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Knowing how to implement creative thinking will permeate through everything you do. When you can be innovative and show initiative, you can overcome any problem with women.

Meeting women is ultimately about solving problems. You’re going to face challenges every time you approach a girl that will require you to think on your feet and make decisions on the spot. But, how does creative thinking work? How can I get better at it, and more importantly, can I train my brain so that it naturally comes up with solutions when problems arise?

Introduction to lateral thinking…

The godfather of the concept ‘lateral thinking’ is Edward de Bono. He coined the phrase that has now become a regular part of modern day consciousness. It is used in all sorts of arenas now.

Originally, de Bono identified that most people think in a linear way. Once they get stuck on a train of thought they continue on that train of thought and then get stuck on that particular train of thought. When you think in a linear way you miss a lot of opportunities in life.

Lateral thinking means you’ll be thinking in one particular path, but somewhere inside your brain a synopsis will jump that thought and get you to look at something in a slightly different way. Herein lies one of the clues to becoming better at creative thinking.

Trick one: Zoom in, zoom out…

One of the first things you want to do is consider zooming in on a problem. So, if you take the example of wanting to approach women, when you zoom in on the problem you break down all the individual component steps that you would need to take to get good at approaching.

This can be great because it can highlight the first step in the process. So, when you approach a woman, first you have to find her. Second, you have to get your feet moving in a particular direction. Third, you need to get her attention, and fourth, you need to open her.

By zooming in, you can essentially identify the step-by-step stages you need to take. After you zoom in, you then want to zoom out. What is this challenge a bigger part of?

Once again, using this exact way of approaching women, you’ll see that the cause of approach anxiety is likely due to a lack of self-value and self-appreciation. When you recognize this for what it really is, you can start to target the problem head on and work on building more self-esteem.

So, now it’s your turn. Pick a particular area of the dating experience that you’re struggling with and try zooming in and breaking it down into its component parts. Then, zoom out and work out what it’s a bigger part of.

Trick number two: What’s this the same as?

This is a powerful technique for getting your brain to think in different ways. You can do this with a completely random object or you can pick a model in some other area of life that’s incredibly successful, then work out how is that model the same as what I’m trying to replicate?

I did this when I looked at Internet marketing. I took the successful components of Internet marketing and incorporated it into a system that helped me increase the number of women I was sleeping with by 200%. Internet marketing is all about traffic and conversion. How much traffic can you get to your site, then how frequently can you convert that traffic into a buying customer?

When we shift this model to the world of meeting women, it basically means how many women can you approach and meet in a week and how many of those women can you convert into dates and ultimately sex.

If you want to increase the end total number of dates you’re going on, you can learn to target the traffic by seeing more women and meeting more women, or you can target the conversion. Becoming more attractive, knowing exactly what to say to her, understanding the way she thinks is important. What you’ll find is by doing this – by attacking both of these areas – is your results will multiply and magnify.

Now it’s your turn…

So, now it’s your turn to take this principle and apply it to some aspect of your dating life. Pick a success model, whether it’s in business, sports, or entertainment, then identify the winning strategies of that particular product, event, or show. Is there a way that you can apply those successful concepts to your own dating life?

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

This is particularly true in the dating world. I’ve coached guys that have more knowledge than me on the topic of dating. They’ve literally read every piece of information that exists on the topic. However, they still don’t have the ability to approach a girl that they want to start seeing.

By developing your imagination and looking for solutions in new and creative ways, then applying them, you’ll be able to revolutionize your approach to dating. Now you know the definition of creative thinking and how to implement it, you should have much more success!

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I used to think getting a woman was all about the cute compliments to say to a girl. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work as well as you think. It will cause you to supplicate to a girl. Supplication happens when you go out of your way to make her feel better in the hope that she’ll like you more.

Girls hate supplication. Supplication comes from woosie guys. She doesn’t want a woosie guy. She wants you to be a real man.

Compliments are all about intent…

What’s your intent for giving her cute compliments? Is it to make her think better things about you? To put you in a category above all other guys? If it is, then do yourself a favor and shut your mouth.

