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Your puppet master cares about one thing, and it’s not you. Discover who’s pulling your string and how to take back your life so you finally experience your freedom with this…

When people stroke our ego and tell us how wonderful we are, it makes us feel good. We crave this good feeling like a drug. We are addicted to it and seek it out whenever we can. If you want to know how to stop caring, then read on. I have everything you need to know in order to not care.

Don’t rely on others…

Whilst getting positive approval from others is important, we shouldn’t rely on it in our lives. For a lot of us that suffer from low self-esteem, we constantly compare ourselves to others and we care about how others think of us, which can really affect our progression and our ability to live the life that we want to live.

Think of it this way – how often do you compare yourself to others?  How often do you compare yourself to a standard of how you should be?  This habit of comparison is incredibly common and we all do it on a regular basis. Part of this is a result of our evolution as social primates. We have continual awareness of a group and where we fit in.

Guys are worse for this than you might think…

For guys that have low social confidence, they often compare themselves to others in a negative manner. Basically, a lot of their comparisons involve the person being evaluated better than them.

For example, when they perhaps see a guy talking to an attractive woman, their first thought is, “There’s no way I could ever do that. He’s so much more confident than I am.”

The ways in which we compare…

We generally compare our self to others in one of two ways. You compare yourself to someone else who you think is better at something than you, and therefore a better person than you, or you compare yourself to some standard of how you should be.

For example, they might be more confident, stronger, or so on. However, these types of comparisons will leave you feeling inferior and unfulfilled. The reality is every person has a range of skills, qualities, and abilities. Underneath this habit of comparison is just an assumption that we’re just not good enough. And this feeling is what probably contributes to you not being socially confident. It’s important to immediately change this pattern.

What you can do…

Whenever you notice yourself comparing yourself to others, gently remind yourself that you don’t want to indulge in this unhelpful pattern. There are much better ways to focus your attention.

Often, when I get these negative thoughts in my head where I start comparing myself to other guys, I become aware, and just by simply becoming aware of these thoughts I can change them around and think of myself more positively.

Meditation – could it work for you? 

Stop thinking, “I care what people think,” and start thinking that you don’t have to! Meditation really helps me do this. Being able to control my thoughts a lot better and control my mind works for me, rather than against me. Reading positive affirmations also helps. Positive affirmations are statements like, “I am a great person. I’m brilliant at what I do in life and people love me for the person that I am.”

Saying these types of positive affirmations perhaps every morning or before you go to bed starts to reinforce in your subconscious mind your positive attributes and helps you maintain a more positive outlook in life and eliminates the need to continually compare yourself because you don’t think you’re enough. It can also be helpful to remind yourself that there are thousands of areas in which we could improve ourselves.

You also have to think, “Am I comparing just one part of me and ignoring the rest?  Am I completely discounting my strengths and the areas where I excel?  Am I focusing on the best parts of this other person?”

These questions can really help guide your thinking away from simplistic comparisons and help you start to see yourself and the other person as more complete humans with both strengths and weaknesses.

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Have you been wondering how you got that hottie until recently, when suddenly you discover that she’s crazy?

What do you do?

I’ve been there, trust me. It feels good to walk with her down the street, but unfortunately, when you get her alone, she’s a little crazy. She does stuff that annoys you. You decide, for now, that you’re going to tolerate it because she’s hot, but you’re a little bit stumped. Can you turn her around? Can you get her to settle down and just be a little bit normal?

Unfortunately, if you’re at this point, it’s really hard to change things. It’s not simple to go about changing your girlfriend, or dealing with crazy women in general. It’s possible, but it does take a little bit of experience and a lot of practice. What you need to do is either take advantage of her craziness or learn to shape a girl better right from the beginning of the relationship.

Taking advantage of her love…

The great thing about crazy girls is they usually have an incredible and insatiable sexual appetite. I’ve had many crazy girlfriends over my lifetime, however, I always made it clear what the relationship was about.

I kept things purely on a sexual level. I did this by keeping my distance in the first six weeks of seeing her. I would never go out of my way to see her more than once or twice a week. And when we did have sex, I would keep a little distance between us immediately after. I didn’t want her to get too emotionally attached.

