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Some break ups are extremely difficult to take. You might still be in love with her, you might still have strong hopes of getting back with her, or you might simply be unready to move on to someone else. Others, however, are less emotional, and might even be downright nasty – especially if it is the result of one of you cheating on the other.

In these situations, instead of missing your ex and struggling to move on with her, you might want to get back at her. You might, as they say, want very much to “win” the break up. To do this, you need to know the best ways to get back at your ex.

How do you go about doing this?

Getting back at your ex is actually fairly simple. It involves, mainly, being happier than her after you are both single again. It involves the knowledge that anyone looking at both of your lives from the outside would easily realize that the break up was much harder on her than you, and it would involve both you and your ex knowing this as well.

One way of doing this is not contacting her.

As angry or resentful as you might be due to the circumstances of your break-up, you will almost surely have a night or two where you miss being with her, and where you cannot help but think about her fondly. The urge in this situation might be to send her a sweet text or call her just to “see how she’s doing.”

Do not do this.

If you are in this situation where getting back with your ex will almost surely not happen, contacting her will only make her view you as needy or, worse, pathetic, and will convince her that she’s better off than you are. This will make it much harder for you to win your break-up with her.

Another thing to do if you’re trying to get back at your ex in the most effective way is to go out and have fun, and try to get her to find out about it. This might mean hooking up with or flirting with other girls in front of her (or in front of someone she knows), or it might simply mean going out with your buddies, going on trips, and doing things that you weren’t really able to do when you were with her. In all cases the key is to appear to be doing great – and ideally you would be simply having a lot of fun – and like you have no need of your ex anymore.

The best way to get back at your ex, by far, is to find another girl and, furthermore, to find a better one. This could mean one that is more attractive, or more successful, or more likeable, etc, or it could simply mean one that makes you much happier than your ex ever did.

Ideally, this girl will almost make you forget about your ex completely, and it is at the moment when you realize that you don’t even give a s**t anymore about getting back at your ex – because you are in such a great place in your romantic life – that you have gotten back at her, in the greatest way possible.

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People seeking advice on relationships often look for suggestions regarding what to do in a specific situation, or how to relate to a specific kind of girl or guy, or even simply when to do or say certain things that might serve as “checkpoints” within a relationship. Advice in this regard can certainly be useful – assuming the rest of your relationships is extremely healthy and effective – but it rarely makes a real difference in the quality of relationships. This, instead, comes from advice dealing with the very core of your interactions with her and, to challenge you further, with the way you view and act within relationships in general.

Simply put, the greatest problem with most relationships is a lack of honest, effective, communication.

Couples talk past each other rather than to each other. They have different conceptions of where they are in their relationship, and where it is going in the future. The idea they have of the person they are dating is different than the actual person they are dating.

And so on.

These problems stem from either a certain laziness to discuss difficult questions regarding the relationship, a fear that either such talks might drive the other person away or put too much pressure on the relationship or that the other person will simply get angry, or from a desire to gain power over the other person in the relationship rather than engendering honesty, trust, and love.

While these problems might stem entirely from the actions of that other person, it is far more likely that they also come, at least in some way, from you. One hand can’t clap, as they say, and issues in a relationship have to do with both members of it. This is both bad news – you might have to do some careful and difficult self-evaluation, and take responsibility in this situation – and good news, as being a cause of a problem also allows you to have the power to solve it.

The part of such advice on relationships is to urge both of you to talk about where you are in the relationship, and what you hope to get out of it in the future. If one of you is acting under one impression about your relationship and the other under another, miscommunication is almost bound to occur, and one of you is almost bound to get hurt.

Even if it seems obvious to you what the nature of your relationship is, you should talk to the other person about it.

Just let them know how you feel about them, how you feel about the label that your relationship has, and let them know what you want out of the future of the relationship. This is an easy way to avoid confusion.

The final thing to do is to make sure that you are looking for the right things out of your relationships, and acting in the right way. Ask yourself: are you trying to manipulate the other person to do what you want – whether it is to have sex with you, to make more money, to go to a certain restaurant, etc – on a consistent basis, rather than talking about things and compromising with them? This is common, but it is bad. Are you frequently lying to them or hiding things from them, even if you think it is for their benefit? This is also a very bad habit to get into. Relationships must be build on trust, effective communication, and relatively equal power between the two of you. If they are not, you should always be working to correct the issue.

