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Do you have wrinkles, pimples, warts, bad hair, or something that makes you cry every morning because you think that other people are hot and you’re not? Just because you think they’re hot and you’re not doesn’t mean it’s true. A lot of people discredit themselves for who they are, and it works against them more than they realize. Because they think down of themselves like that, women who would normally date them are saying no. Negative thinking prevents them from even considering speaking to a woman.

While you may think that everyone’s so hot and you’re just not, you are unique in the world, which makes you a “quality product.” That means everyone who sees you for the real you thinks you’re beautiful. Just ask your female friends! Here are some things to remember if you’re ever feeling like the only ugly fish in the sea.

You are beautiful
The first thing you need to do in order to change the fact that they’re hot and you’re not, is to realize the you are beautiful. You are a unique person with your own tastes, and for every man there’s a genetically engineered compatible woman. If you want to argue with this, the only way to do that is to test all of the women in the entire world. The odds of you not finding a woman are actually less than if you were able to. All that thinking that they’re hot and you’re not is preventing you from finding the best quality of woman you can find.

Women look for this
Women actually keep an eye out for men who think that everyone is hot except for themselves because of two reasons. First, this gives them a position of power. Most of them would try to use it to get into concerts for free, get drinks for free, and a lot of other things. Secondly, people who think that women are hot and they’re not are easy gold digging targets. A lot of newly rich men have succubi for wives or a bad relationship history. Once you stop thinking that they’re hot and you’re not you can avoid these women and get the women who are made for you.

Muscular Men Compensate
A secret among marketing CEO’s is that men with great muscular build only have it because they have the “hot and you’re not” complex. That’s right, most of them are trying to make up for what they think they lack in sexual appeal. Many of these men are used by women to get what the women want. Unless they accidentally fall in love, women usually leaves these men heartbroken.

Many of us have been tricked into a different way of thinking because it sells more products, but the reality is that our cores are still not changed. Women like men who are confident in themselves and will use the ones who aren’t to get to those men. All you have to do is change how you look at your life, so have fun — and if you have any trouble, it doesn’t hurt to just find some nice woman to ask for help.

Think you’re not too hot? Here’s a secret to getting laid.

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In order to know how to attract a foreign woman, first you have to know how they feel about their nationality. Every woman from every country finds another man from another country naturally exotic and attractive. These women will usually understand you provided you are in your own country, but if you’re in their country, that’s a whole different book. They came to visit your country, which tells you automatically that they liked your country enough to come see it. That means she’s already curious about the men who live there.

Use Your Nation
You already know that the first step to attract a foreign woman is to use your nationality to your advantage. This is very similar to a political conversation or trying to attract a coworker. The only thing you have running for you at that moment is your knowledge of the subject and your uniqueness. You always want to have a friend along that can only hang out for a while, and you want to show her around the city she’s staying in. All of those cool places you know of will now become sight-seeing attractions for her. After all, she’s in this nation to have a good time.

Ask Her To Teach You
Once you’ve gone through the first couple hours showing her around town, show her your interest in her country and what you want to learn from it. When you’re both from a different nation, knowledge becomes the center of attraction. In order to attract a foreign woman you must also want to learn her language. This opens an avenue where you can hit on her in her own language and ask her what it means. This usually causes them to blush or giggle.

After you begin to pick up her language then you also want to fall into her type of lifestyle. If you’re meaning to attract her for keeps, knowing how to live with her is vital. It makes her feel appreciated. It also provides a little fun for her because it opens up avenues of comedy for screwing up and attraction for being confident that you can get it right.

Try Her Home Cooking
Women, for the most part, will deny that the kitchen is their place. While it isn’t nice to use this as an insult, trying her food is a crucial part of attracting a foreign woman. Women put as much effort in cooking their meals as they would taking care of a child or diffusing a nuclear bomb. If you get to taste her food and learn her recipes you’ll learn a lot about her without having to ask. If you can cook her recipes for her it will show her just how interested you are.

w19s7S-dJMLm3ATIuMPqLCvIY9KALaP9xZ3ltNlcZLA-475x229There are many ways to learn how to attract a foreign woman, but it’s crucial that you get to know her and establish a strong connection. After you have used these steps, continue to use them and develop a regular relationship as you would with any woman. You can practice this by taking a vacation and going to popular cities foreigners like in your country. Have fun with them and everything will turn out the way it’s meant to be.

