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Are you looking at a girl on the bus, but she’s a complete stranger? If you want to learn how to get a phone number from a girl like her in less than 30 seconds, then keep reading.

This is difficult because of how personal you usually have to be to get a phone number from a girl. However, it is possible if you match a stereotype that she likes. For instance, if she is reading about pop music and listening to pop music, then you have to match what women would like in a pop music loving man. You need to be able to introduce yourself, have a need, and immediately leave afterwards.

Introduction needs a necessity
When getting a phone number, it’s vitally important that you have an introduction ready for every scene. If you are trying to get a phone number from a girl on a bus, you have some time before you actually talk to her. Introductions are key because it tells them who you are and what she can obtain from you. You also make things immediately personal by giving her some personal information about yourself, which opens her up for your question. The girl on the bus doesn’t know you, but if you quickly introduce yourself and express interest in her, she will return that feeling towards you.

Once you have a reason, ask her if she could help you
Look at what she does and try to guess what her job is or what her interests might be. Women hate liars, but when getting a phone number in less than 30 seconds, it’s important that you have a need for her that isn’t sexual. The easiest needs are for her to teach you what she does because many women love teaching since it’s part of their maternal instinct. When you call her and you begin talking with her, because you need something to be taught to you, she will set up a place to meet and, sometimes, it will even be her home.

You have to leave
Before things turn into a conversation, you have to ask the girl on the bus for her phone number and then leave as quickly as possible. If this lasts longer than 30 seconds, then the girl on the bus may refuse to give you her number or she won’t answer unknown calls. It’s important to show who you are and that you’re interested in the same things as her, but not to get into the conversation too deep. Your introduction, necessity, and acquiring the phone number should not be more than 30 seconds combined.

This is an extremely fun test of wits, and only a few people can actually pull this off. When getting a phone number in less than 30 seconds it’s important to take in all aspects of the girl before approaching her. You may be turned down a couple of times, but every time will be a learning experience, so don’t be nervous and just try to have some fun with it.

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An aphrodisiac food is a sexual stimulant that either adds sexual enhancement in bed or can recover the sexual tendency that was lost. These foods are normally classed as super foods that also increase immunity and energy efficiency.

Here are The Top 10 Aphrodisiac Foods.

1. Maca Roots From the region of Peru, these plants are known as super foods and are known to boost the libido. They help with sickness and are great to use in tea for those unhealthy times.

2. Chocolate One of the tastiest foods that also has the ability to make you feel like you’re in love, chocolate releases endorphins inside of your brain that increases your natural tendency towards sex.

3. Oysters Oysters are known to increase the sexual experience due to the increase of brain wave activity from zinc. The natural and rare vitamins increase the feeling of overall satisfaction of the sex experienced.

4. Hemp Hemp has a horrible reputation that has permeated the economy as a drug. However, there are safe and legal hemp products that cause the same sexual boosting effects as its illegal cousin. They have a lot of good fatty acids and replenishing oils that saturate the mind for a better experience in bed.

5. Banana What list would this be if we didn’t name the banana, and you know what it looks like. Along with it’s sexual shape it has Vitamin B6 and B12, which help the blood flow stabilize for a longer lasting sexual experience. Also, Vitamin B6 is known to balance out the hormone level in your body so that it isn’t all gone when you first break your bank.

6. Salmon Fish in general have a high amount of fatty acids along with a good dose of zinc. The Salmon is the best choice out of them all as they have the highest amount inside of them.

7. Celery Celery is unique because of the pheromone that is inside of it, and there’s a lot of it. Celery has been known to keep a sex life alive until the day you die.

8. Garlic If you ever needed an excuse to eat garlic cheese bread, then knowing it is full of Allicin is reason enough. This unique item is responsible for making sure there is a good flow in your nether regions.

9. Peanuts Since we found them and Carver invented 100 ways to use peanut butter, peanuts have increased our sexual lives to their fullest. Because of the fats and metals inside of the nuts, peanuts are extremely helpful in recovering your sexual performance as well as increasing its life.

10. Truffles Rare truffles have properties that increase sexual sensitivity and passion in a person. Many couples who have eaten truffles inside their dinner have desired sex immediately after.

All of these aphrodisiac foods have the ability to increase your sexual prowess, sexual desire, and sexual sensitivity. So, have a full stomach and have fun burning it off.

Have you experience sexual high after consuming one of the above foods? Let us know how that went! Leave a comment below.

