Be More Confident With Women

Just do what the big boys do and women will be falling all over you…

Note: this is NOT a role model.

One of the questions guys usually have when they’re learning to be more confident with women is how they can be more attractive. What the very basics of attracting women are, and getting them to take an interest in you. Some guy think they need to compliment women to attract them, when in fact you need to become attractive. Sometimes, the idea is even to take things as far as getting them to chase you. I’ve found that, when you do work on your general attractiveness, finding women to have sex with becomes fairly easy. At least one out of four or one out of five girls that you meet in social situations will probably want to have sex with you if you’ve worked on your attractiveness enough.

So you might ask yourself, how can you develop that sort of attractiveness? How can you make women like you by default, and make everything to do with meeting, dating, and having sex with women so much easier?

Because let’s face it, if your levels of general attraction are fairly low, everything’s going to be difficult with dating; and particularly with getting a girlfriend. If you’re an attractive guy — if you’re the sort of guy that women are going to tell their friends is hot, then it’s going to be much easier.

So here is what I think the key is: choosing the right role models.

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There are guys out there in the world, who I call “losers,” who can actually pick up women and have an abundance of them. Yet I do not believe that to be a good role model for a guy out there wanting to be better with women. You’re better off picking a role model who has the full package, who is an all-around amazing guy, and where it is clearly no accident that he’s good with attracting women. He doesn’t have to work for it at all, because it’s easy for him.

It’s important to pick the right role model, and that’s going to influence every aspect of how you want to be good with women. For example, one of my role models is a guy who’s never even studied dating — he’s just an amazing guy. He’s very confident with women, and he’s dating a Miss Universe finalist, so trust me, it’s no accident.

The secret is that he’s got a great lifestyle, he’s got great passions, he’s in good shape, he’s confident, and he’s comfortable in his own skin. The great thing is that you too can build yourself an awesome lifestyle like that. Go out and make a list of some great hobbies or activities that you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to. Be it a martial art, a dance class, or learning to play the guitar. By becoming a better and more fulfilled person yourself, you will inevitably begin to attract women — and this time it will be effortless.

What are doing to make yourself more attractive to women? What is working or not working? Share a comment below.

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