Casual Adult Dating

Do women actually enjoy casual sex?

If you really believe that women are only interested in serious relationships, then prepare to have your mind blown! The truth of the matter is that more and more women are looking for casual dates or “friends with benefits” instead of a long term relationship. A lot of guys don’t know whether women actually want this as much as men do. Believe me, they do.

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Casual Adult Dating

Don't believe women want casual dating too? Update your thinking!

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She wants casual too.

Women are very open to casual dating. In fact, many of them actually prefer it! Why? Because they are often more experienced than guys and have been doing it for a lot longer. Many women like to keep their options open, especially if they have a lot of guys who are interested in them and they don’t like to make a hasty decision.

What should you do if you want a casual relationship?

In the early stages of dating, you don’t really have to worry about trying to shape it as something casual because that is almost assured. But if you want an ongoing casual relationship, then I think how quickly you progress to having casual sex is important. For example, if you meet a girl and the two of you share a strong sexual connection, then it would make sense for you to take her home and escalate things. On the other hand, if you get the sense that she isn’t looking for something casual, then be patient and taking her out on a second and third date before you escalate things sexuallySo it really depends on how quickly you move through the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder. It’s all about the rate at which you move from a platonic level to a personal level, and ultimately to a sexual level. The quicker you do that, the more likely it is that she will be comfortable with an ongoing casual arrangement.

Be clear about what you want!

If you have sex with a girl, spend hours cuddling with her, sleep over, and then go out for breakfast with her the next day, then you’re no longer keeping things casual! You simply cannot start spending all of your free time with a girl and keep it a casual relationship at the same time. Decide what you want. Sometimes it is possible to spend a lot of time with a girl and still keep it casual, but that usually only happens later in a relationship. You have to be patient before you get into that. In the early stages of a casual relationship, make sure that you keep some distance. So if you do have sex and stay over, leave in the morning and don’t contact her for a few days.

Here’s the bottom line: you need to get her comfortable with the idea of having a life outside of her time with you, and you need to be comfortable with the exact same thing as well!

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