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It may seem odd at first, but women and men are the same species, just with a few differences. Many men have a habit of viewing women as a different species altogether, but it’s simply not true. The men who naturally attract women are the men who know what women like that women also happen to like in a man, and these men know how to use this knowledge.

However, the way that these men go about using this knowledge is somewhat different than the way men who actually like the same things as women might use it. Some of the things that women like that women also like to see in a man are sophistication, massages, and clothes. Many ”metro” men attract women on a daily basis because they also like what women like. You don’t have to give up your burliness to utilize this knowledge, so consider how some of these things that women like could give you the edge.

Sophistication It’s a key quality that women like to see in a man because of the sheer demand it takes to perfect it. For a woman, this means being able to walk in high heels like they’re on a fashion runway, keeping their knowledge of worldly matters up to date, and holding a strong body without showing off muscles. For men it’s rather different, as they need to be in a type of suit that matches their lifestyle, walk in an elegant manner without looking too stiff or too flimsy, and retain all knowledge about every subject they encounter. As you can tell, it’s a little more difficult for a man to pull off sophistication than it is a woman, but that’s because women invented it.

Massage Therapy Massages are a unique ritual that women like, and women like to see a man who can both give and enjoy receiving a massage because of how we use our muscles differently. For a woman to get a massage it needs to be soft and smooth through the entire session. Women have a rather frail physical structure. They weren’t meant to do the same things as men. Men on the other hand require fierce massages. Massage therapists are told to take special steps before massaging a man’s back. Imagine having to massage out a back muscle that feels like a brick. If a man and a woman can enjoy massages together, they can enjoy a lot more together too.

Dress Style The dress style for men and women seem very different, but they are very similar in some aspects. What women like that women also like in a man is the ability to compliment each other’s outfits. This is why at dinner parties you see almost every man wearing a tuxedo, but every woman is wearing a unique and flowing gown. If you have trouble seeing which tuxedo matches what type of dress, all you have to do is look at a vase. The color of a rose flower will stand out if the vase is made of black, clear, or white, but will be unnoticeable if the vase is also red. This is a very easy way to figure out what colors compliment other colors, which is what women like that women also like in a man.

Ironically, what women like that women also like in a man is not very hard to figure out, just like it isn’t difficult to figure out the woman herself. It’s all a matter of making the most of every situation and still being yourself. Be wary of what you’re doing, but also try having fun while you’re trying to impress a women and show her what you’ve got.

Confidence is key to making the best impression.

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We all have those moments in life when it’s hard to accept that someone out there might not like your penis size. This is true even if you’re already big, but it’s worse if you have a small penis. Still, no matter the case, how can you get bigger?

Honestly, there are a lot of easy and natural ways to increase the size of your penis. Pharmaceutical companies try not to advertise these because they would lose a lot of money, and if they do advertise this as a substitute they also add in that it can cause irreversible damage. Ironically, those pills are more of a health concern than reducing your fat and taking vitamins. Yes, you just read that right, you can increase your penis size by reducing your fat and taking some vitamins.

Reduce Your Fat

Reducing your fat is essential to your penis size, and losing it can get you bigger! Specifically, your lower belly fat is what you want to burn off, and thankfully there are multiple ways to do it. If you have gained weight and notice that your penis has gotten smaller, it’s because your stomach is covering up most of its potential. Depending on your height, you can increase your penis size by an inch for every 20-50 lbs. of weight lost. So if you weigh in at 150 lbs. over your medically healthy weight, that means by losing the weight you could gain another 3 inches to 7 inches! Your penis is an organ that comes straight out from the skin, so when you get fatter the skin begins to stretch and flatten. Removing fat so you can get bigger is pulling the fat back, which makes it seem like your penis is growing, but you’re just getting the penis you were supposed to have.


