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A lot of men don’t realize that attraction comes in different forms, and the parts of a woman you’re attracted to say a lot about you. Each area says something about your personality, which is important to be aware of. The reasoning is that parts of a woman that attract you give you an in-depth analysis of what you can be controlled by. They also tell you what type of woman you’re going to want and what type of woman you should be looking for.

Big Boobs
These parts say that you are very attracted in comfort and very exotic. The basic attraction here comes from when a mother gives their child milk. This means that the older and nicer this woman is that has big boobs, the more you will be turned on by her. This also means that the more motherly a woman is with big boobs, the more you will jump on to being with her at any time. The parts of a woman that attract you will almost always lead back to your mother.

Perfect Faces with Perfect Bodies
A perfect face is one of the more delicate parts of a woman because they have a feminine appeal to you. Usually, a perfect face means that you have a very aesthetic appeal when it comes to a woman. It’s very difficult to be turned on, which also means that you will have difficulty finding just one suitable person to settle down with. This part says that you like perfection in most of the things that you do, and sometimes in a sexual context.

Luxurious Hair with Wide Shoulders
These parts say that you like a steady home, and this is one of the rare parts of a woman that attract men in general. These parts say that you are very down to earth and that you need stability above everything else. Attraction to these parts of a woman come from being well carried by your mother for a long time, whether financially or physically.

Big Butt
Almost every man loves a big butt, but this is a part of a woman that makes no sense to be attracted to. The big butt fetish is thought to come from sailors on ships, which is a controversial topic, but what would you do if you were months at sea? Nope, actually, no one has a clue on where the fetish comes from, but this does say a lot about you. The butt can be used as a great handle while having sex, and it can be used as an alternative hole that has less work involved. It usually means that you like to change life to fit your needs, and the woman you want is going to be one of the rare women that like that.

Sexy Legs
Attraction to sexy legs comes from your mothers base desire for sex most of the time. The legs are the first thing you touch before having sex, and if the woman is going to be on top, they’ll need a lot of strength. This can mean multiple things, because it could mean that you don’t like to be the one in charge or you’re not the one who wants to do the working. Because legs are a symbol of strength and power, they normally mean that you want someone as powerful or more powerful than you in a relationship.


Depending on the parts of a woman that attract you, you can handle your sex better and you can determine whether or not the person you’re with is the best you can have. Just have fun and experiment with it.

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A shot of a man and a woman in love kissing

A lot of men simply don’t know what to do when it’s their first time, and just knowing how to touch her becomes lost in a cloud of awkwardness. It’s so simplistic, a lot of men just don’t know what to do with themselves.

The truth is, many men don’t realize that their sex needs to be like their relationship. Usually, that means be slow, wait on her, be yourself, and don’t push too hard. Therefore, we’ll break it down for you so her first time (and possibly yours) will go the way you want it.

Slow and Steady Slow and steady is first in learning how to touch her because it allows her body to get ready for what’s about to happen. The issue lies in the fact that a woman’s body is malleable, so knowing how to touch her relies on how fast her body will react to you. The vagina can form and adapt to the penis so that both bodies like how it feels, but it isn’t something that happens immediately. This is a secret fact that women usually don’t know, and a lot of men have an inferiority complex because they don’t know it. This secret is kept from men so that women can be greedy with their choices, most of the time.

Follow Her Lead She is the only light to her body, so if she isn’t ready for it, then don’t push. But if she is ready, she’ll show you how to touch her. The only reason why she wouldn’t know is if she had never masturbated for some reason, which is an increasingly rare quality. Pay attention to her body and be sure she isn’t trying to push you away because that is a natural sign that she doesn’t want it.

Start Simple When learning how to touch her for the first time, it’s key to start out simple. A lot of men let the woman control the situation because they’re eager to get into her bed, but this is bad. Women don’t like to be in control, and even worse, they make huge mistakes when their desires take over their thoughts. Sometimes (even though it’s hard) you have to be the one who says no, because you’re not ready. Doing this will show one of two qualities about her: she will be driven mad until she practically forces you into bed, or she’s very insecure and thinks horribly of herself when she is denied.

