Be Persistent When Picking up a Girl

Say a guy approaches a girl in a bar and doesn’t get a warm reaction; a lot of guys would just give up. Are there benefits to sticking out the conversation? Or should he just try to pick up the next girl that smiles at him?

Do you want to learn how to make sure your phone is full of beautiful ladies’ phone numbers? If so, read on!

We’ve been really working on putting a model together where guys can actually have a system that they put in place that will allow them to be more persistent with women.

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Being more persistent when picking up a girl

Be Persistent and Honest and before you know it, she'll be giving you her number!

 1. Persistence is Attractive

The first layer of the persistence model is telling yourself that you’re not going to take ‘no’ for an answer. This is also a holistic lifestyle element as well, check out this guy and his amazing attitude. What are your favorite excuses?

Let’s say you try to get a girl’s number and she puts up a little bit of resistance. She might say, ‘I really don’t give my number out to guys in clubs.’ You know what, I’m not going to take no for an answer. Here’s my phone, why don’t you put your number in?’

If she continues to put up some resistance then there are some other levels that we can take this to.

What do you find challenging about being persistent? Please comment in the box below.

2. Honesty

The second layer of persistence is being honest.

I think being honest with a girl is really powerful. You can just say something like, ‘I’ve got to be completely honest with you; there’s something about you that I just really like. I don’t know if it’s your energy, I’m not sure if it’s your personality, but there is something that I feel really connected to.’ This will instantly get her attention and draw her into the conversation.

Continue to say ‘I would honestly love to see you again to just see if there’s a connection. I’d just feel terrible if I didn’t get that opportunity.’

You’ll find that if you work on these two layers of persistence that will usually be enough to win a woman over. A lot of the time, she’s not actually saying ‘no,’ she’s just saying ‘not yet.’ She’s testing you and wanting you to have to invest a little bit more. She’s essentially testing how keen you are in wanting to see her again.

3. Know when to Quit

Now at the same time, if a girl isn’t responding positively and she’s not investing in you, at some point you have to just acknowledge that and say to yourself, ‘Well you know what, she’s not really worth my time. She’s not interested in me.’ Got a question about knowing when to quit? Please ask, I promise to take the time to personally respond.

You have to think that clearly she’s not a good fit for you, so you have to move on. I think as guys start to develop more of an abundant mindset and they recognize how many thousands of beautiful, intelligent women are out there in the universe waiting to be approached, it makes it that much easier not to get hung up on one girl.

What do you think? What strategies have you tried to meet more women? What worked and didn’t work for you? Share your experiences in the comments box below.

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