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Most men have one of two feelings when going into sex: “I know exactly what I’m going to do and she’s not going to know what hit her.” Or “Oh my gawd, what do I do!?” Well, as a little helping hand, we’ve prepared a quiz for you to find out, “Do you know how to use your penis?”

Choose your responses for the following questions, take note of the number associated with your answers and check below to see if you know how to use your penis!

1. Going fast is good.

False 1

True 2

2. Showering before sex is the only time you need to take a shower.

False 1

True 2

3. It is good to have a boner before you are going to have sex.

False 1

True 2

4. You always want to grab a towel before you begin having sex.

False 2

True 1

5. It’s important to take breaks during sex.

False 2

True 1

6. Sex is usually more than 2 hours for you.

False 2

True 1

7. Kelking will increase your sexual performance.

False 2

True 1

8. Kegal Exercises are for women only.

False 2

True 1

9. Sex declines as you get older.

False 1

True 2

10. Women are only attracted to men with big penises.

False 1

True 2


So, do you know how to use your penis? If the majority of your answers yielded 1s, this is for you:

You understand your penis…

You understand that a slower type of sex is the best type of sex. You know better than to take just one shower and to use a towel to wipe off the nasty. You know that getting a boner before having sex will shorten the amount of time you are able to have sex before ejaculating. You know that if you take sex for granted, it can ruin your sexual life. You know that Kelking and Kegal exercises are both great for increasing your performance in the sack. Finally, you know full well that you have to woo a woman before you can get her into bed, and if your penis isn’t big enough, you can fix that.


However, if you answered mostly 2s – sorry buster, think again!

You’re doing everything wrong…

It is never okay to go fast as the sex can be drawn out as long as the person wants it to be. You need to take a shower before and after sex. Otherwise if you have sex again after a small break you will smell horrible. It is never a good idea to get a boner before having sex because you could actually end sex before it really begins. Grabbing a towel will allow you to have sex for a longer time without being knee deep in your own cum. It’s important to take breaks during sex so that your body is able to adapt to not needing to cum for a long time, which makes a woman enjoy the sex far more. You always want to have sex for more than two hours because your body will start to lessen what you need in order to cum, which may lead to premature ejaculation. Kelking is a vital way to increase the size of your penis. Most porn directors know and use this technique. Kegal exercises are for both men and women as they have this same body part, it’s just more enjoyable for women. As you get older you will need to work less so the time you can have sex increases, but your performance may decline. Women are attracted to anyone who has a personality that they like. Only sex-driven women like big penises and they usually have a very loose vagina.

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Here is a continuation of the list we made before of the 10 hottest women. These women are the ones who weren’t the highest of the hottest women but still set many of the standards of today’s fashion world and have boosted into our world with a mountain of beauty.


1Hottest Women #11 –Eva Longoria Starring as a soap opera actress, she roll unto the scene in the later years of 2000. She stands at number 11 in our hottest women, climbing over 2 marriages and still looking hot as ever. She has been in the acting business for over 10 years but only starring in small roles.



2Hottest Women #12- Katie Price This busty blond started her career in modeling before she jumped into the acting light. Her nickname was Jordan and she even appeared in Playboy. Her career started in 1996, which makes her career almost 17 years long and that’s almost half of her life. Her acting career began in 2004 with soap operas at the same time she established herself as a writer.



3Hottest Women #13 – Veronica Fasterova A very powerful porn star, she is Russian with a powerful passion inside the bed. So much so that she has been mentioned at least once in every magazine in Russia.




4Hottest Women #14 – Tyra Banks Tyra Banks began her career in the modeling agency around the age of 15, meaning her career started in 1988. That means she has been in this business for over 25 years and she’s still going strong.




5Hottest Women #15 – Lindsay Lohan She made her first appearance in her career at the age of three and became an actress when she starred in the famous movie The Parent’s Trap in 1998. However, beginning at the age of 3 means she has been in this industry for 23 years.



