Biggest Dating Mistakes To Avoid

Biggest Dating Mistakes To Avoid

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Do you want to know the main reason you and most other men constantly fail with women?

There are some major reasons why men fail in their dating life, and just knowing what these mistakes are will help you dramatically increase your dating success. Learn the biggest dating mistakes to ensure you keep the girl interested… and you never know, it could end in the bedroom!

If you have no idea about dating and just dive head first into meeting women, this is going to do wonders for your success. It’s going to help increase your awareness on what not to do so that you can enjoy more sex, better relationships, and overall better interactions with women. Avoiding these mistakes will also increase your confidence as you get used to positive reactions from females.

Take note of the below mistakes, and make sure they are eliminated forever from your dating life.

1. Being Too Available

Mistake number one is being too available. It’s a known fact that people want what they can’t have, and when they are sure they have it, they begin to lose interest. When you meet someone, you want to go down the dating path, but you want to ensure that you keep to your regular schedule in life and don’t be available whenever they need you. Do not call frequently, do not always answer your phone, and make sure you are still dating other girls. It’s important to learn how to initiate contact to ensure you do not come across too available or too needy.

2. Putting on an Act

When you feel like you have to put on an act, you’re really admitting to yourself that you are personally not good enough for her and have to put on an act to attract her.

You don’t want her falling for a person that’s not really your true self. She is eventually going to find the real you, if you date for a little while. Ensure that when you meet her, you show her your true self, and be totally honest with her. Let her fall for who you really are.

3. Not Taking the Lead

It’s really a guy’s job to play the masculine role in a dating life, so ensure that you take the lead. Men take the lead in everything from Salsa dancing to dangerous situations. You decide where you’ve got to go. Be the one who makes the plans. Be the decisive one. Display your masculine qualities to her.

4. Thinking Too Far Ahead

You can easily jeopardize a dating relationship by thinking too far ahead and imagining your future with her. It’s better to just be in the moment and enjoy what you have, initially, and let things evolve naturally.

5. Missing Her Signals

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a girl interested in me and I didn’t act on her interests, instead playing it safe. After a while, she lost interest and moved on to another guy who was going to give her what she desired. It’s important that you understand how girls communicate their interests and be very observant.

For instance, if a girl is constantly laughing at your jokes, if she’s giving you sustained eye contact, if she’s finding excuses to touch you, they are obvious signs that she’s interested in you, and she probably wants you to make a move at some point. I know, for a lot of guys that understand dating, this sounds like common sense stuff, but for me and many other guys, it was a total mystery.

6. Trying to Convince Her You Like Her

You can never change the way a woman feels, and you can’t talk her logically into wanting to be attracted to you. It’s something that she has to feel. If you want to be a more attractive guy, learn to push her attraction triggers.

A great way to learn to do this was reading The Attraction Code. It is a fantastic starting point to learn more about women, become a better dater, and improve your love and dating life. The Attraction Code really fixed a lot of issues that I was finding, like finding myself in the friend zone, not getting enough dates, and not really knowing how to interact and converse with women.

Be conscious and avoid these mistakes like the plague. You will see your dating game success increase and find yourself bringing more women home than you could ever imagine.