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If you want to attract women using online dating, there are a couple of key things you could do to help improve your chances.

When a girl and her friends see your profile, you want them to smile and get excited. Online dating gives guys crucial information about women that they may not already know about. By learning what women want, you can boost your chances of successful conversations, a first date, and maybe even something more.

I know a lot of guys that tend to be bad with women, and most of the time it’s because they haven’t been with many women before – so it’s difficult for them to find women. Now, the beautiful thing about online dating is that it allows you to build up your knowledge of women. There are plenty of opportunities to practice on dating sites, without “embarrassing” yourself.

Women often like to keep active…

Women often like to go to the gym – they love to look after themselves, especially when they are single. No doubt if they are looking for a guy, they are going to want a similar commitment in life. So, if you are not already getting some form of physical activity, then you may be disadvantaged. You could, perhaps, go to the gym or attend a marathon. Maybe join a martial arts course.

Women love books…

The next characteristic that online dating teaches you is that women love books and reading. Women read anything from fiction to autobiographies and enjoy keeping their minds active. Perhaps, to relate to her more, you could increase your knowledge of literature.

Whether that includes reading more or attending evening classes, keeping your mind active is going to be more attractive to women.

Women want an ambitious guy…

Last of all, women are really looking for a guy that is ambitious. Often, when you read about what women are looking for, they want someone who is caring, trustworthy, and most of all, they are looking for someone that’s career-minded and determined in life.

So, think about your own life! Is your career going where you want it to be going? In five years’ time, what are you going to look like? Make sure you’re on the right track and that the woman knows this! Attracting women depends on this.

You need to show her that you have stability in life, too. Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll be able to find the right woman for you online without any hiccups. Good luck!

If you have any comments or queries regarding this article or you would like to know more about how to attract women on dating sites, please leave your comments in the box below. I look forward to reading them and try to respond as much as possible.

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Bad boys tend to conjure up this biological attraction within girls. They don’t know why they are feeling attracted to this guy, as they know he’s wrong for them, but they’re still attracted! Want to know how to make those same feelings rise in every girl’s nether-regions?

Logic doesn’t come into it…

Logic doesn’t come into girls acting impulsively, and the good news for you today is that you can learn the characteristics that bad boys have, without having to be a bad boy. You’ll benefit from the lack of logic, because knowing how to be a bad boy doesn’t require you to be bad!

Adopt a relaxed attitude…

First, to be a bad boy, you need to adopt a confident and relaxed attitude. These are key attributes that help make a bad boy fearless. He is confident within himself, he has a calm demeanor where he feels like he is unbreakable, and nothing is going to stand in his way. You want to approach every situation with girls like that. Be fearless. Be a risk taker. Know what you want and go after it hard until you get it.

Be indifferent to negative responses from women…

When you go out enough, you will generate some negative responses from women. They can have their bitch-shield up and be protective of their space. This is because they get guys that hit on them all the time, and generally hit on them in the wrong way.

So, be indifferent to that. Laugh it off. Laugh off any kind of negative responses that you might get with a girl and show her that you are different from other guys. Other guys might walk away dejected, but you find it funny and challenging. This is how to get women.

Be more sexually aggressive…

Get in touch with your animal side, the sexual beast that lies within you, and learn to bring it out as much as possible. Get into a sexual state before you go out by watching porn and not masturbating. Envision yourself with a girl even as you’re talking to her and introducing yourself.

Inject some excitement in your life…

Bad boys are exciting. They are unpredictable. You never know what is going to happen. They are always on an interesting journey. You can do the same without getting into trouble or having to break the law.

You could travel more or take on some adventurous hobbies. It could be mountain climbing or car racing, just something that gives you a bit of an edge. Do something that spikes your adrenaline and gives you a wild story to tell later.

Be more fearless…

Get comfortable with being out of your comfort zone. Get comfortable with putting yourself in situations which might be considered high risk and embrace that. You know, being fearless is a major attribute that most successful people in this world hold.