6Hottest Women #16 – Nicki Minaj She’s a very unique and intriguing woman that always has the latest fashion sense. She stands on stage, bringing her presence in an overwhelming way. Nicki Minaj has set some of today’s standards for fashion and design.



7Hottest Women #17 – Carmen Electa Her real name is Tare Leigh Park but we know her as Carmen Electra. She began as a professional dancer back in 1990, which means that she has been in the business for 23 years. She is so hot that even though she is a professional actress, she’s been in the Playboy magazine 4 times.



8Hottest Women #18 – Anne Hathaway She brings a unique beauty to the table as most of the women have been full of prowess and had a certain charm of being powerful, but she’s the dainty and beautiful type. She started her career in High School were a play earned her a rising star award.



9Hottest Women #19 – Anna Faris Anna Faris began her career at the age of 9 in the Seattle Repertory Theatre. Her career has led her through one of the movie industry classics, “To Kill a Mockingbird”. She has been in the industry for 28 years and is still going very strong.



10Hottest Women #20 –Alessandra Ambrosio Our only Brazilian in our hottest women list, she is actually a model. Stunningly, she had cosmetic surgery to change her ear size at the age of 11 and then began modeling at the age of 15. She now stands among the most elite models in the world.



Those are all twenty of the hottest women in today’s society. These women have worked their way up in today’s society with only their passion, beauty, and talent. These are the hottest women in our list of the hottest of hot women.

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You’re never too old to get laid. And you’re never too old to do it regularly with a friend with benefits.

That’s the motto of Florence Henderson, the 80 year old former TV mom who headed up the hit show The Brady Bunch during the 1970’s. In a recent interview with Closer Weekly, Henderson admitted to having a friend with benefits, noting that her bedroom behavior is bolder than ever:

“I still feel like I’m 28. There’s no age limit on the enjoyment of intercourse. It keeps getting better.”

When asked if her friend with benefits was the only one who she’s sleeping with, Henderson said no, as she has other guys who are getting in-between-the-legs access too.

Remember this story if you ever think you’re too old to get laid. If an 80 year old can do it, so can you.

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There are many different ways to have sex, but there are little changes you can make that have a huge impact on your sex life. They’re called kinks, or being kinky. Kinky is a term used to describe an action, which is normally not sexual unless taken that way. There are a few common ways to be kinky, but most of us only experience them when there’s a new partner in our lives. Here are our “Top 10 What’s Kinky” so that everyone can enjoy the fun that we have.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Handcuffs

Handcuffs are the most common way to have kinky sex. They make the person wearing them feel submissive, like they have no control. This simple psychological trick can produce twice the amount of sexual sensation that you would normally have during sex.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Fur

The body is incredibly sensitive towards feeling things on the skin during sex. Fur will actually slow you down while not lowering the sexual sensation you’re feeling. Fur used to be worn by women until around 300 years ago, so when we see fur on a woman our primal urges take over.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Vampirism

Everyone loves a good nibble, and even though it may seem innocent, this is a very small form of vampirism. The pain caused by the teeth biting down on our skin causes our brains to release endorphins. Due to the increase of endorphins before we have sex, the amount released during sex rises to 10-20% above the average amount.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Two Way

The two way is for the more eccentric. Some men enjoy having their women being the man. For a man, a woman with a strap-on unlocks feelings and sensations they have never felt before. Many men who do this for the first time release so many endorphins that they pass out in the middle of the sex.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Upside Down

What’s kinkier than having sex on the ceiling? This requires a really good muscle structure but it’s simply having sex upside down. The blood rush to the head is bad for you, which is why many people can only do it a few times, but the amount of endorphins released during sex lingers for a longer time inside the brain. When they stand upright again, all the times they released endorphins hits their body in a single shot.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Dirty

A few men prefer to have their sex while being slathered in mud, but most of the time, being dirty simple means you’re insulting one another while having sex. For first timers this becomes increasingly confusing, but women are turned on by insults. Psychologically, a woman tries her hardest to look perfect every day, which is why being “dirty” is an immediate rush for them.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Blades