You have to be careful here, because crazy girls are usually crying out for that level of appreciation and attachment. So, if you cave in and become a little bit cuddly with her after sex, she’ll latch on. It’s not that you want to be cold or heartless, but just that you don’t want to lead her astray right from the start. This will save her pain in the long-term, and she’ll appreciate it because she’ll still be excited by the opportunity of being your sexual goddess.

What if you want to stay with her?

But, what if you want to stay with her? If you want to stay with her, I have to caution you. It won’t be easy. But, it is possible. The key is that you need to let her know what type of behavior you’re willing to tolerate. You’re also going to have to do this in a creative and intelligent way.

If you directly state what you will and won’t tolerate, this will trigger a rage inside her that will prevent her from having a rational conversation. Instead, you need to talk directly to her subconscious. You need to train her in the same way you would train an over-excited puppy. You reward her for good behavior and punish her for bad behavior.

Sounds a bit brutal? It’s necessary!

Not at all. Besides, do you constantly want to be think, “My girlfriend is driving me crazy”? One of a girl’s greatest needs is to please her man. So, you just need to communicate to her what it is that pleases you and what doesn’t.  And you do this by using your attention. You reward positive behavior by giving her your attention, maybe complimenting her more or giving her more physical touch.

But, anytime she starts to head down to crazy-town, you need to withdraw your attention. It should feel like she’s being thrown out in the dark shadows. She’ll feel this instantly and want to get your attention and approval back.

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Want to know why she’s cheating on you (or prevent it before she does it again)? Stop worrying and take action by understanding the three main reasons why she’ll cheat on you, before it’s too late…

You need a healthy sex life!

The first reason women will cheat is because they are just not getting enough sex. This is when, after that honeymoon stage when you guys can’t keep off each other, then, all of the sudden, things start getting stale and boring. Sex is the foundation of every relationship.

The first sign of a relationship starting to deteriorate is when sex is starting to lose its passion and its value in your relationship. You want to find ways that you can continue making sex a fun and integral part of your relationship. Failure to do this is one of the main reasons why married affairs occur.

Know more about sex…

One thing that I always recommend is, first of all, become more knowledgeable about sex and get to understanding sex a little bit better. The more you know and the more knowledgeable you accrue, the more you’re able to experiment, try different things, and spice up your relationship.

In the modern age, many couples are looking to explore their boundaries in relationships and find swapping partners or bring someone else into their relationship to spice up their sex life a little bit. They are all cool, but you want to ensure that both you and your partner are on the same level and explore your boundaries slowly so no one gets hurt.

Appreciate your partner always…

Feeling neglected, ignored, and unappreciated is the next reason why women will cheat. Look out for the signs of cheating women. We all want to feel special and loved, and it’s easy to neglect that other person when kids start to come into the equation and careers take over. Making time to focus on the other person is important.

When times are getting tough and things get in the way, you need to schedule some time where you can at least sit with your partner and share the intimacy that you once had. If she is feeling unappreciated, ignored, or neglected, she is going to want to be finding that elsewhere – resulting in your wife cheating.

It could be revenge!

Have you cheated before? If so, this could be retaliation from your girlfriend. If you can’t keep it in your pants and your partner knows about it, then your cheating spouse is probably a result of this!

Just don’t cheat! If you are starting to get the urge to cheat on her, you should either talk about it or explore the possibility of an open relationship.

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Are you running out of date ideas? Do your dates always end up stalling out? The girl getting a fake call, suddenly having to go somewhere? Do you feel like you’re under pressure from the beginning because you haven’t been able to come up with a creative date idea? Then these creative ideas could save you!

Today, I’m going to reveal three super creative dates that you can go on with your crush that will get you off on the right step from the beginning.

A romantic date idea is important…

First dates can be tough to the most experienced of men, and if you come up with a boring, done-it-before date plan, you’re basically handicapping yourself before you’ve even begun. Imagine if you turned up to the 100m sprint without your shoe laces tied – that’s essentially what you’re doing! With a little bit of help you can turn your results around. Just make sure you take heed of these ideas for fun date nights.