I remember a famous quote from a guy called Gary Halibut. He once said that fear is not an option. Deal with it and move on or face living a boring and dull life like the rest of the population.

If you let fear dictate you, then chances are you are going to have little to no success with women. But, if you take on a fearless approach, the world will have no limitations for you. Getting the girl is not possible!

Comment below with your bad boy stories. If you do it right, the number of girls who show an interest in you will skyrocket!

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They say confidence comes with knowledge, and that also applies when it comes to your skills in the bedroom. The more understanding, knowledge, and practice you have, the more confident you are going to be in the bedroom.

Being sexually confident is such an important thing in life. Having sexual confidence helps you in your interactions with women because when you’re able to please a woman, you no longer have any fear of bringing her home or being sexual with her.

As a guy, when you’re not sexually confident and when you don’t know how to please a woman, it really affects your masculinity. You don’t really feel like a real man. You feel like, in a sense, a bit of a loser, you know?

If you feel as though a lack of sexual confidence is affecting your love life, I’d like to give you a few strategies to help you stimulate your ego.

First, build your knowledge of sex…

Build on your knowledge of sex and the female anatomy. For your sexual experience to be a success, it’s important for you to understand how a woman’s body works and how to turn her on. Learning about the female anatomy gave me a map to successfully please a woman using her most pleasurable areas. So, I knew even if I fell short, I could still get her to have an amazing orgasm!

Learn how to effectively touch a girl…

Touching is such an important aspect in physical escalation – not only in the bedroom but also when you are in the process of seducing the girl. Knowing you can please during seduction helps you improve confidence to no end.

Having a nice touch can really stimulate a girl inside and outside the bedroom, and one little technique that really helped my ability to turn a girl on was just by lightly using my fingertips to brush her skin. I would do this in foreplay and, even more so, whilst I was kissing a girl.

Have more sexual experiences…

Now this seems really obvious, but the more you put yourself out there and sleep with girls, the more confidence you will get. If you’re struggling to get girls into bed with you, then you really need to broaden your horizons.

Girls love having sex, and there are plenty of girls that want to have sex. Maybe it’s a matter of lowering your standards for a little while and screwing some girls that you may find a little less attractive. It could even be going to a brothel here and there or logging into an adult website and meeting girls that just want an arrangement to have sex. Either way, the more you put yourself out there, the more confidence you are going to get.

If you have any comments or queries regarding how to be confident in bed, please leave them in the comments box below. I look forward to reaching all your comments and queries, and I try to respond to them as quickly as possible.

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Want to know how to chat with random strangers? Read on and you’ll find out how this is a key way to finding a woman.

Chatting with strangers improves your social life…

One of the easiest ways to improve your networking ability and invigorate your social life is to develop the ability to talk to strangers. Building connections in your life, meeting new friends, and developing the ability to entertain and attract girls makes your life so much better and helps improve your quality of life.

The more people in your life, the better your quality of life is going to be; the better your quality of life is going to be, the longer and happier you are going to live. So, let’s not discount how important it is to be able to chat with random strangers.

Adjust your mindset…

The first essential thing for you to adjust, to be able to start chatting with strangers, is your mindset. If you are naturally a shy person and, perhaps, a little introverted, then you need to invest a fair bit of time in the skill of talking around strangers. But, let me tell you, it’s going to be worth it when you get it right. It’s going to dramatically change your life.

By changing your mindset, you can make finding a date and getting the girl something you are motivated to do.

But how do you adjust a mindset?

Write down the kind of person that you want to be. The sort of person you want to see yourself become, the people that you want in your life, and think about how you can achieve that by improving your social skills.

The biggest deterrent to becoming more sociable is the fear of rejection and people rejecting you for who you are.

Learn to not take things personally…

At least 95% of the time, when a person reacts negatively to you, it has absolutely nothing to do with you personally. Most likely they are having a bad day or you caught them at the wrong moment.

Maybe people have harassed them before and now they assume you have bad intentions, or maybe they are just not that cool and you wouldn’t gain much from knowing them anyway. So, it’s important that you just frame it as nothing against you personally.