A technique to increase the size of your penis and get you bigger is pulling on the penis. There are various ways to do this and it comes straight out of Africa. Essentially the idea is to have a half boner and gently pull on it, but not like masturbation. For some people this is difficult, and it is dangerous because you can tear the skin if you do it too hard. There is also a side note that unless you increase your penis fat, you will get longer and thinner. However, this does really work and you can extend the penis as long as you have skin to do it. Another way to increase the width while pulling is to strength train your penis.


Specifically, Vitamin E and Niacin are known to get you bigger. They work separately, but have been known to work very well together as both of them deal directly with the penis. Vitamin E helps with the production of testosterone, which is what tells the penis to grow and how hard to get. It also raises the amount of adrenaline in your body so you’re also burning fat. Niacin expands the blood vessel walls while it runs through the system, and if they are expanded enough they stay expanded without the need for Niacin. This allows more testosterone to flow through your body, which can get you bigger.

These methods work, and using this combination as therapy for the body will pan out to a bigger penis, but you also have to realize that what was done by a pill is something the body usually reverses. If you don’t slowly back out of it, then you’ll only be big for as long as you’re taking these pills. It’s better to find food sources and develop a lifestyle habit of eating these foods that are high in these vitamins.

Pharmaceutical companies have a pill for everything, especially the ones that get you bigger, but at what cost? Many people use brand names, and if you read the side of the label it shows it can give you symptoms like heart attacks, diarrhea, and some of them even want you to go to a hospital for having an erection for over a day! We have natural methods to get you bigger without you having to go to the hospital. So enjoy the things that can get you bigger and have fun in bed!

Now that you’ve enlarged it, it’s time to get laid!

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A lot of us have those moments or that day when we feel absolutely lonely, but how do we fix depression caused by loneliness? Actually, loneliness is caused by the lack of a peaceful mind and not by having no one around us. We as a species were built as stand-alone creatures that figured out we were better in packs. It’s not actually in our DNA that we have to travel and live together like this.

So in order to fix depression caused by loneliness we have to find ways to level out the imbalance in our brains. This imbalance can be caused by the free radicals harming our body, and loneliness is a way of telling the brain to fix it. It could also be over stressing or a lack of testosterone/estrogen in our bodies. Over stressing can actually cause the lack of testosterone/estrogen in our bodies, a vicious cycle, so here are some ways to cure depression caused by loneliness without inviting company over.

Vitamin C

In order to fix depression about loneliness coming from digest problems we have to increase our natural intake of Vitamin C. We’re pretty sure no one has ever told you why vitamin pills usually suggest eating a meal with them, right? Well, the amount of vitamin c that a vitamin has is not normal, and the body knows this. To fix depression about loneliness you need to take vitamins directly, and specifically Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is the only vitamin in our body that we do not retain and can only get from the foods we eat. It’s vital to maintaining a stronger metabolism because it burns fats and protects you from free radicals. Free radicals are damaging cells that are sent to various places around the body, and since the body can’t defend the entire body at once it tells the brain it’s in pain. This reflects as a subconscious thought and causes you to feel depressed.


Cardio is the best way to increase your hormone levels because it tells the brain it needs more endorphins to perform activities. While it may be strange to you, the brain has to request levels of testosterone, which means you get the same amount everyday provided nothing changes substantially. However, in order to fix  a lack of testosterone cause by loneliness, cardio is the cheapest and quickest way to make your brain request more.

Without testosterone, the body’s brain wavelengths can be set off course drastically. This would mean a person who is usually very happy would be depressed or angry without testosterone. There are, of course, pills to fix this, but what isn’t fixed naturally will eventually come back. Just because you removed the problem with the pill doesn’t mean it will stay gone.


Meditation is the best way to gently restore your frame of mind and fix depression about loneliness. Meditation is a conscious way to reform your way of thinking and relieves a ton of stress. It really doesn’t matter how you sit to fix depression about loneliness, but what you are thinking while you have your eyes closed is important. Don’t get caught up on abrasive thoughts, but let them drift in and out of your mind undisturbed.

Masters of meditation have the ability to meditate while doing every day activities. This technique allows the brain to focus on what you need to rather than what’s superficial. You should be aware that you have problems, but that everything will pass in time. Many therapists suggest meditation even when they’re off-duty because meditation truly works.