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There are few ways to handle dating your brother’s ex because of how it might go wrong in multiple ways. It will often go worse if you date your brother’s ex right after she dumps him than if it were him dumping her. The issue is that the person you’re trying to date had a special piece of them, and if she left him for you it will feel like the ultimate betrayal to him.

Here are the top 10 ways to avoid getting in trouble for dating your brother’s ex.

1. Don’t let him know
This is obvious, especially when it’s your first time, but don’t let him know what’s going on. This means you shouldn’t drink with him just in case he tries to coerce some answers out of you. Hoe long will you and his ex last, anyway? You won’t have to keep the secret for long.

2. Don’t mention your brother
On both sides, mentioning your brother in the relationship itself is a bad idea. You especially don’t want to talk about him because whatever flaws she saw in him, she will now see in you. This can take a happy relationship and turn it into a very sour one very quickly.

3. Treat it like any other relationship
For this to be a relationship, then you need to avoid thinking about it like it’s a nasty thing you’re doing. You’re a man and she is a woman, so if you two want to get together your brother shouldn’t have a say in it until marriage day. Therefore, you need to treat it the same way you would treat any other relationship in order for it to work.

4. Keep a schedule
The best way to avoid conflict with your brother is to schedule your dates around times you know that he won’t show up. Make your own schedule and then make a schedule with some generic things like going to the park to show to your brother, but make sure those times are during your dating times.

5. Blackmail
It’s very possible she may turn around and use this as blackmail to get you to do anything she wants. In order to prevent this you need to be wary of everything you do because if she comes into the knowledge that she can use this to control you, she just might try it. Many women have gone power mad this way.

6. Don’t admit guilt to her
Women like confidence above all else, and if you want this to work then you don’t want to admit that you feel bad about dating her. The reason behind this is that it shows you lack confidence in your own choice to do something dangerous.

7. If she doesn’t know, keep it that way
The best case scenario is that you know she is his ex, but she doesn’t know you’re his brother. This happens on a rare occasion and it’s best to keep this going as long as possible. For whatever reason the relationship ended, it did end. Therefore, if she finds out, she will think it will end in the same way.

8. Denial is your friend
If you’re caught, you have the option to say that this was your first date or that you never even thought of it that way. If you’re careful you can soften the blow before it lands and potentially save the relationship you had with your brother.

9. Texting is your enemy
Many people use texting in the court of law, so why wouldn’t they use it in real life? Every time you text her something relationship-y, it is giving away material that she can use to blackmail you. You want to keep the relationship talk to in person or over phonecalls rather than using the easy way and text.

10. Walk away
There comes a point where all you have to do is walk away and apologize. Sure, your brother may be upset with you for a while, but it no longer feels like you downright betrayed him, just that you were curious.

There are many dangers to dating your brother’s ex, but most of them rely on the trust that you have with the ex. She can hurt your relationship with your brother permanently if you’re not careful. Many movies portray the same result. It’s important to have fun while you’re doing this, but also take into account how this might affect your brother.

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There are quite a few signs that a girl shows when she is attracted to you, and they are very obvious, but most men can’t see them. All you have to do is see how much they’re trying to put themselves into your life without actually just asking you out and it becomes plain as day.

1. Flirting When a girl likes you, she will become more flirtatious than you see her with other men. They are trying to flaunt their qualities at you so that you’ll be attracted to them. Women sometimes do this in order to attract rich older men to fall in love with them, but their flirting is very subtle.

2. Notes A woman thinks that it’s romantic for men to give them notes of love, but they think notes on priorities are romantic for men. Men are more about materialistic things than they are about cute and cuddly things, so if you have a woman that’s constantly reminding you that you have things to do then they are most likely attracted to you.

3. More talkative Women want to be the center of your attention, so if a woman likes you she will make a point in talking with you for hours. Talking is one of a woman’s strengths when it comes to a relationship because it’s something they have to use to defend themselves and counter-attack against other girls in high school. Therefore, when it comes to the real world they use it to lure men in.

4. Calls A woman who likes you will make it a point to call you, and usually it’s about minor things. The number one reason why they call is usually for the excuse of comfort since they know that most men will comfort a woman in distress.

5. Touching It will be very small, but she will find reasons to touch you, and sometimes it’s not small. This can range from a woman sticking her hand down your pants to a woman that wants to hold hands while she cries on your shoulder. This is very misleading and the situation should be taken into account before making assumptions.