Some simple steps to help you chat to women and strangers…

A couple of little steps that you can take to pick up your social skills and talk to random strangers easily is to practice smiling at people. If you are going for a walk to your train station or you are walking into a club or a venue, all it takes is to just smile at people, nod your head, and say hello.

The second step is to find something to comment on…

So, if you are in a social situation, find something in the room or in life that you can comment on. Start to be more observant with your surroundings.

For instance, if there is something happening in the room that you can draw attention to, then you know go up to them and say, “Hey guys, did you notice blah, blah, blah,” and get into conversation mode. Just be more observational and more aware of what’s happening around you.

Use humor!

Perhaps use humor to get over the nerves and break the ice with people. Make a joke about something.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions…

Be curious. Be really curious and intrigued about people. Go up and ask them a question. People love talking about themselves. In fact, most people’s number one topic in life is themselves. So, if you go up and you show interest in someone, then more than likely they are going to want to expand on the topic and talk a little bit more about themselves.

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In this article, I’m going to give you some key fundamentals that are crucial to finding women, and the best tips on how to attract a girl. These tips are what really helped me improve my dating skills dramatically.

Believe in yourself…

I used to fear that if I couldn’t attract a girl, I would one day end up old and lonely. Finding a date isn’t possible if you continually think of yourself in a negative light.

You know we’re not getting any younger, and the older we get, the harder it gets to meet attractive women. We need to utilize our younger years and get the most out of ourselves. So, I urge you to take this information and to take action.

Tip one: Get out of the house…

Yes, it’s really that easy. Get out of the house and take action. Taking action is critical, and getting out of your house and meeting new people is the first step. One thing I really found hard was the thought of leaving my computer and my TV and all my video games to go out and face fear.

It almost put me off many times, and I would avoid it again and again, but I soon realized that I needed to make the jump.

So, ask yourself, what are you at risk of losing if you don’t take action right now?  What regrets would you have later in life if you never actually got this issue sorted out?

Tip two: Play to win!

It’s natural to want to avoid bad emotions. Wayne Gretzky once quoted, “You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.”  So, start focusing on taking action right now. Start shaving away the excuses. Start shaving away all the fears. Guys will generally want to get laid, but also not look bad – the stronger emotion will win.

Letting go of your ego will not only help you with women but will help you maximize your opportunities in all areas of your life. Have some fun when you go out and meet women. Women are attracted to guys that are positive and have good energy.

Tip three: Think positive, be positive…

The more you enjoy yourself, the more attractive you’re going to be to a girl. I like to call this freedom from outcome. In other words, just not really giving a fuck and having fun with everything! Life’s short and you don’t want to spend your time hung up on fear.

Tip four: Remember you can’t have any girl…

It’s also really important to remember that no one ever gets every girl – not even close!  Realize that there is not one guy on this planet that every girl is attracted to. If you’re not getting rejected, you’re not hitting on enough girls!

Rejection is going to be a part of the process. You need to learn to accept it. Laugh it off, have some fun with it. I once created a challenge for some of my students who were really struggling to get sexual with a girl.

I wanted them to go out and get rejected in the worst possible way. They got slapped, had a glass poured over them, and I would give them really sexual things to say to girls. It was actually a lot harder than you think to get a girl to get angry and reject you outright!

So, when you start letting go of this idea that you can attract any girl, then it’s going to take the burden of pressure off of you and you’ll accept that rejection will be a part of the process and move on quite easily.

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When you know how to be happy single, your woes of not having a girlfriend will not be as difficult. You’ll learn that you can be single and happy, whilst looking for love. Master happiness when single, and the world’s your oyster!

Do you wish that one day you’ll get a girl and be happy?

Feel like nothing will be perfect until you have a girl on your arm? I once felt like this, but I never realized that I could also be happy being single.

It might sound quite funny and a little hard to believe, but I really felt like just getting a girl in my life would take care of all my problems and issues and most importantly make me feel truly happy.

