Brainstorming Activites To Do With Your Girl

Stop a rut from killing your relationship before it’s dead for dood

Plan ahead by brainstorming new dating ideas to spice up your relationship before the boring becomes the mundane and it’s too late to recover.

Read on for some simple tips…

Brainstorming Activites To Do With Your Girl

start working together towards supporting each other

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Come up with dating ideas…

A great exercise to do when you’re dating a girl is to brainstorm new activities to enjoy together. Sit down with a pen and paper and spend three minutes just throwing dating ideas around that you’ve always thought of doing. These particular ideas are activities that you’ve never thought of that can then be used as an opportunity for the two of you to explore each others passions and goals together. Its a great way to improve your brain power too.

These ideas don’t have to be expensive, they can be cheap dating ideas that can be incredibly fun. Maybe your a big fan of rock climbing and camping out in a national forest, and your girl has never experienced anything like that before. It can be a great opportunity for the two of you to come together and try something new. And it doesn’t cost a thing, except the time and energy involved in planning and experiencing.

Likewise, there will be many activities that your girlfriend has thought of doing that maybe you’ve never really considered doing. Ballet dancing perhaps, or maybe pole dancing with your girlfriend might be something you’d both enjoy. Brainstorm fun date ideas that you’ve always wanted to do but have never had the time to do. The advantage to this is you can actually start working together towards supporting each other in achieving these goals.

There are things to consider when encouraging your girl to try something new.

One thing that is important when you two begin to brainstorm together is to make it clear that it is a safe for her to throw at any idea she has without fear you will think she is off her rocker. Don’t judge her in the process, because the minute that you start judging those activities, your brains are going to close down and you’re going to only think of logical solutions. The problem with this is that you lose any exciting date ideas that might come to mind.

Be creative

Creativity adds to new adventures and different experiences, and you both should be open to trying things that you had not thought of before. If she is into something you think of as too feminine or too girly, open your mind to the possibilities. That way you are showing her you are willing to meet her half way. This will help open her up to trying things that she may have thought as too masculine or boyish.

Be open

When you two are able to be open to ideas that you thought of as too weird, that is when you are really sharing. If there are date activities that she is reluctant to do, this can be a great way for shaping her to be a little bit more adventurous and open to new experiences. In a relationship and certainly in progressing sexually and trying different sexual experiences, that can be a really positive quality and trait to be shaping in your girl’s life.

Consider this brainstorming as a way to see if she is willing to try new things out of the bed, so that when you are in bed you will know if she might be willing to try new things. We are often the same out in public as we are in bed. If she is a prude or not adventurous, that could be your clue to how she is in bed. On the other hand, if she is willing to try something big and dangerous like rock climbing, then chances are pretty good that she will be willing to be adventurous in bed. Brainstorming is a great way to discover exciting experiences you can share together, both in and out of bed.

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