Regardless of the words that actually come out of your mouth, regardless of how powerful the compliment is, it won’t be received in the right way because your delivery will be coming from a place of supplication.

If, on the other hand, your intent is to make her feel better about herself, to offer her the gift of excitement, then it’s okay. The funny thing is, if your intent is pure, it doesn’t matter what compliment you give her, the words won’t matter, the intent will shine through in your expression, and she will feel them.

Make it genuine!

I’ve worked with guys in the past who have one generic compliment that they give to all girls. It might be, “Hey, I thought you were really cute and I wanted to come and say hi,” or, “You have an absolutely stunning smile and it just forced me to come over here and talk to you.”

Every now and then you’ll land on a girl that this approach will resonate with, but you’ll never get the consistency that you ultimately desire. Instead, what you want to do is come up with a unique compliment for every girl you meet. This is actually easier than it sounds.

You just need to work on your observational skills. Train yourself to have a habit of noticing five unique things about every girl you walk past. Whether you chose to actually compliment these girls at this stage is not important, but it’s important to help you compliment women.

When you train your brain to notice unique things about a girl, you’ll instantly start to identify things that you really like. When you give a genuine compliment, it adds a level of excitement to your expression, and this will be felt by her even more than the words.

Incorporate touch into your compliment…

When you give a girl a compliment and you notice a change of expression on her face, like maybe the corner of her lips start to turn up, or she stands a little bit higher, or you can just sense that deep feeling of gratitude deep within her eyes. You need to anchor that positive experience that she’s having with your touch.

The way anchors work is, when you get someone in a positive state and you touch them a certain way, they then associate that state with that touch and with you. Therefore, the next time you touch them that way, they’ll naturally experience that positive state that you’ve created for them.

Perhaps you’ve noticed this in your own life with certain songs. Without knowing why, every time that song comes on it just puts you in a good mood. You have a feeling of euphoria overcome you. This is likely because the first time you heard that song you were also in a really positive mood.

Giving lovely compliments to girls can be one of the most powerful tools in your dating and attraction toolkit, but it’s critical to know which girls to give compliments to and specifically what compliment will work best! To do this you need to have a deeper understanding of female psychology. You need to know the girls you’re approaching better than they know themselves. So, take heed of my advice!

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If you’ve got your eye on the prettiest girl in school, the odds are at least a dozen other boys do, too. In this article, I’ll show you how to stand out when popping the question.

So: it’s your high school dance, the most important social event of the year. You’re excited, you can’t wait – but, there’s something that’s nagging in the back of your mind. As you get closer to the date of the dance anxiety starts to build. You try to slow your brain down, but you can’t stop it. This is why you need my creative ways to ask a girl to the dance!

The different ways to ask girls to prom…

You need to ask a girl out and you need to do it right. You might only get one chance, so you need to do it right. Listen up and you’ll be absolutely fine.

You may be brain-storming different ways that you can creatively ask the girl that you’d really love to go with, so that she’ll be instantly won over and have to say yes. You may play scenarios out in your head and it all makes sense.

Let me stop you. This is a bad focus to have. The minute you try to think of creative ways to ask a girl out to the dance is the minute that you start to set yourself up for failure.

Take it from a guy who’s approached over 15,000 women in the last 10 years alone – being clever doesn’t work. Trying to show her how ‘cool’ you are will actually backfire on you. Do you think a really attractive guy has to come up with clever and intelligent ways to ask a girl out? No chance. So, how do you do it? What’s a foolproof plan to asking a girl out that will guarantee success and make you the super-star of the local school dance? Read on and I’ll show you how asking a girl to prom is easy!

Step one: Focus on attraction first…

Hopefully, you’re reading this article in time. I’ve identified three laws of being attractive.

Every guy that’s successful with women exhibits these three qualities. There are no exceptions to this rule. Even if you can implement three or four of them before the school dance arrives, you’ll increase your chances of being the star of the dance by at least 200%.

You have strict rules that you do and do not accept from others. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but, if you want to impress a girl, surely you shouldn’t have strict standards, surely you should agree with her and let her know that you’re a guy who supports her. Ultimately, this doesn’t work. It actually works the opposite way.