6. Sad to Happy If she was once sad and then becomes happy in a few moments after she talks to you, odds are that she likes you. The sad to happy phase comes from both the need to talk and touch at the same time. This is a dangerous time because it’s also the time she’s deciding of whether to put you in the friend zone or, if you’re quick enough, to date her.

7. Finds reasons If a woman likes you, then she will find reasons to become part of your life. It could be for a sick day, it could be financially, but it usually means that she is supporting you on a day that it really isn’t needed. This is often confused for a maternal instinct, but it’s nowhere near it because it requires a life or death situation for those instincts to overpower selfishness.

8. Reschedules A lot of the time when a girl likes you she will move her schedule around to hang out with you. It usually starts off small with good excuses like birthdays, holidays, and trips. But it becomes obvious as time goes on and she will reschedule almost anything to always be near you.

9. Boasts about your skills One of the weirdest things you can see from a woman that likes you is her boasting about your skills in front of girls that you like. Women already know what’s happening, but men usually don’t, so they come over feeling confident and proud for no reason. This is a ploy to bring you to her and it usually works very well.

10. Will see your parents It’s sneaky and downright embarrassing when a girl you’ve liked comes over to see your parents. Women normally know your schedule and purposefully show up way before you get home. Mothers know what this trick is and usually decide to play along with it. You’ll find them with baby pictures.

Usually when a girl likes you she will find ways of interacting with you. They will start slow and steady, but if they think you’ve noticed, they’ll change their game. So be careful in how you play the relationship game and have fun.

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When you’re trying to date a cheerleader it’s important not to judge them before you meet them. Just because they looked fantastic in their cheerleader pictures, they may look like a complete nerd outside of their competition. When trying to date a cheerleader, do not believe movies. Most of the time cheerleaders are absolutely brilliant. They have to have good grades. Their future is bleak if they’re relying on cheerleader as a career since it’s hard to get into a professional team, so most of them are in it for the leadership skills it provides.

Social power is key
One thing is true about most cheerleaders: they need to be social to stand out. Of course, many of them keep those skills very tightly wrapped with academic achievements, but being social has a leadership quality to it as well. Meeting someone who is a complete stranger and becoming friends with them on the spot is a powerful business skill. Cheerleaders are not dumb. It’s simply not allowed anymore, and when trying to date a cheerleader you need to keep this in mind.

Fewer jokes, more art
When trying to date a cheerleader it’s important to appeal more to your art side than your social side because most cheerleaders want everything in their life. This is a proven statistic because the more you can relate to what’s around you then the better a job you’ll be able to do. These types of girls want to be cultured and always involved in the latest trends in the world, so staying up to date on film, music,and culture is a must when trying to date a cheerleader.

Know your own politics
When trying to date a cheerleader, it’s very important to know your politics. Many of these cheerleaders come from political supporting families or are involved with their school government. Knowing the politics of everyday life is needed to bridge the gap of what she does and what you’re used to. Also, knowing your politics will add a specific level of intelligence that is useful both when in a relationship with a cheerleader as well as inside class. Cheerleaders fascinate themselves with politics because they come to realize that it’s very similar to how a relationship works.

They’re A students with D attractions
When trying to date a cheerleader, they are normally attracted to students who have bad grades for the most part because they’re more focused on their muscles. Many teachers will give students exceptions for sports simply to increase the school’s reputation, and it’s a flaw that permeates many schools throughout the United States. Trying to date a cheerleader and being the top of your class is going to have a few bumpy roads, because many women at that age are also more malleable when dealing with attractive men. You must remember that your brain will pay you a lot more than your muscles, so don’t give it up just to fit in.

Trying to date a cheerleader is one of the classic dreams for many young teenagers, and a lot of older men. Just keep in mind that cheerleaders have a hard time staying in the sport, so they may use anything to climb up the ladder. You need to be yourself and you’ll naturally attract the cheerleaders that like you for who you are. Don’t be nervous and just take your relationships in stride.

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As, men we do our best to find out what turns a girl on, but exactly what turns a girl on? While most of us think it’s size and a few of us think it’s their toys, what about those men who don’t have a chance in the world who end up on a first date before us? How did they find out what turns a girl on?

We’re left with two options, either leave women alone entirely and become abstinent or travel the unknown road and hope you don’t injure your ego. Thankfully neither of us have to do that. We have some advice for you, and you’ll discover below that women don’t really care about your size. Really, who you are is what matters because though a big penis might be great, in the end it’s not what keeps a relationship going.