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Telling a girlfriend that you “want to just be friends” is one of the most classic, clichéd ways of breaking up with her or, of course, her breaking up with you. While its main purpose, perhaps, might be to simply soften the crushing blow to the self-esteem, confidence, and level of happiness that can accompany being dumped, it might also contain an element (or many elements) of truth to it.

In many cases, the reason you two broke up might not be that you don’t like each other or even don’t like being around each other, but simply that you might not be attracted to each other anymore, that you have very different desires regarding your futures, or simply that you are moving away. In any of these cases, you both might want very much to actually remain friends, and in this case saying you just want to be friends would not simply serve as rhetoric.

Knowing how to be friends with your ex, however, is not such a simple thing.

Once you have dated a girl, once you have seen her at her most vulnerable, once you have had those passionate, intimate interactions with her, once you’ve loved her, it is almost impossible to have a “normal” friendship with her. There is no going back to the way things were before you dated (assuming you were friends with her before then.)

Because it’s so difficult to learn how to be friends with your ex, there are several things to keep in mind. The first is to give it time. It might be a good idea to stop contacting her, or at least stop contacting her frequently, right after the separation.

If you continue to interact with her in familiar ways, you’ll have a very hard time avoiding familiar feelings you have associated with her. Don’t be rude about this of course – don’t completely ignore her if she talks to you, for example – but make a conscious effort to give yourself some space from her and her from you, in order to allow time to distance yourself from the raw, passionate emotions you have shared with her in the past.

The second thing to keep in mind is to, at the very least, view other women as legitimate potential romantic partners. Often, the most important and often the most difficult part of moving on from someone is being able to see yourself with someone else. However, if your goal is truly to move on, and simply be friends with your ex, the best thing to do is to give yourself to opportunities to find someone else. The best way of being able to finally become normal friends with your ex is if you – and ideally, her as well – find someone else to associate those romantic and/or sexual feelings with. Only then can your relationship with your ex seem relatively normal when it is merely a platonic one.

The final thing to keep in mind if you want to be friends with your ex is to temper your expectations. Being “just friends” with your ex is extremely difficult, and it may never happen for you.

On one hand, you might learn that without the romantic aspect of it, your relationship with her is not so special anymore. On the other, you might learn that you simply cannot be around her without wanting more from her than just friendship. She might share either of these feelings. In the end, very few couples do manage to stay in touch and stay friends after they separate, and there is a great chance you could be one of them.

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Knowing how to get back at your ex most effectively can either vindicate your decision to break up with her for cheating on you, taking you for granted, etc, or it can allow you to stick it to her for breaking up with you – and make her regret it.

Below are listed five actions that demonstrate extensive knowledge regarding how to get back at your ex, in order of how effective they are:

5. Ignore her. Little can be more frustrating to her than if she tries to talk to you after a break-up and you do not respond. Conversely, little can validate her view that she is too good for you more than you pining after her, drunk-calling her, or texting her asking how she is doing. If you are looking to get back at your ex you should avoid contacting her at all, and if you do run into her, do not let her think that you miss her at all.

4. Have as much fun as possible, and let her see or find out about it if you can. Go out with your buddies. Throw yourself into activities that you could never find the time to do when you were with her. Go out and flirt with or hook up with girls. Make it seem, to everyone around you (including her friends, if possible), that you are doing just fine – no, great – without her.

3. Improve yourself, and your life situation. Little can stick it to her faster than, say, losing a lot of weight after breaking up with her (or getting dumped), or working out again, or buying an improved wardrobe, or getting a new job, buying a new car, etc. This makes it seem that, not only are you doing well without her, but that you were never motivated to improve yourself and your situation in life when you were with her. If she finds out about any or all of what you are doing to make such improvements, it will be difficult for her to not take it personally.

2. Meet another girl who makes you happy, and begin dating her. There is no faster way to get back at your ex than finding someone else – especially someone better. This might mean finding a girl who is more attractive, likeable, successful, etc, than your ex, or simply one that makes you happier than she ever made you. The most important thing to keep in mind if you want to accomplish this is to put yourself back out there, give yourself as many opportunities as you can to meet new women, and then learning from your previous relationship experience(s) and becoming as charming, confident, and likeable a guy as you can be.