Don’t Be Greedy When learning how to touch her in various spots, it’s important to diversify and not be greedy. On a woman, if a spot becomes touched too much then it becomes irritating over a period of time. Women love a variety, so that means leaning in for a kiss like normal then moving your head and whispering something sweet in her ear. Certain tricks can only be done at certain times, though, just like whispering sweet nothings in her ear will get you nowhere (most of the time) in sex.


Use these tips and have a fantastic time, and always make sure both of you enjoy sex to the fullest.

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Young businesspeople sitting on meeting at office, two women seducing satisfied businessman.

The ability to attract women without having a 6-figure job has baffled men for a long time, but it’s really not that complicated. Money means it’s easier to get things, and some women are just gold diggers. But most women are not, and they want something that the man behind the 6-figure job offers. Once you know what that is you can actually increase the amount of women that are attracted to you and even open up options at your current job.

Women are all about survival…

Both men and women have survival instincts just absolutely drilled into us, and this is key on how to attract women without a 6-figure job. A woman is genetically programmed to find a mate they consider suitable for their survival, and most times this simply means a set of mind. Women need a provider, a protector, and a stern hand, but this just means that the father is good at making sure kids grow up right. A provider means a man who is willing to work hard to get what he wants, a protector means that the man is willing to give up everything for the family, and a stern hand means that there won’t be any hesitation in making the choices that are right.

You can do nothing without confidence…

A woman will never find a man who has no confidence in himself attractive. At the most, they will feel like they need to mother this man, who is still a child, into an actual man. You can attract women without having a 6-figure job by simply being confident in your current abilities. The best way to do this is to find what your good at and find a woman who likes the same thing. Women from World of Warcraft like men who are confident in their gaming skills, but a woman who likes sports will like a man who has confidence in which team he chooses to root for.

Love is a mystery…

A lot of men don’t understand that most women are attracted to white lies. However, these can get blown back in your face and be tricky to pull off. Women love a man that they can’t figure out, but they don’t like a man whose doing it on purpose in plain sight. Adding small bits of mystery to your life will actually cause women who already knows you to have increased interest in you. This type of ploy can easily lure women who you’ve known and liked for years into liking you.

For real attraction, body means nothing…

This is the strangest concept that men come to face, but the same way of saying it is that make-up is superficial. If a woman is attractive but has a horrible attitude, then she will come into a lot of one night stands. The same is true for an attractive man, and it’s very simple as to why. They are concentrated on their looks and features. Their personality is centered on them looking good and they haven’t developed the ability to think any deeper than their skin.


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Librarian girls keep a list of the things that attract them, and while it may be muddled, there are 10 things that attract librarian girls almost every time on the spot. The new librarian girl has access to a Kindle and their own computer, so it’s very rare to see them out of their room. A librarian girl will have their hair tied up, a furrowed brow no matter the age, and they will always be dressed according to an OCD issue.

1. Intelligence is the number one thing out of the 10 things that attract librarian girls, but it has to be specific. Each librarian girl has a specific area of intelligence, and you have to appeal to it or else there isn’t a chance in the world.

2. Librarian girls love intelligent jocks. but it’s more or less the same as a regular girl. Just like a man that sits at the computer all day long dreams about finding one very attractive woman in their bedroom, a librarian girl loves a man full of confidence and rather healthy. However, if the same man does not have an inkling of the intelligence they expect, then that man will be nothing but eye candy.

3. Librarian girls love a man who is passionate over his intelligence. This isn’t the same as having the actual intelligence, but it’s having the desire to be bigger than what they are now. The dream of learning is compelling for librarian girls.