Confidence is the key to everything we know about what turns a girl on. If you’re confident then you are the ideal mate. You won’t hesitate to struggle to survive, and girls are turned on by that. Women will always deny that they’re attracted by basic instinct, but scientists have already proven that they are. Confidence means you know who you are, what abilities you have, and you are proud to show the world what you’re made of, no matter how many people insult you for it.


Knowledge is power, and the ability to use that knowledge to get what you want is something that really turns a girl on. In history books, men were not measured by their size, but by the greatest marks they left on history. Why do you think that is? Living at home with your mother isn’t the worst thing in the world, provided you know how to describe it right. No woman likes a man who is still dependent on his mother, but if his mother is a landlord or an elderly woman who needs someone home to care for her, it reverses the thinking pattern because it says that you’re only living there because of how responsible and trustworthy you are. Women prefer successful men, but success doesn’t mean you have to be rich. It means that you are willing to succeed in anything you do.


Style is very unique, and it’s something that turns a girl on based on your appearances and attitudes. You can clash two stereotypes together like a cheerleader and a Goth, but there will be a lot of differing opinions. Take a pen and paper and describe yourself in detail to figure out the woman you will attract. If you want to have a different woman then you must change your description to an acceptable degree that matches the description of your woman. Don’t fake it, but get acquainted with a the style that matches hers. Having your own style will turn a girl on, but it has to be a style that girl relates to.

As you can see, all the ways you can turn a girl on and what turns a girl on fall into one category: your personality. Women like a good personality. Men are the only ones looking for an aesthetic appeal. It’s only natural. Our bodies are attracted to survival, and if you can master this, you can get every type of girl out there.

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So, why is she hot and then cold? It boils down to her brain and what’s inside. Many times she is raging with hormones. There are also moments when a thought enters her head that makes her suddenly think differently. In addition, death of a close one and depression have been known to cause extreme horniness one minute and tears the next. The brain has a lot to do with why she is acting bipolar, hot and then cold.


Thinking is usually the root cause why she is having mood swings. Most of the time something funny comes through at the wrong time. It’s difficult to stay horny when something comes through that you have to struggle not to laugh about. Why she is hot and then cold comes down to how much embarrassment or hurt she wants to save you from. Imagine how hurt you would be if a woman heard words coming from your mouth that were supposed to be romantic and she just laughed in your face. This is why sometimes it’s better to ignore somebody rather than just be mean to them. This is what a woman is thinking when she ices over.

Family issues

Another reaon she is hot and then cold may be because of something that happened in the family she hasn’t shared with you. Something like the death of a loved one could become a light switch between angry or horny and happy or depressed. This is why it’s important to know what’s wrong with your partner at all times and to pay attention to specific details that seem odd. There’s almost nothing you can do for them except be there, but just be patient when she is too hot or too cold and let her even out.

Hormonal Imbalance

A woman’s emotions are primarily determined by the hormones that are currently running through her body. Women give birth, which is what causes them to be hyper sensitive to feelings and hormones. A hormonal imbalance may be one reason why she is hot and then she is cold. For there to be a hormonal imbalance she must be sleep deprived, stress riddled, bipolar, or post traumatic.

There are many reasons why she might be hot one minute and cold the next, but it’s usually all in her head. Most of the time it just means you need to ask her what’s going on and to be completely truthful. Many marriages have ended horribly because a woman was in denial. It may be scary, but this is something that you need to confront her about, or it will just get worse. Just keep calm and sit her down when she seems calm.

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You know how they say women decide whether or not they want to have sex with you within 3 seconds of meeting them?

Well, unfortunately it’s true.

Now think of how that puts you at a disadvantage if you’re not tall, dark, and handsome. Especially if she’s judging you so quickly. Maybe that’s why it’s so tough to get laid, huh? That’s quite possible, UNLESS you have something on you that as soon as you’re in the same room with her will make her COMPLETELY change her mind.

No, I’m not talking about having a Rolex around your wrist. Or a $100k diamond chain around your neck. I’m talking about this Pheromones.

Because even though your body produces them naturally, it doesn’t produce ENOUGH to attract EVERY woman in the room. Which is why I suggest you claim your bottle of Pheromone Advantage now, before your competition does…

Become a chick magnet with just a few drops on your skin.