1. Hook up with, or date, her close friend, sister, co-worker, or anyone else that she sees all the time and values her relationship with. This is, quite simply, the greatest (and in some cases nastiest) way to get back at your ex. She will be forced to see you canoodling with someone she cares about (in this case, her sister might be the worst for her), and she will be forced to see that you are happy with someone else. As an added bonus, this might even result in her losing a friend or her resenting someone she used to care about very much. There is no more complete way to “win” your break-up then this.

If you’re looking to learn how to get back at your ex in the best way possible, these five actions, while certainly not the only good ones to take, will undoubtedly lead you to success.

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It’s true that turning a girl on involves much more than knowing the best things to say to her. You should be able to control your body language, project confidence through your tone, your eye contact, and your posture – among other things – and make your appearance as attractive as possible. However, your words are equally important – if not more important – when it comes to arousing women.

Knowing the right things to say to turn a girl on, whether out in public or already naked in the bedroom, can make all the difference in attracting them and in dramatically improving the quality of your love life.

If you’re looking for the best things to say to turn a girl on, the first thing to keep in mind is to personalize your compliments. Compliments are always a good way of making a woman feel special and desired, but it’s those specific, personalized comments that can make her want to throw herself all over you. Don’t tell her she looks nice, tell her what about her looks nice. Tell her how adorable her freckle is, or how beautiful her smile is right after you kiss her, etc. This can work whether you are out to dinner or already in the bedroom.

Another very important thing to remember is to use second person when you talk to her.

Don’t tell her “that feels so good,” tell her “you make me feel so good.” Don’t tell her “I want to make out,” tell her “I want to make out with you.”

This might seem like a subtle distinction, but it can make all the difference when it comes to turning a woman on. This too is something to keep in mind both in and out of the bedroom.

When you do get to the bedroom (or at least to a private location), take a little bit of control. Be confident in your words. Tell her what you’re going to do to her – assuming, of course, that you know she wants to hook up with you – and how you’re going to make her feel. Don’t ask many questions of her in the heat of the moment, as they take away from the passionate nature of what you are doing, and also make you seem rather passive or detached.

Finally, you should not only be concerned that she is being satisfied and getting what she wants in the bedroom, but also that she knows you are. Tell her that you want to make her feel great. Tell her you want to make her cum. Tell her you love seeing her satisfied and happy. Nothing turns a girl on more than a man confidently telling her he’s going to make her feel great.

A final note: figuring out the best things to say to turn a girl on can certainly make you much more effective at attracting and satisfying women, but they can also be dangerous. Sometimes, during the heat of the moment, you might promise her things or imply certain feelings you have towards her that might not be completely honest. In short, you might lie to her about the way you feel and you might hurt her in the future. Make sure when you’re talking to her to try and avoid misleading her or making any promises you can’t keep.


Ask Vin DiCarlo – Got a question? Unsure where to begin? Leave a comment below and I’ll help you build your confidence in the bedroom.

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If your best friend is a girl and you are a single, heterosexual guy, it is normal to imagine romantic or sexual encounters with her. If you are around her enough and find her fairly attractive, it almost seems like an obvious thing to think about. However, if you really care about her, it does not necessarily mean you are in love with or even infatuated by her, and it does not mean that hooking up with or dating her would be a good idea. If the question, “Am I in love with my best friend?” floats into your mind, you should tread carefully.

It is of course true that being in love with your best friend can lead to an incredible, long-lasting relationship. However, it is also true that it can ruin your friendship, or make things awkward between the two of you going forward.

The best thing to do is to examine meticulously whether or not your question, “Am I in love with my best friend?” is even true. Secondly, if they really are in love, to figure out how you should best go about acting on that impulse.

It can sometimes be difficult to separate affection for your friend from true love or even infatuation. Oftentimes simply being around her for so long can lead you to be curious about what she would be like in bed, and any attraction you have to her might die out after you hook up with her once. If, however, you start to consistently want to kiss her, and think about her more often – especially at night – then you remember thinking about her before, you have an indication that you might be developing real feelings for her.

The easiest way to tell if you do, in fact, have genuine feelings for a girl is if you become jealous when she mentions being with or wanting to be with other guys, and start looking for excuses to keep her away from them. While it might be simply you being very protective, it is much more likely that you have feelings for her.