There are many techniques that will improve and fix depression about loneliness, but women do something specific. Women release a hormone when they come in contact with a man’s body. Simply hugging a friend that is a girl will reduce your depression because this hormone makes you feel loved. Relationships survive based on this hormone, but you need to be happy on your own because women do not like depressed men. It’s a vicious circle to try to fix depression about loneliness, but you’ll get through it if you stay focused.

Don’t let depression beat you!

Talk to someone about your depression. Leave a comment today.

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Young businesspeople sitting on meeting at office, two women seducing satisfied businessman.

While we usually see this lovely little organ nothing more as a tool for having sex, it’s actually vital to our health. Other than the skin, the penis is the only organ we have on the outside of our body, and you should know how your penis works to stay healthy. Knowing how your penis works can prevent heart problems, save it from shrinking or disappearing altogether, and keep it from just plain not working.

Sex education teaches us that there are many sexual diseases, and anatomy teaches us that we need to pump blood faster in order for it to even work, but what makes it so important? This is a visible organ on the outside of our bodies, and it’s important to have this organ to reproduce. It is directly connected to your bloodstream and is, sometimes, the only way a doctor can tell non-intrusively what’s wrong with you.

It Could Cause Heart Problems

What runs through a penis is a vital reason why you should know how your penis works. It’s the blood network that keeps you alive. If a penis has trouble working or you have a pain in your chest when you get a boner, it’s usually a sign that something is really wrong inside your body. The penis has to have a strong surge of blood through it to become active, so any heart problems can be detected this way.

It Could Shrink

You should know how your penis works because it could shrink if it isn’t properly taken care of. Just like every other organ inside the body, the penis is directly affected by the emotions and chemical levels inside your brain. If your body does not react very fast when you begin to get sexually aroused then it’s usually a sign of your body lacking in some hormone needed for the reaction. Also, many people with a small penis fall into an overweight category. You should know how your penis is affected by your weight because fat can reduce the amount of penis you have to work with.

It Could Stop Working

If the above mentioned hormone levels continue to go unchecked and imbalanced then you may have a penis that stops working altogether. You hear about breast cancer a lot more than testicular cancer because women tend to be more frontal with their concerns. Men who have this type of cancer are sometimes embarrassed and hide behind a curtain so that they do not attract any attention. You should know how your penis works because you can identify these signs of cancer early and prevent literally save your penis. Losing your penis would probably effectively ruin your sexual life.


Many have discredited how vital the penis is and don’t treat it with very much care. They stop having sex when they think they can no longer use it, but you should know how your penis works because you can always give it a jumpstart with a little work. The penis doesn’t stop providing until the day you die. So be careful of yourself and make sure you know how your penis works because it could mean the end of your sex life!

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Young couple about to kiss on beach

While it may seem like pills are the only thing that can increase your sex life, it’s actually a last resort for most people. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of natural ways you can increase your sex life, and some of them are tasty treats. However, there’s an exercise that will drastically change how you have sex and how sex feels for a woman. Being limber is a huge part in sex and practicing your stretches can increase your sex life exponentially.

Aphrodisiac Foods

Do you like chocolate? Most of the time the answer is yes, unless you’re allergic or you really don’t like sweets. Eating chocolate just before you have sex can increase your sex life by heightening your sensitivity towards touch in bed. If you and a girlfriend have been having the same sex but it doesn’t feel as good, simply try having some chocolate before you have sex because it can increase your sex life! Chocolate releases a compound that reacts on a hormonal level to raise your enjoyment and sensitivity towards sex. This allows you to have the same sex as before and revive that pleasure from the first time. Also, there are over 20 different aphrodisiac foods that do different things for you including increased sensitivity that can increase your sex life.

Kegal Exercises

Kegal exercises are more enjoyable for women because they’re on the receiving end, usually. You can increase your sex life through these exercises because they’re working on the kegal muscle, also known as the pelvic floor. This is the area that women use to increase the sexual satisfaction they can have from sex. This exercise is mostly for women, but it can also increase a man’s sex life by increasing their strength in bed. These exercises increase the strength of all the muscle that are used for sex, so you’re turning the fatty muscle into straight muscle. This means you’ll last longer, perform better, and unlock new positions that you weren’t previously able to do.


