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I see a lot of guys who will find a girl that they really like, and are in a position to start a relationship – but then they start thinking ahead too much! My guy advice is to stop this.

They start thinking too much in advance and thinking, “Is this going to work out?” These thoughts start to surround their head and convolute their thinking – it can even talk a man out of a relationship.

So, allow yourself to be emotionally swept away. Take the logic out of the equation initially and just allow things to happen naturally. You’re never tied to a relationship, and if things start not going your way and if you’re not enjoying your life anymore, then you can always leave down the track. Initially, however, the best piece of dating advice for men is to just let things happen!

Don’t bring your emotional baggage to a relationship…

If you have had some past experiences that were negative, perhaps she cheated on you or got screwed around by a couple of girls, don’t treat your current girlfriend like those past girlfriends! Remember, not all girls are the same. This is a piece of girlfriend advice that men don’t often listen to.

There are good and bad girls everywhere, but it can pay to be cautious. You can’t hold your current girlfriend accountable for the sins of your previous girlfriends. It is not fair on your current girlfriend and it is going to jeopardize all your relationships down the track.

Pay attention to the warning signs…

It is very easy when you’re first getting into relationship to be swept up and be too in the moment to realize some of the warning signs that could be capping up. When you are first in your honeymoon phase in your relationship, it is important to also see that there are maybe some warning signs that could be telling you that this girl may not be the right one.

It could also come from your friends, who are seeing things about the girl you’re with. Rather than go down a rocky road in your relationship, it is important that you are aware of the warning signs that could pop up and might hinder your relationship down the track. Take heed of my romance tips for men, and you should be fine. Good luck in your new relationship!

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Diaphragmatic breathing exercises essentially allow you to bring more oxygen into your body. Oxygen is the fuel of the body and the brain. Think about it this way: we can go without food for months, we can go without water for weeks, but we can’t go without oxygen for any more than a few minutes at a time!

Breathing is necessary!

If we stop breathing, our body stops functioning. Our brain cuts out. We can cause severe damage that can last us a lifetime. We know how important the breath is. You may be surprised to learn that, in reality, 75% of the population don’t take in enough breath when they inhale.

Why is this the case? The reason is because although we know how important breath is, we’re never actually taught how to breathe. We’re born, we suddenly feel the need to inhale, and then we cry. That’s our welcoming to the world and our education into how to breathe properly.

The importance of abdominal breathing…

Diaphragmatic breathing is so important, it impacts every aspect of your life. Not only does it give you the oxygen required to survive but it actually enhances your relaxation. When you breathe deeply into your body, you pump more oxygen into your blood. This blood circulates around the body and releases positive endorphins.

Extreme mountain climbers have been shown to experience significant periods of euphoria when they reach the peak of the mountain. Part of this comes down to having achieved a significant goal, but the other part is just the need to really breathe in lots of oxygen due to the pressure in the air.

Many indigenous cultures have also designed breathing activities that can alter your state of consciousness. Controlled focus breathing has also been scientifically proven to make you smarter to the point where many students now have breathing programs that they do just before going into exams. This is the power of deep breath.

What is diaphragmatic breathing and how do you get better at it?

Diaphragmatic breathing simply means breathing down into the diaphragm. We sometimes see this referred as breathing into the belly. In truth, the oxygen never actually reaches your belly.

Right now, take your right hand to your belly and take a deep breath in. Trace the oxygen down your lungs and through your breathing tracks. See if you can consciously be aware of this breath welling up. It sometimes helps to imagine a tube filling all the way into your belly.

Now as you breathe in, your hand should lift. If it doesn’t, you haven’t quite reached “belly breathing.” See if, on the next breath, you can go a little bit deeper. If you’re having trouble, it can sometimes help to really focus on relaxing the belly. Relaxing the belly allows the air to naturally go inside.

On the out breath, what you want to do is focus on letting the oxygen naturally leave the belly. You shouldn’t have to push it out or compress it out. Just focus on filling up the lungs and belly with air and letting it exhale in a natural, rhythmic motion.

More side benefits of diaphragmatic breathing…

Another powerful side benefit is that your voice will become far more powerful. If you have a weak voice or poor tonality in your voice, diaphragmatic breathing will completely fix that.