I was totally delusional, because women were not the answers to my problems and finding a girl to be almost like the center of my universe would be one of the dumbest things I could do as a guy. Why? Because happiness should start from within you!

You should be the core of your happiness…

If you’re finding people to inject happiness in your life, then you’re really allowing yourself to open up to getting hurt, because as soon as that person leaves you, you run the risk of your world crumbling down around you. Hence, it’s important that you find true happiness within yourself and within the things you do.

When I broke up with my first girlfriend, I was really devastated. My whole world crashed around me and I had basically no motivation to even want to get out of my house – and I realized that I had devoted all my years to this one girl and I really didn’t have any focus on myself. I didn’t think I could ever be happy again.

I didn’t really know what I wanted in my life, I didn’t know what actually made me happy and this was a major flaw in my relationship that I vowed never to let happen again. I really wanted to understand what made me happy as a guy because women should not be your whole life. They should be the icing on top of your life.

Re-assess your life and say, “I am single and happy!”

So, I started to really re-assess where I was at in my life, in terms of my career. Was I happy in my job? Was I really passionate about what I did?  Was I feeling like I was making a difference in my life?

When I started to really question these things, I started to bring a stronger focus into my life. Rather than be dictated by circumstance, I started to create the life that I wanted for myself. I was also more attractive to girls because I was a happier person that really had myself sorted out. Now you need to do the same.

So, I really recommend for yourself to get your life sorted out. Work out what things drive you in life. What are the things that make you happy?  It’s worth putting the time into thinking about you as a person and what you really want and how to bring that sort of happiness into your life.

Once you figure that out then you’ll no longer need a woman to complete you. You’ll be fully completed and anyone that does enter your life will just be a bonus.

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Do you admire speakers who can captivate an audience instantly? When great speakers talk, they are so believable that you cannot take your focus and attention away from them. They really draw you in. When you become a great speaker, you’ll learn how easy it is to capture the audience and utilize effective speech techniques.

What are the elements that make a great speaker? 

First of all, a great speaker must be authoritative. Top caliber speakers strike you as an authority figure. You need to be admired to be good at public speaking. These people know what they are talking about. They are experts in their field. When they talk about something, they talk about it with conviction and really believe in what they are trying to sell you or tell you.

You can see some of these guys on TV commercials at night. When they talk, they are just enthusiastic and draw you into what they are saying. You can see it in good politicians, too, that can captivate you with their words and make you believe in what they are saying.

That authoritative nature is something that is important to learn, and one thing that really helped me was to actually know what I was speaking about and be prepared before I actually delivered my speech.

Have a good attitude for persuasive speaking…

Some of the greatest speakers do not go up there with the intention of just delivering a speech. They almost go up there like they are having a conversation with their audience, almost like they are talking to their friends at a dinner table, and that is a really good thing to have because you do not want to be speaking at your audience.

You want to be speaking to them and making them feel actively engaged in what you are saying. It also shows that you are comfortable. When you are up there and you’re conversing with your audience, it just makes them feel more comfortable, and also makes you look more in control.

Consider your audience…

The audience becomes the centerpiece of your attention, so if you focus too much on yourself and the impression that you are trying to make, you will become unnerved by simple mispronunciations and will easily lose your confidence and poise. But, if you focus too much on the message, the event turns into a lifeless recitation. So, really focus on the audience, what the audience wants, and really engaging and interacting with the audience.

Use humor and stories in your talk…

You want to keep people entertained by making them laugh or telling stories that are believable and relatable. Talking about an experience that you had as a child, or something that people could relate to within themselves, really helps capture their attention and allows them to grasp the information that you are trying to convey.

Your voice is crucial in the way your message is delivered…

If you speak in a whiny or nasally tone, it does not matter what you are saying, it is not going to come across as strong and you are not going to come across as a speaker with great conviction. So, it is important to really focus on your diaphragm and make sure that your voice is coming from the diaphragm. Project and annunciate, but don’t shout.