Number one: Volunteer at a soup kitchen!

I actually discovered this gold nugget when a super sexy humanitarian girl did this for hours a day. She sort of caught me off guard, I didn’t think it was going to be something I would really do – but, man, I got into it. It impacted me on a deep, emotional level. It really brought our connection together. I felt like I was doing something good, being a good person. And I linked that experience to her. I was a better person when I was around her.

Since that day I’ve replicated this date with at least 50 girls, and each and every one of them has been moved on a deep level. When you can shift a girl emotionally, something strange happens. They link those deep, powerful, positive emotional experiences they’re having to you, so that every time they see you they again experience those same emotions.

Number two:  Take a dance lesson together…

You can do this in a group environment, but I strongly encourage you to book a private dance lesson. This will mean you get to spend the entire hour one-on-one with her. Dance instructors are great at helping you escalate on the girl, as they realize what you’re doing! My personal preference is taking Salsa lessons. Salsa is one of the sexiest dances in the world and it creates a perfect frame for you right from the beginning.

In Salsa, it’s all about the man leading. If a woman tries to lead in the dance, the man is to exert his dominance and force her back into a submissive role. In Salsa, there’s also an emphasis on being sexy, not sleazy. Touch is encouraged, but you’re encouraged to touch in the right way.  Salsa dancing instantly puts women into a sexual state, it triggers deep emotions that she experiences based on years and years of evolutionary desires. It also creates the perfect fun, playful vibe to move things to the bedroom that very night. This is one of many ideas for creative dates.

Number three:  Learn to massage…

Relaxation is such a big part of our lives. Because of this, I have a female masseuse that I see on a weekly basis. I’ve built up an amazing relationship with her to the point that I’ve even asked her if it would be possible for me to bring a date along one time and for her to teach both me and my date how to give massages.

This is by far my favorite date idea. The first reason I like it is because I get to have two sets of hands running all over my body. How can any guy argue with that? The second is because it encourages the girl to escalate on me. You see, most men don’t get how a woman works. They focus only on trying to escalate on her.

Once this does work, it’s a slower approach. If you want to fast-track your way to getting a red-carpet all the way to her bedroom, you want to encourage her to escalate on you. She can’t possibly physically escalate on you without having images of what it would be like to have you inside her pop into her head.

And the great thing about that is when images pop into her head she can’t undo them. You can’t put an egg back together after it’s been cracked. By getting a girl to escalate on you, you’re cracking her sexual shell. This massage idea is by far one of the best dating tips I can give you!

The third reason that this date is unbelievably powerful is I guarantee that no guy in the world will have ever have taken her on this date. You’ll be unique. You’ll stand out above all others. You’ll have a memorable date and a memorable night, too.

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After talking to many women and asking for the best advice they’d like to give a man, I’ve compiled five tips that are going to help you build your game and get better results with women.

I know it can be tough at times, going out and dating women, because you feel like there’s a burden of expectation on you, that you really need to impress, you need to play by the rules, and that you need to do everything right.

I’m going to help you. When you can have fun and enjoy going out and dating and meeting more women, you’re going to get better results. You’re going to have a better time, and life’s going to be a lot more enjoyable for you!

Number one: Don’t take dating too seriously…

When you’re on a date with a girl or you’re meeting up with a girl, don’t take it too seriously. This is one of the top romance tips for men I have found. Just have some fun. Let go of any results, let go of any thought in your mind that you need to achieve something by it. Just enjoy the moment with her.

I know when I go into a dating situation with the thought that I have to sleep with this girl, I put a lot of pressure on myself. Generally, when I feel that pressure, I really can’t act normal. I can’t act like myself, and I can’t just be fun and friendly like I normally am, because I’m so wrapped up in trying to get a result.

Just let that go and have a lot of fun with the situation, and don’t expect anything out of it. If something happens, it’s a bonus, but your main objective is to just have some fun. Make her laugh, make yourself laugh, and really enjoy the moment.

Number two: Be a little bit more selfish…

If you haven’t met a lot of girls or haven’t had a lot of success with girls, I know how you feel. When you meet a girl, you want to give her the world. You feel like you don’t want to let her go. You feel like, if you said the wrong thing to her or did the wrong thing, then the only girl that may want to sleep with you will run away, and you can’t think like that.