After you get better at practicing diaphragmatic breathing, what you then want to do is practice on the out breath speaking, really connecting, making the words come from your belly and imagining them come all the way up this tube and out your mouth.

Six months ago, I decided to take some singing lessons to see if I could improve the quality and tonality of my voice. I did six weeks of these lessons. It completely overhauled everything about my voice. I now have a richer, more attractive, more variety in everything I say and speak. Of these first six weeks, we actually spent the first three weeks doing deep diaphragmatic breathing.

In conclusion, the key is that practice makes perfect. Further, I would suggest that perfect practice makes perfect. When you are practicing, you need to make sure you have 100% focus of attention on what you’re doing. Do this to get the most out of your diaphragmatic breath.

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Dating very attractive women can be a difficult thing if you have a bad self-image. It’s important that you address the deep inner problem of your negative self-image if you are one of these guys. Here’s how.

Often, when you’re with a beautiful girl, you’ll feel like you don’t deserve her. Many guys end up thinking, “What’s she doing with a schmuck like me?” Those are the thoughts that are going to surround their heads.

Turn this around and accept yourself as a catch!

Once you’ve addressed this problem and you see yourself as a high-value, high-quality guy, you’re never going to be anxious around an attractive girl again. You’re going to be always attracting high-quality and hotter women, and you’re going to really look like the man in front of all your friends when they see you walking around with beautiful women. Attractive women like men who see dating a woman as perfectly normal.

The importance of self-image…

Is your self-image hurting you, or helping you? Think about the way you see yourself. When you’re with a girl, what is the image that you have of yourself in your head? Do you feel like, “Wow, this girl must be so happy to be with a cool dude like me,” or are you thinking, “Oh my god, she’s going to figure out who I really am. She’s going to see me as a douchebag eventually, and then she’s going to want to leave me.” Which thought do you have in your head?

If it’s the last one, then you’ve got some serious self-image issues that you really need to sort out! In this article, I’m going to tell you how to really fix up your self-image, so you start to see yourself as a more attractive and high-value guy. So, take note of my advice on dating girls and how to get a girl!

You’re not the only guy like this!

Now, let me say that this is a very common problem that I see in guys. I had major issues in the past as well. When I was with a girl, I would often visualize in my head how stupid I was and how bad I was going to screw this up, and inevitably, I would screw it up. I really had a low opinion of myself, and I always felt like I didn’t deserve to be with her.

One way to improve your self-image is to learn to control the thoughts in your head. It’s been said we have 70,000 thoughts that come into our head, and while it’s impossible to control all 70,000 thoughts, it’s easy to be able to learn some tricks that will help you to be in control and to not let them affect your mood and behavior.

One thing that really helped me was meditation. Meditation allowed me to be more present, more in the moment, and have total control over my mind. As soon as I ever felt like a negative thought was entering my head, I had the choice to let it affect me or just ignore it and carry on.

Accept your flaws and move on…

Next is to be comfortable and accept your flaws. Accept that flaws are a part of being human. You’ll never be perfect, and there’s no such thing as perfection. Don’t bully yourself. Stop criticizing and getting annoyed at yourself for doing things wrong. The more you do that, the more you’re going to crush your self-esteem. Accept that you make mistakes, accept that you’ve messed up before, and just carry on and learn from it.

Overcome your limiting beliefs…

Next on the dating pretty women advice agenda is writing down all the limiting beliefs that you have about yourself and that are currently working against you. Write them down on the left-hand side, then on the right-hand side I want you to replace that negative belief with a positive belief. Every day you wake up, look at those new, positive beliefs and use them as affirmations.

Give yourself a break…

Next is to give yourself a break. Don’t be hard on yourself. Reward yourself for good things. Accept that you’ve got flaws, accept that you’re not perfect.

Don’t focus on what you can’t do. If you’re bald, perhaps maybe you’re a bit larger – that’s who you are! You can’t change that, so embrace it, own it, and work on the things that you can change. You can change your confidence level. You can change your path in life. You can change your career decisions. Do this and dating attractive women will come easy.