4. In Japan, there’s a classified type that all librarian girls like, the intelligent and stoic type. This is a man or woman that sits quietly and does nothing but read all day long. A librarian girl will feel compelled into asking why they are there, and if the reply is that books are their only solace, it becomes like candy to them.

5. Poetry is something that not many people remember, but it’s a rare gem to librarian girls. They read all day long and they feel the emotions that are found in the words. With the right words, your voice can go straight past their relationship defenses and possibly land a first date.

6. Being romantic is something that librarian girls fawn over, but just like intelligence it has to be specific. Be sure to watch what she reads before trying to drop any lines.

7. “The Mystery Man” is a double-edged sword because it requires a delicate balance of timing and choosing. Only do this if you know that she won’t freak out because this can very easily turn into a case of being a stalker. The Mystery Man leaves little love notes were they know she will find them, but won’t leave a name.

8. A librarian girl will always have a way of socializing, and usually it’s a site of complete anonymity or it’s a video game. Going the extra mile before even meeting her by integrating what she likes into your life gives you an advantage. It also gives you a chance to hang out with her in a place she already feels comfortable meeting strangers.

9. These librarian girls are very organized, but you can go even farther to say that some of them find this an attractive quality. Showing a librarian girl that you’re organized will give her a fond memory of you, which is basically a foot in the door.

10. Of course, the library is a librarian girl’s world, but this one requires the librarian girl to actually be in a non-virtual library. Librarian girls have an instant attraction to a man or woman that is seen helping people find books in the library. This creates an invisible attraction through what she does and she will find a way to interact with you even if it’s just to say thank you.


These are the 10 most common things that attract librarian girls. Go to the nearest library near you and just try them out for yourself, or, if you’re lucky, use them the next time you see a librarian girl in public.

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Showing interest in your child’s learning is the beginning to attracting your kid’s teacher. Going all the way with a teacher requires a few changes in the game plan compared to most women. After all, teachers are self-made, independent thinkers that either liked children or had a never-ending craving for the ability to learn. Here are five things that appeal and attract your kid’s teacher.

You and Your Child

Your child is actually a pulley between you and the teacher. Most women will actually fawn over a man who is doing everything for their child. A teacher will be more interested in the learning options you allow you child to have. Simply being there for everything will perk at least a conversation with a teacher, but going the extra mile and imagining your kid doing great things is an instant attraction. A teacher is usually past the age of 25 and isn’t worried about her own dreams anymore, so she doesn’t care about personal gain. If she sees a parent who devotes their life to their child’s dream while still following their own, it’s so rare to them that it hits them hard and they find themselves talking to you without even realizing it.

Knowledge In The Same Subject

Oftentimes, the teacher will be the only one who understands her topic in-depth compared to everyone in her life. Meeting her on the same level of understanding on the same subject will generate instant attraction. Also, it’s important to know more, but act like you know less. This gives you the chance to begin an attraction tug of war that goes on for a while, and maybe even until both of you are happy in old age.

Meeting Her Standards Without Fail

This is more complex than it seems because you have to know her standards and meet them, if not exceed them, without letting her know you knew them. This actually causes a weird reaction for the teacher because it is giving them a reason to be proud of you when there shouldn’t be a reason. This feeling is confused with attraction at first, and once the teacher believes it’s attraction, it really does become attraction.

Your Child from Beginning to End

While your child begins the relationship at almost every point, they’re also the ones who close the envelope. When a relationship is going well and a child notices, they’ll begin asking questions. Your best option is to not answer and have your child go ask the teacher. This can only be done when there is an obvious attraction on both sides. Once your child starts asking the teacher questions, it snowballs until all she does is think about you. This has been known to interrupt a teacher’s way of teaching.


As you can see, in order to attract your child’s teacher you have to go through your child. After all, the teacher is all about the child, so you have to build upon this to get anywhere with her.

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Ecstacy Of Love. Attractive young lovers enjoying sexual foreplay, facial expressions.