If you do begin to realize that the answer to your internal question, “Am I in love with my best friend?” is a resounding yes, the next thing to do is figure out how to proceed in your relationship with her. The two most important things to think about are, firstly, whether or not she feels the same way about you and, secondly, whether a relationship between you is a good idea (i.e., whether or not you think it is likely to be a successful one.)

Figuring out the answer to the first question – whether or not she feels the same way – is not so different from figuring out whether any girl is attracted to you. If she starts acting flirtatiously around you and makes suggestive comments, chances are she is attracted to you. There is, however, the possibility that she is simply playing around, so it is sometimes a good idea to talk to her about it – subtly – before you try and make a move.

Finally, if you are trying to determine whether or not you would have a successful romantic relationship with her, you are going to have to guess a little. Ask yourself: are your personalities compatible? Do you have similar desires for your romantic future? Does she have problems trusting people, or committing to them? Answering these questions – among many others – can help you figure out whether or not it’s a good idea to act on your feelings and pursue a romantic relationship with the girl who is, as of now, your best friend.

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So, you just went on your first date with a woman. As far as how you did in attracting her and coming off as boyfriend material, you can’t be certain, but you are sure that you really liked her.

You know, without a doubt, that you want to call her back. The question is, when?

Figuring out how soon to call after a first date is a common dilemma for men. If you call too soon, she could be put off by you. You might come across as desperate or needy, and she might need to time to think about how the date went for her and whether or not she wants to go on another one. However, if you wait too long, she might start to resent you, and might decide that you blew it with her (worst case she even goes out with a different guy.)

Finding the perfect range of time when you should call her can certainly influence her decision regarding whether or not to give you another date.

So when should you call after a first date? The easy answer to this is to wait exactly two days. This means, after the night you went out with her, you go the entire next day without calling, and then give her a call the following day. The more difficult (but unfortunately far more accurate) answer is that it depends.

The first thing to do is try to assess how well you “performed,” so to speak, in the date. Was she laughing and smiling a lot? Was she being flirtatious? Did she seem to enjoy herself? Or was she glancing around a lot, rushing the dinner (if that is where you were with her), checking her phone, and giving you fairly cold glances? Furthermore, did she tell you anything about whether or not she might be interested in seeing you again? And finally, how did it end? Did you kiss her, and if so, on the lips? Did you go even further, perhaps? Or did she seem to want to get away as quickly as possible?

Answering these questions is crucial to figuring out how soon you should call after a first date.

If you’re sure the date went well, then you can probably call her back the next day, and if you want you can even send her a text late that night right before you go to bed telling her how much fun you had. If, however, you do not think it went well, it may be best to wait a couple days – or even more – before giving it another go with her.

Finally, when trying to figure out when to call after a first date, you should try to use what you picked up about her when you make your decision. Is she the kind of bold, no bullshit woman who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants? In this case, she might appreciate that you decide to break the so called “rule” and contact her the next day (or even that very night!) Or does she, perhaps, seem easily intimidated and perhaps influenced by bad experiences with men in the past? In this case, you should probably give it more time, so as not to make her nervous or feel like she is rushing into anything.

On a final note, if the date did go well enough, you should always try to call her earlier rather than later. If the connection between the two of you was obvious and good, she will not mind. If you wait too long you run the risk of having her give someone else a chance, feeling confused as to how you feel about her, etc. Don’t let this happen.

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True love isn’t just for fairy tales… you can have it too!

If you feel that you will never find that special someone to share your life with, don’t despair! Anyone can find true love. Unfortunately, a lot of guys sabotage themselves by making an all too common mistake: they try too hard!

You see, one of the problems with falling in love is that the harder you try, the more difficult it becomes. Why? Because you can’t force true love. It’s an organic process that happens naturally when all of the circumstances in your life are right.

Instead of trying to find true love, focus on getting your life in order!

This is far more productive because it will prepare you for when the right girl does present herself. Not only will you be able to act on that opportunity immediately, you will also have a much greater chance of success since all of the circumstances that you need for true love will be in place.

So what are these circumstances? What do you need to sort out so that you seize opportunities for falling in love instead of squandering them? Here’s a list of some of the more important factors that come together to create an opportunity for true love to bloom.

#1: You need to like your life

Liking your life might sound like weird advice, but it’s actually the first and most important step that you can take to find true love. Imagine that you find an incredible girl and that the two of you fall in love. What do you think will happen if she ends up becoming the most important thing in your life? How do you think she will feel if she is your only reason for living?

