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When I look back on my dating experience, I see one main reason that caused me to lose really beautiful girls on first dates. It’s simply…

Not showing enough interest in a girl!

It might sound crazy, but in our modern world, odds are you’ve been taught that showing the true amount of attraction you feel towards a girl is the wrong thing to do. Maybe you think it’s not gentlemen-like, or that it’s frowned upon. A lot of that really has to do with our upbringing; be nice to a girl and treat her like a lady. If you came from a religious or traditionalist family, you might have also picked up such notions.

A lot of that stuff has almost been drilled into us. And while we have probably tried to change, it’s still something that prevents us from really displaying our true desire for a girl. Guys, on a first date you still need to be a gentleman and you still need to be respectful. But, at the same time, you need to show her that you’re definitely interested in her.

First dates are supposed to be your opportunity to demonstrate your desire for her.

If she doesn’t know that you’re interested in her, or she gets the feeling that she’s not turning you on in any kind of way, then she’s going to lose interest in you. She’s going to think that things probably won’t work out between you because you really don’t find her attractive, and she will run to another guy who isn’t afraid to show his sexual desires for her.

This is not something that you want. If you’ve asked her out, odds are you like this girl. So, don’t let that opportunity pass you by!

I want you to think of all the advice you’ve ever been given on dating… Remember it all. How you’re supposed to act on first dates, where you’re supposed to take her out. How a “true” gentleman pays for his date, and how making a move too early is wrong.

Remember it all? Maybe you’ve heard it from family, friends, or the TV. But here’s what I want you to do.

Forget it all!

It’s really important that you let go of all the vices that you might have been conditioned to believe. Own your intent for the girl and express your attraction towards her.

She’ll be extremely grateful to know what you’re thinking. Don’t be scared, and don’t hold back. If you really like her and if she’s really attracting you, then demonstrate that to her. Don’t expect her to make a move, because she probably won’t – that’s your job.

So, how can you show your interest in a girl?

#1 – The Compliment.

While there are many ways you can demonstrate your sexual desire and appreciation for her as a woman, none are easier than the compliment. Let her know how beautiful she is. If she’s got really bright, blue eyes, tell her. If she has a really friendly energy that draws you in, let her know. She can’t read your mind. You need to be able to communicate what you feel inside to her.

Tell the girl how you feel. For example, if she’s wearing a short dress and her legs are showing, tell her that dress is making you feel like doing really bad things to her. You really think she put that dress on for no reason? She probably chose it to turn you on. Show her it worked!

#2 – Eye Contact.

Another good way to show your interest in girls on first dates is by giving her the sexual eyes. By this, I mean gazing into her eyes and really keeping focused. Even when she has finished talking, hold that gaze. It really increases the sexual tension and lets her know what you’re feeling inside.

Try not to stare too much, though, as that might just creep her out, but the worst thing you can do is to look away and avert your gaze – that betrays a low self-confidence.

#3 – Touch her.

Constantly look for ways you can touch her. Whether it’s asking her to dance, leading her to a different place, sitting beside her and letting your leg touch hers, or allowing your shoulders to touch each other. Use absolutely any excuse you can to touch her. Touching separates sexual partners from mere conversational friends. You want to be the former, right? Because let’s face it, being in the friend zone sucks.

#4 – Do everything you can to escalate towards a kiss.

This is really critical. When you part ways at the end of a date, go in for the kiss. Be unapologetic. If you really like her enough, have the balls to go in and kiss her. What’s the worst that can happen?

If she says no or rejects it, it’s better to have tried and know that there’s nothing there, than to wonder about what-ifs. Given the amount of times I’ve taken it easy with girls and basically played it safe and ended up losing them, I can tell you it’s much worse than getting rejected for actually trying to escalate on them.

So, to sum up – be forward in your desires. Tell her how she makes you feel. Touch her, and escalate towards a kiss right on the first date.

If you want more advice, try out our Pandora’s Box. It’s a bulletproof system designed to give you the tools to handle any type of girl. It’s basically a hack into the female mind. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!

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Are you looking for ideas to implement into your sex life so that you can spice it up and give her mind-blowing sex? If you can learn to add to her sexual pleasure, then think about how much more enjoyable your sexual experience will be as well.

Tip #1: Smell nice.