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Don’t take dating advice from just any woman. The real secrets on how to get any woman hot and horny lie in a couple of key things, and I’m going to give you all the guy advice and romance advice you need.

A secret you need to know…

First of all, here is a little secret. Get her to think of you when she gets hot and horny by just bringing up sex. Talking about sex and interacting with a girl on sexual topics will show you a few things.

First, it will show you that girls really love sex. A long time ago, I had an almost negative perception that women didn’t want to have sex and perhaps they were having sex just to please me. Later on, I found out that women love sex and they probably love it more than guys! They’re just not as open.

Talking about sex can also give you an idea of what she likes in the bedroom. So, when you take her home, you know how to turn her on and you know how to bring her to an orgasm easily, as she’s pretty much already told you! She will also realize that you’re comfortable with sex, and guys that are comfortable with sex generally are pretty good in the bedroom.

Embrace the power that comes with touching a woman…

My next piece of dating advice for men is to electrify her desires by learning the power of touch. A couple of things that I like to do when touching girls are to use the fingertips and lightly brush them against her arm. As I am talking to her, I am brushing my fingertips against her arm very lightly and almost giving her a tingling sensation.

Always remember to compliment!

The third point is to go deeper when you compliment a woman.

Perhaps talk about how her energy levels make you feel happy and vibrant or how you love her sense of humor. Compliment her and that will flatter her. Give her a deeper compliment and it will increase your connection with her.

My final piece of love help…

The last point is to lean and isolate her. If she’s around friends, you need to make sure that she’s focusing on you. Then you need to try and get her alone.

Girls wouldn’t often want to get sexual with a guy unless they’re on their own. So, you want to try to get her in an isolated position as quick as possible so then you can effectively escalate and be sexual with her. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, so try out these tips and see yourself improve! The best girlfriend advice and dating tips come from women, and here they are! Remember: as much as you may think otherwise, girls love sex as much as the guys.

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Looks don’t count for everything, but don’t believe the hype that goes around saying that if you are bald and ugly you can pull a model in two hours. That stuff is scammy and sends the wrong impression to many guys. Looks don’t count for everything, but some attention to appearance is necessary. Other than that, all you need is a bit of charisma.

Girls will often tell stories of a guy that she thought was really hot, but he immediately goes from hero to zero the second he opens his mouth. A decent-looking guy with charisma will smoke a good-looking guy with zilch any night of the week. A decent-looking dude going out and approaching women will sleep with heaps more women than a good-looking dude with not much of a social life. Attracting women, hence, is not completely down to looks.

Decent looks and the ability to approach and talk to women is the money spot to have success with women.

Guys who are gifted with good looks only need to walk into a room and girls think they are good looking. Guys who are not good-looking need to compensate with other things like being alpha, funny, intelligent, high value, and well-dressed to get a girl to think that he is attractive. So, it’s not always about how to look attractive – it’s about how to be attractive!

It’s not all over if you’re not tall, dark, and handsome…

If you are not a classically good-looking guy, what are some things that you can do to make you more attractive to women? There are a couple of key ways that you can instantly improve your chances with women.

Head to the gym!

First, if you are overweight or out of shape, go to the gym, adopt a good nutritional diet, and get into shape. When you look good, loose that double chin, and feel good about yourself, you’ll instantly raise your level of attractiveness by a couple of notches.

Get to a dentist!

If you have bad teeth, go to a dentist. Get cavities filled, get some caps, and get teeth whitened. A good smile can make you more attractive to girls.

Hey, you can always wear a hat!

If you are bald, that is fine. You can either compensate by wearing a hat or have some kind of facial hair that gives you a bit of an edgier look. If hair loss is a major problem, go and get some laser hair treatment or one of the new types of treatments that makes it appear that you have a natural head of hair.

Get stylish…

If you wear glasses, there are great fashionable glasses you can get that you make you look somewhat nerdish – but an attractive-looking geek! It’s all the rage these days. You also could get some laser surgery to correct your vision so you don’t have to wear glasses. This is just one more way to be attractive.

A few more points…

If you have bad skin or acne, take measures to correct it. There are laser skin procedures, ProActive, and a few other brands products that are good for killing the bacteria on your skin.

