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Sensual kisses on the delicate young neck

They talk with ease, and they are generally nice, but that’s not how gentlemen date women easily. There are specific features of a gentlemen that make them very attractive over other men. They have access to women of all ages, and it’s difficult to grasp how they manage to attract them. The sad thing is that the techniques are very simplistic and deal with basic psychology. A woman will look at the facial features of a man before they look at anything else, before they even look up and down. A gentlemen perfects his facial features to the point where the rest of his body doesn’t even matter.

The Jawline

The jawline is the first indication of the difference between a gentlemen and a regular man. It’s not strong or sturdy, but it faces itself in a way that specifically makes it seem like it’s proud. The jawline is always pointed upward to the point where a gentlemen is looking down at the person they’re with, but not by much. For women this causes a reaction that’s baffling to most men because the gentlemen is turning them on by making the women feel like they’re not in charge. Most women don’t like to be in charge, so how gentlemen date women easily is not really about whether they’re attractive or not, but that they’re in control.

The Twinkle

The twinkle is a small glint in the eye that brings about a feeling of intriguing mystery. This twinkle is something that only the master gentlemen can do because of how difficult it is to pull off at the right moment. The corner of the eye is constantly in a teary state because it has to moisten the eye. In order to reflect the light off of this part and have it shine towards women for a moment requires a perfectly adapted crooked-head smile. Doing both at the right time is extremely difficult because you run the risk of it going wrong and simply looking like a weirdo.

Chest with Confidence

Again with the sense of pride, the chest is pointed upward which gives off the sense of, “I’m better than everyone around me.” Confidence in yourself is the key to attracting women, because without confidence you miss out on most things in life and in the bed. Women are always judging men based on worth and not value. Men with muscles are attractive on paper, but if that man is compensating his confidence with muscles as reassurance, women will try to stay away from him.


A good example is being a swimmer, which requires you to stay slim, but muscular. Many swimmers focus on short goals and are only confident when someone tells them they’re doing a good job. Their main goal is to get to the other side faster than their opponents do, and if they can’t do that, they lose confidence in themselves. Swimmers are known to be shy, reclusive and lonely because they have a sport that isn’t something they can easily brag about.

However, a fighter is concentrated on becoming the best in their division. Even if they’re not the best, they can still brag about the last fight they won. They can even brag about how hard it was for the other man to win. Fighters are known to be outgoing, crowd hoggers, and very friendly with women. The only difference is that they are confident in themselves. Most of them naturally carry the traits of a gentlemen because it’s part of being a fighter. This is how gentlemen date women easily, they show their confidence in their body.

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Well, is it all about size for women? The answer is hard to believe, but no, size is the last thing that women concern themselves with when going through the dating process. There are only four things that women check for on dates for first, second, and even third base, which is something most guys don’t even think about. We’ll give you a list of what you need to know to attract the women that you want and where the attraction actually stems from.


The number one reason why the question, “Is it all about size for women?” is almost laughable is because what really matters is confidence. Without confidence, a man won’t even be able to speak to women. Confidence stems from the need to survive when animals or their family are being attacked. This simple attraction is drilled into a woman’s thinking that if a man is confident then he and his family have a much better chance at survival.


Character is your personality and you’re inability to mimic other people just so they will like you. A woman does not want a man to be obedient because it shows a lack in the man’s ability to think for himself. This is the answer to why a lot of women like jerks even though they may get emotionally or physically messed up. Those jerks put off an air of doing whatever they want and being their own person.


Adaptability means confidence under pressure and the ability to handle every situation. A good example of this is a horror movie. If both a man and a woman are screaming, then they don’t stand a chance. If the man is able to adapt instead of scream and run, then they might be able to get out of the situation. In terms of survival this is the same principle for fierce animals instead of a murderer.


Dreams are a huge deal for women because they essentially tell the woman where you want to go in life. If a man has a small dream then they won’t be going very far, and this actually tells a woman when the relationship will end. To a woman, it is never okay to surpass their man in terms of dreams because to them it means they’re settling. In terms of survival, man would have never created farming if he didn’t have any dreams and we certainly wouldn’t have any phones.


If you haven’t noticed, everything connects back to the ability to survive. This was literally born into women, it still exists to this day, and the men who have women hanging off their arms know this. When a lonely man tries to ask the men who have women lying on their arms how he does it, it usually ends up in the same answer: “I really don’t know, I guess I was just born with it.”

This is because, essentially, their traits from their fathers were born into them. Before easy divorce became popular, it was almost unheard of for a man to be without a woman unless they didn’t have any money to his name. The reason being is that the father was always there to instill into him what was passed on from his father, so they naturally attracted women and they never asked, “Is it all about size for women?”