Smell is one of the senses that really turn a woman on. Having a nice musky scent really appeals to a woman, so invest in a nice cologne if you really want to catch a woman’s attention and turn her on. It will be worth your while to go on a shopping spree with a couple of girls and get their opinion on some of their favorite scents. This will ensure you have the right one that smells good on you and, more importantly, it smells good to women.

Tip #2: Be spontaneous.

Don’t fall into the same mundane bedroom habits, because routine and boredom will not pleasure your woman for very long. Take the time to spice things up a bit. Maybe when you are out in public, take her to a secluded area and fuck the life out of her. Many times, just varying the place is enough to get the wild sex you both desire. Just the danger of possibly getting caught can be all the spontaneity that you need, and you’ll be glad you found it.

Tip #3: Kiss Her.

Kissing is a very intimate part of the sexual experience and women are all about intimacies. If you really want to spark her desire for you, you really need to keep the emotional level engaged.

If you don’t, she’s going to feel like she’s being used or she’s only a sexual object. When you kiss her, you are adding a connection with her on an emotional level that is something that all women understand. Women are very into emotional sex, so learn the art of kissing.

Tip #4: Tease her.

Teasing is a great foreplay technique when you’re on that initial stage of getting her worked up and wet with desire. I tend to just lightly touch or stroke her body, leaving her vagina out of the mix. Get as close as you can to her pussy and then move away. After a certain period of time she’ll be craving and begging for you to be inside her. Let her guide you to that special sweet spot of hers, and pound the hell out of her.

Tip #5: Dirty talk.

Dirty talking is something that women especially like to hear whispered in their ears. I must admit I found dirty talk to be difficult to do in the beginning, and it was something that I really had to practice and get used to.

It’s really not that difficult though. Dirty talk examples would be, “Do you want me inside you?” or, “Would you like it if I licked you right here, teasing you with my tongue?” Just tease her and tell her how much you want to fuck her, or tell her how much what she’s doing to you is really turning you on. Once you get started and see how hot she’s getting, you’ll find it easier to say those sweet nothings that all women love to hear.

Tip #6: Learn to dominate.

Really exert your maximum presence with her by dominating her and making her feel submissive. A way you can do this is by tying her up and gently manhandling her in a way that doesn’t hurt or threaten her. Women love to be lead, so let that tiger in your tank out and lead her where you want her to go.

Tip #7: Tie her up.

Women love playing a submissive role in the bedroom, and when you restrain her or tie her up, she gets a feeling of helplessness or being controlled by someone else. A good book to read that will give you insight is My Secret Garden” by Nancy Friday. It goes into detail on how women really love to be restrained and dominated by men. Word of warning: Before you do tie her up, make sure that you have her consent.

Tip #8: Use sex toys.

Sex toys are used to enhance a couples’ experience or for interesting bedroom experiments, and not limited to objects that you stick in a variety of orifices. While nothing will compare to your touch and your penis, sex toys can be used in your sexual routines to really keep things interesting and splash up your bedroom experience.

Tip #9: Create anticipation.

During the day, send her text messages telling her what you are going to do to her that night. Whisper in her ear what you’re really going to do right now, and build on that anticipation. It will increase your sexual experience like nothing you have ever seen. Women thrive on anticipating on what can and will happen in their future. Use this to your sexual advantage.

Tip #10: Let her know that you like what she’s doing.

Let her know that what she’s doing to you is something that you are really enjoying. If she’s going down on you or touching you in a special way, let her know how much it’s turning you on. Let her know that she’s touching the right spot or perhaps give her some direction if she’s not. Just help her out a little bit by letting her know that she’s pleasing you. Once you can learn to communicate your desires, she’ll desire to please you more.

Tip #11: Find Her Clit.

A vast majority of women require clitoris stimulation to achieve orgasm. Penetration is usually not enough on its own, so you need to spend some time really massaging and stimulating her clitoris.

If you’re having trouble finding her clitoris, ask her to show you. Tell her to grab your hand and put it where she wants it. She’ll be more than happy to show you because she knows how good it will make her feel.

Tip #12: Find her G-spot.

Getting a girl to orgasm from a G-spot is a very intense experience for her. It’s an intense orgasm that can often be very explosive and gives her amazing feelings, so you need to locate and master a woman’s G-spot. Knowing how to please a woman with your fingers will endear you to her heart.

First of all, face your partner while she is lying in her back and insert your index or long middle finger into her vagina as far as it will go. Then crook it up towards yourself in a calm and easy motion, sliding your fingertip along the top of her vagina until you find an area that is rougher than the rest of the vagina wall.