Flexibility is a key factor when having sex. It allows you to perform in certain positions that can increase your sex life. They mainly focus on the natural gravity that you deal with in those positions, so it becomes easier to just enjoy the sex as you become more limber. Yoga is known to naturally increase your level of hormones, which directly translates to the endorphins that the body releases when it has an orgasm. Yoga also allows water and blood to flow more naturally through the body, which in turn allows you to have a stronger cardiovascular system. This can lead to a stronger and more passionate form of sex life for you and your partner.


There are many other ways to increase your sex life naturally. After all, your body is built specifically so that it can fuel its own reproduction. Enjoy these tips, and starting using them so you can enjoy your sex life to the fullest.

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We all have our own bit of strangeness to us in bed, but some of us are just downright weird. Taking a journey into all things sex, there comes out a list of the Top 10 Weirdest Fetishes on the planet. Some of them have almost nothing to do with sex, but they turn someone on somewhere, so they’re still considered fetishes.

Here’s the list of our Top 10 Weirdest Fetishes.

#1 – Giantess Vore

Giantess vore is about a woman growing to giant proportions in order to eat men. There are various methods of eating including POV where you can experience the view of being eaten alive.

#2 – Animal Vore

Animal is a two-way system where animals are overly large and eat humans or the other way around. This is the general vore that you will find on the internet as it came before giantess vore.

#3 – Feeding

Do you get turned on by someone eating over thirteen sandwiches? Well, someone else does, and they have a whole avenue of porn sites dedicated to those who eat excessively.

#4 – Foot

From the delicate little feet to the ugly yellow toenails comes the foot fetish. Usually coupled with giantess porn, foot fetish have been around for a long time.

#5 – Hair

This fetish comes from some of the weirdest porn sites on the internet. The hair fetish has a huge range of variations, from “bear” porn to just having long hair. Some people can actually touch hair and have orgasms.

#6 – Cheese

One of the weirdest fetishes we know of is the cheese fetish where people are obsessed with eating cheese while having sex, and if you’re rich enough having sex in cheese. It’s not a very wide avenue and you have to search for a while before it will show up.

#7 – The Baby Factor

The baby factor is a double-sided type of fetish because there are those who enjoy dressing up as a baby and then there are those who like their women or men dressing up as a baby.

#8 – Vampirism

From drinking blood to looking like a century old horrifying monster, this fetish is probably our weirdest fetish of all the Top 10 Weirdest Fetishes. It was a huge hit in the 90’s when a man publicly bought blood solely for drinking it, but these fetish fiends get turned on by any vampire clichés, including blood drinking.

#9 – Open Surgery

Playing Doctor in bed has been around for a long time, but recently in countries where it’s hard to get caught men and women have been performing surgery to get a turn on. Rarely do they actually have sex because of how deadly it is, but they do masturbate to it.

#10 – Gun Fire

If you feel the adrenaline rush from the shot of a real gun then you can somewhat understand this jump. Upon hearing the firing of a gun, this fetish causes an orgasm for most who are inclined to it, but a number who love this fetish will watch sexual spy movies because of that one cliché, or play FPS games.


Those are some strange fetishes, and they aren’t even filled with sex! Our Top 10 Weirdest Fetishes are everyday activities taken to the next level, and quality entertainment like this can be found all over the internet. So what are your Top 10 Weird Fetishes? Let us know in the comments below.

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Women are purely maternal and emotional creatures, which mean that anything that increases your survival rate will usually turn them on. Ironically, the Top 10 Turn Ons for women are usually a lot kinkier than mere survival traits. Some are just downright weird, but what turns women on changes each year, so staying up to date with the newest trend of turn ons for women on is an annual chore.

1. Hair

The amount of hair that turns a woman on is dependent on the woman. This can range between being bald to hair like a rock star. However, if a woman is turned on by a style of hair, it usually doesn’t change.

2. Muscles

Some women prefer frail men, but most women love it when a man can pick them up with ease. This relates to what they can expect in bed. It’s a turn on at a moment’s glance for women because they can imagine all the things that man can do for them in the sack.

