Casual Sex And Pick-up Lines

Want to know how to get a woman into a one night stand tonight?

It’s simpler and far less messy than you think as long as you follow the rules I’ve revealed below… read on for more details.

Casual Sex

Casual sex is something you BOTH want... why not help her out?

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Women want sex too.

A lot of women are going to clubs and dressing up provocatively and so forth because they want sex.  I know this is a hard thing for a lot of guys to realize but they are looking for sex.  How to pick up women at clubs is easy you just have to be clear about what you want. If sex is something that you are looking for, you want to make that clear. It is important that, when you are interacting with women, that you actually show them what your intent is. Sometimes it can be good to push things a little bit further than you think, because there is no point of you wasting your time with girls that don’t want sex or putting too much time into an interaction if they aren’t interested in what you are after. Now, I have definitely had this happen to me.  I might be talking to a girl for 30 minutes and then things just die down. It is mostly because I am being too social and there is no direction, no sign of my intent. The other side of this is being real strategic.

Take your time…

If you want to have sex or a one night stand with a woman at a club for instance, then take your time. It is much more likely that if you are at a club at four or five in the morning, that the girls that are still at that club are horny and ready to be taken home. For some guys, it is just that they are rushing or that they feel that, in that interaction that they are having with the woman, they have to move things along right there and then.  I think that it could be really powerful to just plant a seed and show a bit of interest and then move on, especially if it is early in the night.  You can always come back and build things up from there.  What I mean by building things up, is just be more strategic.

There are obvious signs for women who want sex.  If you see two women out and they are together and they are not talking much and they’re dressed really provocatively and looking around the room a lot, there is a good chance one, if not both of them, is looking for sex.  It is just a question of taking notice of those signs.

Setting the stage for later can really help.

Now, in terms of later in the night, what planting the seed really gives you is an opportunity to do a few things.  It allows you to build a bit of intrigue, it shows that you are not putting too much attention on that girl and it gives you a chance to build some social value around the nightclub. Because if you start planting seeds with a lot of women and you are going around the club talking to lots of people and being happy and fun, later when you go back to one of those girls, it’s already been made clear what your intentions are. She is already starting to build an attraction towards you because of all of the other little factors that are happening throughout the night and that social value is adding to your intrigue. Now that you know how to set the stage to get her to consider the idea of having a one night stand with you, you probably realize that it’s gonna take more to get her to say yes.

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Warning: Don’t go trying this on a bunch of woman and fail to follow through. Set your target, get her to say yes, take her home, and then go back the next night because the last thing you want is for girls to see you as the guy who teases their panties wet but fails to follow through.

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