The basic principles of ultimate intimacy come down to four very well balanced pillars. In order to have the ultimate intimacy, you need to have strength, wisdom, character, and connection. By that description, it sounds like a fantasy novel, but it isn’t really.

All of these basic principles of ultimate intimacy are built for one thing – survival. We have been trying to survive since we came into this world, and it’s something that we’ll never be done with. Mating is one of the essential parts of survival for humans. So here are the basic principles of ultimate intimacy with descriptions:



Strength consists of confidence and the will to survive. This is applied to everything in life, and it is the difference of surviving and living. In order to get a job you have to have confidence in your skills and the will to work hard. In order to have a family you have to have confidence in yourself and the will to do anything for that family. This alone creates a strong bond of irreplaceable intimacy.


Knowing what to do and when to do it is another essential principle. Wisdom of how the world works and how your mate works are absolutely essential for any kind of intimacy. Also, wisdom doesn’t just mean a level of intelligence, but also the ability to adapt at any moment for your partners needs. This creates a powerful bond of trust that is hard to shake, and with trust comes intimacy. So the more trust you share, the stronger that intimacy becomes.


Character is a mixture of your personal will, your dreams, and what you’re willing to do to carry them out. If you had strong dreams before the relationship, don’t change them, as this will weaken your character and you will lose the character they created. You have one life to live and your dream should be your own, this is something that attracts both women and men on a base level.


Connection is needed in any relationship, but it’s especially needed for intimacy. A connection is not what you think it is most of the time and has very little to do with the everyday life of the relationship. Connection comes from matching thought waves of the people inside the relationship. Knowing what the other person wants by simply looking at them creates the basis for the ultimate intimacy because you already know what they want, and what makes them sexually vulnerable.


As you can see, the basic principles of ultimate intimacy come from these four things and are also the result of a long standing relationship between the two lovers. Getting to ultimate intimacy requires a lot of devotion, but you can take the principles and apply them to your current or future relationships.

Get intimate with that special someone with these easy tips and tricks. Learn the core of attraction.

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Every movie has those corny pick up lines that are supposed to attract the leading female role, but unbelievably, some of those corny lines work. That’s because when it comes down to it, it’s all in the delicery. The issue of what to say is not really whether it’s worth saying, but when you say it and what tone of voice you use when you say it. For your benefit, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Great Lines to Hit On a Girl that, if delivered right, will work every time.

1. “Hey, if you want to have fun I know a good place and I promise it’s not my bedroom!”

This line is usually used when the place you’re at isn’t enjoyable but you’ve just gotten to know her.

2. “What’s that in your hair?” … “Oh, I could have sworn it was a halo leftover from when you fell from heaven.”

Is it corny? By all means, yes it is, but it does do the trick into getting them to smile. The message is to the point, obvious, and very flattering. It’s best to use this to begin a conversation rather than just randomly by itself.

3. “I think you got lost on your way here because you’re way too beautiful for this place.”

Sometimes this works really well for hitting on a girl from within earshot, but most of the time it works even better after you’ve asked where she’s from. This is a wonderful line to get her to laugh and even blush sometimes. If you get a girl to laugh you know you’re going in the right direction.

4. “Your face is as beautiful as the moon tonight, so perfect and wonderful all by itself.”

This is a classic and it still works every time but it only works once you’ve gotten to know them.

5. “Stars can’t compare to your beauty.”

This is a wonderful line to use when you’re trying to be romantic to a girl. However, you do have to make sure she likes you first or else it will just come across like a stalker.

6. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… so if I scorned you, just how much of that wrath would be in bed?”

Obviously, this is when you’ve been in a relationship for a while but it does work.

7. “Did you get off at the wrong bus stop? By how beautiful those eyes are I’m pretty sure you meant to go to the city of angels.”

This one is for when you first meet someone but, if you’re clever enough, you can still pull this off at the right time in a conversation.

8. “Your eyes are like a sea, I could get lost in them.”

