutes. The non-verbal signs she wants to get laid are when she opens her legs and they’re pointed at you. This is actually a subconscious thought out of her control. She will unknowingly point her vagina at what she wants. It’s very amusing to watch this, but it’s the most blatantly obvious sign out of all the non-verbal signs she wants to get laid.


There are a lot more non-verbal signs she wants to get laid, but they’re more difficult to see. Some even require a higher education to notice. Even more important, some women have their own unique tell-tale signs that you just have to figure out yourself. Just get out there and have fun.