The clothes you wear can make a massive difference in how you look. Maybe it’s time to consider updating your wardrobe. You could employ a fashion consultant or get a friend that knows a little bit about clothes to assist you. Great, slim-fitting clothes can help you raise your level of attractiveness to girls instantly.

A good hairstyle, if you have hair, is important. This can make you more attractive and help with your first impression.

Guys, we are very fortunate in that we can do a couple of modifications to raise our looks and our sexual appeal to girls. Stop wondering how to be attractive and get out there and be attractive!

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Rather than giving you the stock-standard dating tips that you can get in any Men’s Health magazine, I’m going to give you something a little deeper in this article. Here’s what you need to do, and comment below if you think I’ve missed anything. Let’s get a great conversation started here!

Listen to my dating tips and advice for men, and romance advice will be a thing of the past – you can become successful with women!

Escape theory and enter practice!

A lot of the time, advice sounds good in theory, but when you’re actually in the moment with a girl, all that advice really doesn’t do you any justice, because the issue that you may be facing is a little deeper.

Know your place in life…

The first issue that a lot of guys I find face, when having difficulties with women, is not really knowing their place in life. They’re not fully confident of themselves. They don’t know where they sit, they’re unhappy in their jobs or in their direction, and it really comes through when they’re talking to women. They’re unsure of themselves.

Guys that are more confident and have purpose in life have direction, they know where they’re going, and they’re sorted out in a lot of areas. It really pays to figure out where you are in life, what your passions are, and where you want to be in five years’ time.

A good exercise to discover this is to spend some time away from your laptop, away from your phone, and schedule some high-quality thinking time. This might be in a flotation tank, sitting in a park on your own, with no distractions, or any other place where you have privacy. This is often the key ingredient in finding your passion.

Don’t be a victim of circumstance…

I often find that, for a lot of guys, we become victims of circumstance. We fall into jobs, we fall into careers. We’re pressured by family or what’s expected of us, and we end up living someone else’s dream, and not really our own dream.

Let me tell you this: you’ll never find happiness, doing this. You’ll never find confidence while you’re living someone else’s dream. It’s important to take a couple of steps back and to schedule some time and really get your directions sorted out. This is your future and this is your life, and you want to be living a life that brings great joy and happiness, as opposed to one that you struggle to get through.

With finding your own passion, you’ll become naturally a more confident, happier, and attractive person. You’ll naturally attract women, rather than having to learn some little routine. You’ll ooze attraction and people will gravitate towards you.

Your image, style and identity play a huge part…

My next piece of getting-a-girlfriend advice is to think about your image, style, and identity. What does your current style represent? When people see you, what do they think of? Do they think you look like an attractive guy? Do they think you look like a guy that’s got his shit together, or do you look a little disheveled and perhaps maybe out of date with your clothes and your style?

If you have no idea about fashion or style, ask what other people think of the way you dress and the way you look. Get an idea of how they see you. It’s important to think of yourself as a brand. What’s your brand and what do you represent? Do you want to represent a guy that’s adventurous? Do you want to represent a guy that’s entrepreneurial? Do you want to represent a guy that’s stylish and sophisticated? Think of how you want to be projected to the rest of the world, then how you can actually go about getting a style that reflects that.

Always be at your best…

Next is to really think hard about when you’re at your best, what do you look like? When you’re at your most confident and comfortable and you’re carefree, what do you look like, how do you act like, and how do you feel, because that’s when you’re at your most attractive.

If you can naturally get into that state at any time, like at the click of a button, you’ll be so much more attractive to girls. I want you to first do your best to get into that state right now. See if you can get extremely comfortable in every way.

To achieve this, maybe do some breathing exercises, or NLP-type visualization exercises, or simply just jump up and down and get psyched. Rate yourself, out of ten, how good you are doing. Keep track of your score and see if you can increase this every time, then think of a strategy for getting into this state on demand, without alcohol.

For me, I found visualization and meditation to be the best way to get into this state, and doing this practice was so important to turning on a more attractive me when I was around girls, because no longer was I controlled by negative thoughts. I could turn on the more attractive, confident, and comfortable me, any time I wanted. It’s worth putting some time into this exercise.