Make sure you have your fingernails clipped short before you do this. Sharp fingernails will definitely spoil the effort. The ruffled, slightly rigid area is the G-spot and touching it will often cause women to react with surprise and pleasure.

Tip #13: Go south of the border.

Really learning how to go down on a woman and lick her is such a beneficial tool to have, especially during foreplay. You can really get down there and get her stimulated almost to the point of orgasm before you stop. Some women like to be brought to orgasm this way, and like to be licked and fucked with your tongue.

After she comes, she’ll want you to put your cock in and fuck the hell out of her. Or, after she comes, she might just want to simply return the favor and go down on you. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

Tip #14: Listen to her body.

Pay close attention to her breathing and the way her body moves. If you’re doing something that’s working, you’ll know by her body’s response, so keep doing what you’re doing. If it’s not working, change and experiment. Don’t be shy, ask her what you could be doing differently. This will keep the intensity going, but it’s really important that you learn to stay tuned to her body.

All these tips are different tools to add to your sexual toolbox. All of them may work, or just a few, but either way, experimenting is half the fun of sex to begin with, isn’t it? Any of these are guaranteed ways on how to please your woman and have her begging for more.

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Whether you want to know how to get a fuck buddy, or whether you’re wondering if such a casual relationship is your thing – I am here to help you out! Don’t you want to have regular sex with an incredibly hot girl, with NO STRINGS ATTACHED? Keep reading 😉

Just what is a fuck buddy?

A fuck buddy is a sexual partner with whom you have neither a relationship in the traditional sense, nor even an emotional connection. The idea is to keep things simple and just base the relationship on a physical exchange of sex.

A fuck buddy provides you with most of the benefits of a relationship, without all of the emotional baggage and problems. Fuck buddies have a mutual understanding that they both want sex, and nothing more.

Getting a fuck buddy can be a good idea if you’re…

  1. A guy who’s quite busy in his life and doesn’t have time for a commitment to a more serious kind of relationship. Not only will a fuck buddy never ask you to go to the movies or wonder why you came home late, but sex is also a great stress reliever.
  2. Just looking to expand your horizon and gain more sexual experiences.
  3. Or, perhaps you’re like me – content in being single most of the time, don’t need anyone’s validation, and only occasionally want the affection and intimacy of a girl.

If either of these three ring a bell, then getting a fuck buddy is the right thing to do. Now that we’ve talked about whether getting a fuck buddy is your kind of thing, how would you actually go about getting one?

Be clear about your intentions…

First, you have to tell the girl you are interested in that you want a fuck buddy. If you never tell her, don’t expect for her to magically guess your intentions and then offer you a deal – you have to be the one to initiate.

Now, if you’re not yet at that stage where a sexual relationship is feasible, but you’ve met a girl and it looks like she might be developing some attraction towards you, it’s important for you to be honest with her right from the start and tell her that you’re only looking for a physical relationship. This avoids any emotional pain down the road and prevents her from getting invested in you and getting her heart broken.

Escalate quickly, show your sexuality…

If you want to attract fuck buddies right from the start, you need to stop using your mouth so much when meeting girls. I’m not telling you to be quiet or anything, but if you want the relationship to be physical, then you’re going to have to tone down the conversational aspect of it and emphasize your sexual desires towards her.

By setting a very sexual framework for the casual relationship right from the start, you will show her that you’re a fun person to get physical with, and that you’re a potential fuck buddy for her. We have a whole series of articles designed for you to learn the various subtle escalation techniques.

For example, within the first few minutes of meeting a woman, you already want to be touching her. Not in an open and obvious way – just the ‘accidental’ touch of her elbow, or talk quietly in a loud environment so that you have the opportunity to brush up against her ear. She might not even realize, but on a subconscious level you’re already imprinting yourself in her mind as a potential sex partner – whether serious or casual.

Understand that a fuck buddy has no time for emotional attachments…

This is crucial, and you need to be prepared for this. If either one of you starts developing stronger emotions for each other, then you need to end the casual relationship right then and there.

Whenever you are in a casual relationship that doesn’t go beyond the physical, you need to leave your emotions by the door. Calling your fuck buddy late in the evening for a booty call is fine; asking them to go to dinner with your family is crossing a line. Get yourself a serious relationship if you want that.

