Bigger is Better: Fact or Fiction?

Are you one of the billions of guys who don’t feel secure about your penis size?

Do you have a reason to worry? Guys are often insecure about their penis size, but is it even true that women say bigger is better?

Read on to find out what women are really looking at and feeling when they see your penis.

Bigger is Better - Men believe, but do Women?

Big confidence is the only size that matters.

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The size of your penis is less important than…

This has become a much bigger deal for guys than ever (no pun intended), going by the questions asked of me. The idea that women think bigger is better freaks out so many guys! I just want to let you know that insecurities about the size of your penis or anything else will really sabotage your efforts with women. These doubts will really dent your confidence.

I’ll give you an example of how misplaced our insecurities can be. When I was younger, I thought I had a big nose. I don’t even know why I felt this way now, but I was just so sure that I had an unusually big nose. There it sat, in the middle of my face. Every night, I would get an ice pack and put it on my nose to try to make it smaller. I did this for months.

These days I realize that there is nothing at all wrong with my nose – it is perfectly normal. It has never stopped me from getting girls, and nobody else has ever said I have a big nose, but I made such a big deal about it in my head at the time. I thought about it so much,  worried about it, convinced myself that I was abnormal and ugly, that it came to the point where it truly limited my confidence with women. While I thought like this, I didn’t have the confidence to go talk to girls at all.

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Everyone has insecurities

It is normal to feel like there is something wrong with you or that there is something about you that isn’t good enough. It’s perfectly normal to panic about your physical attributes, including the sexual ones. I’m here to tell you that you’ve got to get over these insecurities about whether size matters, or whether women think bigger is better. Don’t waste your time on penis enlargements, popping pills, or using any stupid exercises. Just feel good about yourself and dismiss worries about whether bigger is better from your mind.

Accept what you’ve got

Worrying about your penis size, or any other attribute, is a cancer that will eat away at your confidence. It will undermine every attempt to meet girls and how you express yourself. Few things turn off women more than insecurity. The only big thing that women are always going to find attractive in a man is big self-esteem or big confidence.

Stop worrying about your penis seize, height, nationality, bank balance, or anything else about yourself. There are millions upon millions of women out there who couldn’t care less about any of these things. I want you to start learning the power of acceptance. Realize that there are some things about yourself which you can’t change, and that there are many important things about yourself which you don’t want to change.

These days, I love my appearance. I’m unique; no one else looks like me. I have a very powerful, personal identity and my appearance is exactly who I am; I wouldn’t want to change it at all. It’s the same with you and any insecurities which you may have: embrace your unique qualities. Learn to like yourself, and love those things which you used to be insecure about. By now you realize that it’s not your size that matters, what your mentality and what you choose to do with what you’ve got!

***Remember: Please share one of your dating frustrations in the comments below. I’d like to help you and will try to answer your comment personally.

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