When you don’t have standards, you set yourself up in her mind as a walk-over. You give off a needy, desperate vibe. But, most importantly, you don’t challenge her. One of the greatest gifts we can give to a woman is the gift of pleasing us. She wants to know what your standards are because she wants to reach them. She wants to qualify to meet your high standard. After all, only an attractive guy would have such high standards.

Start by writing a list of what you expect, not just from women, but from other people in your life, and make sure that when people act out of alignment with these values that you’ve set for yourself, you punish them by taking your attention away from them. On the other hand, when they act in alignment with these values, you can reward them with your attention.

Step two: You’re unattached to outcomes…

This is another counter-intuitive tip, but to actually ask a girl out and have success, you need to let yourself go and be unattached to the outcome. If she can’t go to the dance with you for some particular reason, it doesn’t affect your state. Why would it?

You’ve got so many positive things going on in your life and there are always plenty more fish in the sea. The interesting thing about this is, if you can fully inject this lack of attachment into your personality, the chances that she’ll say yes significantly increase.

Have you ever noticed in your own life when you don’t long for something, when you let go and give yourself permission to take whatever comes your way, usually a good result will come of it? The same is true with asking women out.

Step three: You’re comfortable in a position of leadership…

A huge part of being a great leader is making statements rather than asking questions. You don’t ask people for permission, you give guidance and people follow you. This is an incredibly attractive quality that is based heavily on evolutionary science, and a woman’s need to be involved with a dominant alpha male.

When you ask a girl out to the dance, you’re not actually asking her out – you’re inviting her. You’re making the suggestion to her that you two should go to the dance. The way you do this is tell her directly, “I’d like to go to the dance with you, I think we’d have a lot of fun. I think we’d make the rest of the school jealous. I’d be interested in what you think.”

If you really pay attention to this sentence structure, you’ll notice that even the final thing you say to her is actually a statement disguised as a question. This is a far more powerful approach than stumbling up to her and saying, “Hey, I was just wondering, ah, if you’re kind of going, or if you have a date, ah, but if you do, that’s okay, but, if no-one’s already asked you to the dance, and you think that I’d be fun to go with um, would you like to maybe go with me?” That will get you killed.

With these three steps, you’ll never wonder about ways to ask a girl to homecoming again!

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Daniel Wroughton Craig was born in the 2nd of March 1968 in Chester, Cheshire in England. Daniel is a British actor best known for playing the British secret agent ‘James Bond’ in the 2006 reboot of the film series and its following sequels.

David Craig can really be best known for a couple of things. First of all, his ragged good looks, his calm personality, his athletic physique which was immortalized in the first James Bond series ‘Casino Royale,’ where he is coming out of the water. He really epitomizes the true alpha male that a lot of guys aspire to be and women find irresistibly attractive.

Daniel Craig’s story is amazing for a number of reasons. He spent many years as a struggling actor picking up minor roles here and there and never really playing lead role. His acting style is very focused. He tends to take on quite serious action roles and he took a massive risk in life taking on the James Bond role because the role comes with a lot of expectation.

Daniel Craig movies and his incredible success…

The second thing is he is also has blond hair, and traditionally, James Bond characters have always had brown hair. Now, this may not seem like a lot to you, but it did for a lot of mad James Bond fans out there. Last of all, playing James Bond can really typecast you into a particular role, and that can affect the rest of an acting career.

Daniel Craig also went to great lengths to appraise the James Bond role – probably more so than any other Bond actor in the past. He took on tough military style training, he quit smoking, and really took on the physique and look of an ex-army soldier. Daniel Craig’s story is quite inspirational because it really shows that with tough determination and discipline, you can achieve great things.

Stay passionate like Daniel Craig…

In life, like Daniel, we can work hard for many years and achieve very little success, and it’s really easy to just give up and give in any time. Get past the disappointment and failures and keep the focus on your goal like Daniel Craig did, and you’ll succeed in life.

So, guys, it’s really important to focus on what you are really passionate about because, if you are not really passionate about what you are doing, then you are going to have a hard time overcoming any obstacles should they come your way. For Daniel, his passion was acting.

