Best compliments for a Woman

Is it a compliment or a corny pick-up line?

Get her pining for your heart instead of running away with the right compliments. Discover why women love your compliment and how to use them to quickly get her heart. And I am going to issue a challenge that will completely shift your focus and help you easily think of the best compliments for women that can be used any time you need them.

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best compliments for women

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What do you like about her?

One of the best exercises you can ever do for being good with girls is to go out for a day or a week and write down three positive things about every women you see, meet, or talk to. Whether it is the girl that serves you lunch at the cafe or one that you see walking past, write down three things that you like about. This is especially important if you would not normally find her attractive. This is one of the best exercises you can do for being good with girls. After you have done this for a while, you’ll come up with the best dating compliments with ease.

Be positive

You are actually training yourself to to think positively. You are learning to find something you like about every girl you meet, and you start loving women in general. To be a guy that can think of the best compliments for a woman, you need to start thinking about women in a positive way. Men who aren’t very good with girls usually don’t have this positive focus.

Some guys have an anti-woman vibe, and they come across as being negative about women in general. When you have this type of thinking, discovering the best compliments for a woman can be difficult. They get caught up in debates about men versus women, and this is the last thing you want to do. To be good with women, it is important that you love women as a whole and have some really good beliefs about them. Finding the best compliments for a woman is all about how you think about women.

I encourage you to spend the next week dedicated to finding three things that you like about every woman you meet. I want you to especially focus on women where you may have previously considered in a negative light. Maybe it is an overweight woman or someone who is not your normal kind of “hot,” but you should work very hard to find something positive about all women.

Tryin’ to rob her?

Many guys have what I call “the bank robber mentality” when they are learning to be good with women. They want to learn these techniques so they can go into clubs, pick up women and take them home. They are not interested in making women feel good about themselves or making the world a better place. They only want to learn how to be good with women to get some sort of result. They are very superficial, and I discourage you from having this same attitude. The right mindset about women will help you know the best compliments for a woman in any situation.

Being good with girls is an easy way to make people feel good about themselves. It makes you happier and is a way to do good in the world. When I meet a girl and pick her up, I really view that I’m making her day. I’m making her month, because it makes her feel good about herself. She feels attractive and sexy, and I’m doing a good thing. I see the positives in every girl I meet. I like to look at them in a positive light, and I like to look at what their good attributes are. It is very natural for me to compliment girls because I’m always looking at them in a positive way.

If compliments are something that you find difficult, then this could be the reason why. Change the way you think about women, and knowing the best compliments for a woman will become really easy.

***Remember: Please share one of your dating frustrations in the comments below. I’d like to help you and will try to answer your comment personally.

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