Having a fuck buddy is great practice on a sexual level. If you haven’t had a lot of sexual experience, or perhaps you lack sexual confidence or experience with women in general, then having a fuck buddy is an exciting way to put yourself on the fast track to greater success with women. It’s one of the things I tend to suggest to guys I coach.

Fuck buddies are a great way to sharpen your skills because you have someone to practice on and you can experiment with different positions and techniques. But, the most important point I want you to take from this article is that when you’re creating a fuck buddy relationship – you need to properly set your boundaries.

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Do you want to know the main reason you and most other men constantly fail with women?

There are some major reasons why men fail in their dating life, and just knowing what these mistakes are will help you dramatically increase your dating success. Learn the biggest dating mistakes to ensure you keep the girl interested… and you never know, it could end in the bedroom!

If you have no idea about dating and just dive head first into meeting women, this is going to do wonders for your success. It’s going to help increase your awareness on what not to do so that you can enjoy more sex, better relationships, and overall better interactions with women. Avoiding these mistakes will also increase your confidence as you get used to positive reactions from females.

Take note of the below mistakes, and make sure they are eliminated forever from your dating life.

1. Being Too Available

Mistake number one is being too available. It’s a known fact that people want what they can’t have, and when they are sure they have it, they begin to lose interest. When you meet someone, you want to go down the dating path, but you want to ensure that you keep to your regular schedule in life and don’t be available whenever they need you. Do not call frequently, do not always answer your phone, and make sure you are still dating other girls. It’s important to learn how to initiate contact to ensure you do not come across too available or too needy.

2. Putting on an Act

When you feel like you have to put on an act, you’re really admitting to yourself that you are personally not good enough for her and have to put on an act to attract her.

You don’t want her falling for a person that’s not really your true self. She is eventually going to find the real you, if you date for a little while. Ensure that when you meet her, you show her your true self, and be totally honest with her. Let her fall for who you really are.

3. Not Taking the Lead

It’s really a guy’s job to play the masculine role in a dating life, so ensure that you take the lead. Men take the lead in everything from Salsa dancing to dangerous situations. You decide where you’ve got to go. Be the one who makes the plans. Be the decisive one. Display your masculine qualities to her.

4. Thinking Too Far Ahead

You can easily jeopardize a dating relationship by thinking too far ahead and imagining your future with her. It’s better to just be in the moment and enjoy what you have, initially, and let things evolve naturally.

5. Missing Her Signals

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a girl interested in me and I didn’t act on her interests, instead playing it safe. After a while, she lost interest and moved on to another guy who was going to give her what she desired. It’s important that you understand how girls communicate their interests and be very observant.

For instance, if a girl is constantly laughing at your jokes, if she’s giving you sustained eye contact, if she’s finding excuses to touch you, they are obvious signs that she’s interested in you, and she probably wants you to make a move at some point. I know, for a lot of guys that understand dating, this sounds like common sense stuff, but for me and many other guys, it was a total mystery.

6. Trying to Convince Her You Like Her

You can never change the way a woman feels, and you can’t talk her logically into wanting to be attracted to you. It’s something that she has to feel. If you want to be a more attractive guy, learn to push her attraction triggers.

A great way to learn to do this was reading The Attraction Code. It is a fantastic starting point to learn more about women, become a better dater, and improve your love and dating life. The Attraction Code really fixed a lot of issues that I was finding, like finding myself in the friend zone, not getting enough dates, and not really knowing how to interact and converse with women.

Be conscious and avoid these mistakes like the plague. You will see your dating game success increase and find yourself bringing more women home than you could ever imagine.

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Carlos Xuma is a dating and seduction coach and the author of The Dating Black Book.

His teachings are based on how to be more of an alpha male and displaying alpha characteristics in order to be more attractive to women. Just like men find women with big breasts and curves attractive, women find alpha males irresistible. There’s a magnetic quality that attracts women to fall for an alpha male.

The main characteristic that define an alpha male is CONFIDENCE.

He is aware of his demand, but never proves his superiority to those around. He is a leader amongst men. He is great company around women and he is an expert in handling every situation. He just has a natural confidence with women and life in general. Women can spot self-confidence in men from a mile away. They don’t even have to try to attract women, they just do naturally!

For a lot of guys that struggle with women, a common characteristic is the fact that these guys have been brought up by their mothers or brought up to almost be ashamed of being a man who is masculine. Too many guys are being brought up in this almost metro-sexual world of being effeminate, too scared to get their hands dirty or tell women how they really feel.