The importance of being an alpha male…

The next great thing about Daniel’s story that you can really take inspiration from is when a big opportunity does come your way, really grab it by the scruff of the neck and take it on. Just look at Daniel Craig – he took on the Bond character, studied it, and really worked tirelessly to look like James Bond should look.

You need to do the same whenever an opportunity comes your way. You also need to leave nothing to chance. Make sure every angle is covered and dedicate yourself fully to achieving whatever your goal is.

Here’s more food for thought: Daniel Craig is seen by many women as being extremely attractive, and this is not just because of his fame, but also because Daniel really portrays the typical alpha male. Why is that? He is calm under pressure! Even if this is how he is portrayed in the movie, he is physically fit and he is athletic. He looks like a man that could look after himself, and also look after a lady. He looks a little bit rough around the edges, but really scrubs out well in a suit.

Be confident like Daniel Craig…

Confidence can come from a lot of things. It comes from living your passions in life, being self-assured, and really knowing your strengths and weaknesses. So, draw up a list. Are you living your purpose in life? Are you achieving your goals? Are you living your passions? Do you know yourself well? That’s a big one.

To be more confident and more attractive, you need to dictate where your life is going. You need to be totally in control. You need to be living consciously and determining what your career path is. The more in-line you are with your passions, the better your quality of life is going to live.

Look good…

The last thing that really is attractive about Daniel Craig is his sense of fashion. He looks like a rugged guy that can look after himself, but he dresses like a real gentleman.

So, perhaps maybe start considering how you can fix your wardrobe up. Overhaul your wardrobe and take inspiration from fashion blogs like Look Book, the Sartorialist, and GQ mags, to really get a sense of what’s stylish and what’s fashionable. Best of luck!

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YOU have the ability to get a girlfriend!

Regardless of who you are or what you do, you can become the man. You can be the guy in your social circle that all other guys look up to and worship. You can be the guy at your local bar who all the attractive girls secretly hope will pick them out for a fun night.

Imagine being able to go up and approach the cutest girl at any event or social gathering and have her excited to have the opportunity to meet you. Well, if you’re sick of this being part of your imagination and you want to bring it into your new reality, I have some good news for you. I can help you learn how to find a date.

I don’t make that statement lightly. The reason I know that I can succeed with you is because I’ve already done it with myself and thousands of guys that I’ve coached. No matter how bad you currently are with women, we can turn that around.

Create an attractive attitude to get a girl…

So, the first thing that I focus on with a new guy is building an attractive attitude. Sure, we can get all your physical features right, we can make you look like a rock star and this will help you unbelievably – but having a physically attractive shell without an attractive attitude is like having a Porsche with a lawn mower motor!  Ultimately, it’s not going to take you very long to work out that this vehicle is not the real deal.

Whilst men are predominately attracted to physical features, women are generally attracted to social status and personality. You need to train your personality to be fun and playful. A great way to do this is to focus on teasing and flirting with women.

As a starting point, you may want to play around with active disinterest, which is where you actively let the girl know that you’re not interested in her, essentially telling her that she hasn’t yet passed your test, or your standard.

You can do this by saying things to her like, “Oh, that’s so cute,” in a condescending way, or turning to her friends and saying, “Is she always like this?” When you say these things, it helps to have a cheap grin on your face. Your goal here is not to crush the girl, but just to create an emotional spark deep within her that will cause her to want to work harder for your approval.

Cute girlfriends love attractive energy…

Attractive energy is something that makes women feel compelled to want to come and meet you. The best way to do this is to be the life of the party. If you’re having fun and enjoying yourself and just being completely in your own world, unattached to how other people perceive you, she will notice this and be drawn towards you.

I do this by thinking of things that are fun to me. I, firstly, make sure that I hang out with people that I enjoy. Secondly, I make sure that when I go to a bar I feel completely comfortable in that environment.

Be in your comfort zone when meeting someone new…

If you’re more of a pub guy, but you go to a nightclub trying to pick women up, you’ll instantly find that your energy is zapped. Being in an unfamiliar environment can make it hard to do your work, but try to stand up straight and tall and be in the moment. I also put a focus on smiling. Our bodies and minds are wired and linked in a way that they affect each other.