You need to feel that you’re the man here. You’re important. Your time is important. Your life is important, so be selfish. Make her come and visit you in your area. Go to places that you like to go to, and you start to dictate terms.

What this will start to do is she’ll start to respect you more and see you more as the man, playing the more domineering role, which girls find a lot more attractive. If you can even be just a little bit more selfish, then you will start to be more attractive to girls, and you’ll start to get in touch with your more masculine side.

Number three: Fix your style…

Oftentimes, by just dressing well, you’re going to help yourself with women. Guys tend to dress badly. They do casual terrible. They wear clothes that are oversized, they look like they’ve been dressed by their mom, and their color coordination is just all over the place. This is real guy advice, so listen up!

That just makes a bad first impression, and you’re going to have to work twice as hard to build your attraction back up to a girl. If you just took care of your appearance, you’re going to help that first impression and you’re going to make life so much easier for you when meeting and attracting girls.

Number four: Surround yourself with successful guys…

The next bit of advice is to surround yourself with other guys that are great with women. I think, for myself, when I first started learning to be better with women, the secret to my success was hanging out with guys that were amazing with women.

By being with these guys, I learned so much about how to conduct myself, how to interact better, the little subtleties that they did that really drove women crazy, and by surrounding myself all the time with this, I started to notice it naturally and become more like them.

When you’re around other unsuccessful guys, you’re not really inspiring each other. You’re not really learning positive traits from each other. You’re just getting progressively worse.

Number five: Understand women!

The last bit of advice is understanding women. Guys often just get lost when they talk to women. They don’t understand women very well, they don’t know how to read a girl, and it really helps to understand what her personality type is. There’s no better way to do that than Pandora’s Box.

Pandora’s Box gives you the eight different female personality types out there, so when you talk to her, you’ll be able to ask her three questions to distinguish her personality type, then know the right words to use and the right actions to get her instantly attracted to her.

Pandora’s Box has revolutionized the dating world, and by having this knowledge, you’re going to have an almost unfair advantage over every other guy out there trying to pick up girls.

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If you’re anything like me, I’m sure deep down you got a thing for dirty older women. Don’t worry! Many men like mature women, but don’t mention it, as many see the desire to find MILFs as taboo.

It’s no longer taboo!

I remember back to my early teenage years, one of my mates would go home with a dirty older woman and we’d all tease him the next day. We’d call him a cougar hunter, ask him if she had great pubes, but deep down, secretly, we were all super jealous. We all wanted to be picked up by a sexy, dirty older woman.

As women move out of their twenties, they move into the Dirty Thirties. Something happens to a girl’s psychology when she reaches her thirties. She gets to a point where society no longer judges her sexually. She can be a more promiscuous in her thirties and celebrate it.

Cast your mind to Sex and the City. Samantha is a confident, sexy, seductive, older, dirty woman. She became a cult figure around the world by fucking whoever she wanted. I’ll add to this, she fucked well too. This character was not a mistake. It represented a large percentage of women over thirty!

We should be celebrating hot MILFs and mature women…

I think it’s time that we also celebrate the women around the world graduating into the Dirty Thirties. On that note, I’m going to give you my five tips on how you can pick up more sexy, mature ladies.

Tip one: You have to be OK with sex…

I’ve had my fair share of Dirty Thirty girls. One thing is they all used me for sex. I have to say, I loved it.

If you’re looking for a deep emotional connection where you feel like sex without some sort of commitment is a bad thing, then you’re going to be in trouble. She’s going to smell that off you from a mile away and completely wipe you out of her awareness.

So much of today’s youth grow up with a conservative view towards sex. Through religion, strict cultural preferences, and media propaganda, if you escape your teenage years without hang-ups of sex, you’re doing incredibly well.

If, however, you’re like a large percentage of the population and you do have some slight hang-ups about sex, it’s time to fully expose yourself. Get knowledgeable on the topic. Start watching a lot of porn. Not from the perspective of trying to rub one out or get excited, but more from a scientific perspective.