We’re too busy on our laptops, putting moisturizer on our face, and going out and hoping that just by being nice to women will get us noticed. If you live by these dating dynamics, you will be unattractive and unsuccessful with women. What will make you more successful and attractive is being more of an alpha male. So, how do you become an alpha male?

First, get rid of any beta male qualities….

These are certain traits and mannerisms of a beta male. Examples of these are folding your arms, being restless, dropping your shoulders, hands in pockets, hesitating, constant fiddling, and not being sure of yourself. They are all very unattractive qualities that are very anti-alpha. They show that you are unsure of yourself and the world around you.

Second, confidence is a huge magnet which attracts all women….

True confidence is displayed by your body language, the way you present yourself, or scripts that you could memorize when talking to women.

Real confidence should come from within. It comes from pushing past your comfort zone in many areas of your life such as work, fitness, or hobbies. It could be just getting out there and chatting to hotter women on weekends. Anything that requires you to push past your fears will add to your level of confidence in life.

Confidence also comes from knowledge. When you are knowledgeable, you are comfortable in most situations. When you’re going out and approaching women, the more knowledge you have on how to attract women and female psychology, the more you’ll put yourself out there in a club environment.

You won’t fear approaching women and interacting with them, and you will exude self-confidence. Most of the time, those hot babes will be the ones who approach you, because they will be attracted by the confidence of your body language.

Third, show leadership qualities….

Women love leaders and they love a guy that can make decisions and who’s decisive in his actions. Try as much as possible in life to take on more of a leadership role. You can do it in various ways. It could be at work and leading the way in terms of your job, or applying for the management position in your company.

It could be on the weekends and being the guy that decides where to go, what to do, and leads the group in many ways. When you’re on dates, always be a step ahead and lead her. Don’t be indecisive. Lead the way from start to end because indecisiveness and wishy-washy behavior are very unattractive traits and very anti-alpha.

Do something really ballsy. Do something that requires taking a risk. Alpha males are not scared to live on the edge. It might be changing careers, leaving a job you hate, climbing a massive mountain, jumping out of an airplane, or getting up in front of thousands of people and talking. Anything that requires the balls and guts to do it. This is very alpha, attractive, and will also help your level of confidence.

Research Carlos Xuma and The Dating Black Book. His website, offers a wealth of information on dating tips for guys and how to up your game. His advice is almost as good as mine, but not quite.

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How important is being part of a specific “social group”? Meaning, does your clique really matter?

Social circles should be a part of your life for a number of reasons. You can never have too many friends. Belonging to different social groups allows you to be invited to more parties, go out with a group of people, and meet different types of people.

Social groups are also a great way to meet girls, because rather than cold approaching, you are able to get introduced personally, which is a lot easier than just going up to a stranger and trying to initiate a conversation.

So, how do you expand your social circles? I have a few tips for you to follow that will help you in your quest in how to meet more people and make new friends.

Tip #1: Learn to be the initiator.

People generally are lazy in nature. In this day and age, it’s harder to keep in touch with friends the busier our lives become. You must learn to be the guy that makes an effort to stay in touch with people and plan events and parties. Invite your co-workers, and have them invite their friends as well. Use what friends you have, and get them to invite their friends. Get your party on!

Tip #2: Always give more than you take.

If you are in a social situation, you want to add as much value to that group as possible. Whether it is providing the music to functions, being the cool guy to hang with, or facilitating events at your place, find a way to add value to that group.

People do not want value takers; they want value makers. People do not like to hang around value takers. Value takers eventually suck the life out of people. Don’t be that guy. Think about what you can contribute to any social situation.

Tip #3: When building social circles, don’t just focus on specific groups.

Don’t just build your group around hot chicks or cool guys. I cannot even count the number of times I have been hooked up just by befriending people I thought were nerds or not really cool at all. You never know who that person knows and the type of friends that person hangs around. So, just be open more to all different types of people.

Building a social circle is not as time consuming as you may think. It is like the snowball effect, it builds a lot of momentum. You make one friend, and then he or she may introduce you to two or more who quickly become your friends. Before you know it, you are making new friends in ways that you would have never met otherwise.

Tip #4: Use social media forums.

The social circle game is much easier these days with the invention of social media. With online social groups, once you chat with strangers and befriend someone, like on Facebook, they generally do massive group invitations for people to go to a certain event or party. It sure is a lot easier to stay in touch with people and broaden your group of friends considerably using the social forums that are available online.