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Are you able to get a girl wet and excited without any physical stimulation? If not, then read on and I can teach you how to dirty talk on the phone!

When was the last time you brought a woman to orgasm on the phone using only the power of your voice or your creative stringing of words? If you can’t remember or you haven’t achieved this before, I can give you the secret tips to phone sex that’ll make long-distance relationships seem the best option!

Dirty talk is a healthy part of a relationship!

If it’s been a while for you or you’ve never been able to do this, then this will be a great article to broaden your awareness of what is possible. The phone is a great place to introduce dirty talk.

When I’m starting dirty talk for the first time with a girl, I’ll usually do it via text or chat. I’m not sure 100% why, but women are far more relaxed about being dirty when they send you text messages than when they’re in person. The main thing that stops girls from expressing their full, dirty sexual nature is fear of judgment. Perhaps, when they can’t see you face to face, they feel more comfortable putting it out there. Talking dirty and phone sex takes a lot of the pressure off.

Start to talk dirty on text…

Once you get a girl comfortable dirty texting with you, it then becomes much easier to incorporate dirty talk into your own phone conversation and into the bedroom. This will add a new element of excitement for both of you. Here’s a step-by-step progression.

Step one: Shift the text talk towards sex…

By far, the best way I’ve found to do this is to misinterpret something she says and basically call her out as having a dirty mind. Alternatively, I might throw out a sexual innuendo and when she questions it or lulls it, then I can again tease her and make it as though she’s the one with the dirty mind. If all else fails, what I’ll usually do is ask her to tell me what she’s wearing at the moment. This is the best way to start to be dirty on the phone.

I ask her if she can use her imagination and make it sexy for me. This will instantly shift the conversation towards sex. Once you’ve got her moving in this direction, dirty talk becomes really, really easy.

Step two: Role play…

I’ll text her, “I just had a thought. Now that I had it, I can’t get it out of my mind.” When she text back asking what it was, I say, “Don’t ask me why, but I had thought of rubbing mangoes all over your naked body.” This is a great entry point because there’s a level of humor in this that takes away the potential for her to reject you.

When she responds back, usually it will be something like, “LOL. That would be nice.” This allows me to take things a step further. After that, “I start to circle my hands around your breast, smaller and smaller circles moving towards your nipples. You can feel me getting closer and closer, the tension in your body starting to increase.”

Again, I wait for a response. Usually it’s at this point that I know I’ve got her. When she responds positively, I just take things deeper and deeper, explaining in as much detail as possible what I want to do to her.

Step three: Make sure she’s talking dirty, too…

One thing that’s really critical at this stage is to include what she’s doing to you as well. Don’t just focus on her, focus on how she can escalate on you and how good it feels to have her do certain things to you. This will set a great precedent for when you meet up together.

I find when I do this, I get into a crazy state. I literally can’t stop texting. I’ll send a girl up to 13 text messages in a row detailing every little step of what I’m going to do her. By the end of it, she’s dripping wet. Often, she’ll text back with her free hand. I know that she’s into it because her texts are full of spelling mistakes. At the end of these text messages, it’s really important to connect your voice with a sexual state that you’ve created.

Words are powerful, but voice has a particular connection to you. What this will do is anchor those good feelings so that next time she sees you, all you have to do is open and your mouth and those powerful sexual impulses will come flooding back to her.

Step four: Introduce dirty talk in the bedroom…

The final step in the progression is to introduce dirty talk in the bedroom. Now, you can really start to push the envelope a bit, but the key is building up to it.

Go back to reminding her about how sexy it was when you spoke dirty to her via text. Tell her the things that you really loved that she does to you. Remark on how good it would feel right now to be deep inside of her or how much you want to go down on her, how much you want to taste her right now, or how you want to have your cock deep inside her throat.

You can progress these to start including dirty talk name-calling – calling her your hot little slut or your dirty little princess. One word of warning, though, you do need to make these statements from a place of complete self-acceptance. You need to get into a dirty headspace yourself.

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Do you want the best DHV routines that will instantly spike a girl’s attraction and have her addicted for you? As I’m sure you’re well aware, I’ve spent the last 10 years approaching more than 15,000 women to position myself as the number one pick-up artist in the world.