Try this – for the next 30 seconds simply smile as hard as you can, inside your brain repeat the word “yes, yes, yes.” If you get excited enough you may even want to pump your fist a little. Notice how this impacts your entire mood and energy. When your energy is right, everything that resonates from you will be attractive, it will be like you have a magnet deep within you. Girls will feel the energetic pull.

Have an attractive approach…

A girl will make up her mind in the first five seconds of meeting you as to whether she sees you as a sexual option. If you get the first five seconds right, from that point on sex will be yours to lose.

On the contrary, if you fail to get the approach right, you open yourself up to her stone-walling you, testing you, or potentially degrading you, leaving you feeling completely insignificant, crushed, and demoralized.

So, how do you make an attractive approach? Well, it starts by getting her attention. First of all, you need to position yourself in a way that you’re close to her. Nothing screams predator more than a guy walking fifteen meters across a room in a bee-line straight to a girl.

Be cool…

A common mistake that beginners make is they feel that they have to get all their words out quickly so that the girl will pay attention to them. These guys bombard her with verbal statements and questions. Instead, just start with something small and then give her the space to respond.

Have you ever noticed when a telemarketer salesperson rings you up on the phone and gives you a long-winded sales pitch right from the start, you often just hang up the phone?

However, if they engage you at the start and start the interaction with small talk and allow you to respond, you now feel more committed to continuing the conversation with them. The same is true with an attractive approach. Always wondered how to get women? Now you don’t need to wonder anymore!

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Who is the average frustrated chump?

Say “hello” to the AFC – that guy who makes every effort to have success with women. He goes out of his way to show her what a nice guy he is. He buys her drinks at the bar to prove that he’ll look after her and pays her compliments by the minute so that she’ll think that he’s a great guy. But, despite his best efforts, he keeps going home alone.

He keeps bumming out with girls and he just doesn’t get it. “Maybe I’m not being nice enough? Maybe I need to show her that I really can look after her?” If there’s a little bit of average frustrated chump in you, don’t worry. At one point in time, I was the biggest average frustrated chump, or AFC, of the lot.

My views on dating and relationships had been poisoned. I had quite a soft upbringing. My parents were religious and I was taught from an early age that you need to respect women. My Mum, although not being a feminist, was very big on equal rights.

Ultimately, I agree with a lot of her views, however, they did more damage than good in my early days of being conditioned. Add to that my extreme passion for video games and the fact that I was literally a nerd growing up, I had very little success with women in my progressive years. But, I managed to break the cycle. I escaped my place in life. I found a way to beat the system.

Breaking out of the system of being too nice…

It took me five years to go from average frustrated chump to one of the best seducers in the world. I did it with a highly analytical approach. I basically dissected every little component of social interactions. I started exploring female psychology and social sciences. Now, I see the matrix. I see social dynamics unfold before my eyes well in advance, and I want to give you two tips that will help you make that shift too.

Tip one: She doesn’t care how nice you are…

Ultimately, women respond emotionally. They make decisions emotionally. If you need proof of this, spend twenty minutes with a woman at a sale. She doesn’t make purchases based on logic. She doesn’t take facts into account. She simply responds to emotional stimulus.

If her emotions are triggered in the right way, she buys. The problem with trying to win a girl over by paying her compliments or buying her drinks is that it’s a much too logical approach. You’re trying to convince her on an intellectual level why you’re a good match for her.

She won’t respond to this. Instead, what you need to do is trigger her emotion. Next time you’re talking to a cute girl at the bar that you want to take home, try this little technique. Pay her a compliment, but then immediately take it away. As soon as you do that, just hold space and watch for her reaction. An example of this might be, “You’re really sexy. It’s a shame I don’t like blondes.”

As you say this, you can actually incorporate physical touch as well, gently pushing her away as you say, “It’s a shame I don’t like blondes.” What you’re doing here is you’re giving her approval and playing to her ego, but then immediately taking that approval away. This impacts her at a core level. Watch instantly as she punches your arm softly, or reaches out to touch you, or instantly tries harder to impress you again.