Have a look at what women like, what they respond to. Take a look at my Sexual Dominance program where I reveal secret strategies that can make you a master in the bedroom. Read female literature, the fastest growing fiction topic in print media for the past ten years. There’s no excuse not to be up to date on female anatomy and what it is that excites women in the bedroom.

Tip two: Have a passion or goal in your life…

Women over thirty are driven themselves. They’ve wasted most of their life fluttering it away on parties and chasing boys and trying to be the perfect person so that society sees them in the right way. But, now, they’re career-driven. They’re thinking about settling down and buying a house.

Because of that, they have no intentions of babysitting you. They need you to meet them halfway. You need to have things that you’re passionate about, goals that you have, and things that will drive you forward.

Tip three: Go out and make it happen…

When a woman over thirty is in a sexual state, she’ll let you know. She’ll make eye contact with you, she’ll flick her hair, she’ll turn her body in your direction. These women have had years and years of practicing throwing signals out to men.

But, you still have to make the first move yourself. If she gives you a signal, essentially what we refer to as a window of opportunity, and you don’t respond to that window, she’ll lose attraction in you instantly. She can’t have a woozy guy. She needs someone who is strong enough to be able to see what he wants and go after it.

You have to get out and make it happen. You can’t say, “I’ll approach her in five minutes,” because if she gives you a window and you turn it down, you won’t get a second one.

Tip four: Dominate her with your touch…

Ultimately, the game with women over thirty is one of a physical nature. You can have all the best conversation or skills in the world, you can speak to her on a deep emotional level, but if you don’t know how to touch her in a way that excites her, that gets her juices flowing and gets her thinking about the prospect of taking you home and doing naughty things to you, then it’s not going to happen.

You know when you’re touching her right because she’ll respond in a positive way. This positive way can look like one of two things. Either she’ll start touching you back or she’ll start testing you on being so touchy. She’ll say things like, “Wow, aren’t you a touchy one.” If either of these scenarios happens, then you know you’re going in the right direction.

Tip number five: Strike while the iron’s hot…

One thing about older women is when she’s ready to go, you better strike. If a girl’s ready to take you to the bathroom and pin you up against the wall and back herself up on you, and you ask her for her number, you’re guaranteed that you won’t get a second shot.

The window with older women is slightly smaller than with younger women. When she’s ready to go, you want to be able to respond instantly and take advantage of her biological urges.

Get good at pulling the trigger. The more daring you can be with older women, the better. Sometimes, I’ll just take her by the hand and drag her out of the club without saying a word. For an older woman, this sort of approach is the best foreplay of all.

Good luck getting mature older women! Comment below when you achieve this, the ultimate sexual experience.

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God love dirty MILFs – Mom I’d like to… well you know the rest of that sentence. I’m not going to deny it. There’s something super sexy about a mom who’s still in great shape. She has certain elegance about herself, a level of experience, and a caring, supportive nature that just makes her a great option in the bedroom. More than ever, people are searching for dirty moms and mature women.

Take time to appreciate older women…

When you’ve had a lot of experience with MILFs, you know that it actually runs much deeper than that. Most moms are completely worn out, burnt out, they’re over their husbands or they’re separated and struggling through life. Their kid is their life. They’ve got no time for themselves.

When you take the time to appreciate them and notice just how special they are, and when you give them the gift of seduction and light a fire inside their lower region, they’ll be eternally grateful for you.

With younger women, I had problems. They became so addicted to me and so attracted to me based on my knowledge of female psychology and how to pleasure them that they literally wanted to spend every waking moment with me.

You don’t run into this problem with MILFs. You have the advantage of the fact that they have more important things going on in their life. You get to take all the advantage of great, amazing, mind-blowing sex without the disadvantages that you experience in many relationships.

Where do I meet mature ladies?

You’ve got to be a little bit more creative with meeting MILFs. I’m going to put it out there how I used to do it – but I’m probably one of the most devious men on the planet when it comes to coming up with creative solutions to finding the types of women that I’m after.

