Big Turn-Offs For Women

Big Turn-Offs For Women

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Tired of automatically turning her off? Women can be hard to turn on, but very easy to turn off. If this happens to you a lot, what are you doing wrong?

Getting them turned on can be like trying to bring a cold pot of water to the boiling point. You’ve got to slowly raise the heat. However, if you say or do the wrong thing, they will shut down instantly and go back to freezing cold.

If you’ve experienced this yourself, it can be a massive frustration because it puts you on edge. You second-guess everything you’re saying to a girl, and this just makes things worse. You’re worried because you don’t know if you’re touching her the right way or whether you should be touching her at all. You start to stiffen out.

This is a horrible state to get into if you want to seduce women. Instead, you need to flow like water. You need to be free, but it does help to have some ideas of what turns women off to allow you to relax.

Lose your inhibitions, let your guard down…

One of the first things which are turn offs for women is really counter-intuitive. It’s actually guys that are too cautious. Guys that worry too much about what she thinks. If you’re worried about turning her off, you automatically fall into this category. If this is you, I want you to bring out a massive red stop sign inside your head and snap out of it. Change your focus.

You’ve got to understand that you’re okay just the way you are. Women will like you if you go through life and make no apologies for who you are. Acknowledge that you’re not going to get it right all the time, but that’s just part of being a man. There are things that she’s going to do that are going to frustrate you as well.

Persevere whether she’s turned on or off…

Have you ever watched American Idol and noticed when a singer makes a mistake? If they ignore the mistake and keep pushing forward anyway, you often get to the end of the song and forget about the mistake altogether. But, if they freeze in horror at the error, it creates an incredible, awkward tension.

The exact same is true when you make a mistake with women through dating turn offs. The best step is to ignore it and just keep moving forward. This does two things for you: firstly, she’ll forget about the mistake and, secondly, she’ll like you even more because you’ve demonstrated the ability to stay calm under pressure.

Put the ball in her court…

The third thing you can do, and one of the most powerful tricks up your sleeve, is flip the script around on her. I almost feel bad giving you this information because the women you use this on are not going to stand a chance.

Instead of waiting for yourself to make a mistake and turn off women, flip the script on her, let her know that she’s losing you the minute she says something a little bit dorky or quirky. You can give her a slight nudge as you push her away, and say, “You’re such a dork.”

The key to this, and the way to really build her attraction and ramp it up at an accelerated pace, is you need it to be a false disqualifier. You need her to know that you’re only playing around with her.

A great way to do this is to, after you say, “You’re such a dork, you’re losing me,” and gently pushing her away, pull her back in towards you and say, “It’s okay, I’m only kidding, I really think you’re a cutie.”

What does this achieve?

This will create a weird sensation deep inside her head, she won’t know whether you’re fully into her or not and she’ll work twice as hard to win your approval from this point on.

So: relax, become laidback, and don’t be afraid of any mistakes you make along the way. Also, be sure to help her realize that this is a two-way street. Once you accomplish this, you’re going to be on the right tracks to preventing women’s biggest turn offs.