If you thought vampirism was kinky then you haven’t had the opportunity to use blades. Usually, the blades are small, and most prefer gloves with point knobs on them. This little trick can increase the amount of endorphins released in the brain during sex almost double with what you get from biting.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Feathers

Feathers are a softer form of using blades or biting. The goose bumps that you receive on your skin from the bristles of the feather increase your sensitivity during sex.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Blindfolds

The natural sense of panic when the brain is no longer able to see increases the adrenaline used in sex. This produces more of the endorphins and raises the level of testosterone in a man.

Top 10 What’s Kinky – Ice

Ice does the same thing as a feather, but you can put an ice cube inside your girl’s mouth while getting a blowjob for a cool new experience.

There are many ways to bolster your sexual life with kinkiness. Some people who have had sex for a long time with multiple people have created their own “Top 10 What’s Kinky” just so they know what to use in bed. Therefore, try making your own list of kinky new ideas to try out. What is your “Top 10 What’s Kinky?”

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For men, there are very few, if any, signs that men want to be laid. However, for women there are a ton of non-verbal signs that she wants to get laid. The non-verbal signs that she wants to get laid are very difficult to see only because of how mundane they may seem. Most of them are studied in science classes around the world for when a man or a woman tells lies, but for men who know what they are, it’s easy to see.

Biting her lip
Biting her lip has to be the fastest way out of all the non-verbal signs to tell when she wants to get laid. It happens as soon as the third sentence comes out of your mouth. Women already know whether they want you in bed or not simply by looking at you. Women can literally smell your fear by just looking at you, because they’re designed to. However, women are also designed to look at the person within and not the person who is the shell. This is the reason why men are able to land dates with extremely attractive women.

Playing with her hair
This is the smallest way to tell men that they are ready for anything that comes. The reason why it’s difficult to notice this sign compared to all of the non-verbal signs she wants to get laid is because it requires you to notice the way she’s playing around. If she’s curling her hair then she’s nervous, if she pats or lifts her hair then she’s bored, but if she pulls out a comb to brush her hair while you aren’t looking, it’s to entice you. In addition, once you point out the fact that you noticed what she did, she becomes enthralled with you to the point of obsession.

Constantly touching you
The most noticeable non-verbal sign she wants to get laid is when she wants to touch you constantly. Many older women make it very blatant, but women have a hormone in them that releases a drug in us. They know it, too! Their touch releases a very addicting hormone that makes men lose control. There’s why being a monk or a priest is so hard.

Open and closing
If biting her lip didn’t tell you that she’d like to take things a step further, she may begin making a small show with her legs. The motions change every few minutes. The non-verbal signs she wants to get laid are when she opens her legs and they’re pointed at you. This is actually a subconscious thought out of her control. She will unknowingly point her vagina at what she wants. It’s very amusing to watch this, but it’s the most blatantly obvious sign out of all the non-verbal signs she wants to get laid.


There are a lot more non-verbal signs she wants to get laid, but they’re more difficult to see. Some even require a higher education to notice. Even more important, some women have their own unique tell-tale signs that you just have to figure out yourself. Just get out there and have fun.

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While most people believe it’s very important to be yourself on the first date, it becomes meaningless if you don’t dress well. When people give their first date dress tips they usually tell them about colors or styles, but it’s far more important to be clean and match. They also don’t take into consideration a person’s pay rate when they give their first date dress tips because they themselves have never taken into account the fact that a woman looks for tell-tale signs all over your clothing before you even begin speaking.

Here are some real first date dress tips, all things considered.

First Date Dress Tips

Be Clean

Above all else, you want to be clean for your first date. It shows that you’re not lazy and that you think she’s worth dating. The issue lies in the fact that being clean takes effort, and being clean on a woman’s standards takes everyday care with precision. Women don’t normally reveal how many steps they take to be clean, but the list is normally something that takes an entire weekend to do.