I used to offer to drop my niece off at school and pick her up every morning and every afternoon just so I could take advantage of introducing myself to all the yummy mommies with young kids. Unfortunately, when word got back to my sister from many of my niece’s classmates’ mothers, this little arrangement had to come to a stop.

You can easily find MILFs in bars…

I started paying more attention when I was out in bars. The great thing about seeing MILFs in bars is you know they’re looking for action. They’re out for a fun night. They don’t have the ability to say, “I’ll just have a quiet one this week and come back and have a big one next week.” This might be their only chance to fully enjoy themselves and let their hair down in the next six months.

Because of that, they’re already in the mood to have fun. To take this a step further, I’d actually say they’re actively looking to have fun. With your newfound knowledge, you should interpret that as they’re looking to have fun with you. The thing with MILFs is you want to build up the seduction.

Attracting a mature woman…

Start by making eye contact across the room with her. Let her know that you’re eyeing her up. Something happens deep inside my core when I make eye contact with a girl across the room. It’s almost like I get a predator vibe like I’m a lion hunting and she’s my prey. She feels in her energy and automatically falls into a submissive frame.

For MILFs, it may have been many years since a man has made her feel like this. Right now, she is partly in your hands and you can pick an appropriate time to go over and introduce yourself.

One thing that you will find with MILFs is that they tend to want to test you. You want to see this as positive sign. When a MILF tests you, what she’s ultimately saying is, “Are you really man enough to go the next step?” You want to look at this as like running an 800-meter race, getting to the line, and just taking that next step and blasting over. Because once you do this, everything from this moment on will be completely euphoric.

If you’d like to get a better understanding of exactly what goes on inside a MILF’s head when you approach her and gain the insight that looking into a crystal ball that would provide, then I have an opportunity for you – Pandora’s Box.

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The New York Times produced an article this week supporting claims from a New York feminist movement that stated men and women are the same. This is absolutely crazy. Not only does it fly completely in the face of biological scientific research and evolutionary foundation, but it also flies in the face of reality. Not only are men and women different, but they feature many different personality traits. There are many different types of women with different female traits!

Anyone can take a selection of women and a selection of men and instantly spot the differences. Spend two minutes in a conversation with a girl and you’ll instantly know that she’s not the same as one of your mates.

Gender traits amongst women…

Whilst this is obvious to most people, what you may not be aware of is that women actually have different personality types within their gender. This is something that has stunned men for an eternity.

How can you get inside her head if you have no foundation to rely on? If you can’t get inside her head, how will you know how to best please her and serve her?

I raised this question to my trainers a number of years ago. I set them the challenge of mapping out the different personality styles that would capture the entire female population. Initially, I had no idea how many different personality styles there were out there. But, it didn’t matter. I was keen to figure this enigma.

What were the results?

My trainer, Brian, spent nine months reading page by page through 150 different evolutionary and behavioral psychology textbooks to become an expert on the model. My other trainer, Matt, interviewed 5,000 different girls to build up the most comprehensive database on how women think about sex, dating and relationship.

We then brought in an independent research team to process this information and give us their finding. After two years of extensive research, experimentations and collaboration, we landed upon a powerful truth – Pandora’s Box had been opened.

There are eight unique personality types of women…

Every woman in the universe can be broken down into eight unique and specific personality types. Each of these independent personality types has a slightly different experience of the world. Essentially, they see and experience things in a unique perspective that separates them from the other seven categories of girls.

The reason this knowledge is critical is that if you approach a girl in personality type number 1 with a style of approach that would work for a girl in personality style number 8, you are guaranteed to fail. Essentially, you haven’t done anything wrong. It’s just that you didn’t do your research and assessment beforehand. You were missing the key information that was critical towards being successful.

Use these traits to develop personality-based flirting…

Once I identified these eight personality traits, I then had to develop a system that would allow you to instantly work out what personality type a particular girl was. I challenged myself to get this information in the quickest, easiest, and most efficient manner possible. I think I’ve succeeded, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

How would you like the ability to ask a girl three questions and know with absolute certainty what her motivators are, what her emotional hot buns are, and how she needs to be handled in order to feel comfortable having sex with you in the shortest amount of time possible?

