Best Places To Meet Women In Your Area

Best Places To Meet Women In Your Area

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Are you new in town and wondering where the best places to meet women in your area are? One of the best places to meet single ladies is in the bars and clubs in your locality. But for many guys, it’s not where to find women that is the problem.

Once they’re found, many men find excuses which stop their progress and stunt their ability to succeed in the game of dating. So what are the excuses that stop guys from succeeding in meeting women?

If you don’t believe in yourself, the best places to meet women won’t matter.

A lot of times guys zone out and don’t ever live up to their full potential when it comes to meeting women. We find excuses to make ourselves feel better, but in the end we don’t ever feel better, just much worse. So what are the typical excuses guys make to keep them from winning the affections of women?

Excuse #1: There are other people watching.

People around you are really only vaguely interested in what other people are up to. Even if you were to go up and approach a girl, very few people would really be watching you or even paying attention to what you are doing.

And really, why should you even care about what people may think of you? If you are a good- looking, educated, and sexual person, why do you care about being judged by other people?

The nightmare of going up and approaching a girl, being rejected, and being laughed at by everyone is just simply a figment of your imagination, and in all reality, will likely never happen. At the end of your life, what really matters is do you like who YOU are? If not, change it. If you do, then don’t sweat the small stuff of other people’s judgements and be happy with who you are.

Excuse #2: Women will think I just want a quick lay.

Bars are just a good place to meet local women. Talking to women should be all about your social game. In bars and clubs, people are everywhere. You bump into a woman and you talk to her. She is there for the same reason you are, after all. She’s there to relax after a hard week, catch up with friends, and meet guys.

If you bump into someone interesting and are having a chat, and see someone who catches you eye, say, “See ya later,” and approach that beauty. You just make the rounds and meet and greet people along the way. In no way shape or form would any woman you just met think you were cheating on them if you walked off to approach someone else.

In the club scene, everyone is playing the same game. It’s all about conversation and being social. No woman that you approach is going to think that you want to have sex in the street or backseat of your car. Unless you are some kind of sleazebag, and then that’s a whole different story. So relax, meet people, and have a good time.

Excuse #3: I’m not attractive enough to interest women.

She is going to find you attractive and engaging if you have the self-confidence that carries that attitude. She may want to see you again, or sleep with you later that night, but you’ll never know if you walk in with a self-defeating attitude. Women find attraction in attitude. Remember that.

On the other hand, what if a woman who finds you attractive is not really all that attractive to you. Who cares at this point. You’re just there enjoying yourself and the atmosphere, so who cares whether she’s attractive or not? Beauty on the outside can many times be deceiving.

You don’t want to be judged, so judging other people could prevent you from a great opportunity to meet someone awesome. But you’ll never know if you just dismiss her and write her off for someone who is not showing the least bit of attention to you.

Excuse #4: Honing in on one woman may cause me to miss the “right one”.

Guys who really get into the whole pick-up game and go out every night, trying to meet women, often object to going on a date with a woman because they justify it as giving up for the night. They could be out picking up more women. This is just plain stupid. You’ve got to remember what you are in this game for, and it shouldn’t be for your ego.

You’re in it to actually meet women, and hopefully hook up with one. As soon as you get a date, give up your night of picking up women and go on that date and enjoy the company of that beautiful woman. That’s why you went in this bar or club in the first place. You’re looking to meet women, so once you find one, stop looking.

Excuse #4: I’m afraid of being too aggressive.

You notice a woman on the phone walking across the room and out of your immediate area. Who cares what she’s doing? You’re the man. You’re supposed to act like one. Are you expecting her to make the first move?

She’s probably not going to. It’s up to you to make the first move, so don’t worry about all the facts that will be working against you, like whether she’s on the phone, or whether logistics are not right. Just make the move, take action, and go up and see what happens.

There’s never a perfect moment, and perfection does not exist in a pick-up. You’ve got to be an opportunist and make something out of nothing. Quit making excuses like, “I’m too old, she’s too young, I’m probably not her type, yada-yada-yada.” With that attitude, you’ll never, ever go anywhere or accomplish anything.

You can show her the most amazing time of her life. And she can reciprocate by showing you an even more amazing time. Learn to be aggressive, because women are turned on by leaders, not followers. They love men who take charge, and make the decisions. The alpha male personality is the one who ends up with the girl. It’s the passive guys who don’t win. So leave you passivity at home.