It is important to match on a first date. Women see this as a gauge of inner turmoil. While we all have our faces that we plaster on when we go to work, our clothing often gives us away. Mismatching clothes means that something is bothering you. If it’s just a sock, then it’s a nagging thought, but if half of your clothing doesn’t match, women see this as a man who doesn’t know what he wants in life.

Don’t Smell

It’s very vital that you have a specific smell. Women are predatory creatures that enjoy the smell of their men. If you don’t smell good, or it smells like you didn’t even try, then women interpret this as a lack of effort on your part. However, sometimes when you get into a relationship you might have a weird girl that likes the smell of sweat. It’s important to think of the type of women you’re pursuing.

Newish Shoes

Shoes are a sign of class. Women will judge your wallet by how new your shoes look. This means they will also decide whether it’s worth keeping you around. Most of the time, women don’t like being with a man that can’t pay for himself. While some women buy everything for the first few dates, it’s usually to lure the men in to do something.

Dress Your Class

If you can tell the difference between styles, then it’s exceedingly important to dress typically for your class. You never want to dress expensive and act middle class. Women can see straight through this facade, and they’ll take you as a scumbag who would cheat and lie if given the chance.


There’s a lot of little details about your outfit that women use to deduce whether you are right for them. After all, they are looking for a person to live the rest of their life with. While it’s unbelievable that women are so judgmental, you also have to take into account how much men judge women on appearance. If you do the job so long, you’ll notice imperfections in other people. So enjoy these first date dress tips, dress well for your first date, and have fun being yourself.

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A lot of men don’t take into account how difficult it is to get a woman when you don’t have the right skills, and they also almost never ask themselves, “How do you change yourself for a woman?” Well, it’s actually very simple to figure out, and it’s something you have to do on a daily basis.

The four main things you need to concern yourself with when trying to change yourself for a woman is your confidence, your style, your mannerisms, and your cleanliness. Improving these four aspects of yourself can improve your life and relationships drastically because no woman can resist these qualities.


Confidence is the number one problem in today’s society, but it’s the easiest aspect of yourself to work on when changing yourself for a woman. Confidence is your willingness to go through with something unwaveringly. Many computer geeks often ask themselves why in the world a beautiful woman would date a penniless nerd, but confidence is the key to any relationship. So how do you change it?

Confidence can be changed through meditation, because meditation requires you to put your problems into a different perspective. A man who normally thinks about bills day and night can meditate and come out with no worry in the world.


Style is how you dress and how you talk. It’s very important, as style is usually a giveaway to how much you get paid and how much you’re willing to do for a relationship. It’s important to keep style in mind as you will need to match the style of the woman you want. So how do you change it?

Go to men who are similar to the girl you want and simply ask to be their friend. When they ask you why, tell them exactly why and, most times, they’ll let you. Men of a higher caliber understand these rules. That’s how they got there.


Mannerism is crucial when dealing with women, and it’s the hardest part of yourself to change when you’re changing yourself for a woman. Mannerism is your food etiquette, your gentlemanly features, and your kindness over quickness. Mannerism will tell women what you’ll be like in marriage. It’s normally the decision-maker between boyfriend and toy. So, how do you change it?

In order to change this one you will need the help of the elderly. Go to a nursing home if you don’t have grandparents or someone over the age of forty in your family. Ask an old woman if she wouldn’t mind teaching you how to behave properly. This one is difficult because not every old lady will do it and it involves you being able to suck in your pride.


Cleanliness tells a woman exactly how much she’ll be taking care of you later in a relationship. The more of a mess you are, the more of a hassle it will be for her to maintain the relationship. While not the hardest, it is still pretty hard to change your hygiene habits for a woman. Our level of cleanliness depends on how we were raised. If it’s been ingrained since our childhood, how do we fix a quality that deeply imbedded?

The quickest way to change your level of cleanliness is to roommate with a person who is anal retentive about being clean. Tell them exactly why you’re asking them and, most times, they’ll say yes because they like the idea of being roommates with someone they taught to be as clean as them. The difficult part is dealing with their explosive episodes while you’re trying to form the right habits.