So is it all about size for women? No, it’s all about whether the man has the qualities to survive in any given situation.

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Scoring 3rd base on your first date requires a lot of prep work in the beginning, and it’s very tricky to pull off. Getting a girl to follow you home is going to mean a couple of things. You’re going to need a lot of time, you’re going to need to learn her body language fast, you’re going to need a lot of cash, and you need to be yourself. Doing this is, again, very tricky and usually works better on women you’ve already gained their trust with, but odds are you’re reading this because you’re on a first date with a woman from the internet.

A Lot of Time

You’re going to want to start this date as early as you can, provided it goes well. The longer you get to know her, the more she will trust you. Trust is key to scoring 3rd base on your first date. After all, women already know that going to an unknown place with someone you don’t trust is extremely risky, so the first thing you have to do is get her to trust you, and that’s going to take a lot of time.

Learn Fast

When you first meet, you’ll need to mentally jot down everything she’s willing to give you. Pick up some psychology books on women and learn their body language. This is key to getting into her “inner shell” and will only work to your advantage. Once you’ve learned her body, it’s only a matter of time before you get her to fully trust you.


The number one way to get into a woman’s mind is to get her to start having fun. If she has an online profile, this will work to your advantage. Most women online have a well-balanced life, and they finally want someone to be part of it, so it’s important not to be broke. Going to movies, gaming areas, or even the carnival will shred through money like a cheese grater. Movie tickets are somewhere around 10 dollars a ticket and the food is usually 15 dollars or higher.

Be Yourself

Everyone knows this advice. It’s the advice you actually get from the television shows. Does anyone take this advice to heart? No, and in fact they build a wall of lies most of the time or get too nervous to act themselves. Should they take the advice to heart? Absolutely, because being yourself is crucial to showing confidence, which begets trust.

You might be asking, well, how do I be myself when I’m too nervous? It’s simple, look at the situation you’re in and ask yourself if you’re nervous because of trying something new, or rejection. If it’s something new, then ask yourself what you do when you go on a new ride, play a new game, or go to a new concert. If it’s because of rejection, though, realize that there are over 7 billion people on the planet, and that she is only one of them. This will reduce your fear greatly, and odds are you won’t be nervous anymore.


Scoring 3rd base on the first date is extremely simple and only becomes hard if you can’t seem to earn her trust. Without her trust there’s simply no chance of even getting to 3rd base. So get out there and seal the deal.

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In order to understand the basics of women, you have to break them down into what bothers them. What you should not say to a girl on a first date is usually something to do with emotions that aren’t warm, friendly, or a turn on. So, what you should not say to a girl on a first date are critiques, anything depressing, anything about marriage, and definitely not past girlfriends.

Critiques are the Worst
Critiques are definitely something you should not say to a girl on a first date, as they usually make the person who is receiving them angry, depressed, or even lonely. The issue lies in the fact that something about them is wrong, and someone else just saw it. For the most part, women generally try to make themselves as perfect as possible, so something being wrong tells them that they failed.

Depression Depresses
No one likes being depressed or being around a person who is depressed, which is why it’s proper etiquette to be fun and enjoyable around girls. There are some girls that don’t mind talking about a depressed memory or thought, but it doesn’t mean it’s okay, and it’s definitely what you should not say to a girl on a first date. You’re trying to have fun and be enjoyable, and being depressed makes that impossible. Also, women do not like men who are depressed when they first meet them because they are there to meet you and have fun. They take this and reflect on what it might be like in the long run.

Marriage is a No-No
Marriage is a topic that only women should be allowed to talk about because even when men are talking about it amongst themselves, they still get into trouble. What you should not say to a girl on a first date is that you would like to marry her, you can see yourself getting married to her (or worse, some unknown woman), or that you could never marry again. The first two would make her think that you’re potentially psychotic and that you are pushing for something she’s just not ready for. The last one makes her think you’re not ready for any type of commitment and that it seems like a possibility of a one-night stand with missed calls.

Past Should Stay in the Past
One of the worst things that you could say is something that includes a past girlfriend. The issue with a past girlfriend is not the mentioning of her name, but comparing her to the woman you’re on a date with. What you should not do on a first date is use the past girlfriend to measure the girl to a specific standard.


You should definitely be able to get through the first date now, have a good time, and confidently land a second date, so have fun. The first date only lats a few hours, but the fun can go on for years if you know what to say.

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To get the girl you want, there are only a few things that you have to do and have to keep in mind. Most women come down to how much you and her click, because without the intellectual attraction there is no need for a girl to get to know you. To get the girl you want you need confidence above everything else, but it’s important to know yourself and her so that you know what to say.