This is an old one and it comes from sailors on the sea. Women watch or read a lot of romance, so saying this line has an added effect besides chuckles and blushing.

9. “So, I’m not really good at this, but whatever, you’re beautiful, okay. You’re just so damn beautiful.”

This has to be said correctly and at the correct time. This is for when you want to hit on her but you’re finding the words aren’t coming out. This uses that awkward moment to your advantage and that awkward moment has its own voice tone.

10. “I’d write you a song, but I’d break the guitar from trying to list how many wonderful things there are about you.”

This is when you’re in the second or third date when you’ve run out of lines. While it’s not much it does do the trick.


As you can see, hitting on girls is usually not what you think it is. Among the 10 great lines to hit on a girl you’ll notice that there was only one line about sex. Most men who hit on girls in a sexual manner are usually shot down before they even begin, so next time try some flattery.

Need to pick up a girl of your dreams? Ask me by leaving a comment and I’ll give you my personal advice within 24 hours.

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One of the hardest things about sex is determining where the best places to have sex are. We all have stories from friends who have their own list of “Best Places to Have Sex”, but some of them sound uncomfortable. Also, some of them sound downright weird and painful, but generally there are only a few places that everyone agrees on that make them the best places to have sex, and here’s why…

1. The backseat of the car with the AC on…

The back of the car with the air conditioner on is the oldest of the best places to try to have sex. It has cushions underneath where you’re having sex and it’s got excellent placing for handles to use while having sex. You can perform all the positions you can find in a book inside of a car because of the location of the seats and the handles.

2. In the bathroom…

One of the best places to try to have sex is the bathroom because of the many places it can be done. It lets you have sex in the water, over a railing, against a wall, and various other places that we’ll leave to your imagination.

3. In a closet…

One of the trickiest, but still one of the best places to try to have sex, is in the closet because of the angles you can perform. You can even have sex using some gym tools in here depending on what you think is kinky. The reason why it’s the trickiest is because of how cramped most closets are, so space can become a problem.

4. On a table…

A classic is trying to have sex on the table because of how much fun it can be. For some couples, it ends in a laughing fit, especially if the table breaks on you. You can bend her over, have slow sex from the ceiling, have sex while hanging off the side with the blood rushing to your head, and many other positions depending on the toys that you buy. It’s very simple, but it still has the makings of one of the best places to try to have sex, especially when you’re drunk.

5. In a green field…

This has to be done correctly, as you need the morning dew for this location to become one of the best places to try to have sex in. The morning dew makes the bodies cold, which in turn makes them more sensitive to touch. Therefore, a normal orgasm will be stronger because you’re a lot more sensitive. In addition, the thrill of being caught increases the amount of testosterone and estrogen inside of your bodies, which increases the feeling even further.

Most of the best places to try to have sex give you a wide range of comedic fun and plenty of positions to keep the sex going. It’s important to use these locations, but you should make your own list of “Best Places” because the more personal you make it, the more fun you will have. Good luck and have fun, in every position you know.

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When choosing what to wear in front of a woman, there are a few things to make sure you take into consideration. Just simply look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Does my outfit turn her off?” Think about four different things starting from religion, to style, to cleanliness, and finally finish by what she’s told you she hates. These are four things women notice immediately on a shirt and especially before they begin talking.

Religion Religion is the biggest turn off for most women, unless they’re the crazy religious kind as well. Religion reminds them what they’re doing could be considered vile and wrong or they could simply hate that religion. It’s important to remember that you’re trying to keep her, so doing things she hates will only drive her away.

Style Her style needs to compliment your style, and if it clashes, it’s a mental turn off. This is something that’s weird about women because they see style as a way of connecting, so if your style is opposite of hers then it means that you two aren’t connecting very well. For some women, this is a make it or break it deal. To see these women coming, you should check and make sure whether or not she likes to keep her horoscope matching with yours. This small clue will reveal a lot of inside information.