Read on to find my big secrets about DHV routines, DHV PUA techniques, and how to be an effective pick up artist.

What is a DHV routine?

To the uninitiated, DHV stands for Demonstration of Higher Value. It’s a technique that certain dating coaches use to make their students feel more valuable so that they can increase their apparent value to a girl.

If you haven’t heard of DHV, congratulations. It’s a poisonous approach to the game that will actually set you back lightyears. The reason being is that demonstrating higher value, or at least feeling the need to demonstrate higher value, will cripple you from the inside out.

Let me explain…

When you feel the need to demonstrate higher value to a girl you are talking to, essentially bragging about yourself or even make up misleading information to make yourself appear bigger than you are, what you’re essentially tattooing deep within your subconscious is, “I’m not OK as I am.”

When you take this approach, it doesn’t matter what you say to a girl. The core is always shining through. Women are incredibly intuitive. She’ll see through your fake words. She’ll see through the heavy armor that you’re putting up. She’ll see your mask and look past it. This is certainly not a great way of finding a date!

More importantly, you will feel you won’t have a sense of self-worth. If you feel like you need to lift your value to give more to the women around you, then there’s ways that you can do this.

Experience is ultimately what counts…

There’s no doubt that, in my time, I’ve come out with absolute gold nuggets – words that I can say to women that will instantly elicit an emotive reaction. But, the problem is, if I would give you these gold nuggets, they still wouldn’t work for you.

Why not? Because you don’t have my 10 years of experience. You don’t have my calibration. You haven’t mastered the art of body language and facial expressions and touch. All these things combine to create the result that I get with women.

How do you get that too? The good news is, because I’ve already traveled the road, I’ve walked over the bumps and tripped up in the potholes, you no longer have to. You can shortcut the road to success.

You’ve got it easy!

I’m actually sitting here incredibly jealous of the position that you’re in and the opportunities coming your way. If someone had offered me a shortcut to the hard work, pain, and rejection that I had to go through to learn the secrets to the universe of women, there wouldn’t have been any amount of money that I wouldn’t have paid.

Now, I’ll give you some of these dating tips for free.

Make a shift, challenge the girl’s real value…

That said – don’t be negative; you don’t want to put her off. But, if you can delve deep and find the hidden treasure deep within her and bring it to the surface, she will be forever grateful for you too.

The way I personally do this is I see myself as an explorer – every time I meet a girl, I’m exploring new territory. Every girl in this sense is unique and fresh. It’s my job to find out where her hidden treasure is buried. What parts of her life does she excel in? What makes her an exceptional person?

When you have a curious focus and an inquisitive approach, dating women no longer becomes a chore but an exciting endeavor.

Always scratch beneath the surface…

Let’s turn the focus back on you for a quick second. Have you ever had someone who’s taken such an interest in who you were that they’ve bothered to scratch beneath the surface? They delved deep inside and found out what your core motivations were and what your personal dream and vision was moving forward in life.

When someone takes this level of interest and appreciation in you, and further solidifies it by complimenting you on your vision and on who you are at the core, you can’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude for that person. That person’s value in your eyes jumps immensely.

Display HER higher value…

Rather than focusing on trying to bump your own value up by coming out with creative routines, take the opposite approach and try and find out what it is that separates the girl you’re talking to from everyone else. If you can bump her internal perceived value from a 9 to a 10, in her eyes, you’ll also be seen as a 10.

I hope this is giving you a unique perspective on dating and approaching women, and how this somewhat confusing world is often best understood through counterintuitive tips. Chat up lines and PUA routines don’t work in your favor.

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I’m going to share with you some valuable advice a female friend gave to me that really upped my game and changed my outlook. It’ll help you, too.

You won’t always get the girl!

A great piece of guy advice is that not everyone always gets the girl. When I first started to learn about being good with women, I initially thought that, once I learned these skills, I was going to be magnetic to every girl. I thought I was going to be able to attract every girl, and the shock reality is that it never really eventuated that way. I was wrong.

I would often then get rejected, and I would start getting analytical, and I would get upset at myself, and I would start to see myself as less of a person. This was just nightmarish for my game. As soon as that started to happen, my whole night was ruined and I would leave totally dejected.