If you make a girl the center of your universe, you will end up putting a lot of pressure on her. She will feel very burdened knowing that your happiness depends entirely on her. Start building yourself a foundation of personal interests and opinions to keep you stable and let the girls know you’re all around a balanced individual.

You can’t use love to fill the hole in your life. True love should be the topping on the sundae. It should add value to your life, not be your sole reason for living. So get your life together and focus on adding more things that you are passionate about.

When I work with new clients, I often find that what excites them the most are the things that they aren’t currently doing. Don’t let the fear of wasting your time or missing out on something better ruin your passions. Everyone has several hobbies or interests that they love, but no longer do for whatever reason. What are yours?

#2: You need to recognize the love around you

You will never find true love if you treat it selfishly. Appreciate the love that already surrounds you. When you see two elderly people holding hands while walking down the street, admire their devotion to one another. When you pass a young couple caring for their newborn child, bask in their unconditional love.

Never envy people who have what you want – jealousy will kill your chances of true love quicker than anything else.

As you get better at noticing the love around you, try extending your appreciation even further by paying more attention to the women in your life. Every time that you meet a girl, make a mental note of five things that you appreciate about her. It doesn’t matter whether you are romantically interested in her or not. Developing your appreciation is all that counts.

#3: You need to know what you want

So many people search for true love without even knowing what exactly they are looking for! If you want to meet “the one,” then you need to have a really good idea of the type of girl who you want to settle down with.

Here’s a simple exercise that you can do right now: grab something to write with and make a list of the top ten qualities that you look for in a woman. What are the features, traits, and values that are the most important to you? This is important is because it’s much easier to find a certain type of girl when you know what she is like. So many guys are literally looking for love in all the wrong places because they never stop to think where the women who they want are likely to be.

When have a clear picture of the girl who you want to settle down with, you can find out where she is likely to be, and plan how to be in those places more often.

#4: You need to use your resources

Research shows that the top three methods for meeting a potential spouse are through work, through friends, and through social activities. So it’s pretty clear that spending all of your free time in a bar is not the most productive way to find true love.

By tapping into the resources that you already have, you will dramatically increase your chances of falling in love. For starters, speak with your female friends, as well as the girlfriends of your male friends, and let them know that you are looking for someone to settle down with. Within a day or two you could have a network of women serving as your eyes and ears!

#5: You need to be comfortable with being single

Remember how the very first tip that I shared with you was about liking your life? Well, this is basically an extension of that. You need to be comfortable with being single because it is almost impossible to attract people into your life when you hate the life that you have.

If you find it hard not to feel frustrated with being single, then reflect on all of the advantages of living a single life.

You can date multiple women before committing yourself to your true love. You are free to be whoever you want and do whatever you want without the responsibility that comes with a serious relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you should settle for being single. I’m just saying that you need to enjoy your life regardless of your relationship status. You are much more likely to find a girlfriend and fall in love when you are happy and having fun.

What could you do to enjoy your life more? Please share your suggestions in a comment below.

Most of us are working on a few things (or more) to experience more enjoyment in our lives. Please share what you are working on in the comments. I’ll respond to each one personally.

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young men whispers to his girlfriend, couple in love

Let’s face it, sometimes a woman can take away a man’s ability to speak. Caught up in their beauty, men lose focus on what to say because they are dazzled by the show in front of them. It is only by chance that we are able to say anything truly sweet to a girl, but some of us manage to do it.

So what makes these the sweetest things to say to a girl? Well, it is a little bit of voice tone and a lot of understanding how psychology works. When it comes to saying some of the sweetest things to a girl, it usually depends on the type of girl.

However, you are in luck, as we do have a list of words that you can memorize so you can whisk her heart away. If you don’t know what type of girl she is yet, or you’ve run out of catchy pickup lines, then all you have to know about “sweetness” is how to make it sound like it’s three different things. Women love intimacy, flattery, and controlled confidence. Women were raised in a society where men were in power, so they adapted to a man with great power, and now it’s something many women are attracted to. Sometimes this can be money, but most of the time it’s just being in control.

Here is a list of the sweetest things you can say to a woman:

1. “Your eyes are like a sea of” is something you say depending on their eye color. For example if their eyes are green then you can say, “Your eyes are like a sea of emerald trees that I could get lost in forever.” In addition, if you are good with words you can attach another sentence of flattery to it for extra measure.