Cleanliness To most men, clothing is clothing for most of our life. Then it’s time to grow up and find a woman, so we almost always start off badly. To some of us, we simply wake up in the same t-shirt we had on last night. However, look at it from her point of view. Do you want a woman that smells like she hasn’t taken a bath in a week or her kiss tastes like a slightly rotten supper? The answer is no. You’re version of clean is different than women’s. They shave their legs, pluck their eyebrows, put on a pound of makeup, and put about the same amount of hair products in their hair. Now if she went through all of that work just so that she could look good for you, just look down and ask, “Does my outfit turn her off?” You will usually have your answer if you didn’t have it before.

Hate All women have a hate that is specific to something men like. Some women hate sports, some hate anime, some hate trucks. You have to find out from her friends what she really hates if you want to push the boundaries, but generally, she doesn’t actually hate what she says she hates on t-shirts. However, if you’re hoping to turn her on then make absolutely sure you aren’t wearing anything she hates and choose something you know she likes.


So as you can see, there are a lot of aspects about your outfit that would turn her off. Women dress pretty because they want to be lusted after, and they expect their partner to want the same for them. A suggestion would be to write a list of things she doesn’t like and memorize it because it might end quicker than you can blink if you’re not careful.

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Women are very complex on the outside, but extremely simple on the inside. When you try to approach women without coming across as weird you have to be confident. To you, confidence is portrayed as an act of valor, or strength, or even the ability to go through a difficult test. In reality, confidence is the ability to believe in something against whatever odds it may have. Trying to approach women without coming across weird means you have to be smooth, casual, and classic.

Don’t be slow
To approach a woman without coming across as weird, you want to make sure she is not able to look away. Bring out your skill and try to overwhelm her with how much worth you will have to her. You don’t want to be slow about this, but you also don’t want to be fast. Each woman has their own speed. It’s difficult, but you always want to get a tempo that matches the speed in which she picks up an object. The mind tells the body what to do, so her reaction speed will only be as slow as her movements.

Don’t mention family
If you’re trying to approach women without coming across weird then you don’t ever want to bring up family. Women love to tell stories about their family, because to women it shows how much fun she’s had. However, when women want a man, they look for the dreams, talents, and personal wealth locked away inside a person. Money is just a way to have more fun with them, and men who talk about their family more than they do about their dreams or current prosperity will come across as strange because that’s not what a man is supposed to be interested in. A woman lives to have fun, if a family is a part of this then so be it, but otherwise it’s about how high you can touch your hand to the sky.

Don’t over exaggerate her beauty
Over exaggerating their beauty when trying to approach women without coming across as weird is an instant turn off. It’s weird to think of it this way, but a woman will always measure a man’s self-confidence in comparison to how much a man needs to make the woman feel beautiful. A woman sees a man as hers, and the more she sees the man compensate his confidence for her beauty, the more she will no longer see that man as a man. She can’t physically say that man is not a man most of the time, so it just normally comes across as weird.

Be clean
A woman makes sure she is clean before going out with a man, and she expects to be treated with the same level of respect. They have the uterus, so this means they deserve any man, provided they can lure them in. We have overpopulated the planet and women have toys to keep themselves occupied, so their need for men has decreased exponentially. Men have toys, but the way it works is not as satisfactory as the real thing. So we become needy over women and they expect to be treated like they are the most important thing in a man’s life. If a man isn’t clean then it’s seen as both disgusting and abnormal in a woman’s eyes most of the time, which is why you always want to be clean when you try to approach women without coming across as weird.

Don’t slur
When trying to approach women without coming across weird you don’t want to be that horrifying hunchback in the movies. Now, you just saw a mental image of a man bent over slurring all of his words to try and convey what he is saying. When a woman hears this slur, the same imagery goes through her head.


Most of the time when trying to approach women without coming across weird it just means that you have to act like you’re applying to a new job. Women will only take what looks good, so you have to be the best looking you can be. Practice this with easy women to get the hang of it. Good luck with getting what you really want.