Confidence, Confidence, Confidence

To get the girl that you want you need confidence, and without it you can’t even choose which girl you want. The issue lies in your own personal definition of how confident you are, and many times it’s warped from what it actually is. Confidence defines an explicit ability to act on what you think, so to have confidence you must choose the girl you want before you can even get the girl that you want. Many assume that confidence is something you only need when doing something scary or difficult, but you’ve had it since you were born. If you know how to tie your shoelaces then you’ve already acquired confidence. Simply realizing that there’s no difference in the level of confidence between tying your shoe and getting the girl that you want is the first step.

Know Thyself

You must know yourself, which means your dreams, your problems, and everything else about you. Also, you need to know yourself before you can visualize the girl that you want because you’ll need to weed out your own problems before you can shoulder relationship problems. A good example is the average gamer, who sits on the couch and plays video games for hours on end. The main problem is socializing, because you are sitting in front of a screen for hours on end. To get the girl that you want you have to find someone like you that you like being around. A gaming girl still likes to socialize, it’s part of their gathering instincts of the cave man days.

Get to Know Her

To get the girl you want you have to know what you want in a girl. There must be at least five mandatory actions that you do that she must do as well. Let’s use the gamer boy example again. They play games, they eat junk food, they stay up late at night, they sleep during the day, and they don’t really like going outside. If this is true about the gamer boy, then it has to be true about the gamer girl in order for him to get the girl he wants. You must do it to get the girl you want because then there’s a high level of compatibility.

Speak Her Lingo

If the girl you want is high class then you have to match that. In order to get the girl you want you have to know her lingo, as it can be tied to how she speaks to people in general. Picking up a book about facial psychology will do wonders when trying to figure out what a woman is thinking. To get the girl you want you have to speak about your feelings, but you have to keep in mind that the girl is the prey.


To get the girl you want, you have to have confidence and applicable knowledge. Now that you know this, you have a good chance of being successful, so good luck and have fun out there.

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When it comes to women, are you the shy guy? Well, you can overcome your shyness with words using simple techniques that anyone can use. Being shy isn’t a bad thing, and if you know you’re shy then you can overcome your shyness with words and use your shyness to your advantage.

Talents Are Your Friends

In order to overcome your shyness with words you need to realize your skills and use your talents appropriately. The talents you have will determine how far they will take you with the relationship you’re going to have, and it’s important to be confident in your skills. Make your talents a full part of your life and you will naturally attract women to you, specifically the type of woman you are compatible with. Knowing that the woman you’re attracted to is also compatible with you reassures that you won’t be rejected. Tell this woman what your dreams are and how you plan to use your talents because dreams always impress women.

Slow Down Shy Guy

Women love a shy guy, especially when they’re confident in everything they do but are shy around women. To overcome your shyness with words is fantastic, but it shouldn’t be forced. If you force the words to come then it seems like you’re coming on too strong. You need to overcome your shyness with words slowly. Doing so while still talking to a woman will bring up both strong relationship feelings and motherly feelings. If you want to impress the woman as you overcome your shyness with words then you have to find a friendly way to reject those motherly feelings. It’s easy to get sucked into those feelings, but accepting them and rejecting them is the difference between being a child and being a man.

Creepy or Mysterious

Along with being shy, sometimes you gain the ability to be dark and mysterious. There’s an easy way to tell if you’re the impressive kind or the creepy kind. The creepy kind always finds a reason to talk, while the impressive kind say small things that weigh heavily with words. If you think you’re the creepy kind, there’s a way to impress women by changing the way you speak. Take a voice lesson to make sure you don’t have the creepy voice from the movies and begin keeping track of your conversations. Try developing what you say into terms with more complicated words. Once you start talking to women and overcome your shyness, you can use the value of the words to impress women with your level of intelligence.

I Got a Good Feeling

Women love good feelings. They become like hungry animals when the feelings of confidence, happiness, and fun are expressed from a man. When you overcome your shyness with words, the first thing you want to keep in mind is that you need to use the words as bait. You’re trying to convince this woman to become interested in you.


While using your shyness to your advantage may be tricky, it can be used to impress the women you seek. Good luck in your hunting for the next lady out there for you, and remember, nice guys finish last. Overcome your shyness before it overcomes you.

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A lot of men don’t realize that attraction comes in different forms, and the parts of a woman you’re attracted to say a lot about you. Each area says something about your personality, which is important to be aware of. The reasoning is that parts of a woman that attract you give you an in-depth analysis of what you can be controlled by. They also tell you what type of woman you’re going to want and what type of woman you should be looking for.