Be that guy that people love to hang around. Make people feel comfortable around you and add value wherever you go, and to the lives of the people you come into contact with. Being part of a social group adds life to your life, and that is very important to all of us. Friends help make life worth living!

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Do you feel young girls will find your age difference repulsive? Are you worried you won’t have anything in common with a younger girl? Do you think she might be embarrassed talking to you?

If you’re having trouble understanding what younger girls are looking for in a guy, then I’m going to guess that you probably have a strong limiting belief about your abilities to attract younger women in your life.

What I’m going to reveal to you today will totally shift your mindset and give you a new perspective on attracting younger girls. Because the issue was never with the age difference – but with your mindset!

Your own mindset is the only obstacle…

I’ve coached thousands of men across many different continents of the world. A lot of them are older guys. We’re talking about guys in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and I’ve even had some that are 60. My oldest student was 72. So, I know a lot about older guys and how they think.

About 80-90% of these guys don’t believe that they could pick up a young girl. Just like I showed them, I will show you, that by making a few crucial changes in your life, you can easily get younger girls attracted to you.

Step No. 1 – Focus on your mindset.

First of all, you need to really shift your mindset. If you start worrying about how a young girl thinks of you and start to internalize that you’re too old for younger girls, then she’s going to feel that, and she’s going to know that you feel uncomfortable. As a result, she’ll feel equally uncomfortable, and definitely not be attracted to you. You need to leave that fear and worry behind you.

I often crush my student’s negative beliefs by pushing them into interacting with girls that are almost half their age. They’re blown away by how the girl reacts to them. As soon as they see this, they start letting go of that negative mindset they’ve been holding – that this girl is going to find them repulsive or unattractive. They start to let their true personality shine. She won’t worry about your age difference unless you worry about it. And that’s one of the issues – you might be over-thinking and over-analyzing a girl’s response to you.

Step No. 2 – Regain your youthful energy.

Apart from just changing your mindset, it’s also important that you have more of a youthful energy about you. This could mean getting involved in sports. It could mean having more of an interest in the latest fashion or music and being more in touch with modern culture.

That doesn’t mean you should pretend to like a genre of music you don’t – but at least give it a chance. Having an open mind will really benefit you here.

Step No. 3 – Realize that you have many advantages.

Being older means that you have a lot more experience and a lot more knowledge, which separates you from most of the other guys this young girl has ever been with. The confidence you get from knowing how to please her in the bedroom, your life skills, and your experiences and exciting stories are going to naturally make her more attracted to you.

But, don’t stop here. If you want to learn more about how to attract a younger girl – better yet, to attract any girl, regardless of her age, appearance, or interests – then you want to check out Pandora’s Box.

Pandora’s Box will give you a unique insight into female psychology by breaking down the female personality into 8 different types. Once you know her particular type, you’ll know the right approach to take, how to tease her, how to flirt with her, and the right compliments to give her.

To be honest, you’ll have an almost unfair advantage over any other guy when you master Pandora’s Box.

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If the book “How To Get With Any Woman” existed, it would start right here…

Do you want to create an emotional connection with any woman you’re with? Are you sick of pointless conversations that go nowhere and end up fizzling out into nothing? Do you want to draw any woman into your world and make her feel special, unique, and appreciated?

When it comes to interacting with women, it is very easy to simply leave your interactions at a highly flirtatious level and not establish anything deeper. While I advocate flirting with women and believe that it is key to attracting women, it is more important to draw her to you by developing a deeper connection with her.

I am going to give you some fantastic tips that are going to do just that. When you can get a woman emotionally connected to you, the likelihood of her not responding to your messages or cancelling a date will lessen because she feels a bond that is not easily broken.

Tip #1: Show her that you are a real person.

You want to distinguish yourself from some random guy that she has meet at the bar whose name she can barely remember, or some guy that she met out in the street.

You want to separate yourself from all the other guys she meets on an everyday basis by showing her that you are a unique individual. You need to be able to share with her your goals and aspirations in life. You want to share with her that you are a real person and not like every other guy out there.

By sharing your individuality with her, she will more than likely start opening up about herself. She is going to start revealing things that she would not normally reveal to any other guy simply because you have just opened the floodgates to her soul. When you are genuine in your approach, she will let her guard down and open herself up to you. Appreciate a woman and she will appreciate you.

Tip #2: Fish for commonalities.