Practice, practice, practice…

To become a great speaker, you have to become comfortable in general. The more opportunities you put yourself in and the more experiences you gather, the more comfortable you are going to get and the better speaker you are going to become. Try to talk openly to people one-on-one, in groups, and especially to people you don’t know. Be amiable and find a way to make each interaction comfortable for you and the audience.

Practice at open mic nights…

There are a ton of open mic nights everywhere for poetry and comedians. This might be challenging, but it gets you exposure in front of an audience and really puts you to the test of having to go up there and talk to hold an audience’s attention.

Volunteer as much as possible to make speeches, maybe at special events, fundraisers, or work meetings, any opportunity you have. Put yourself in that position where you can get up there and talk so you can get more comfortable with public speaking.

Becoming a great public speaker is a great and necessary life-skill to have. It will help you chat with women and become a more charismatic person. It will help you in the work place if you ever decide you want to take on a leadership role in the job. It will make you a more valuable and confident person overall, so never shy away from voicing your thoughts.

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I remember my first MILF experience as though it was yesterday. Megan – she was 37, sexy and elegant. In her youth, she would have been an absolute stunner. But even as an older woman, she still had that sexiness. I was young and still learning my trade. Megan helped turn me from being a boy into a man. She taught me things, and did things, that stay with me to this day.

There are huge advantages to dating older women…

Firstly, they’re far more sexually experienced and relaxed about sex. Older, mature women will do things to you that younger women just don’t know about. At the same time, sex is not such a big deal to them. They’ve had their time playing the field, having fun. They love sex, but they don’t get caught up in it. It’s not as big a deal to them as it is to an 18-year-old. Because of that, it allows you to relax into the sexual experience a lot more.

The second big advantage is they have better control of their emotions. They understand that life’s not all roses. Things don’t always work out the way you want. And they’re OK with that. It’s rare that you get immature emotional breakdowns with an older, more mature woman.

The third factor is older women know how to take care of you. They usually have their own place, or at least the space that they’re renting. They know how to cook meals. They know how to massage you in all the right ways. Dating older women can be an amazing experience. But how do you do it?

How do you attract older women, particularly if you’re a younger guy? Well, finding dirty MILFs is easier than you think, and you can break it down into two steps.

The first step – Be sexually direct…

You express this through your eye contact, your body language, and your verbal communication. Don’t mess around with indirect notions or openers. Just go straight up to her and tell her that she’s sexy. If you do this in a confident way, you will connect with her on a core level. In line with this, you want your physical touch to be direct as well.

The second step – Physically dominate her…

Your goal with an older woman is to physically dominate her. Ravish her with your touch, pull her in aggressively, and push her away as well. Let her know that you want to rip her clothes off immediately. If you can make an older woman feel like a young school girl again, experience those sexual drives that she felt during her teenage years, then you’re there.

You need to pass her test…

You need to hold your own. Because of their experience and the place and phase of their life that they’re currently in, older women will have no issue testing you. And they’ll know how to get you where it hurts.

If you see these tests and shrink, you’re in trouble. She’s going to chew you up and spit you out quicker than a shark on feeding day. What you need to do instead is re-frame the experience. When an older woman tests you, what she’s ultimately saying is, “I like you, you’re kind of cute. But I need to find out if you’re man enough to handle me.”

Therefore, if an older woman tests you, you know you’re doing something right.

There are two ways to react to a test…

  1. The first way is to not react. Just ignore it and keep escalating on it. This is a powerful strategy. It will get her tingly in all the right places if you can demonstrate that you’re unaffected by her challenges.
  2. The second way is to challenge her hoop with a hoop of your own. So, when she throws a test or a compliance challenge at you, you simply respond the same way. By far the best way of responding to challenges that I’ve experienced is asking, “Why do you ask?” Let’s put this into a practical example.

If an older women says, “Do you think you’re old enough to handle me?” you simply reply, “Why do you ask?” Essentially, what you’re doing is flipping the test back around on her. “Why do you ask?” is hands-down one of the most powerful responses to a compliance test you can give.