Tip two: You need to recognize that women like to be appreciated on a sexual level…

Why do you think she spends an hour-and-a-half preparing herself to get ready before she comes out? Why does she spend hundreds of dollars on hair, makeup, nails, let alone the money that she spends on clothes and shoes? Why do you think she can’t wear the same outfit out two weeks in a row?

A girl’s physical appearance is vitally important to her internal feelings of confidence. She wants you to appreciate it. She wants to know that she’s creating a stir for you in more ways than one. If you can let her know this without flinching or fidgeting and maintaining strong, powerful eye contact, you’re helping her fill her biological need as a woman.

Having an edge, a sense of humor and being a bit risky won’t hurt you, it’ll help you. So: do you still want to be an Average Frustrated Chump? Honestly?

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Creativity is a part of who we are. It’s necessary in all parts of life, meaning creative dating is also necessary – and it makes you stand out from the rest. If you want to be more creative, there are a few ideas that can start to work your creative muscle.

Idea one: Spill your thoughts onto paper!

Every morning when you wake up, spend about 15 to 30 minutes just spilling out whatever comes to you. It doesn’t have to be structured. It doesn’t even have to make a lot of sense. Just spill whatever you feel inside of you come out, and let it flow out without restriction. This is the first step towards creative dating and fun dates, or other general creative ideas in dating.

Idea two: Always carry a notebook with you

Whenever a good idea comes to you, or something really grabs you creatively, you can note it down and keep it, and then expand on it later on. These days, you could even just use your phone!

Idea three: Surround yourself with inspiration

I know, myself, the periods where I’m at my most creative is when I travel, and especially when I travel to really historical places like Europe and I’m filled with beautiful architecture and art and whatnot. This helps me come up with ideas for dating and creative ideas for dates.

Now, just going to a trip to Europe to get creative isn’t always an option for a lot of us, so try to think of ways that you can surround your own environment with things to inspire you. It might be the art on your wall, it might be the furniture that you have, it might be the books in your bookcase. Whatever it is, find some ways to inspire you so you can start to allow that creative side of you come out.

Idea four: Take up an instrument

Take up an instrument and use it in a way that you can express yourself. I would probably recommend something like a guitar or piano, a flute, whatever it is, but just allow yourself to learn the basics of that instrument. Don’t get tied up in the whole structure of reading music. Learn to come up with your own tunes and improvise your own style of music, and that starts to harvest the part of your brain that flows out with creativity.

Idea five: Dance and allow yourself to be free

Rather than get hung up with what people think of you and how you look in front of everyone else, allow yourself to just go out and dance and be free and forget about life.

I know a friend of mine that partakes in healing dance classes, where people just go out and they just dance, express themselves, and close themselves off to the world. That really gets in touch with the spiritual side of things and helps to access and harness that part of them that flows out with creativity.

The last thing to remember is creativity is like a muscle. The more you practice, the better the creative ideas you are going to get. It needs to be flexed every now and then, so try to flex it as much as possible and you’ll start to see, gradually, you’ll become more creative and amazing first date ideas will start to flow really easily.

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In this article, I am going to reveal a couple of key traits that a real man has that you can easily employ into your own life. Want to know how to be a real man? Listen up!

There are numerous characteristics of a real man, but becoming a real man does not mean growing a big beard, fighting crocodiles, hunting animals with a club, or getting a large muscular physique. It goes a lot deeper than that.

You can become a real man and enjoy the level of attraction that a real man gets, and also the success in life you deserve. Just learn the characteristics that help typical alpha males to score.

The definition of a real man…

So, the good thing about a real man is he has a kind of naturally alluring quality about him that women can pick up on and any job that he goes to or any new people that he meets will notice. He is instantly a lot more attractive and alluring than just your standard average kind of guy. In this article, I am going to reveal the characteristics that set out a real man from just an ordinary man. There’s much more to being a real man than muscles!

Tip one – Control yourself…

To be a real man, you need self-control. Real men demonstrate high levels of self-control and make a regular habit of examining the motives of their faults and actions. When, through self‑examination, they find it necessary to correct their course, they have the strength and discipline to do so.