As human beings, we are drawn to people whom we feel we have something in common with. We associate with most of our friends because we have common areas in our lives that we share. It could be the things we are interested in, the people that we are, or the drives that we have in life.

Once you can demonstrate to a woman that you have something in common, it will create a stronger bond between the two of you. She is going to see you as someone that she could potentially have a real relationship with. The more common interests you share, the more effective communication you will have. All relationships are built on the ability to communicate.

Tip #3: Be naturally curious.

When you are naturally curious, you will try to gain as much information as possible. You want to get her to expand on the things she is talking about and get deeper into her life. That is going to help take your interactions to the next level because, as humans, we like to talk about ourselves, and you are giving her the freedom to do just that.

You are also demonstrating that you actually care about her; she is not just some piece of meat that you met at a nightclub. You see her as the unique individual that she is, and women love and appreciate a guy that can do that. Sincerity is one thing that women are keen on and is a very desirable quality that they look for in guys.

If they feel like you are only out for what is beneath their clothing, then there will be an instant emotional detachment and you will get no further with them. Women live and breathe with their emotions, it is what determines the direction their lives take. If you can’t or won’t develop an emotional attachment to women, then you are destined to a life of one-night stands.

Tip #4: Explore our Pandora’s Box product.

A great aspect that helped revolutionize the dating world by giving guys the opportunity to grasp what is on a female’s mind is the Pandora’s Box system. It is a system that I created after two years of intense scientific studies, research, and practical experience. It will give you some amazing insights into a female’s mind. You will know her almost better than she will know herself.

I discovered that all females fit into eight different personality types. When you can distinguish her personality type, you will know the exact right approach to take in order to attract her. You’ll know the right words to say, the right way to flirt with her, and the right way to ask her out.

It takes all the guesswork out of what it takes to attract women because you’ll know the right approach to take each and every time. You will have an almost unfair advantage over any other guy she has ever met.

Once you develop an emotional closeness with a woman, you’ll have her eating out of your hand. If you can get her to trust you and see that you are sincere in your efforts and not looking to her for a quick lay, she’ll be more apt to go out with you.

If you can’t develop an emotional connection with women, then if it’s a relationship you’re after, you’ll never have the ability to get that far. If you can emotionally connect with women, then your game will automatically improve, and so will your relationships.

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Happy and intimate mature couple during foreplay

Why be an entrepreneur? Are there advantages, and if so, what are they? Sure, there’s the potential for amazing financial abundance, but that’s only a small part of it. The reality is, having the freedom to live the life you want the way you want has multiple benefits.

Imagine what your ideal life would be. Where would you be living? How would you look? Who would you be with? What types of women are you dating? While this vision may be just a dream for you at the moment, for the budding entrepreneur it’s a reality.  What’s stopping you from making it yours?

Entrepreneurs are the new celebrities. They are the new sports stars, the new rock stars. Can you imagine Richard Branson having trouble with women? What about Donald Trump, even with his awful hair, he still manages to date some of the most beautiful women in the world.

What is it about these entrepreneurs that make them so successful? What traits do they exhibit, and more importantly, what traits can you replicate even before you’ve reached entrepreneurial stardom? You might be surprised to find that it’s not all about the money. Attitude plays a big role.  So, what exactly are the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, and how does it aid in your success with women?

Characteristic #1: Entrepreneurs are risk takers.

Women respond positively to guys who take risks. Too many men in the modern world are far too cautious. They prefer to live life safely. When was the last time you stuck your neck out on the line and went up to a woman that you were interested in and told her how beautiful you thought she was? This is a risky maneuver, but high risk brings high reward.

You can’t be the guy who sits back and watches life from the sidelines. How can you enjoy life by just standing there letting it pass you by? And, furthermore, no one will ever notice you. Trust me, women notice risk takers. Learn to take chances, and you’ll enjoy life more, plus women will be far more attracted to you.  Win-win.

Characteristic #2: Entrepreneurs have exciting personalities.

When you first meet a woman, she instantly assesses you and makes a judgment on how exciting your life is. Men generally generate their own excitement. Women, on the other hand, look for excitement from the people around them.

You want to see your life as being a magic carpet ride full of wonder and amazement. When a woman looks at your life, will she want to jump on and ride away with you?  If you are an entrepreneur, the chances are yes.

Characteristic #3: Willing to live life to the fullest.