Big Boobs
These parts say that you are very attracted in comfort and very exotic. The basic attraction here comes from when a mother gives their child milk. This means that the older and nicer this woman is that has big boobs, the more you will be turned on by her. This also means that the more motherly a woman is with big boobs, the more you will jump on to being with her at any time. The parts of a woman that attract you will almost always lead back to your mother.

Perfect Faces with Perfect Bodies
A perfect face is one of the more delicate parts of a woman because they have a feminine appeal to you. Usually, a perfect face means that you have a very aesthetic appeal when it comes to a woman. It’s very difficult to be turned on, which also means that you will have difficulty finding just one suitable person to settle down with. This part says that you like perfection in most of the things that you do, and sometimes in a sexual context.

Luxurious Hair with Wide Shoulders
These parts say that you like a steady home, and this is one of the rare parts of a woman that attract men in general. These parts say that you are very down to earth and that you need stability above everything else. Attraction to these parts of a woman come from being well carried by your mother for a long time, whether financially or physically.

Big Butt
Almost every man loves a big butt, but this is a part of a woman that makes no sense to be attracted to. The big butt fetish is thought to come from sailors on ships, which is a controversial topic, but what would you do if you were months at sea? Nope, actually, no one has a clue on where the fetish comes from, but this does say a lot about you. The butt can be used as a great handle while having sex, and it can be used as an alternative hole that has less work involved. It usually means that you like to change life to fit your needs, and the woman you want is going to be one of the rare women that like that.

Sexy Legs
Attraction to sexy legs comes from your mothers base desire for sex most of the time. The legs are the first thing you touch before having sex, and if the woman is going to be on top, they’ll need a lot of strength. This can mean multiple things, because it could mean that you don’t like to be the one in charge or you’re not the one who wants to do the working. Because legs are a symbol of strength and power, they normally mean that you want someone as powerful or more powerful than you in a relationship.


Depending on the parts of a woman that attract you, you can handle your sex better and you can determine whether or not the person you’re with is the best you can have. Just have fun and experiment with it.

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A shot of a man and a woman in love kissing

A lot of men simply don’t know what to do when it’s their first time, and just knowing how to touch her becomes lost in a cloud of awkwardness. It’s so simplistic, a lot of men just don’t know what to do with themselves.

The truth is, many men don’t realize that their sex needs to be like their relationship. Usually, that means be slow, wait on her, be yourself, and don’t push too hard. Therefore, we’ll break it down for you so her first time (and possibly yours) will go the way you want it.

Slow and Steady Slow and steady is first in learning how to touch her because it allows her body to get ready for what’s about to happen. The issue lies in the fact that a woman’s body is malleable, so knowing how to touch her relies on how fast her body will react to you. The vagina can form and adapt to the penis so that both bodies like how it feels, but it isn’t something that happens immediately. This is a secret fact that women usually don’t know, and a lot of men have an inferiority complex because they don’t know it. This secret is kept from men so that women can be greedy with their choices, most of the time.

Follow Her Lead She is the only light to her body, so if she isn’t ready for it, then don’t push. But if she is ready, she’ll show you how to touch her. The only reason why she wouldn’t know is if she had never masturbated for some reason, which is an increasingly rare quality. Pay attention to her body and be sure she isn’t trying to push you away because that is a natural sign that she doesn’t want it.

Start Simple When learning how to touch her for the first time, it’s key to start out simple. A lot of men let the woman control the situation because they’re eager to get into her bed, but this is bad. Women don’t like to be in control, and even worse, they make huge mistakes when their desires take over their thoughts. Sometimes (even though it’s hard) you have to be the one who says no, because you’re not ready. Doing this will show one of two qualities about her: she will be driven mad until she practically forces you into bed, or she’s very insecure and thinks horribly of herself when she is denied.

Don’t Be Greedy When learning how to touch her in various spots, it’s important to diversify and not be greedy. On a woman, if a spot becomes touched too much then it becomes irritating over a period of time. Women love a variety, so that means leaning in for a kiss like normal then moving your head and whispering something sweet in her ear. Certain tricks can only be done at certain times, though, just like whispering sweet nothings in her ear will get you nowhere (most of the time) in sex.


Use these tips and have a fantastic time, and always make sure both of you enjoy sex to the fullest.

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Young businesspeople sitting on meeting at office, two women seducing satisfied businessman.

The ability to attract women without having a 6-figure job has baffled men for a long time, but it’s really not that complicated. Money means it’s easier to get things, and some women are just gold diggers. But most women are not, and they want something that the man behind the 6-figure job offers. Once you know what that is you can actually increase the amount of women that are attracted to you and even open up options at your current job.