A great example that I saw on TV of a real man is the Donald Draper character in the Mad Men series. Donald lives his life as quite a haunted individual, and it does not matter what is going on in his life or all the negative things that are happening around him and the pressures that he is feeling, he is still able to walk into a meeting and be cool, calm and blow his clients away with an amazing presentation. He is also able to be almost unshakable when people challenge him.

Tip two – Be brave!

A great quote that sums up bravery is by Mark Twain: “Bravery is not the absence of fear, rather it is fear being mastered.” A real man will feel fear and will push past that fear and still push to achieve his goals in life.

Conquering that fear is what makes him brave. A real man who is brave is not scared to put his heart on the line even if knows he might get hurt. He is not afraid to take a big risk even if he knows it could all just go tits-up.

He is not afraid to put himself out there when meeting a girl, even though he knows there is a chance that he may get rejected. That bravery and that ability to go past this fear is what makes him stand out from every other guy and what gives him unshakable confidence and success in life.

Tip three – Persistence…

Perseverance is a product of self-control. It is courageous resistance against difficult circumstances. Perseverance is only developed through trials. Real men endure the trials and emerge stronger. They never give up.

Even when the odds are against them, even if a girl is giving them nothing, even if they have been rejected ten times, they keep going back, and they keep pushing themselves to get better and achieve more success. In fact, in life, the difference between a millionaire to just a standard office worker out there is not intelligence.

It is not luck. It is purely the ability that that millionaire or billionaire has to be persistent through tough times and believe that one day he is going to achieve amazing things, and he can withstand all the negatives and the rejections that will come his way.

Tip Four – Confidence…

Real men are confident. Many people confuse confidence with arrogance and self‑centeredness. Real men know the difference. Confidence is about being self-assured and self‑aware. Confident men have faith in their ability and knowledge. They do not need to tear others down in order to build themselves up.

They earn people’s trust with their radiant inner strength. When they walk into a room, everyone seems to notice. When I look at developing more confidence, I look at it this way. The more I can push past my fears in life, the more I can be braver. The more persistent I can be and relentless in achieving my goals, the more confidence points I am going to have in my life.

I like to imagine that I have a tally of points, and every time I do something that pushes past my fears in some way, that tally adds up, and the more that adds up, the more confidence I am going to have in life.

Tip 5: Simply Get started!

Now you know the qualities of a real man, so you can become one! Start thinking about how you can become a real man by having more self-control, by being braver, by being more persistent, and by having more confidence. Give yourself an honest rating against each of these points and think about where you are currently at, and think about where you want to go and how you can get there. In no time, you will enjoy the benefits of being a real man and becoming a naturally attractive individual.

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Your puppet master cares about one thing, and it’s not you. Discover who’s pulling your string and how to take back your life so you finally experience your freedom with this…

When people stroke our ego and tell us how wonderful we are, it makes us feel good. We crave this good feeling like a drug. We are addicted to it and seek it out whenever we can. If you want to know how to stop caring, then read on. I have everything you need to know in order to not care.

Don’t rely on others…

Whilst getting positive approval from others is important, we shouldn’t rely on it in our lives. For a lot of us that suffer from low self-esteem, we constantly compare ourselves to others and we care about how others think of us, which can really affect our progression and our ability to live the life that we want to live.

Think of it this way – how often do you compare yourself to others?  How often do you compare yourself to a standard of how you should be?  This habit of comparison is incredibly common and we all do it on a regular basis. Part of this is a result of our evolution as social primates. We have continual awareness of a group and where we fit in.

Guys are worse for this than you might think…

For guys that have low social confidence, they often compare themselves to others in a negative manner. Basically, a lot of their comparisons involve the person being evaluated better than them.

For example, when they perhaps see a guy talking to an attractive woman, their first thought is, “There’s no way I could ever do that. He’s so much more confident than I am.”

The ways in which we compare…

We generally compare our self to others in one of two ways. You compare yourself to someone else who you think is better at something than you, and therefore a better person than you, or you compare yourself to some standard of how you should be.