Now you have the opportunity. Pandora’s Box is my life work. It is my gift to the male population. I may come off like a proud father, but I feel like I’ve landed upon a discovery that has been kept secret from the average male for thousands of years. This knowledge will instantly put you ahead of 99% of the male population.

Give yourself the leverage you deserve…

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Have you thought to yourself, “I’d like to play around with dirty talk with a girl, but I’m afraid she might take it the wrong way, or she might not be the type of girl”? Is it just impossible for you to picture yourself using dirty talk with a girl? Well, my son, here are the facts you need.

Talking dirty will turn her on…

I’ll start by introducing you to Nancy Friday. She deserves a medal for the work that she’s done with bringing the women’s sexual movement in America out of the shadows and into the light. In her book, My Secret Garden, Friday managed to collaborate a number of letters from average American females detailing word-by-word descriptions of their deepest, darkest sexual fantasies. The process involved Friday having to scour through over 10,000 letters in order to put the short collection together.

It started with Friday promoting and advertising the fact that she was putting this collection together and putting the call out to average, American housewives to help her in the process. She was overwhelmed by the response.

The collection identified several deeply repressed fantasies that most women harbor – fantasies of being raped, fantasies of meeting a man in a mask, having sex in a dark alley and never speaking a word, fantasies of seducing their oldest female friend and doing all sorts of experimental sexual maneuvers on each other. Dirty talk is just a small element of sexual fantasy!

Women are sexually repressed!

Women in the world today are unbelievably sexually repressed. For far too long, young women who express an appetite for sex are shunned within the community being labeled as promiscuous, slutty, and easy.

These labels not only damage their social reputation but sometimes their professional reputation. Because of that, they often hide their biggest sexual desires. They hide the fact that, ultimately, they are gagging for dirty sex, like the idea of being treated like a sexual object.

This approach can’t just come from anyone. It has to come from man who gets it – a man who won’t judge her, a man who understands these urges that exist within her, and a man who knows how to make her horny. This is critical to understand when you’re using dirty talk with a woman.

Turn women on – Let your girl open up sexually…

The goal is not so much to degrade her or make her feel bad about herself, but rather to allow her to connect with her deepest sexual desires. You want to make her feel sexy, you want to make her feel like she’s pleasing you on every level. Dirty talk and sex talk can do this.

Ultimately, the greatest gift a man can give a woman is the gift of pleasing him. Nothing helps her fulfill her feminine energy more than knowing that she has deeply satisfied her master, the man that she’s 100% committed to at that moment in time.

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I see a lot of guys who will find a girl that they really like, and are in a position to start a relationship – but then they start thinking ahead too much! My guy advice is to stop this.

They start thinking too much in advance and thinking, “Is this going to work out?” These thoughts start to surround their head and convolute their thinking – it can even talk a man out of a relationship.

So, allow yourself to be emotionally swept away. Take the logic out of the equation initially and just allow things to happen naturally. You’re never tied to a relationship, and if things start not going your way and if you’re not enjoying your life anymore, then you can always leave down the track. Initially, however, the best piece of dating advice for men is to just let things happen!

Don’t bring your emotional baggage to a relationship…

If you have had some past experiences that were negative, perhaps she cheated on you or got screwed around by a couple of girls, don’t treat your current girlfriend like those past girlfriends! Remember, not all girls are the same. This is a piece of girlfriend advice that men don’t often listen to.

There are good and bad girls everywhere, but it can pay to be cautious. You can’t hold your current girlfriend accountable for the sins of your previous girlfriends. It is not fair on your current girlfriend and it is going to jeopardize all your relationships down the track.

Pay attention to the warning signs…

It is very easy when you’re first getting into relationship to be swept up and be too in the moment to realize some of the warning signs that could be capping up. When you are first in your honeymoon phase in your relationship, it is important to also see that there are maybe some warning signs that could be telling you that this girl may not be the right one.

It could also come from your friends, who are seeing things about the girl you’re with. Rather than go down a rocky road in your relationship, it is important that you are aware of the warning signs that could pop up and might hinder your relationship down the track. Take heed of my romance tips for men, and you should be fine. Good luck in your new relationship!