2. Begin acting as if you’re distracted by looking at her face in a lost gaze and if she asks what you’re looking at, say the following, “I’m sorry I was distracted by your face” pause for tension, “It’s like a work of art, so full passion and beauty. It really is distracting.” Then crinkle the eyebrows while bringing out a smile and this is one of the sweetest things to say to a girl because it is full of confidence and flattery with a lot of intimacy. Do you have any idea how long it took to apply the makeup she is wearing?

3. One of the best of the sweetest things to say to a girl is right when you begin a conversation, but in order for it to work, she has to say hello first. It should play out like this;

Her – “Hello”

You – “Hi.” – Say this with a smile.

Her – “How are you?”

You – “Well I had a pretty busy day but your smile made me forget everything.” Say this with a crooked smile.

This works on the very basic principles of ultimate intimacy, as it implies that the smallest things she could do made you happy. This actually goes back to when men were just the workers and women really could not share a lot of the burden. It takes a long time to get out of something that your family adapted to.

4. Something you can say when you think a conversation is going sour but you really like the girl is, “You’re adorable when you’re mad.” This is extremely sweet and something you can actually win the argument with. It is a different type of flattery because it works on all women.

5. If you are just going in to meet a woman, do not ever enter the conversation with one of these three things: “Hey”, “How are you?”, or “You looked lonely.” You always want them to laugh when you meet them, but don’t come off creepy.

A line that usually works is, “Hi, hey, do you know where the bathroom is? My inebriated friend wants to get rid of some stuff that the alcohol argued with.” When she answers, apologize for lying to her and tell her exactly why you used the excuse.


It’s important to take the opportunity of talking to her once you have done this – don’t let it go to waste! It will take a few tries to get it done right. Just keep trying and I know you can handle it.

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Happy and intimate mature couple during foreplay

What girls like in a smart guy is the ability to express humor through deft intelligence along with being clean and kept well groomed. A smart guy has a lot of things going for him if he knows where to put his knowledge. This shows confidence in your brain while being able to show them that you’re not the type of guy that that just sits at the computer all day sucking up facts and Cheetos.


Humor is the number one thing that women look for in a smart guy. A lot of women like dry humor if it’s placed right, or the ability to make something that’s not normally funny into something that is. Humor is the smart guy’s level of confidence to a woman, so the more they have of it the more likely the woman will be attracted to them. Be careful, though, because not everyone will understand a joke about the hereditary tendencies of pea pods. If you want to be funny in an intelligent way, don’t aim the joke too far over their heads.

Deft Intelligence

What girls like in a smart guy is their ability to be smart without being so holier-than-thou that it feels like they’re the smart guy on a pedestal. This is what deft intelligence is, the ability to think like a machine but still have a human sense of humor and the ability to talk like an average thinker.

I say this because, generally, a smart guy will not be able to hold back his intelligence and will sound like a machine spewing facts. A good example of this is saying that they like the molecular structure of the hydrogen atom and the oxygen atom falling down from the nimbus cloud to permeate the existence of life, when they could have just said that they were fascinated that something so small that falls down from the sky gives life to everything. It’s intelligent while still conveying something that is both beautiful and understandable.


The number one thing women either can’t stand or have a hard time getting over is a face full of zits. Zits can be cured by using dehydration oils to suck up the oils out of the face. Women who know this don’t understand why someone more intelligent than them can’t use it, too. Don’t get so caught up in colonizing your brain that you forget the basic principles of hygiene. Shower daily (or at least every other day), put on some clean clothes and deodorant, and comb out some of those knots before you try to impress a woman with your fascinating knowledge of the world.

Clean and Kept

What girls like in a smart guy, and in fact determines whether or not they begin dating, is being clean. Women decide whether you are clean or not by how clean you keep your body. Things like zits represent a lack of desire to keep clean, which often carries over to how you live. What’s the point in keeping the zits off when they aren’t really in the way? What’s the point in picking up the clothes in the bathroom if they’re not in the way? Women wear make-up and make themselves pretty to make them desired more by men, so they expect the same from the man they choose, but in a manly sense.


Got a girl you are going after? Check out some of my other articles to guarantee you’re ready for the chase. Got a question? Post a comment below and get first-hand feedback and advice.