For example, they might be more confident, stronger, or so on. However, these types of comparisons will leave you feeling inferior and unfulfilled. The reality is every person has a range of skills, qualities, and abilities. Underneath this habit of comparison is just an assumption that we’re just not good enough. And this feeling is what probably contributes to you not being socially confident. It’s important to immediately change this pattern.

What you can do…

Whenever you notice yourself comparing yourself to others, gently remind yourself that you don’t want to indulge in this unhelpful pattern. There are much better ways to focus your attention.

Often, when I get these negative thoughts in my head where I start comparing myself to other guys, I become aware, and just by simply becoming aware of these thoughts I can change them around and think of myself more positively.

Meditation – could it work for you? 

Stop thinking, “I care what people think,” and start thinking that you don’t have to! Meditation really helps me do this. Being able to control my thoughts a lot better and control my mind works for me, rather than against me. Reading positive affirmations also helps. Positive affirmations are statements like, “I am a great person. I’m brilliant at what I do in life and people love me for the person that I am.”

Saying these types of positive affirmations perhaps every morning or before you go to bed starts to reinforce in your subconscious mind your positive attributes and helps you maintain a more positive outlook in life and eliminates the need to continually compare yourself because you don’t think you’re enough. It can also be helpful to remind yourself that there are thousands of areas in which we could improve ourselves.

You also have to think, “Am I comparing just one part of me and ignoring the rest?  Am I completely discounting my strengths and the areas where I excel?  Am I focusing on the best parts of this other person?”

These questions can really help guide your thinking away from simplistic comparisons and help you start to see yourself and the other person as more complete humans with both strengths and weaknesses.

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Have you been wondering how you got that hottie until recently, when suddenly you discover that she’s crazy?

What do you do?

I’ve been there, trust me. It feels good to walk with her down the street, but unfortunately, when you get her alone, she’s a little crazy. She does stuff that annoys you. You decide, for now, that you’re going to tolerate it because she’s hot, but you’re a little bit stumped. Can you turn her around? Can you get her to settle down and just be a little bit normal?

Unfortunately, if you’re at this point, it’s really hard to change things. It’s not simple to go about changing your girlfriend, or dealing with crazy women in general. It’s possible, but it does take a little bit of experience and a lot of practice. What you need to do is either take advantage of her craziness or learn to shape a girl better right from the beginning of the relationship.

Taking advantage of her love…

The great thing about crazy girls is they usually have an incredible and insatiable sexual appetite. I’ve had many crazy girlfriends over my lifetime, however, I always made it clear what the relationship was about.

I kept things purely on a sexual level. I did this by keeping my distance in the first six weeks of seeing her. I would never go out of my way to see her more than once or twice a week. And when we did have sex, I would keep a little distance between us immediately after. I didn’t want her to get too emotionally attached.

You have to be careful here, because crazy girls are usually crying out for that level of appreciation and attachment. So, if you cave in and become a little bit cuddly with her after sex, she’ll latch on. It’s not that you want to be cold or heartless, but just that you don’t want to lead her astray right from the start. This will save her pain in the long-term, and she’ll appreciate it because she’ll still be excited by the opportunity of being your sexual goddess.

What if you want to stay with her?

But, what if you want to stay with her? If you want to stay with her, I have to caution you. It won’t be easy. But, it is possible. The key is that you need to let her know what type of behavior you’re willing to tolerate. You’re also going to have to do this in a creative and intelligent way.

If you directly state what you will and won’t tolerate, this will trigger a rage inside her that will prevent her from having a rational conversation. Instead, you need to talk directly to her subconscious. You need to train her in the same way you would train an over-excited puppy. You reward her for good behavior and punish her for bad behavior.

Sounds a bit brutal? It’s necessary!

Not at all. Besides, do you constantly want to be think, “My girlfriend is driving me crazy”? One of a girl’s greatest needs is to please her man. So, you just need to communicate to her what it is that pleases you and what doesn’t.  And you do this by using your attention. You reward positive behavior by giving her your attention, maybe complimenting her more or giving her more physical touch.

But, anytime she starts to head down to crazy-town, you need to withdraw your attention. It should feel like she’s being thrown out in the dark shadows. She’ll feel this instantly and want to get your attention and approval back.