Realize that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t have anyone you want, and the pressure will leave you.

Stay in your own league!

Next is to play in your own league. You know what? If you’re a guy that’s unemployed, you might have a lot of pimples on your face, you might even have a bit of a potbelly, do you really think that you’re going to have a chance with an amazing model? Do you think you’re going to be able to attract stunning women?

The answer is no. You’ve got to learn to play in your own league. If you want to attract stunning, beautiful women, then you’ve got a choice. You need to start looking at how you can make yourself a stunning, attractive guy, so you can then meet stunning, attractive women – or you can stay as you are.

Now, as a guy, you’ve got a bit of an advantage here. You don’t have to be born with great looks to be attractive to girls. Looks can help a bit, but that’s not what girls really get attracted to. They get attracted to confidence. They get attracted to a guy that’s going somewhere in life. They get attracted to a guy that’s got his shit together, who’s a real man, who has a high value.

The good news for you guys is you can be that guy. You can be high-value. You can have confidence, but you’ve got to work on yourself. There’s no quick fix here. It takes time to be that guy, and it takes a lot of dedication to really work on yourself, to learn how to better yourself, to do more things that push your comfort level, but really help you achieve confidence.

Stop caring so much and you’ll succeed…

The last great piece of dating advice for men that this girl gave me was to have freedom from outcome. In other words, not giving a fuck, just having fun with everything, not taking life too seriously. She would say guys that were really unattractive wanted to have an outcome, wanted to get something from her.

If you can free yourself from that, if you can have freedom from outcome, your ability to deal with shit, ability to handle social pressures, will be so much easier. Learn to go with the flow more. Learn to be okay with whatever happens, and be internally happy and validated. Be happy with yourself. Learn to love and accept yourself, and have a good life and not have to rely on other people to make your life better.

A big problem for guys is, when they start to learn skills with women, they rely on that validation to affect their mood and their happiness. If they don’t get validated, they feel bad. Find things that make you happy, where you do not have to rely on other people to make you happy. This is not just great help for finding women, but also great romance advice.

Be content, be happy, and you’ll relax more! With this advice, you now know what women are looking for – and you can be the dominant alpha male.

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We all know what a desperate, needy guy looks like. We see it all the time. Sometimes, we even see it in ourselves. But, as you work on becoming a more attractive man and you get good at approaching and meeting more women, you’ll start to sense a shift deep inside your reality, where you actually see women for what they are.

Take to heart my dating advice and tips on how to get a girl, and you’ll soon find finding a woman easier than before – and not just any desperate girl, but the right one for you.

Women aren’t what you think they are. They’re certainly not all the same!

Most women are deeply insecure people. They’re desperate for love and attention, just like men. Their entire sense of entitlement in the world is based on validation from men like you and me. The thing is, most women are just great at hiding it. They do this by putting out bitch shields and being defensive, or worse yet, aggressive when you approach them.

Women think about dating and sex just as much as you do…

What you don’t know is the girl that’s rejecting you at the bar is secretly going home sobbing to herself wondering why she couldn’t have just let you in. The truth is, though, it’s actually not her fault. It’s yours. You’re not seeing the opportunities when they arise, and when they do, you’re giving up without any level of consistence. How much of your life have you wasted being scared of women? Now is the time to stop, and instead start approaching the hottest women!

What if I told you there was a way that you could learn to understand women like the back of your hand, to the point where you would know exactly what she’s thinking and experiencing even before she does?

Imagine if you had this knowledge ten years ago. Where would you be right now? Do you think you’d be happier? Do you think you’d like yourself more? Do you think your friend and co-workers would look up to you and see you as a super star?

Well, the good news is, it’s not too late.

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Whether you want a long-term girlfriend to settle down with, maybe to marry one day, or you’re just looking to have casual sex with a string of nines and tens, Pandora’s Box will give you the knowledge you need to completely dissect women and construct a strategy that will guarantee you success. This is the best way to learn about being attractive and receiving dating advice.

Meeting the girl of your dreams has never been so easy. But, there is a catch. Nothing comes for free. You do need to take action. If you can do that, I promise I’ll reveal the knowledge that will give you the life with women that you’ve always dreamed of.