Breasts And Other Erogenous Zones!

Breasts And Other Erogenous Zones!

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If you really want to turn her on, get her juices flowing, and make her a slave to you in the bedroom, then you need to control your fixation on her breasts and start expanding your foreplay repertoire to other parts of her body.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Her breasts, and especially her nipples, are one of the key erogenous zones for turning a girl on, but there are other areas that you need to explore more often to get her juices flowing.

A buildup of sexual tension is required to really increase her passion for you. Below, I’ll describe some steps to take her from being mildly warmed up, to being driven wild with desire. She’ll be wet to the point where she’ll be demanding you be inside her.

Erogenous Zone 1 – Start with her wrists.

The starting point, with the erogenous zones, is her wrists. These are some erogenous zones that you can touch no matter where you are without her feeling embarrassed. Her comfort level in the beginning is the key to sexual progression.

What you want to do when you’re kissing a girl is to lightly touch the inside of her wrists with your fingertips. This stimulates her gently and appropriately while she might be trying to decide if she wants you to continue to the next level. If she starts to move closer and begins to touch you as well, then things are really looking good for you. At this point you know that you’ve already got some of her juices flowing.

Erogenous Zone 2 – Her earlobes.

I suggest that you very gently nibble on her earlobes. Not only is this sensual for the touch factor, but it also gives her the opportunity to feel the warmth of your breath on her neck, and to hear the sound of your breathing. This will put the idea of heavy breathing into her mind.

You know, the kind of breathing that happens when you’re deep inside her.

So, when you’re kissing a girl, turn your mouth away from her lips and start to lightly nibble her earlobes. From this point, you can then move towards the nape of her neck, and lightly kiss around there. The different pressures of your lips and teeth combined with the feel and sound of your breath will drive her wild.

Erogenous Zone 3 – Inside her elbows and knees.

From this point on, if she’s been giving you the go-ahead vibe and has been kissing and touching you back, move to just inside her elbows. Again, it’s another safe spot on her body that you can touch in public or in private to get her aroused.

Then move your hands very slowly to behind her knees. Both on the other side of her elbows and behind her knees are very sensitive little spots that stimulate her and get her thinking about what it’d be like to have sex with you.

Erogenous Zone 4 – Only now should you move on to her breasts.

And don’t quite fondle her breasts yet, but lightly touch around her nipples. Be very gentle, and try to initially avoid the nipple. The nipple can be an overly sensitive area, and around the nipple is often more pleasurable for a girl. Remember, the idea is to create sexual tension, which for women is a slower process than for guys.

Once you spend some considerable amount of time on the nipples, you should then lower your focus to her inner thighs.

Erogenous Zone 5 – The inner thighs.

Now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of things. Her inner thighs will start to get her pussy really moist. Gently touch her inner thighs, and almost like a ladder, climb up to her pussy, but!

Always make sure to miss the pussy each time. Don’t touch the pussy. Just really focus on her inner thighs. Teasing her like this will make you really irresistible.

I’m serious – tease her as much as you can. The more you tease her, the more sensation she’s going to feel once you finally get to her vagina.

Now let’s get serious – Her pussy.

Once you’ve spent some time on her inner thighs, you can start shifting your focus towards her pussy. I like to combine touching her pussy with kissing and also sucking on her breasts. I find such a double combination is rather lethal, and adds to what will later be quite a spectacular orgasm for her.

So, guys, the point of this article is to get you to move beyond just fondling her breasts and towards exploring more parts of her body, getting her in a more sexual mood for you.

Let me also say that the more you educate yourself on sex, and the more you practice, the better you’re going to get. The better you get sexually, the greater the likelihood women are going to stick around and want to come back for seconds. So, it’s a worthwhile skill to learn and master in your life.

But what use is sexual prowess, if you can’t even pick up a girl?

Hopefully, you don’t have problems approaching women and you don’t get shy when it comes to asking them out. But, if you do, and my experience shows that a lot of guys have serious problems when it comes to picking up women, then I can’t recommend a better guide than Pandora’s Box.

I dare you to change your life.