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Do you have wrinkles, pimples, warts, bad hair, or something that makes you cry every morning because you think that other people are hot and you’re not? Just because you think they’re hot and you’re not doesn’t mean it’s true. A lot of people discredit themselves for who they are, and it works against them more than they realize. Because they think down of themselves like that, women who would normally date them are saying no. Negative thinking prevents them from even considering speaking to a woman.

While you may think that everyone’s so hot and you’re just not, you are unique in the world, which makes you a “quality product.” That means everyone who sees you for the real you thinks you’re beautiful. Just ask your female friends! Here are some things to remember if you’re ever feeling like the only ugly fish in the sea.

You are beautiful
The first thing you need to do in order to change the fact that they’re hot and you’re not, is to realize the you are beautiful. You are a unique person with your own tastes, and for every man there’s a genetically engineered compatible woman. If you want to argue with this, the only way to do that is to test all of the women in the entire world. The odds of you not finding a woman are actually less than if you were able to. All that thinking that they’re hot and you’re not is preventing you from finding the best quality of woman you can find.

Women look for this
Women actually keep an eye out for men who think that everyone is hot except for themselves because of two reasons. First, this gives them a position of power. Most of them would try to use it to get into concerts for free, get drinks for free, and a lot of other things. Secondly, people who think that women are hot and they’re not are easy gold digging targets. A lot of newly rich men have succubi for wives or a bad relationship history. Once you stop thinking that they’re hot and you’re not you can avoid these women and get the women who are made for you.

Muscular Men Compensate
A secret among marketing CEO’s is that men with great muscular build only have it because they have the “hot and you’re not” complex. That’s right, most of them are trying to make up for what they think they lack in sexual appeal. Many of these men are used by women to get what the women want. Unless they accidentally fall in love, women usually leaves these men heartbroken.

Many of us have been tricked into a different way of thinking because it sells more products, but the reality is that our cores are still not changed. Women like men who are confident in themselves and will use the ones who aren’t to get to those men. All you have to do is change how you look at your life, so have fun — and if you have any trouble, it doesn’t hurt to just find some nice woman to ask for help.

Think you’re not too hot? Here’s a secret to getting laid.

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In order to know how to attract a foreign woman, first you have to know how they feel about their nationality. Every woman from every country finds another man from another country naturally exotic and attractive. These women will usually understand you provided you are in your own country, but if you’re in their country, that’s a whole different book. They came to visit your country, which tells you automatically that they liked your country enough to come see it. That means she’s already curious about the men who live there.

Use Your Nation
You already know that the first step to attract a foreign woman is to use your nationality to your advantage. This is very similar to a political conversation or trying to attract a coworker. The only thing you have running for you at that moment is your knowledge of the subject and your uniqueness. You always want to have a friend along that can only hang out for a while, and you want to show her around the city she’s staying in. All of those cool places you know of will now become sight-seeing attractions for her. After all, she’s in this nation to have a good time.

Ask Her To Teach You
Once you’ve gone through the first couple hours showing her around town, show her your interest in her country and what you want to learn from it. When you’re both from a different nation, knowledge becomes the center of attraction. In order to attract a foreign woman you must also want to learn her language. This opens an avenue where you can hit on her in her own language and ask her what it means. This usually causes them to blush or giggle.

After you begin to pick up her language then you also want to fall into her type of lifestyle. If you’re meaning to attract her for keeps, knowing how to live with her is vital. It makes her feel appreciated. It also provides a little fun for her because it opens up avenues of comedy for screwing up and attraction for being confident that you can get it right.

Try Her Home Cooking
Women, for the most part, will deny that the kitchen is their place. While it isn’t nice to use this as an insult, trying her food is a crucial part of attracting a foreign woman. Women put as much effort in cooking their meals as they would taking care of a child or diffusing a nuclear bomb. If you get to taste her food and learn her recipes you’ll learn a lot about her without having to ask. If you can cook her recipes for her it will show her just how interested you are.

w19s7S-dJMLm3ATIuMPqLCvIY9KALaP9xZ3ltNlcZLA-475x229There are many ways to learn how to attract a foreign woman, but it’s crucial that you get to know her and establish a strong connection. After you have used these steps, continue to use them and develop a regular relationship as you would with any woman. You can practice this by taking a vacation and going to popular cities foreigners like in your country. Have fun with them and everything will turn out the way it’s meant to be.