3. Money and Power

There are more and more women every year that are turned on by men who have obtained power through money. The prowess that a man gains from this is reflected in their stance and how well they perform in bed.

4. Accent

Every woman is turned on by a specific accent because words are emotional objects to a woman. If she likes slow and smooth sex she might like French, Italian, or even Latin. However, if she likes it rough then she may like a German or Russian accent.

5. Height

This is classified as both a turn on and a fetish because some women like men who are midgets and some like men who tower over them. The height of a man relates to how flexible and how intimidating they are in bed. A tall man would be intimidating while a midget would be able to pleasure her so fast in multiple areas she wouldn’t know how to express it.

6. Weight

Men and women are turned on by a certain weight, with the label either being a chubby chaser or being shallow. This depends on the woman, but usually women like their men rather medium weight with a muscular build because they’re “right in the middle.”

7. Words

For all women, being able to use specific words correctly will turn them on quicker than being attractive. As we said before, words are emotional objects for women and they imagine every word you say, so if you say it right you can turn her on without even touching her.

8 Nerd Power

Lately there has been a rise in the attraction to those who have a higher understanding of the world. These women are turned on by the highly intellectual and sophisticated breed of men that are emerging into today’s society as leaders. The recent power shift in the “muscle vs. brain” fight would be the cause of this.

9. Vampirism

This is a weird fetish but it has made it in the Top 10 Turn On’s for women because of the movie Twilight and all the fans who were turned on by the main character. This increased the number of women who like biting, gnawing, and depressed men to an all-time high.

10. Dominance

What really turns all women on? It’s confidence, or in other words, the attitude that overcomes all. Confident men dominate not just women, but everyone in the room. Nothing can stop a man with a dominant attitude, but with that kind of confidence the girls won’t even want to stop you.


Women are turned on by pretty basic things, and it’s up to each woman to decide which measurement of those basic things she likes. The Top 10 Turn Ons for women is comprised of features and qualities in which women are directly turned on. You can usually tell what a woman likes when you watch whom she talks to voluntarily and compare it to this list, so good luck an d have fun.

Need to turn a woman on? Check this out.

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They are mysterious creatures that riddle men with unanswered questions on a daily basis. The ironic part is that it isn’t hard to figure out a woman. Women are very simplistic if they’re viewed in the right light. Body language gives us most of the answers we need to figure out a woman. Their face is the key to everything they do, and it’s statistically proven that women pay attention to their face more than any other part of the body. In addition, their tone and grammar are useful in how to figure out a woman when you barely know her.


A woman’s face is the window to figure out a woman. There are several books that you can read that allow you to do something called a “cold reading,” and it will work on anyone. For a person who doesn’t want to read these books there’s a very simple but disturbing way to read everything a woman is thinking. You have known your mother since birth, so you know all of her facial features for every emotion she has. The woman you date and will possibly marry will be like your mother by almost 75%, which means she’ll have the same facial reactions as your mother. While it may be disturbing, this is a very quick way to figure out a woman.


The tone of a woman’s voice will let you figure out a woman’s mood in any conversation. You can take a vocal class or you can measure the tone of your voice to a sound that you make. This is very accurate, but not perfect, in judging whether or not the girl you’re talking to is actually attracted to you. If you’re good at it, this skill will let you know if they smoke, if they’re nervous, and a long list of other interesting facts.


In order to figure out a woman and where she comes from, all you have to do is pay attention to her grammar. Accents are a dead giveaway, but in America women say things differently in different states. This lets men know where these women come from without asking, and it’s usually safe to assume where you can eat for your first date. It’s also important because it will tell you something about the type of men they’re used to being with. It’s important to be yourself, but there are mannerisms that women are simply used to and it can be problematic if you are shown to have flaws when you really don’t have any.


In order to figure out a woman you have to be able to look at them and study them. There’s a reason why men who are successful with women seem heartless sometimes. It’s because they have lost the ability to control these techniques on a daily basis. So while you take these tips, don’t lose your personality just to be with a woman. Just have some fun with this. You can even test your knowledge on how to figure out a woman at a local hangout spot like the bar or a club.

Need help? No worries. Leave a comment below.