Changing yourself for a woman is not easy. While you may have qualities that are very attractive, there are always ways to improve. Most of the time it involves the help of another person because that’s the fast way to learn. Forced out of our comfort zone, we quickly learn to adapt. So go out and change yourself for the woman you love!

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Your sexual color is usually the color you think looks good on you and your partner. This means it is the base color for everything that you wear, and your sexual color says a lot about you. Your sexual color can reveal if you are a moody, kinky, peaceful, or just downright disastrous in bed. The reasoning behind what your sexual color says about you is that your body is prone to certain emotions mixed in with certain colors. Therefore, the lighter the color the more fun you seek, while the darker your sexual color says that you want more danger.

This sexual color says that you like an intense relationship with a lot of passion to the point of volatility. The color red is used in many danger signs and is used in car television ads because it is known that women are more attracted to red. Red can also mean that you love to take a trip down that triple-x lane where all the dangerous things in town are happening. People who normally like red surround themselves with eccentric entertainment and fun.

This sexual color says that you like the calmer end of life and that you want your sex to be slowly enjoyable. Blue is seen as the calm of rain or the ease of a river, so as a sexual color it says I want everything to come along with ease. Blue may also mean that you prefer life at sea and the people who normally like blue will be found near water.

This sexual color says that you like things to go with the flow and that you do not like much of a change in your day to day life. The color green represents the well-balanced cycle of the earth and its many processes. People who enjoy this color can be found in meditations or coffee houses where the environment is peaceful.

This sexual color says that you like the deeper and more bizarre forms of sex. Purple is seen as the color of bruises, welts, and, sometimes, even rot. Purple is also a common color with the stereotype of pimps, rich men in a bad business, and unscrupulous mafia members. People who like this color are found in all walks of life but usually care more about accessories than things like houses or neighborhoods.

This sexual color says that you are light and love to bounce around a lot in bed. Pink also means that you might be extremely kinky with all sorts of toys around you. For men this still applies, but on a bigger scale because it can also mean that you like things that are unusual fetishes.

Your sexual color says a lot about you and many times, you will be turned on by just seeing this color on your partner. The color will be in most parts of your life and will be rather difficult to get rid of. You can use other people’s sexual color to figure out what pleases them and make your sex life even more passionate. Just keep these colors in mind and have a fantastic time in bed.

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Every year there are hot celebrity women that everyone likes or dislikes, but that moment of fame isn’t what makes a woman hot. Looking at other Top 10 hottest women charts reveals new women every year. We believe that it’s more important to keep your beauty for longer than to just be hot for one year. Therefore, we have created a list of the Top 10 hottest women that have had the same level or higher of fame and beauty for five years or more.

# 1: Megan Fox
When the first Transformers movie came out in movie theaters starring Megan Fox, she was labeled by the public as too hot to be a human and therefore must be a Transformer. It has been 12 years since we saw her on screen and her beauty has only gotten better.

# 2: Morgan Webb
Morgan Webb has been the leading hot woman for all things tech, showing her beautiful body on X-play for numerous years. Her beauty has stayed perfect for 11 years.

# 3: Katy Perry
She had a name change when she first came to the scene, but Katy Perry has been on the screen for 5 years and becomes more attractive every year. It also helps that she was the one who famously cried out to millions, “I Kissed a Girl.”

# 4: Amanda Congdon
She started out as a normal video blogger in 2004 for Rocketboom, which shot up 69,200 viewers in 10 months after she began starring as its host in 2004. She left Rocketboom on crossed terms, but her beauty gets better every time she posts a video.

# 5: Kristen Holten
For the gamers in the world that loved cheating, Kristen Holten gave the best of both worlds; cheating games and a hot woman. She is currently the tech reporter for G4 and has been in the industry for 10 years with her starting mark on American Idol in 2002.