Women are all about survival…

Both men and women have survival instincts just absolutely drilled into us, and this is key on how to attract women without a 6-figure job. A woman is genetically programmed to find a mate they consider suitable for their survival, and most times this simply means a set of mind. Women need a provider, a protector, and a stern hand, but this just means that the father is good at making sure kids grow up right. A provider means a man who is willing to work hard to get what he wants, a protector means that the man is willing to give up everything for the family, and a stern hand means that there won’t be any hesitation in making the choices that are right.

You can do nothing without confidence…

A woman will never find a man who has no confidence in himself attractive. At the most, they will feel like they need to mother this man, who is still a child, into an actual man. You can attract women without having a 6-figure job by simply being confident in your current abilities. The best way to do this is to find what your good at and find a woman who likes the same thing. Women from World of Warcraft like men who are confident in their gaming skills, but a woman who likes sports will like a man who has confidence in which team he chooses to root for.

Love is a mystery…

A lot of men don’t understand that most women are attracted to white lies. However, these can get blown back in your face and be tricky to pull off. Women love a man that they can’t figure out, but they don’t like a man whose doing it on purpose in plain sight. Adding small bits of mystery to your life will actually cause women who already knows you to have increased interest in you. This type of ploy can easily lure women who you’ve known and liked for years into liking you.

For real attraction, body means nothing…

This is the strangest concept that men come to face, but the same way of saying it is that make-up is superficial. If a woman is attractive but has a horrible attitude, then she will come into a lot of one night stands. The same is true for an attractive man, and it’s very simple as to why. They are concentrated on their looks and features. Their personality is centered on them looking good and they haven’t developed the ability to think any deeper than their skin.


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Librarian girls keep a list of the things that attract them, and while it may be muddled, there are 10 things that attract librarian girls almost every time on the spot. The new librarian girl has access to a Kindle and their own computer, so it’s very rare to see them out of their room. A librarian girl will have their hair tied up, a furrowed brow no matter the age, and they will always be dressed according to an OCD issue.

1. Intelligence is the number one thing out of the 10 things that attract librarian girls, but it has to be specific. Each librarian girl has a specific area of intelligence, and you have to appeal to it or else there isn’t a chance in the world.

2. Librarian girls love intelligent jocks. but it’s more or less the same as a regular girl. Just like a man that sits at the computer all day long dreams about finding one very attractive woman in their bedroom, a librarian girl loves a man full of confidence and rather healthy. However, if the same man does not have an inkling of the intelligence they expect, then that man will be nothing but eye candy.

3. Librarian girls love a man who is passionate over his intelligence. This isn’t the same as having the actual intelligence, but it’s having the desire to be bigger than what they are now. The dream of learning is compelling for librarian girls.

4. In Japan, there’s a classified type that all librarian girls like, the intelligent and stoic type. This is a man or woman that sits quietly and does nothing but read all day long. A librarian girl will feel compelled into asking why they are there, and if the reply is that books are their only solace, it becomes like candy to them.

5. Poetry is something that not many people remember, but it’s a rare gem to librarian girls. They read all day long and they feel the emotions that are found in the words. With the right words, your voice can go straight past their relationship defenses and possibly land a first date.

6. Being romantic is something that librarian girls fawn over, but just like intelligence it has to be specific. Be sure to watch what she reads before trying to drop any lines.

7. “The Mystery Man” is a double-edged sword because it requires a delicate balance of timing and choosing. Only do this if you know that she won’t freak out because this can very easily turn into a case of being a stalker. The Mystery Man leaves little love notes were they know she will find them, but won’t leave a name.

8. A librarian girl will always have a way of socializing, and usually it’s a site of complete anonymity or it’s a video game. Going the extra mile before even meeting her by integrating what she likes into your life gives you an advantage. It also gives you a chance to hang out with her in a place she already feels comfortable meeting strangers.

9. These librarian girls are very organized, but you can go even farther to say that some of them find this an attractive quality. Showing a librarian girl that you’re organized will give her a fond memory of you, which is basically a foot in the door.

10. Of course, the library is a librarian girl’s world, but this one requires the librarian girl to actually be in a non-virtual library. Librarian girls have an instant attraction to a man or woman that is seen helping people find books in the library. This creates an invisible attraction through what she does and she will find a way to interact with you even if it’s just to say thank you.


These are the 10 most common things that attract librarian girls. Go to the nearest library near you and just try them out for yourself, or, if you’re lucky, use them the next time you see a librarian girl in public.