Entrepreneurs lead the perfect lifestyles; they can pick and choose when they want to work. They can take three-month vacations on the other side of the world and still generate enough money to cover their cost and live while they’re having the time of their lives. They have the means to live a life full of excitement and adventure.

Find me a woman who wouldn’t be attracted to this way of life. We’ve gotten so used to the idea of working fifty-hour weeks and having to work to live. If you can break this pattern, for yourself and for a woman, and show her a lifestyle of freedom, you’ll help break the spell of day to day living that she is currently under – something she’ll be incredibly grateful for.

Characteristic #4: They live by their passions.

Entrepreneurs are some of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. When an entrepreneur has a good idea, they latch on to it and make it happen. They don’t just support it by putting their hours into it. They put their heart and soul into it. When you’re passionate about a project, you capture a woman’s imagination. Passion breaks through her defenses and speaks directly to her soul.

It’s important that you have something in your life that you’re passionate about. When you talk about it, it should cause your face to light up. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t even matter if the woman you’re talking to is also passionate about this topic. Your passions will connect with her on a deep emotional level, and that’s when you’ve got her. Women are deeply emotional creatures, so once you can connect on that level, she’ll be your fan for life.

Characteristic #5: They live by their own rules.

Entrepreneurs write their own rules. They don’t care what the rest of society thinks. Now that’s true freedom, and it’s liberating as well. Not only is this a great way to live but it’s a great way to attract women. Think about the women in your own life. Who are they attracted to?

Most women are attracted to the rule-breaking rebellious types; the guys who disregard authority and live life on the edge. Sometimes these guys appear to be jerks, and people mistakenly think that women are attracted to jerks. This is not the case.

They are attracted to what jerks represent. The challenge for you is to take that component of being a jerk: being a rule breaker and living by your own rules, and integrate it into your life in a positive way. A true jerk lives by his own rules and is selfish. You can live by your own rules without being selfish or arrogant. When you learn to do this, you’ll find that true jerks have limited success in comparison to you.

Successful entrepreneurs live the life they want to live. They are visionaries who make things happen in their lives as well as the lives of others. The passion they live by creates passion in the people they surround themselves with. They take risk in order to have the life they want. All of these qualities are what women desire. Why be an entrepreneur? Isn’t it obvious?

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You don’t need a flashy restaurant or fine wine to impress a girl. In fact, some of the best dates are very simple and require little to no money at all.

Often, expensive dates are unoriginal and require you to sit down and just chat, whereas cheap dates give you plenty of opportunities to be creative, stand out from the crowd, and do something fun and active, which can involve more touch and more chance to really ramp up her attraction levels.

1. Have a Picnic

Get a picnic blanket, buy a bottle of wine, and maybe just a couple of loaves of bread, and enjoy some great date time on a picnic. Picnics in the outdoors really set up a great romantic backdrop to your date.

2. Cook Her Dinner

Rather than go out and buy an expensive meal, impress her with your cooking skills and invite her over for a meal that you’ve cooked. You can even find out what her favorite type of food is and attempt to cook it yourself. This will not only show that you’re a skillful chef but will impress her with the fact that you’ve created a dish that she’ll enjoy.

3. Take Her To a Ballgame

Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she won’t get into sports and won’t want to share some fun with you. Grab a ball and a bat, or a football, and take her to the park and have some fun.

4. Go to The Beach

Walk along the beach. This requires actually no money at all, and the beach is a great romantic backdrop. You can throw her in the water; you can play in the sand and enjoy the sounds of the water hitting the shore. It creates a beautiful, romantic backdrop to your date. You may even be able to attract her with sexual tension while lying on the beach together.

5. Go To a Scenic Point in Your City and Enjoy The View

Girls love romance, and there’s nothing more romantic than a beautiful backdrop, so going to a scenic location provides you with some great quality time and some private moments together, as well as a beautiful backdrop that will set the romantic scene for both of you.

6. Go to a TV Show Screening

TV show screenings are completely free, and you may have to subscribe online beforehand, but it’s a great way for getting entertained for absolutely nothing.

7. Go Shopping

Shopping is not something all guys enjoy, but she’ll definitely enjoy it, and you’ll have a great time just being around her, having some fun. Shopping also gives you great things to talk about, and it also allows you to have a bit of fun together. You, perhaps, even might be able to buy some clothes or get some ideas from her, a female opinion.

If you are looking for an expensive way to impress a girl, choose one of these cheap date ideas and create an intimate, flirty atmosphere.

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