# 6: Jessica Chobot
She started out dirty by licking a PSP in 2005 and that’s how she became famous. She now works for IGN in multiple areas adding a touch of sizzle to the industry of gaming strategies.

# 9: Veronica Belmont
Her career actually started on CNET as an intern that was quickly made into a cohost of CNET’s technology insider videos. She now works for BBC America, doing the same thing with her beauty just increasing as she goes. She’s a playful woman and every image of her on Google is her either being sexy or just downright teasing.

# 8: Mila Kunis
Her career actually began with a Barbie commercial, but she’s best known as a star for “That 70’s Show”. In 1999, she became the voice of Megan Griffin on “Family Guy.” Just looking at her photos brings out a seething hot temptress that has been in the industry for over 13 years.

# 9: Taylor Swift
Making it big as a singer in “Our Song” made in 2006, this country girl has captured the hearts of men across the world with her country-girl beauty. There are some who have even labeled her, “The Living Doll.”

# 10: Rihanna
Rihanna is a huge hit on the scene right now, but what most people don’t know is she’s been big since 2005 when she landed in the top 3 of the Billboard Hot 100 with “Pon de Replay”. This means that she has been growing in both beauty and popularity for 8 years running.

These are the women who have stayed in the industry the longest without warping their sense of beauty even once. Our “Top 10 Hottest Women” are of the women who have stayed hot the longest and have had the biggest boom on the media industry. Some of them are not widely known names while others are plastered on billboards every day. What’s your “Top 10 Hottest Women”?

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A political woman is a very rare and unique creature. It’s almost like playing with fire when you try attracting a female politician. When attracting a female politician, you can come across a lot of red tape tied in with business. Their hours are all over the chart and they only get worse depending on their elevation of work. If things go particularly sour, you could end up in jail for life on a woman’s whim.

However, if you play with fire and win, you’re in the game for life because politicians are the worst gossipers and word about your night will travel around almost like, well, wildfire. This means once you’ve gotten the first one, the others will practically line up for you.

Confidence is elevated

The confidence you normally need for a woman needs to increase when you try attracting a female politician. They are in the business of always being right and winning every argument they can. This is why many men fail in attracting a female politician. Their confidence level just isn’t high enough to cause arousal.

Expect a debate

When attracting a female politician, you must be able to argue and do a decent job at it. These women constantly argue every day, so this leaks over into their personal life. However, when attracting a female politician and learning how to argue like they do, you must argue with a calm voice and no slander. This is where most people end up “evicted” or in jail, because raising your voice and being hostile can be considered domestic violence or sexual harassment against a woman.

Business will be the relationship

The number one issue in attracting a female politician is that their personal life is business. These women do not waste any time with empty emotional responsibilities and husbands are usually very docile. When she gets home, it’s 90% work and 10% relaxation time with that time being allotted for bed time. In addition, you have to come to the realization that when you walk further down the relationship road that you will be listed as a bill. Many spouses react horribly to this because politician always think in numbers and validations whereas average citizens do not.

Passionate desire

The most important thing to understand when learning the art of attracting a female politician is that you have to let your passion grow. A normal man’s passion level can attract half of the women he meets in the best possible scenario. When learning to be passionate you must take the following rules into your mind and make them part of your life.

Other rules to take note of:

  • Flowers will only stop minor problems.
  • You are dispensable.
  • Relationships are a job not a hobby.
  • Women do not like mundane.
  • Women are not looking for the biggest penis but the biggest admirable personality.
  • Every woman on the planet knows how to deal with men, they just want a game of cat and mouse.
  • Women will only take you into their lives if they believe you can replace the shell around their heart.
  • Women are primal.

These are the rules to all women, with variations between them such as obsession and women who have an overactive sexual drive. However, when attracting a female politician, all of these rules are at their direct definition.

These women are the toughest of women to crack in our society. Every day, lives depend on them and it’s important to keep in mind that when you start attracting a female politician that your life depends on their work in the government. So be respectful and have fun, but be sure you want a real relationship and not just a one-night stand.