Once you’ve mastered how the older woman works, and realize what a great opportunity lies before you, a whole new era in your sex life will begin. Enjoy!

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Want to know how to entice a girl? You’ve come to the right guy! Maintain your mystery and be attractive to any girl. Guys that are mysterious and leave girls wanting more create an unbelievable amount of attraction in girls.

How do you build mystery?

Don’t reveal everything when enticing a girl. When you’re talking to a girl, don’t tell her everything about yourself. Leave some stuff up your sleeve. Ask questions, and if she asks you questions about yourself, either change the subject or give her brief answers.

Speak carefully…

Think about what you’re trying to say when talking to a woman. If you just let stuff come out of your mouth, it’s going to be hard to hold things back. Make sure that you’re careful with the words that you use when speaking to her.

Don’t brag…

Don’t try to talk about accomplishments or trump yourself up in any way. There is no need to put on a front to impress people. It’s one thing to be confident and proud of your successes, but an entirely different story when you overtly boast about them. Just keep it low-key and don’t give too much away.

Be a good listener…

When you want to be mysterious, you want her to do most of the talking. Learn to be a good listener and you’ll find enticing girls easy. Finding a woman and dating a woman requires you to listen to her. Being a good listener involves not only being quiet and giving her space to talk but also showing her that you’re engaged in the conversation. Try either nodding your head or saying “yes” at the end of her sentences so she knows that you are actually listening to what she’s saying.

Smile, but don’t laugh at people’s jokes. A mysterious guy has a very calm persona. He rarely lets himself lose control, and only when he means to do it.

Finally, leave people wanting more…

When you’re in an interaction, you want to leave your audience craving for more of you, and how to do that is to not give too much of yourself, but just enough that entices them and gets them interested.

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Do you get fed up with all your friends getting invited to really cool parties and you’re not? Do you want to get to hang out with cool people, have a good time, and mingle at cool parties? You are not alone. Hundreds of guys just like you all want to know how to get invited to parties.

House parties in particular are one of the best ways to meet girls because they are more open to being chatted to in the party environment. Also – you’ve probably got some connection to the host and, therefore, have some common ground to make the first introduction really easy.

Become the life and soul of the party…

First of all, you want to be a person that’s interesting to others. They’re inviting you to their party and want to know that you’re a guy that’s going to bring value, not a guy that’s going to be embarrassing or awkward. Try to think of ways you can make yourself more interesting and exciting to your fellow party-attendees. It could be the style of clothes you wear, your interests and hobbies, your job, or perhaps you are a keen traveler.

All these things contribute to making you a better and more interesting person that people are going to gravitate towards at a party. If you are a person that makes the party more exciting and popular to others, then you are guaranteed to get an invite.

Get to know people…

The next important tip is to get to know more people, especially the well-connected people. The more people you get to know, the bigger your network of friends is going to become. This way, you are going to increase the number of party opportunities available to you and, therefore, the number of invites that you get.

One little tip that I recommend when approaching people is to be sincerely interested in them. Ask them questions and show that you are intrigued. People love talking about themselves, and they are bound to warm a lot more to you if you are showing that you are interested in knowing more about them. Do your best to get out there and chat people up. This could be through joining some meet-up groups and by making an effort to go to more events. It is crucial that you push yourself out of your comfort zone if you want to get invited to more parties and meet more girls.

Get connected online…

These days, Facebook is the way most people keep connected. and it’s a valuable tool to help you get invited to parties. This is because people generally invite all their Facebook friends to an event that they’re having. Plus, you can get updates on what that person’s doing, you can chat to them, and you can keep up with their interests and hobbies.

Once you meet someone interesting and share a good conversation with them, get their Facebook details and add them straightaway. It is less invasive than asking for a phone number and gives you much more insight into what kind of person they are.

If you have any queries or questions on how to get invited to parties, or would like more information, then please let me know in the comments section below. I look forward to reading all your comments and try to respond to them as much as possible.